Man + Man + Woman = ???

Funny how the world can be dissaving. Looking up at the world, with my little body wrapped in precious love and protection that can never be found anywhere else, only in my parent’s hearts. Being little was awesome, I was born with the world at my feet before I could even stand. Goals as big as the expectations my family held. My only ambition was to shine for them, so they shone with pride. It’s not that my ambition has changed either. They are my life. In my bad days, it really did go to show that I live for them. See suicide isn’t ending the pain only passing it on to the people you love and the people who truly do love you. But what is love? See just from almost 21 years of life, I could list many ‘feelings’ associated with love, but is it love? The love I have for people is different. There is my love for my family, there is the love I have for my friends or shall I say who have ME as a friend, there’s the ex’s that just turned out to be lust and at the time very strong lust, love for yourself, there’s the love for my baby who never got the chance to live and then theres him. Soul destroying, selfish, heart-breaking idiot who not only makes you break but who becomes your ambition, your life, and the love for yourself, well the love for myself… went straight out of the window. Suffering from depression is something I can never begin to explain, some days its severe, some days I feel invincible. Mum always told me “the happiest girl is always the prettiest”, I was always that happy girl. Never stopped smiling, even now. Dad always told me “There’s not a star out of your reach” but the only star I want to reach is my baby in the sky. The pain, from that one ‘love’ and the forever eternal effects from the ‘situation-ship’ that came with him, I carry; under every smile, laugh, blink and tear, it will be there. See people do you over, that’s people for you. They don’t realise their actions and choices hurt. Sometimes even their words just for the fact that they are too easily spoken. He never provided me with happiness, only the words that are easy to fall for. How naïve. I could say it was “perfectly unfinished” but trust me its finished and nothing perfect about it. I could say “nothing lasts forever” but I know that the love my mother and father share will carry on until the world stops spinning. Generations of us will forever be marked by their true beauty and love. That’s what I want and it is what I’ll get. “time is a great healer” says parents. we will see over time with these blogs/ documents how time heals me. Right now I am so happy, yet so sad. But my family are the wind beneath my wings. Writter: S-lw

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Rook, Bard of the Unimaginable Terror,

no cause some stuff just wrong! lots of beauty and joy and yeses,,,it is called life...

it feels like any common sense is viewed as phyic...sighhhhhh i feel i live a guided life and deal with whatever is before me from my view of the world...right wrong and God's will....tad trite but it pretty much sums it up....disaster surrounds me i do what i can, life goes on.....