Man + Man + Woman = ???

I work in a doctor's office and there is one doctor that is really sweet to me and smiles at me and treats me wonderfully. He's in his mid to late 60's and I'm 25. He's very flirtatious and touchy but i see him do that with everyone. I find me attractive and lust for him. Its crazy feeling. I've never been with an older man before. This morning i went into his office to ask him about something and somehow we started becoming close. Next thing i know his hand is up my skirt and he's playing with my clit.. I quickly left after a minute. . I want him so badly but i don't know what to do about the huge age difference.

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Bobbie, Clerk of Musclebeasts,

This message is for Jose Shrek Bretado Amarillo, TX.

It is from Qutaibah J. Abbasi Islamic Center of Amarillo in Amarillo, TX. You are going to die. If I see you wearing that cross again