Man + Man + Woman = ???

My ex girlfriend , well my only girlfriend, she was my first love. I'm not no loser that can't get no girl , it's just that I don't be cuffin these hoes , I've kicked it with a couple of girls I've just never decided to make it official with any. My first love was really special, we went out for a while. We went out twice. We had a problem in our relationship but we bounced right back. She was special to me, really special, she was the first girl I ever brought into my home, I had to t of felling for her until I met her bestfriend, we broke up a while ago and now shes happy with someone else, I'm happy for her, we still remain friends ,I've been wanting to FUCK HA BEST FRIEND cause I know she easy , but the thing is, I think I might be in love with her. Aw damn IM IN LOVE WITH A DAM HOE, aye that ma baby tho .
Should I make shit official wit her ? I know dam well she feeling me 2..

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Frankie, Barbarian of the Lonely,

Girls don't really like being called "easy" or "hoe". If she was hard to get would you still want to date her? I mean what do you actually like about this girl other than the way she looks? I think the real reason you are into her is because she's not a challenge, and you don't have to work hard to get her. Plus the whole 'had feelings for my ex until I met her best friend' bit sounds a little skeatchy. I think this is more about sex for you than love, but hey I don't really know you so who am I to assume anything? I'm just going on a little paragraph you wrote. If you two really care about your friend, I think it would be good to at least ask your ex if she's okay with it before you guys get together. Even if she's in a relationship, she might appreciate it instead of keeping it a secrets from her.