Man + Man + Woman = ???

I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm lesbian, but I'm ashamed of telling anyone . I always say I'm straight, to some close friends I've even said I'm bi. My mom is really religious when I first came out to her she told me that "God" made Adam and evem that he intended for couples to be women and men not women and women, I had to tell her i was thimkimg. I'm thinking about telling my dad now , who I live with, but anytime I even bring that subject up , he says then same shit. He's homophobic, I don't know what to do...

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Adrian, Curator of the Homeless,

If you want to blow your mom and dad away, share these two sentences from the bible with them:

The first one is in the name of Jesus in pictographic Hebrew (Yashuah), with the word each of the pictographic characters represents, it spells a sentence : “The Hand That Destroys the Establishment of the Eye!”. We know the eye being referred to is the eye in the pyramid. Jesus will destroy its establishment. The New World Order may rage against God, but it will never win. For now current conditions are holding this New World Order back, by human agencies being empowered and led by God's Spirit in some major halls of power, but the ultimate victory against this big eye will be at the return of the Lord. This also means that right now God is dealing with churches trying to get them to repent. If they do not, He will scatter them, many people now leaving churches in a mass exodus is NOT due to people giving up on God or faith, but being sick of compromise, heresy, cowardice to talk about certain topics (including the ancient giants), and even often outright apostasy, and sometimes healthy doses of modern day Phariseeism. All of it needs to be repented of if these churches don't want the Hand of God to move against them. The letters to the seven churches in Revelation are no joke, they are general principles that can apply to any church in any time period since the inception of the churches. Judgment begins in the house of God. Hopefully that means repentance if people REALLY want to be used by God.

I am opposed to legal marriage licenses with how the marriage laws work in the modern US at least. I think people should get married without the license. Even some more conservative pastors near me agree with that sentiment. There is one certain, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Pastor from Arizona, that does NOT agree, in fact he disagrees so strongly that he will REFUSE to perform a marriage ceremony without a state license. He points out how marriage was kind of a legal status in Ancient Israel. Here is the thing, they were a THEOCRACY and they were SUPPOSED TO BE, but modern America is NOT.

Here is another interesting tidbit, in Hebrew the word for serpent is Nachash. As a noun it means a serpent, as a verb, it means to deceive or divine something, as an adjective, it means "the shining one". The word Nachash is used to describe Satan in Genesis in the Garden of Eden. Some church leaders have taught that maybe Satan temporarily morphed into a slithering snake on the ground, or that maybe he possessed a literally animal snake to speak through it to Eve. That is theoretically possible but unlikely. More than likely Satan is of a class of angel with a serpentine appearance like the Seraphim were, but with arms and legs, an upright humanoid being. That is interesting, but the most interesting part to me of Nachash is the "shining one" mixed with "deceivin" others. Again, the churches need to dig into the bible like this and start feeding people real spiritual food.

The second sentence are what the names of some early biblical characters mean in Hebrew, and when put in order, makes a sentence: Adam -Man Seth -Appointed Enosh – Mortal Kenan – Sorrow Mahalalel – The blessed God Jared – Shall come down Enoch – Teaching Methuselah – His death shall bring Lamech – Despairing Noah – Comfort and rest

And so we have a sentence: Man appointed mortal sorrow, the blessed God shall come down teaching, His death shall bring the despairing rest and comfort.

I have a feeling for you the rest and comfort would be good. If you want something really wild, look up the ancient Hebrew pictographic symbol for the "tav". It predates Christ or crucifixion by thousands of years.

Adrian, Curator of the Homeless,

I have read that ancient temple prostitution was sometimes a DELIBERATE re-enactment of Genesis 6. In fact ancient pagans often taught that the temple prostitute was a proxy for the god or goddess and the people using the prostitutes were really having sex with the god or goddess by proxy. Tying pagan gods to fallen angels or demons makes this entire ritual an abomination to God and often He condemned it. The English word "fornication" ties back to "porneia" in Greek, which is a Greek word for "prostitute" but when it is condemned in the bible, the context is always referring to temple prostitution. It does that by context that porneia or fornication deals with the list of sexual sins in Leviticus not connected to temple prostitution, to me it is no accident that in Greek when the Holy Spirit inspired the New Testament that the Greek word "porneia" was picked for describing sexual sin. God also calls non-sexual worship of false gods fornication in the spiritual sense. In some modern bibles they have interpreted things FOR us instead of simply translating from the Greek and Hebrew. I have read in some MODERN bible translations that say that women with women IS a sin, but the original Greek and Hebrew DOES NOT bear that AT ALL. I would contend that all sexual sin is listed in the Old Testament, and referred to or paraphrased in the New Testament, but no new commands on what is or is not sexual sin was added in the New Testament. The only thing I don't like is that some more militant lesbians hate men just because they are male, that part is evil, but not their attraction to other women.

Stevie, Shaman of Time,

You'll soon be 18 and independent. While you're living under their roof, keep your nose down

Adrian, Curator of the Homeless,

Well the THING is, the THING is, there is no condemnation of two women being together in the bible ANYWHERE. The Old Testament talks about two men, which MEANS, two men, NOT two WOMEN. In fact int he Hebrew it LITERALLY MEANS, two MEN, not WOMEN. Now some go to Romans 1 that talks about women doing unnatural things, and then two men doing likewise...but here is the order of events, FIRST people reject the real God, and then start to shape and bow to idols, THEN WOMEN do unnatural things, but Paul doesn't give details, then MEN LIKEWISE, do such things with each other. A little bit of background, is that some think that the unnatural thing the women are doing in Romans 1 is anal sex with men, not things with each other, and men doing sexual things with each other often constitutes anal sex. In Ancient Rome around the time period that Paul wrote Romans, there was a custom of worshiping the god Cybele, in which the common way to worship him, or sometimes it was a her, was to have anal sex with the temple prostitutes. Yes God made Adam and Eve, one man, one woman initially, that is true, bu then what are we to do later when in the Old Testament God makes RULES on HOW TO DO polygamy according to HIS RULES, instead of just saying "Don't do that, one man, one woman", isn't that INTERESTING? By the way, whenever the bible talks about gay men, it always condemns that ACT, not the feelings, Romans 1 says that men burning for men is a consequence of rejecting God and bowing to idols. In modern Europe and the US we often don't bow to literal statues, but we sure do often make a lot of other things more important than God. In other parts of the world some other religions do still LITERALLY bow to statues of their gods, which the bible condemns as idolatry, and the Apostles say are really bowing to demons posing as those gods. The gods small "g" are real entities, but they are demons or fallen angel (if they are higher level and more powerful entities). We really should seek faith in Christ and God for protection, some of these fallen angels are VERY high ranking and VERY powerful entities, even on the level of thrones, dominions, and powers, with great cosmic powers. Limited compared to God's infinity, but very dangerous if we tangle with them. There is not ONE SINGLE passage in the bible that talks about two women. In fact I theorize this may be natural to a great degree with many women on a spectrum, in that if God approved of polygamy, it wasn't always just one woman at a time in bed with the man. People in the churches need to start taking the bible for what it says, it seems many have diverted from the bible per their traditions even if it is subtle and they don't always admit or recognize it. We are in a current time in the US where God is going to start dealing with churches that compromise on the bible, with some time of mercy for people to really HONESTLY study and pray to come to better conclusions on things. Obstinate churches will be scattered by the Hand of God. Both those that are stricter than the bible and those that refuse to teach the bible will be in God's cross hairs. God would rather break down existing church systems and remake them than put up with what is currently going on much longer. God also hates the 501c3 and churches SHOULD rejoice that Trump wants to do away with it. They don't need it to be tax exempt, churches are tax immune by US Statute. 501c3 just causes what churches say on some things to be subject to government officials, and when you get corrupt government, this interferes with what God wants churches to say and do. I should say I am opposed to legal marriage licensing. For this reason I would tell gay couples to avoid this trap. Good that your Mom quoted about Adam and Eve from Genesis, but what about the REST of the BIBLE? God intended for use to interpret the bible using context. Now that doesn't mean that the laws in the bible against murder, stealing, adultery, etc. don't apply today, but just because God made Adam and Eve initially, we still have to deal with the fact that later in the bible God makes rules for doing polygamy the "correct way". Also SOME are called to be celibate, some could argue against that "What about Adam and Eve? It is not good to be alone..." but Jesus said that a few are called to be celibate.

A MAJOR sexual sin in the bible is from Genesis 6, and alluded to in Jude and 2 Peter. It is when the "sons of God went into the daughters of men", and great giants and mighty men resulted, often having 6 fingers and 6 toes, sometimes double rows of teeth, these giants sometimes ate people when they couldn't raise enough animals or plants for food, they also drank blood. When they were killed in the flood of Noah (A BIG REASON for God sending the flood, not just extreme sin from regular people), the spirits of these giants did not go to heaven or hell, instead they became demons. Thus there is a distinction between fallen angels and demons. The fallen angels that went into these human women are locked up in prison or Tartarus in Greek, being reserved for judgment. Other fallen angels get to roam around free right now, but this group was so horrible and so dangerous and offended God so much that they got locked up fairly quickly after they had their human wives and half-human half-angelic children. This was an ABOMINATION to God. In Genesis it does say people and animals were to reproduce after their OWN KIND, and angels and humans mating is WAY out of bounds for God's will. So much so that God destroyed the world in a flood, and only 8 people survived. I contend from what I have read, that temple prostitution in pagan temples was a ritual re-enactment of the incident from Genesis 6, which no WONDER it made God really made. Jude uses the term "fornication" for what these angels did with the human women, EVEN THOUGH they took them as WIVES, they MARRIED them, and God called it FORNICATION FORNICATION FORNICATION. Also a PRIMARY definition of fornication in the bible is temple prostitution. Some other sexual sins that are called fornication are listed in Leviticus, of which two women is NOT on the list, neither is unmarried sex. Adultery is on the list, so therefore adultery is a TYPE of fornication, along with incest, and sex with animals.

Polygamy is not adultery. One of the commandments is not to covet your neighbor's WIFE, it does NOT say husband, just WIFE. In Hebrew the word for adultery LITERALLY means, "to enter another man's WIFE". It is so specific that it cannot mean a man having more than one woman. The Ancient Hebrew word LITERALLY CANNOT support that definition. It is thought that King David had 8 to 17 wives, but God didn't get upset until he took Bathsheba, Uriah's wife, and had him murdered to cover things up when Bathsheba got pregnant. When the prophet confronted David God strongly rebuked David and aid the kingdom would be divided over David's sin, God told David "well if you didn't have enough women, you just needed to ASK, and I would have given you more." I DARE anyone to bring THAT up in Sunday School. Bring THAT up with your mother. It is chapter and verse, there is no way to interpret it any other way than God telling David he should have asked for another woman or few instead of taking Bathsheba.

Some light on the subject, in Ancient Hebrew, there are two words for prostitution, one religious, one secular. In the Old Testament every time God condemns prostitution, it ALWAYS uses the word for religious prostitution, not secular. I haven't fully worked out what I think of why some modern men are gay with their feelings. I do think they should avoid poking each other in the butt.

Dana, Sheriff of Generosity,

So 2 guys should "avoid poking each other in the butt", but what about having oral sex with each other?

Kadnyce, Butcher of Evil,

Our pastor recently talked about same sex attractions, and clearly stated multiple times, that the attraction is not a sin.

Stevie, Shaman of Time,

Nobody is asking you about all the irrelevant polygamy and adultery shit, you religious freak

Adrian, Curator of the Homeless,

It DOES tie in to the argument, because those against gay people often quote that God intended everyone to be in a "one man one woman" relationship. My point about all this is that the BIBLE DOES NOT bear that out for everyone. It is God's ideal for MANY people, but NOT for EVERYONE. So adultery is a sin, but polygamy is not. Neither is lesbianism as far as I can tell from the bible. I was putting this stuff up because this poor girl feels pushed around by her religious mother. If churches did a better job of being more accurate with the bible people would have a better understanding of how God wants us to live.

Dana, Historian of the Wicked,

I am a long time married guy... and I have been in the closet for several years about being bisexual.

Stevie, Shaman of Time,

Lifetime commitment. If you ever come out, it'll be tough on your kids

Kadnyce, Butcher of Evil,

I don't want to come out to my family. I just want to have a discreet sexual relationship with the right guy.

Aubrey, Ninja of the Unimaginable Terror,

I just want to say that if your parents aren't going to help you, ( by listening and accepting you for who you are) I am sure there are groups online, or chat rooms that can help you out with this. I am a woman of God and I have a son so I know what it's like to be a parent...I don't agree that they should shut you out. Communication is KEY! Don't keep it all inside reach out. God bless you, much love and light

Harper, Dark King of Evil,

Be yourself but being bi isnt a problem as your parents dont even have to know unless you marry a woman.If you are gay and not attracted to guys best to let them know when you meet someone special get support from friends dont expect your parents to offer any

Samantha, Observer of Space,

I'm wondering, how did u start or when did u knew that u were bi.?

Blaine, Chef of Good,

I've known I like girls since i was in 4th grade

Addison, Necromancer of the Unimaginable Terror,

So whenever I come on this website, I never really comment. I just read other peoples stories and try to learn from them or mourn with them from a distance. But yours really touched me. I'm not much older than you so I don't think I have any wise advice, and I've never been through what you're going through. I'm just a 20 year old girl who wants to make sure you know you're not alone. I've watched friends go through the same struggle as you...and I saw how much it hurt them. So I guess my only advice honest. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be open and proud about who you love. No one has the right to make you feel any differently. So I think you should tell your dad. Because honestly, you're the same person...and he should support you and love you in that. And even if he doesn't right away...he will come around.

Blaine, Chef of Good,

Thank you. I've been trying to find a way to tell my dad, but i know he just wouldn't understand. He thinks being gay is wrong, everyone in my family does. I have an older cousin and he came out a few months ago and ive seen how everyone just teases him, I just have to find the right time and way to be able to tell everyone I'm gay.

Dana, Sheriff of Generosity,

Have you told your cousin that came out? At least you 2 have something in common. I wish you well.

Dana, Writer of Generosity,

Everyone does? None of them have ever had a gay bi or trans friend? You are loved! Don't you ever ever forget it!

Addison, Ship Master of the Poor,

Can I have some videos of you and your lover please ?

Blaine, Chef of Good,

For what exactly ?

Blaine, Chef of Good,

What would u want them for?

Stevie, Shaman of Time,

That piece of shit wants to masturbate to the both of you