Man + Man + Woman = ???

Is this an appropriate place to blog without consequences? Maybe. But it's my first time so bear with me. I have no one to talk to. Well I do but no one would believe the shit that goes through my head. How I lust for other women, how after staying faithful for almost a decade and being cheated on twice I don't really feel bad for it anymore. How my current coworkers girlfriend is coming by to seek my advice and cry in my arms? Hmm. No. No one to talk to about that. So I will come here. You can read, comment, hate, love, whatever you wanna do. Because here I will talk. And you will listen. Till tomorrow everyone. Gnight

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Bowie, Consultant of Wild Parties,

You are a father that's in your title and I don't know if you have daughters or sons but think about it in this way you are the role model for those little ones. You are suppose to model the man you want your son to be and the type of man you want your daughter to end up with. But how would you feel if you knew your daughter was tied to a man who wanted everyone but her. I get it there are probably a lot of extenuating circumstances and probably a lot led to turmoil in the marriage but trying to justify lusting over other women is childish you are a grown man who made a vow and when you made it you knew what it meant till death do us part. Im not trying to judge or anything but if you are staying married for the kids then at least try to bring back the spark kids can tell when parents are unhappy. It's good to stay faithful but lust is a different kind of infidelity it's just more virtuous because you haven't acted on it. Be the man your kids can look up to focus energy on them and letting them be your joy not a woman.