Man + Man + Woman = ???

I've been seeing this guy for about 9 months now. Most of which have been long distance which has its up and downs. About four months ago, we broke up. It was hands down the most emotional thing thus far in the relationship. We were both very emotional and crying. He was the one who ended it. He wanted to know if we would stay in touch after the break up. I told him, maybe, just not anytime soon. I needed time and space to get over him. Then about a month after that, we spoke again. I asked him how he was doing.. and just like that, we picked up where we left off in a way. To this day, he hasnt gave me a reason as to why he decided to continue our relationship after he decided to end it. But in so many words, he said he was reflecting a bunch while we were apart, so maybe the helped. Now, we talk almost everyday or every other day. We just work well together. We dont get to see eachother in person that often anymore unfortunately but we send gifts, facetime, message, ect. It's for sure hard living extremely far apart (13 hr time difference too). There are so many factors working against the relationship but despite the odds, we both remain together. I can honestly say hes one of my best friends. I love spending time with him and talking to him. I honestly cannot see myself with anyone else. I'm even at the point where I care about him so much that I would even be willing to go our separate ways- if thats what made him happy.

With all that being said, of course, both of us have our flaws and difference but despite those things I deeply care for him. After much thought, I think that deep care is love. Ive never been in love with someone before so im not really sure how it feels but I think this is it. At this point Ive been feeling this way for a few months now but I'm deeply nervous to tell him. What if he doesnt feel the same way? what if he react poorly? Should I wait for him to say it first? Then my next obstacle is how to tell him? ..We wont be seeing eachother in person anytime soon but we do facetime/ skype quite often. So perhaps thats the best method? Or should I wait until I see him in person next? Or should I do it over a message? Im so lost here so any guidance at all will be deeply appreciated. thanks!

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Brett, Keeper of Wild Parties,

hummmmm i wass at one time viewed by others as crazy.....i want accept and idk excuse crazy in those around me but sighhhh so is the answer to everything for years...u r crazy.....meh tired of it, tired of those who only contact when trouble and tired of those who walk over me....i want to forgive and move forward but move on seems sooo much more peaceful...some stuff i dont want back in my life...ahhh exes i think should be able to be friends but maybe not in my case...even given people are fed the strangest stuff ya still have to deep inside beleve it :(so many just chasse crazy....lmao really enough comes my does feel like peeps want me to be the bad weird...all i really do know is...i am going on vacation, i deserve it and i am going to enjoy every moment disasters and all :D all things considered maybe everything will be just could happen :D