Man + Man + Woman = ???

Dear Male Friend,

There is something that I have been wanting to tell you for a long time. I have fought the good fight and lost this battle. I have been left with no choice but it’s either now or never. A little voice in my head has been telling me that if I never let you know, then I will never know. Its better to know now so that this can get resolved and I can be free. The thing is that I can’t balance my feelings or explain them appropriately. I am just going to have to try. I have embarrassed myself on an odd number of occasions and I am about to do that again. I have been afraid to tell you just in case these feelings are not reciprocated. For me it becomes another tale of unrequited love. When I examine these feelings I don’t really know whether I am ready to be in a relationship or I am ready to work towards acquiring a relationship. I do accept that if I got into something and if it ended there could be heart break. I know that I want to be in something whereby I give it my best shot, by being the best person I can be to make someone happy. I don’t know the process that two individuals go through from day one to the day of making it official that they are in a relationship. I am very inexperienced when it comes to this area. Some say you can have a special friend whereby you both know that you like each other and work towards being in a relationship. Some say that the guy makes the move.

I would just like to spend more time with you, do stuff together whilst getting to know each other better. When I try to be practical about this situation, I can only think about the reasons why you don’t feel the same way. I think its my age and my skin colour that deter you from ever seeing me differently. I could be wrong. I know that I make one mistake in life which is thinking that love is colour blind. The problem there is, from my perspective that is how I see the world. I don’t need to look at the colour of your skin to feel something for you. I see people whom they truly are. What I really wanted to tell you was that I think you are a great guy and I totally fancy you. I have enjoyed every time I have spent with you even tough its just a little. I feel that I want you to be in a relationship because for me that is my ticket out. I would have to stop fancying you and it means that you cannot ever spend time with me because all the time in the world will be reserved. I just wanted to get over you. To conclude this letter, I just want to say that if you don’t feel the same way, I am cool with it. I have a feeling that you will give a petty excuse like you always do. Please just say yes or no.


Female Friend

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Harper, Fashion Designer of Wild Parties,

we are :) we are electric :) why some feel it so much more idk...ummm on some levels acknowledgement seems to have effect...shrug...mostly bad me thinks....gezzz living my life and loving it.....BALANCE seems to be the a life of exxtremes pretty tuff but idk i tend to know when wrong is wrong and not all is....meh it is what we always conflict with my beliefs just dont know that it is in a good way.......idk play the cards i am dealt......feeling pretty good bout me...little nervous sooo many seem to have issues with me buttt meh what can ya do.....sometimes ya just gotta dance and with good people, cant wait.