Man + Man + Woman = ???

no more love i have to give i cannot bear the pain that comes with it i try and i try and still you make me cry but you have messed up for the last time so i cannot give you another chance my heartbeat for love has flatlined you can no longer be apart of my life i gave you more than 1000 chances but it wasn't enough you needed 1001 my hearts broken it does not work im going out of business i dont want anymore kisses i just want my heart to repair im hurt for the last time.... now i must go and dry my own eyes

posted to relationships by Susan, Herald of the Satisfied (3 comments)

Jerry, Host of the Wicked,

Let them go and heal.

Bobbie, Soldier of the Forgotten Lands,

woahfully ignore of others journeys..yup cat bear to watch...i am aware of ummmm lessons to be learned, lmao not sure what they are faith gets me threw...i cant bear to think that others are going through what i did....not sure why....we are geared to rember the good and meh the bad... i will never have the answers to what why or how and i am content....i am aware astounding and just part of my world i suppose...

Jerry, Host of the Wicked,

You won't always be content. Life is a mother.