Man + Man + Woman = ???

He still makes my knees weak. I cannot be myself around him anymore because I was never enough in the end. He's trying to be nice to me, but I can't look at him without feeling that rush. I can't let go of my first love. I found out he's friends with this slut girl who I hate. It bothers me she talks to him. I want him to look at me the same way for just a moment. It will never end, he'll be gone forever after May. I wish I could have done something right.

posted to relationships by Peyton, Carpenter of the Homeless (2 comments)

Aubrey, Lord of the Forgotten Lands,

Like steve said. Take it easy.

Stevie, Chronographer of the IT department,

one shes only a slut in ur eyes cause she has what you want. two she's more then what you once where cause he wants her instead of you. what ever you had is gone he now looks to greener pastures and none of them are ur vagina get over it move on and quit being so obsessive