Man + Man + Woman = ???

He notices me. He stops my busy mind just to remind me I'm loved.sacrifices made just for me. He just wants to see me happy he says so he does everything he can to ensure it. I'm oh so grateful but he doesn't know it. Mistakes of our past haunts our memories as we fight to make new ones. But love is enough. Love made us fight for what we had. His word is bond but insecure at times I loose my mind I'm still fighting for myself still recovering from mistakes made by my ex's. He sees my demons but they don't scare him away. It's deeper than looks he tells me when I ask if he finds me attractive still. This man really loves me I think to myself. I've given you so many reasons to dislike me but you don't budge. You're love for me is enough.

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Aubrey, Venture Capitalist of Musclebeasts,

hummm many things and meds are off and blah life goes on.\

security...idk seems we go a little crazy at winfalls...lmao...secret is to have a good time lmao...ummm my worst case senerio is wayyy more than i saw my life becoming....BUT ignoring and not facing the realitty it dum.....lmao right after mickey...also always later often doesnt work out but then more often----never is wierd like that

idk know of lovved ones, not my idea but i am reslve in taking my place as great aint up to me to fix eveything...peace and relaxed and quiet has some repairing in it...i feel bad about stuff i feel good about stuff meh its called life. i dont let either eat up my everything....i dont spend life on much...meh i deal with what is and move along...i dont fear the world....i rely on my adventure in has been sooo long, excited lololol yee haw