Man + Man + Woman = ???

You never noticed me. I was never enough for you. Relationship was based on sex and false hope. I regretted you. I never felt comfortable enough to trust you. Our lifestyles never matched. Yes there were good times. But more bad than good. Ex: trust issues, jealousy, lack of dick. Stop preserving the relationship. Causes you more pain than anything else. Felt judged always. You purposely hurt me for selfish reasons Nothing was ever good enough for you You're violent when drunk. EMPTY PROMISES. Is all we were. My heart crumbled because of you. It's not anxiety this is and were real feelings I DO NOT back track She's happy now. Let her be. I've become obsessive and weird. Let her go. Let go of colors. Let go of numbers. Let go of it all. Im okay. Time to let go now. I'm still fighting myself for you and it's hurting me. I want to let go now. I need to let go now. I have to let go now. End this.

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Addison, Travel Agent of the Wicked,

sometimes ya just gotta talk to yourself...lolol rational and out of control...shrug...all the crap i endlessly feed myself....feels like chewing up mass info and spitting it out in rational...and what i want...i think....and idk doesnt feel like forever, other phase and sighhh onward i go...i check rational and with in my belief system, some actually a private matter between me and my creator...and idk i aint perfect but i try to meh right and wrong, i am often wrong but i do it anyway big sighhhh BUT at some point i wanted to live my life, i dont beat myself up and i strive to do better but shrug.....i am happy, all kinds of things say i shouldnt be and i am sure there's a wall with my face on it buttttt.....onward. i am an indepentant and ahhh i think there are alot of us...aint saying we dont have to deal with same crap as anybody but there is stuff that just aint for our time and we need to be mindful of the pit falls...on the other hand...i am going to disney :D :D :D :D :D