Man + Man + Woman = ???

I'm just not good at connecting with people. I have a small little cluster of friends and family I hardly deserve. Any new people that come around, I seem to put them off. I think because I am standoffish, or so people tell me. I heard I am hard to get to know. Some say mysterious. Honestly, I'm just shy. And on the surface, I seem interesting, but if you get to know me, there isn't really much there. I follow unique paths with my life but if you look inside those journeys, there isn't a lot of substance. It's boring. I'm boring. It's my secret that I protect. I also have trust issues. I've been bullied in the past. Ignored and neglected, stabbed in the back. Too much for one person. Too much for a child. Too much for a young adult.

And when I meet someone nice, they see through me. They see there isn't much to me. They see me say the wrong thing. They don't trust me. I don't trust me. I don't trust my mouth.

I am not a mean person. But I am not a good person. I'm boring. I'm nothing. I am unlovable. I am unlikable. I could disappear, and outside my family, nobody would notice or care. And I can't blame them. I push the good ones away. It's my fault. I am so stupid for getting my hopes up. I deserve this.

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Blaine, Elementalist of Space,

Sounds like you just lack social mannerisms to give you charm. The art of conversation. You can learn that, from observing your environment or other sources. Those things can be learned. Your despair is out of place.

Morty, Barbarian of the Wicked,

Nobody deserves to feel like they don't belong or they are nothing.don't say that about yourself. to someone, you're everything.