Man + Man + Woman = ???

My sister is a bitch i have mental problems and when i do things that are not normal my sister exaggerates it and makes it seem like im the bad one and my parents take her side. She starts complaining how she hates the things that i do but she has no idea how i feel, i hate my self and sometimes feel like killing my self. Everything is about her and she never stops to think about me. My little brother does this too and he thinks he is so cool, superior and knows every thing and my parents do nothing all they do take my siblings sides and give me a really hard time. i am 14 and suffer from ADHD, mild depression, anxiety and OCD.I truly do love them all its just often they make my life very misrable.

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Peyton, Garçon of Darkness,

It's good that you are forgiving of them, this is important for your own well being. Selfishness is the root of sin and the condition of the human heart, but being born again of the Holy Spirit is what will improve us. Commit your life to Jesus Christ, read the Bible and pray everyday, have faith in God and He will look out for your interests and provide eternal hope for your future.

Peyton, Wizard of the Forgotten Lands,

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