Man + Man + Woman = ???

Please allow me the privilege of introducing myself, I'm Kevin . Let's see now, anticipation will probably do more to excite and paint your mind a picture of me than any I could send at this time. Brown hair, green eyes, 5ft8in, 165lb, physically fit. I like nature, holding hands, full moons, summertime, fleamarkets, picnics, playing banjo and keyboard, cooking, a good movie. I own a house. There, I think I typed that in one breath. lol Need more? Well alright then. If you're my girl I'll caress your cheek when I walk by just to show I care. I'll listen intently when you need to talk about something important. If you're my girl I'll rub your back and shoulders after a long hard day and bring you breakfast in bed on your birthday. Want me to stop? Didn't think so. My lips are Sooooooooooo Kissable. In the bedroom (or the kitchen?) I'll do my best to make your hips thrust forward with delight just before we make love and hope the feeling never ends....Oh Sweetheart  My friend  My lover. And that's a savory taste of who I am. This is what you desire. This is what you deserve.........................

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Bobbie, Knight of Time,

There is not one guy on this planet who does that. If so, then you are insane. If you really want to do that to a woman, try and find one

Elaine, Devourer of Arts and Crafts,

a rant just for me....arg...i feel like i have to focus to preform the most simplest of tasks...draining and really in the end i dont get it right anyway...personally...i think it's the pot.....sighhh and idk i dont get what i once did....meh twill be interesting's a days over thing with me and i a pretty sure i wont have any trouble sleeping

Elaine, Devourer of Arts and Crafts,

and weird dreams...i KNOW they are weird cause going back is the last place i want to be......probably the patches and smoking to much...really i drink too much pop too....arg way looking forward to VACATION a braek from all the crap and distraction supreme...change and idk i feel like my life will never quit be the same, odd for me...pretty sure the future hold major gardening and camping and leaving this place in time.. and first part pf my crazy journey i will rember with over whelming fondness....even the bad hurt stuff...really some stuff ya just have to do and get through it..