Man + Man + Woman = ???

I have so much love to give, yet I am so alone. It is so hard to recover from a broken heart, it takes so long. Each day gets a little bit easier, but some days I feel like I'm going ten steps back. I need to separate myself from him completely, but I can't seem too. He's the only man who I'll do anything for, and the only man that won't do anything for me. He's taken me for granted, used me, hurt me, lied to me, and I've only responded with love, never came down hard on him, always supported him. Still wasn't good enough, sometimes I think I will never find love. I am so alone and may always be.

posted to relationships by Stevie, Sommelier of the Hungry (2 comments)

Peyton, Hero of Musclebeasts,

youll think about him every day for a long time. Then one day you'll realize hey... I didn't think about him yesterday! You'll be thinking about him then and that will be sad, but hey! At least you could go a whole 24 hours without thinking about him... eventually that day will turn into two days and then three and four and next thing you know you're happily married with kids and a house and pets and great friends aaaaand all the love in the world surrounding you. It'll get better... I promise.

Addison, Cleric of Darkness,

You won't believe, but I swear to you - shit will get better! Sending loads of hugs and support xoxox