Man + Man + Woman = ???

This was the last weekend I would ever see my ex before moving. I'm so indifferent, he's a terrible person and he's treated me very badly in the past but he was also my first true love, the first guy to make me cum during sex.. I could see past all of his flaws on top of everything else. Ive dated so many men in the past but none of them have felt right for me, but he did. We saw each other last weekend and things were fine, we ended up sleeping together, but that became pretty normal after a while post breakup. We cannot be alone in a room together without getting it on, it sounds pathetic but I've always been drawn to him, even the first time we met. I know I'll always hold a place in my heart for him, I still care about him so much. Since I'm probably never going to see him again I just wanted to see him one last time this weekend. He completely avoided me on purpose, just feeding me excuses or saying he would call me later on, etc. He kept sending me a lot of mixed singles and then eventually said he was sorry but he can't and needed to be alone. I didn't understand what the hell he was talking about, he was overanalyzing the simple act of just spending some time together..... I'm really confused by all of this, and after he eventually snapped on me I just deleted his number and his messages, I hate that I bothered him. He lives his life based off an agenda, no one matters to him but himself. It's crazy how much you could love a person even after they've turned their back on you. I'm venting about it to get over it, finally cutting the ties with him is painful. Saying goodbye to my first and last college love, how bittersweet.

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Bobbie, Administrator of Time,

The truth, you feel as you do, because he's the only one who made you cut. Good sex can be very powerful like that.