Man + Man + Woman = ???

It's just hit me , I've just realised what I have been feeling for the last 5 months ... Grief! , I've been grieving for the loss of my mother even though she is still alive , wow! I'm heartbroken and I've only just realised ! No wonder I was confused to why I'd keep crying, why I feel like dying , why my heart aches . I'm grieving for you but I didn't even realise.... when you break up with someone you go through the same motions but you know why it's pretty much like grief because you feel like you've lost that person forever and it hurts and you try everything to get what you had back because it hurts but things seem to get worse and you don't know why , why are you trying and things get even worse for and that person pushes you away even further and your heart squeezes extra tighter and I did even notice it's actually, maybe not that I'm grieving the loss of my mother but it's the relationship breakdown which equals to the loss of my mother . How sad ... should I tell you I don't know but what I do know is I will feel better now I know why I feel this way ... finally

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Reggie, Cleric of Wild Parties,

attacks, i really dont spend alot of time worring bout it, not something i have any control over...i have a multitude of responses and back up plans in case of er i can not say if it is simply peeps aura ish or if it has bigger implications and i do NOT believe we are meant to know some stuff...all part of a bigger plan...really wasnt my idea...lololol but just in case if groups of haters has any input may the fleas of a thousand cammel infest your armpits...just sayin

Elaine, Venture Capitalist of the Unimaginable Terror,

everything happens for a reason , i feel i will get through this and at the end of whatever i am going through was meant to happen but only for the better <3