Man + Man + Woman = ???

I've known her for over 10 years. I've tried to not have these feelings for her but nope. They just keep coming up. It's so frustrating. Our friendship is too important for me to risk telling her. We're both extremely awkward and introverted people; we are each others only real friend, which is why risking our friendship is out of the question. We talk daily, but rarely see each other, due to living hours apart. When we are together it's the best though. She's really is the last person I think of at night, as sappy as that sounds. Hopefully, I'll be able to lock these damn feelings away, cuz right now they really are a bummer. It doesnt help that shes bisexual too. It makes me overanalyze any little touch, joke, etc. that we exchange. I just want to think of her as my best friend again, and not pine after her.

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Addison, Bright Queen of Space,

I don't think it's possible to ever ignore feelings when you're so wept by them. If you really feel strongly about her, I think you should be honest with her and that's the only way you can start being honest with yourself. Tell her, you would never want to ruin the friendship and would understand however she responds. If she doesn't share the same feelings, try speaking to other people to help you move on from the pain at your own pace. It'll help you see the good qualities in other people and how attractive others can possible be too.

Brett, CTO of the Wildlands,

Hey, thanks for this. Even though I won't tell her, it's really good advice for me to talk to someone, and I appreciate it

Stevie, Administrator of the Satisfied,

Been there, experienced that. Feelings came out, but one person told the other that the feelings were not mutual... easing one person to accept that and move on. because sometimes it's best to know then to not know and let your thoughts about knowing drive you over the edge. You know?

Brett, CTO of the Wildlands,

I know she doesn't feel the same, so I have to just move on and push these feelings down. It's better to have her as a friend than not at all, right?

Alton, Gigolo of the Irredeemably Moist,

maybe put some space there....when she misses you she may feel differently

Stevie, Administrator of the Satisfied,

You're right :/