Man + Man + Woman = ???

From like 45-70. I'm 16. The thought of it turns me on so much!
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Bobbie, Shaman of Wild Parties,
im 11 and i wanna get a blow job
Brett, Architect of Musclebeasts,
I am 14yo and I'll suck ur dick and let u fuck me!
Ash, Wench of the Rich,

Handsome older guy here. Email me at bginches @ yahoo .com with no spaces.

Max, Warlord of the Homeless,

messenger4thecause@gmail email me baby

Charlie, Summoner of Imagination,

I would love to fuck you all day and night long

Shiki, Travel Agent of the Homeless,

I would love to fuck you too. And I'm 14

Shiki, Lord of the Financial Services department,

Mmmm I'd love to fuck ur wet tight lil pussy turn u into my own personal lil play toy mmmm fuck I want deep inside u hehe

Andy, Architect of the Poor,

mm fuck mine ;)

Adrian, Apprentice of the Hungry,

I'm 21 and I would love to be inside u, I promise I'll go easy on u and that I'll make sure u have the best time of ur life.

Bobbie, Tour Guide of the Wildlands,

I don't like easy. I like 'em hard rough.

Dana, Observer of the Hungry,

U dont want to suck that little kids dick you suck mine baby I'm 15 that would probly be a lot better

Blaine, Hero of the Homeless,

I'm in Australia are you in Australia email me

Bobbie, Herald of Imagination,

would you let me cum in your mouth sweetie? my cum taste good, girls have told me it taste like Milk;0) wanna try?

Bobbie, Tour Guide of the Wildlands,

I do sexy ;)

Yoko, Alchemist of the Hungry,

Email me,

Stevie, Attendant of the Wildlands,

I don't think you mean what you say I think you would crap yourself

Bobbie, Accountant of the Rich,
I think we should take time and talk