Man + Man + Woman = ???

From like 45-70. I'm 16. The thought of it turns me on so much!
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Shiki, Servant of the Irredeemably Moist,
I think of young girls all day long. I masturbate because I cant have themĀ in reel.
Rebecca, Hostess of the Forgotten Lands,
You can have me 4real
Rebecca, Hostess of the Forgotten Lands,
You can have me in real :)
Stevie, Wench of Justice,

Hi. Im 59, an experienced lover. Ill send a pic if u give me yr email addie. grahame AT genevapropertiesltd dot com

Stevie, CEO of Musclebeasts,

young girls are hot and older women over 25 come off as lame when they try to act sexy like little girls you see it all the time models and on tv we sexualize very young girls with saturation adds but then when your like hell yeah i want a young girl your a bad guy im a pedo not a rapist and not a child killer no pedo real pedo would ever harm a child they are the love in our harts and the fule to our dreams many of us are getting lumped in with people who arnt even pedos there just rapist and murders and buy the way if a young girl tells a real pedo no they stop because no means no don't believe half the lies you read that say we are dangerous no real pedo uses force and we don't groom we court girls just like straight men do most of the time its some do gooder wiggin out and saying to the child oh you were hurt or raped it was bad then kids freak out ya know nazis had propaganda and the way they believed was if you say a lie enough times the masses will believe it in other words if you tell young girls a milk shake is bad and any one buys you one is bad and act fucking nuts they will eventually buy in to it this is about having more control not protecting your kids you really think the government gives a shit about your child then you are being tricked think about it they lie cheat and rip us off if they can control your child longer they can stay in power and manipulate them in voting political views what ever but if a girl has a period at 10 that's life saying shes a women and can have kids her self as for complications with pregnancy grown women have that to statistically adult women have way more problems with pregnancy so yes i love little girls and would love to raise and educate my lover and spoil her and share in her experience i have met sexually aggressive preteen and toddler girls who have told me that they were wet or excited or flat out wanted to have sex with me so most of the bullshit you read on line is just that bullshit little girls get horny they have desires and they're own sexual agenda and if you want to remain in denial then you are hurting children by perpetuating a lie thats why kids don' trust any adult pedo or other wise because chidren are not stupid and like any one else they don't like to be lied to and here is some truth that the sex offender stuff is out of control a three year old boy is now a registerd sex offender because he went pee pee in his front yard he now has to register as a sex offender at age three its on aol check it out there are a lot of children on the sex offender list for various reson from pissing out side to playing doctor if a child cant consent to sexual activity how can they be sex offenders see i told you they dont care about your kids and that is sexual exploitation just to bolster the numbers on the sex offender list to perpetuate a lie sex offenders are the new jews there already talking about concentration camps for sex offenders a castration so should that three year old boy be castrated and sent to a camp any one who thinks so is a way bigger monster then any sex offender and i like to kick your fucken ass real pedosexuals love and protect children and yes i enjoy preteen sexual partners and relationships but the reality is its like any other romantic sexual relationship no means no respect is a must and im not attracted to every preteen girl just like a straight man is not attracted to every women the fucken lies told by the powers that be are mind boggling you cant lump us all together a rapist is a rapist a killer is a killer i am a pedosexual and i would give my life to protect a child from real danger or abuse i did not choose what i am but i do embrace it yes there are fascinating things to share with the young girls Ive dated my knowledge there perspective on life and the world around them when you dismiss that well that is the real abuse it shows you have no real regard for there feelings thoughts or opinions and they eventually become dismissive back stop buying in to the government bullshit they only care about your vote not you or your kids do some real research and for you holy rollers out there if you do the math jesus was born to a child mother mary was some where around 8-11 years old when jesus was born so what does that make your christian god Muslims also with aleah she was nine please know im not slaming the Muslims i am saying that this is a prolific way of life there millions of us who live in the closet and like i said would not harm a child kids know what sex is and they want it deal with it

Charlie, Magician of the craft table,

I guess you just drank a whole motherfucking bottle of crazy this morning huh?

Addison, Lover of Darkness,
well you can have me
Bobbie, Herald of Imagination,
Can I Have you Too? here is my emale exchange Photo's I wanna see how HOT You Are.
Ari, Apprentice of the Poor,
hoe old are you