Man + Man + Woman = ???

But them Niggers are all over the dating sights it don't matter nigger sand nigger they're both the same . Took over the dating sights . After looking at those nappy ass hood rats , and how ugly black women are . Makes me sick to my stomach .

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Stevie, Alchemist of the IT department,

First, your political party, the treasonous rats that brought us Trump and Putin, claims there is no more racism. Thank you for rearing your slimy little head and proving them wrong, once again.

Second you voted for that Benedict Arnold, Trump. Since you like Russia so much, move there. There are very few black people there. You will be happier. I'll help you pack.

Andy, Sheriff of the Idealistic,

Ok? If you don't like it then look elsewhere. Everyone is beautiful to someone so get off the damn computer and go meet somebody in your area. We don't want you here and those women don't want you either.

Stevie, Alchemist of the IT department,

You aren't good enough for them. I can give you the URL for a Down syndrome dating site. You would be more comfortable there.

Aubrey, Druid of Imagination,

racist, ignorant people like you make me sick to my stomach.

George, Crusader of the Rich,

Nobody will ever love you and you'll die alone.

David, Superintendent of the Wildlands,

To Dana, Archaeologist of the Lonely - So this is ok and does not make you weary and repetitive??

Reggie, Host of the Financial Services department,

Rasist as hell but I can't help but admit I almost spit out my coffee laughing. God damn savage.