Man + Man + Woman = ???

i need a guy with a nice big dick to stick in my pussy
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Bobbie, Sommelier of the Homeless,
I am away from home on a course. I feel really randy I've tried masturbating but its not working.anyideas?ps I'm female
Reggie, CEO of the Hungry,

Use a dildo lol or my stiff hard cock

Peyton, Priest of Light,
just give it 2me im gooner fuck ur pussy honey
Ari, Butcher of Space,

I would give u the real thing

Brett, Merchant of Light,

ok ill do it

Addison, Curator of the Poor,

Would you fuck me? I have just got my vibrator out and fucked it until I came. And I did come. Its my first orgasm on my own without a real big juicy cock to suck, to ram down my throat, to ram up my ass and inside my pussy. And the only thing I missed was the taste of cum. Oh please some one. Whos up for the job?? Needing a very big cock to satisfy my sexual desires. Sister Kathleen

Shiki, Embalmer of Justice,

Yea you can come ride on my big dick, text me 918 257 0887

Alice, Breeder of the Satisfied,

I'd love to ride on your big dick! You can do whatever you want to me! I'll act like a little girl, a naughty schoolgirl, or whatever you want. I want you to hold me down and deep throat me! Make sure I know that you're in charge, and I belong to you. Spank the hell out of me, repeatedly. Hell, if you want, invite a friend and I'll take on both of your cocks at once!