Man + Man + Woman = ???

I can't stand it anymore, I have no one and no one wants me. Seriously think about that last statement, isn't that what every human being lives for? Yes, to love and to be loved, by that one special someone who makes you feel like heaven is on earth. Who makes you feel like if the world were coming to an end next week, you would just want to spend every last moment with them, watching your favorite movies and getting cozy under a blanket. Well guess what, I have NO ONE! No one likes me, no one wants me, and no one loves me in that romantic way. What a fucking life. And no I am not one of those nerdy magic card playing guys with braces or suspenders. I am a decent looking guy with a job and lots of things going for me. I don't know why this "curse" has been put upon me. All my friends have girlfriends left and right and I am always the third wheel left out in the lurch. Fuck this I hate my life and goodbye cruel unfair world...
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Dana, Referee of Good,

im a 71 yr old virgin never even seen a woman naked i think more and more about killing myself better than being a nother year of being a damm freak

Adrian, Warrior of the Homeless,

Me too, let's do it together.

Brett, Developer of Darkness,

What about friends? And I can assure you your family love you and your friends, and I bet someoboy loves you, maybe they are just to nervous to say. Ending your life could bring pain to so many people, and you ARE loved. I really hope you decide to value your life because others out there do. I really hope I've changed your mind.

Stevie, Ninja of Good,

I just say in general two fingers up to life. People convince themselves life is sacred blah blah. The truth is they are too scared to admit they'll be forgotten in a generation or 2 and we all end up as dust. I'm done with the stress, worry and anxiety. Tomorrow I end this bag of lies that we call life. Nature hasn't indoctrinated me with it's "don't end it all" trick. Some say our chemical balance is off except some of us are not suited to living. They can waddle on towards old age but not me. The thought of being gone is the only thing that makes me smile.

Allison, Archaeologist of the Irredeemably Moist,

I know this sounds stupid, and I haven't looked at all the other comments yet, but perhaps the problem isn't that there isn't anyone out there for you, nor possibly even you at all, but where you are at. Perhaps you need to save up some money, and reinvent your life in a different area, because if you say you have been there in that situation for years and put yourself out there to interact with people but can't find the right person, then you need to change either what you are looking for or where you are looking. I don't know if that helps, but sometimes it can help to just uproot and go somewhere else. And if you are patient and smart, it won't even be that much of an inconvenience. Good luck. But one more point of advice, stop looking for that perfect someone, and live your life, because is isn't always about being loved, but loving others and enjoying every moment of life you can. Strangely, those looking hardest for love, don't find what they are looking for. Just have faith that it is out there and it will find you. ... um.. just realized this is an old post.. hope everything turned out ok and you are still around brother.

Harper, Magician of the craft table,

They are that fucking selfish I don't even trust them to look after my dogs properly

Harper, Magician of the craft table,

I fucking hate being me I have ungrateful husband and daughter who have no fucking clue about how fucking miserable i am. If I do suicide I'm taking my gorgeous dogs with me'

Morty, Soldier of Generosity,

I feel the same way.

Richard, Chronographer of the Poor,

lol is u ded?

Andy, Alchemist of Darkness,

fuck relationships they are over rated !!!!

Brett, CEO of Evil,

And men are pieces of shit to me even if I do so much to try to make them happy God should have never made me fuck you god

Brett, CEO of Evil,

Im going to kill myself too! Every guy I ever wanted only wantts sex with me then they say they don't want a fucking relationship then they get gfs or married fuck God and fuck Jesus I wish I had never been born!!!!!

Rebecca, Sheriff of the Unimaginable Terror,

so don't have sex with them and develop a relationship

Taylor, Chronographer of the craft table,

And no I don't even dress slutty I like wearing casual clothes I don't even wear tank tops or short shorts men only treat you good if you're looking like a fucking Barbie doll even if the girls a fucking arrogant bitch!

Taylor, Chronographer of the craft table,

Lol oh so you're saying I'm a slut? I'm not a slut you bitch it's the so called men who can't see me beyond my physical looks and don't want to bother with a relationship so why don't you go blame the lusting men who only think with their dicks and not their minds!!

Addison, Writer of the Poor,

ya cant go back, i dont know that i journey doesnt fry my mind like it use to i've rationalized it and idk fit it to my beliefs and lament my short coming so really life aint changed all that much...i've always felt like i was where i was suppose to be Lord only knows why....

Addison, Writer of the Poor,

it gets me out...lame assed excuse if ever i herd one....addictions are everybodys nightmare and mine i think taylor made for isolated and lonely people...they use to gatherr at malls...sighhhhh idk for sure winter brings most of us here but that gets overwhelming or boring depending on where ya hang out. um life... i am content happy and i aint hurtting no one meh pretty sure i have always tht if i had something else to do...i would be doing it....sighhhh farm was such joy...sigh then drama and bs and idk...ive been here sooo many years summer was always my escape ...out doors sunshine fun and games.... i am sooo looking forward to spring in new home but it feels so far away and it's freakin cold....

Blaine, Priest of Darkness,

I had the same kinda thing happen to me only I ended up marrying her and now my life sucks because the sex ended and I'm stuck with her in a marage I can't stand, maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Don't give up hope there are more women out there the good ones are hard to find, keep looking

Dana, Musician of the Idealistic,


Andy, Wizard of the Hungry,

i feel the same way , i can totally relate , dont know what else to say, wish you the best

Stevie, Engineer of Imagination,

I do hope you didn't. People like you deserve happiness. And I agree with the other poster who said you should try your hand at writing. You do write beautifully and if you'd write without holding back any of the emotions, it'd be best-seller. And yeah, agreed, fuck life indeed! Just don't give up and this is coming from someone who is tired of it all as well (the reason why I landed on this page in the first place...) The world needs voices such as yours, please make it heard. Thank-you and really hope that you didn't give up.

Frankie, Manager of the Forgotten Lands,

Do it

Bobbie, Carpenter of the Wicked,

Nope - many live for power or money or wish they could have good health or to take back a crucial moment in time.

Alice, Summoner of the Hungry,

Can you tell me how old you are? I will then get back to you. Thank you.

Blaine, Investigator of the Forgotten Lands, 52...however i look and act as though i was 30.

Ash, Clown of Imagination,

I hate my god dam fucking life I am god dam singgle I have no wife or even a girlfriend I am thinking about ending my life I have been rejected by 100sof women I hate my fucking life I am god dam fucking god dam 46 fucking years old iamgod dam almost fucking 47 years fucking years old and I have no wife or even a girlfriend I feel like I am being punished by god suffering from lonely less I am sick and tired of not having a wife or even a girlfriend as the years pass by me with out a wife or even a girlfriend I just get even more depressed and the more I think about killing myself because I am suffering and suffering and suffering and suffering and suffering from not having a girlfriend

Dana, Musician of the Idealistic,


Brett, CEO of Evil,

I hope she gets raped by a Muslim you piece of shit

Brett, CEO of Evil,

I don't give a shit hope thar redhead gets fat and uglyyyyy you sack of shit

Peyton, Carpenter of the Hungry,


Rex, Tour Guide of the craft table,

You are the stupidest person ive ever seen on the internet

Bobbie, Merchant of the Financial Services department,

Wow. 243 comments. I haven't gone through all of them, but I doubt there's even 1 from the original poster. So many toxic hate dripping trolls out there, this place should be called "fear full blogging".

This sentence though: "isn't that what every human being lives for? Yes, to love and to be loved, by that one special someone who makes you feel like heaven is on earth."


That one is the biggest pop culture lies of the 20th - 21st century, spoon fed to us and fucking up our perception of reality. It's not true, people. All that "moulin rouge" philosophy. It is not the meaning of life, it's not the greatest virtue, and you CAN exist without romance. You do not need a mate - we made it up! We're social creatures - and we do need friends to from a sort of tribe of our own, and we do need copulation - we are designed to breed - but we're not designed to have life-long lasting mates. We can - if we choose to, but we don't have to have someone to love us. We can be without a partner, and so long as we have our "tribe" - a network of friends and support - we will survive and even thrive. Marriage/long term relationships are not for everybody, and you are NOT less of a person if you don't have a partner. You don't have a "missing half". You are complete as you are now. On your own. Love may come, and it will be great, sure, but connecting the meaning of your life to being in love is STUPID and will lead to nothing but disappointment - sooner or later. Even if you do meet the partner of your dreams, and you settle down - it will only make you happy for the first 2-3 years. After that it's all habit, co-dependance & if you're lucky, FRIENDSHIP. It is friendship that makes people last together, not being in love.

So, invest into building strong friendships - they're the ones that last.

Brett, CEO of Evil,

Yeah whatever asshole

Brett, Archaeologist of the Forgotten Lands,

i dont believe you , why post it unless you want attention ill send you the knife fucking cry baby mabe thats why no . poeple like you make me sick and the wold is better off without a bunch of fucking whiners.this is wat happens when we consider being called 4 eyes bullying , we turn our sociaty into a bunch of sniviling cry babys , your grand parents would be ashamed of you one wants you because you to imMature to take responsability over your own life. GO TO WALMART BUY A NEW TOASTER AND TAKE A BATH WITH IT

Ash, Funeral Director of the Idealistic,

What the fuck?? You are clearly a pussy retard who thinks his life is hard. I say kill yourself. You have a great life and only 1 thing to complain about , that you don't have a girlfriend. You don't care about anyone else's lives, all you want is someone to suck your cock and wash the dishes. You don't even care about poverty or war, suffering and pain. You have everything you could possibly need, yet you still have something to complain about. You have a choice. Snap out of it and get a life, or stay greedy and miserable and end your life.

Aubrey, Scout of Space,

I just want you to know that you're not alone. There's plenty of others who feel the same way you do. I, too suffer from mental illness. Every day is literally a struggle for me. I think about suicide alot, too. But, I live on because I know one day I won't have to suffer no more and neither will you. Pray, have faith and keep God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in mind. God bless you.

Peyton, Servant of the Wildlands,
I feel exactly the same way. People need to start going to and read up on how screwed up america is and how much women are following the screwed up movement. Now if theres a way to change it, I would change it so that women would want men instead of being bi%ches.
Blaine, Clown of Musclebeasts,

WAIT! I'm stuck in the same situation! Don't die yet...

Andy, Shaman of the Irredeemably Moist,

No shit life sucks. I am so alone and wanting love. No way can a god be real when I see men treating women like crap and they accept it... Oh never mind. I can dig my own grave.

Dana, Thief of Generosity,

Stop feeling sorry for yourself you miserable little bitch boo fucking hoo. Stop complaining, grow a pair of balls you little faggot, get up off your lazy ass and CHANGE. Take action you pathetic cunt.

Hope that helps :) xoxo

Dakota, Master of the Homeless,

I understand.... Maybe, just may be you are too choosy on who you date...

Brett, CEO of Evil,

Men are the most fucking superficial ones! Oh you could be the sweetest girl but of course if you're not perfect you get rejected! Yeah cause I'm not a 10 so to speak Im always fucking treated like shit donr worrry I'll kill myself!!!!!

Blaine, Investigator of the Forgotten Lands,

No maybe...the girl is too choosey....u c im butt fucking ugly

Adrian, Paladin of the Poor,

Today is my birth day. And it will be my last day. I have lost every person and posession I have ever owned. I have made over 3mollion dollars in my life only to be screwed by the system and whore ass women and destructive patents.. mom sits in the chair and watches step dad beat the shit out of a five year old.. and he pays her and she takes the money and says hit him harder. And finally meet my real father and he says I'm not his son... I look just like the man. And in between all that my daughter was taken by the x and hidden for 8 years..I finally fou nd her and her name was changed without my concent. Now super fukin legal issues. They just stole 12000 right ftom my avvt and closed it . Now I have even less than nothing. ... but a perfect guitar string. Yup the smallest 1 .. and on the day to the minute.... I will end. Get off this retched planet where almost everyone is stuck on thinking out of context. And even if you explain it slow they still don't get it. I just can't take anymore. So here's my legacy. Born unlucky and a loser. Fuck this planet. Your best bet is to just give. Cant beat them. Good bye. Hopefully the human race will get it right someday

Taylor, Observer of the Lonely,

Maybe it's because your a selfish, whinny, self obsessed and stuck up dickhead who thinks they must be cursed because nobody likes me. Grow the fuck up, put your big boy pants on and get on with your fucking life. Stop comparing yourself to others and using that as a measure of your life success. The grass is always greener on the other side. Do you know how you find something you stop fucking looking for it. So get out of your pool of self pity and do something else with your live let thing happen why they happen because right now you don't deserve anyone to love you. If you had someone to love you wouldn't be able love them right now because you have to learn to love yourself first.

Brett, CEO of Evil,


Taylor, Magician of Wild Parties,

honestly I feel the same way so lets be together??? We can atleast be friends

Ash, Ship Master of Evil,

I can totaly relate to this guy but not only does my family not like me and doesnt speak to me, i got in a relationship with a woman and the second time seeing her, her dad asked me to help hang christmas lights on a building and put me in a manlift and then raised it to 25ft and dropped it to the ground (free fall) crushing every bone from waste down. Was in a wheelchair for 6 months, in that time the girlfriend was taking off for days or weeks on crack binges ( i didnt have a clue when i met her) her parents borrowed what little money i had and spli leaving me with nothing but a run down shack and no heat. All this time trying to be a good single father from a previous relayionship and the daughter came with me when the mom left. Now im addicted to fucking morophine from the accident and constantly bad fucking shit keeps happening to me if not daily every other. There seems to be nobody to talk to that can help me, all ive heard is a bunch of bullshit about some god who dorsnt give a fuxk about me otherwise he/she (god) would realize that daily i imagine how fucking nice it would be to be rid of all the pain in my body and the fucked up shit thar is constantly in my face. My daughter is 14 now a would imagine the way she is going it will a couple three more years that i really have to be here then i can make iy look like an accident for her sake, i just don think my mind and body will take much more, stress has turned my stomach into a bloody volcano of ulcers. I know some ppl see wgat im goin thru and everyone avoids me like i have some kinda discease or something, I FUCKING HATE MY LIFE!! Who gives a shit right? Ya Sure Feel alone and lonely.

Blaine, Illusionist of the Homeless,

are you still alive?

I m from HK, a 27 woman. I may understand your feeling ang the curse youo were talking about. I have dated over 10 people in my life, all of them are short,the longest was 1.5 years and she disappeared when we broken up. I loved her, and i try to get back to my life after we broken up.

I have a decent face, work at a top IT company in the world ,salary is ok and i already have a house to rent out. Yet noone wants me, noone loves me. I feel very depressed and cried sometimes in the nights. Every weekend I will be going out alone, eating out alone. Nobody talks to me. I cannot share my thought to friends, cos somehow i dont want to show my negative thoughts and this cannot help the stuff. I just want love. I want to end my life. but everytime i told myself, we are lucky to come into this world, if pains is overwhlemed in your life, we have to experience it cos this may be our fate(or curse) You knwo what... thats why I m so stressful, i think my face is :( now.

I really hope you did not have killed yourself.

And if people who see my msg here, please send an email to me. See if I m still in this world , and lets be frds.

my email: (please ignore the space, in order to avoid google search engine)

che Ers li Fe 9 2 0 @ g/m/ail . co/m

Adrian, Templar of Arts and Crafts,

Well, shit, man. I don't know if you're still alive to read this, but you read my fuckin' mind. Sucks someone else had to feel this. I'm really sorry for you.

Reggie, Musician of Light,

if its any help, you arent the only one.

Addison, Templar of Wild Parties,


Frankie, Matriarch of Musclebeasts,

Well, i think you give way too much attention on having a girl. You have to be happy by yourself in order to be happy with someone. If you hate your life now, you will hate it with a girlfriend too. But then it will be "why everyone around has good relationships but i don't?" You are not on those people places, and i believe life is balanced - everybody's life is suck in some points. no one is perfect and nothing is perfect. You have friends and a job, hing going on, and you are that desperate because you don't have e girl, really? Chill out, don't show desperate or needy, don't be desperate or needy. Thinks will happen. If you off course get out and meet new people. :)

Brett, CEO of Evil,

Stfu you piece of shit!!! It doesn't matter if youove yourself or not if you always get rejected by someone you want and you've been waiting until your fucking iberr 40 even after praying to fucking God about you'd be angry too! And no it doesn't get better that's a damn lie!

Addison, Shaman of the Homeless,

Me too. I have a good job educated, cultured traveled, I am Alright looking, What women said they liked I fit to a degree but I have noticed that now days I am not the type, never enough of one thing or too much of another. Mostly Invisible to everybody now.
Life sucks then you die. If you chose to go on your own accord I.E. Suicide is not wrong to me.

Kadnyce, Secretary of Good,

If he really did kill himself then I wish I had his courage. I think about killing myself every day but I'd probably fuck that up too.

Bobbie, Elementalist of Musclebeasts,

did you really do it? need proof

Adrian, Druid of the Forgotten Lands,

yeah sadly i have to agree, fuck you, you have a job, go take some classes on how to treat a woman. I have real problems, and you're a fucking little bitch.

Just do it man, nobody will know, nobody will care, or ever hear.

You think you've got anything bad, you're a fucking joke.

Adrian, Clerk of Light,

its ok same happened to me so yeah welcom to hell

Peyton, Accountant of the Hungry,

me too

I want to do the same thing but I am waiting until I get a good job and friends and for to move out of my house and move to a place that gets sunshine all year. If these things don't happen I will just continue to be miserable I guess... Or I will wait until I am 25 and if I am still living with my parents I will do the world a favor and off myself. That is my plan, hope no one finds out.

My problem and reason for this. Interestingly I have never had a reason or at least that is what they tell me. I never had a reason to not make friends growing up, I am a firm believer that solitude is bliss. Maybe I am just distracting myself from my studies. But no one ever knows with me. EVerything I say is usually both truth and lie as in I have done diddly shit with my life (ie nothing) and tend to make very cynical comments about the way the world is and people are. Now these statements are true in that it is true that I will have a very shitty life from here on out, even shittier than before which at such a young age I find hard to believe but I will have an easier time believing it when I am a 40 year old virgin taking my parents to the eye doctor's.

So I will be bitter and my cynicism will be true. But at the same time it will be a lie because everyone around me will be well adjusted, making friends, sociable kind, etc. and will have nice lives paved out for them because they worked and planned for it. I on the other hand secretly love pain, never physical, rather emotional and I go to lengths to make anything I encounter monumentally worse than it actually. And instead of taking some God Damned accountability for my mistakes I will try and blame it on the latest so called psychological or neurological disease be it manic depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism, aspies, schizophrenia, you name it. What is nice about these diseases is that there is no definitive way of diagnosing them... Also it is not like cancer, or some other life threatening disease and it doesn't hurt, it doesn't cause any health problems physically it just causes the mind to fail itself it is like having no soul. It is like walking around as a ghost already dead to those that matter.

Harper, Elementalist of the Forgotten Lands,

Oh Yeah ....

Frankie, Monk of Space,
maybe your single because you wine so much. wemen are into confidence
Dakota, Historian of the Satisfied,

I was going to kill ,myself because I was a failure and people kept telling me what to do. Now I did it and I feel a lot more confident and I feel stupid for thinking of suiciding. Suicide is the pussy way put. You must have wrote this for attention fuck yourself.

Taylor, Writer of Evil,

If all the people who needed someone on here got together, then they would no longer be lonely, just a thought.

Blaine, Investigator of the Forgotten Lands,

Your obviously very intelligent

Bobbie, Embalmer of the Forgotten Lands,
i'm with you
Ash, Merchant of the Homeless,

you're a faggot i hope you are already dead.

Harper, Hunter of the IT department,

god you are so selfish, when you are gone you hurt no more, but you leave a life time of hurt to someone that loves you, cop on and fucking live

Harper, Hunter of the IT department,

god you are so selfish, when you are gone you hurt no more, but you lever a life time of hurt to someone that loves you, cop on and fucking live

Stevie, Deviant of the Idealistic,

Hi, I get lonely too, don't kill yourself, I could use a friend too. I feel the exact same way so often. What's your name?

Aubrey, Counselor of the Rich,

there's a saying that states "all life is suffering", and i couldn't agree more. everyone around me are cynical bitches, and life is just a shit hole. I'm sure as hell that somewhere in the not too distant future, i will stick a knife through my skull and end this suffering.

Aubrey, Counselor of the Rich,

there's a saying that states "all life is suffering", and i couldn't agree more. everyone around me are cynical bitches, and life is just a shit hole. I'm sure as hell that somewhere in the not too distant future, i will stick a knife through my skull and end this suffering.

Dana, Janitor of Wild Parties,

I'm 23 and feel the same way. I have parents with strong beliefs that don't allow me to marry a girl who is not Turkish and feel depressed every moment i'm not on a drug.They are very loving otherwise, but I cannot seem to be compatible with anyone. I feel numb everyday and don't get any joy from anything not even the things that used to make me very happy. I contemplate suicide regularly, but the drugs get me through the day, but every day more drugs are necessary because of a growing tolerance. I have spent years sober with even worse pain. I have fled the country and beat the law when i was 19. You think relatively my life would be heaven, but it's far from it. I try and hold onto this hope that things may get better, but they never seem to. It just seems as I get older I get weaker and more angry with myself and my parents. I fantasize about becoming nothing. Humans only care about themselves and if you are an empathetic person you are fucked. I am constantly disappointed with the way we treat each other. The way no one gives a fucking shit about anyone's emotions, but themselves.

Alice, Farmer of the Rich,

I feel the same way. Im going to turn 32 in a few days and ive felt this way ever since about 14 years old. The most common stupid thing ive heard is dont search for love it will find you when your not looking let them find you or dont worry itll happen when you least expect it. Which is wrong because girls dont go talking to guys first because they dont want to be called a slut. The way the internet has made this world has made things very hard for nice guys. For one girls now are very very judgemental and picky. They can pick between which body builder on dating sites they want now, so the nice guys have no chance. and they get so many compliments that if you say they look pretty they call you a creeper. I have spent years talking to one person after another and each one was scum, they all talk to multiple guys and cheat consistenly. I cant get a regular good girl because im a white kid who lives in the poorest city there is. There is no girls my own race where i live and they are afraid to come here. A few times i met a few girls online who were from out of state who were my dream girl, but they pretty much used me for a vacation and after they left would not talk to me again. ive also spent a total of 3 years dating girls online who had fake pics. ive already went through the years of depression and the years of suicide, now im just at the point of being numb. i know every outcome and i know no one will ever like me and if they do i cant trust them or they wont stay with me. i been in every situation and they all end with me being worse then before. the last time i had a gf was in 2006 and she was a psycho who use to hit me for no reason. since i wear baggy clothes because i am from the city girls say im not there type but i dont know how to dress any different, and furthermore why does it matter how i dress. i do wear button ups if im around the family or going out. no one wants me, no one wants to talk to me and the only people who do talk to me is a girl seeking attention from as many guys as possible. eventually i have to play there dumb game to have sex because i have needs and get so lonely. It makes me sick because when i do have sex the girl always has a bf shes cheating on and its always a girl you wouldnt expect to do such a thing. all i can say is all girls are liars and cheaters no matter how nice they are. i tried killing myself 10 years ago and failed at that. i kept overdosing and kept living and ending up in the hospital. that made things even worse being on my death bed and no one seeing me or caring at all. i dont know the purpose of life but this is torture. the prettier a girl is the more i seem to hate her. i keep wishing i would die and be reborn as the guy who gets all the girls who everyone loves. but now im the over worker who has suffered to many injurys, got not enough money, is still broke, losing my hair, getting unfit, never had kids, anxiety depressed sitting in my room all day withered up poor sap. i hate my life

Alice, Prostitute of Darkness,

Believe me same here all the girls I ever went for either had boyfriends or dindnt want me I'm too lonely haven't had girlfriend in years I keep on being miserable about a girl that only want to be friends with me and chose another guy over me. Which really hurts me and makes me not want to live anymore I can't end up alone in life.

Blaine, Investigator of the Forgotten Lands,

I recently decided that next going to spend 120.00 for a friend set it up...he said shes pretty...5 foot 10 inches...125 pounds..long wavy blond hair medium sized breasts...its been a long fucking time since i had intercourse with a girl.....this is going to be awesome....i really hope she squirts.

Ash, Fashion Designer of the Financial Services department,

Still there bro? Hope you haven't killed yourself this word is seriously lacking in good people who feel and care use your experiences to help others in the same situation you might even help yourself in the process. And if that's a negative take a pedofile with you it might earn some points with the big guy upstairs! Suicide is a sin after all!!

Addison, Funeral Director of the Forgotten Lands,

So did you do it?

Ari, Observer of the craft table,

Your not alone man. Your post pretty much fits me word for word. I just started drinking heavy to try and cope with the loneliness. This only made things worse as I now have a DUI, and am currently being charged for property damage exceeding $20 000 due to the booze. Literally the only thing I have keeping me alive is cigarettes (ironic, I know). The worse my life gets the more I keep fucking up and then my life gets worse. It's a vicious cycle of shit sucking me down. I'm not suicidal but I wish with all my heart that I was never born.

Aubrey, Sommelier of Time,

I don't understand how you feel I am lonely. No one wants me our loves me either

Blaine, Investigator of the Forgotten Lands,

Tell me about your self...are you female...i only like girls...i could give you my email.....are you looking for a boy...that is if your a girl.

Addison, Bright Queen of the IT department,

I know it seems lonely sometimes. The truth is you will always fill this way no matter what your life is like unless you have Jesus in your life. Read the gospel of John. You have nothing to lose.

Blaine, Author of the Wicked,

Man I feel you cus no one wants to be bother nothing goes your way I'm going to do it as well

Bobbie, Venture Capitalist of Light,

i feel the same way sometimes. like right now. i dont think i will ever be loved. im a good looking guy. im in the navy. i want to try out to be a navy seal, im an eagle scout. captain of the waterpolo team but... i always feel alone. girls that have liked me ive messed up on. i dont know how or if i will ever have a chance. but stay strong please. please. dont quit. life is hard. i feel for you. please fight as hard as you can. do something you love. focus on every day doing something to help your future. join a church. just fight. dont give up.

Bobbie, Shepherd of Arts and Crafts,
Brett, Archaeologist of Generosity,
HI i really really understand you i feel the same wery wery often do you know about Movement called TFL?
Andy, Ship Master of Wild Parties,

i know the feeling oddly everyone says they know how you feel unfortunately i really do . painful i know, and like you it dose not seem right , reasonable , or even fair hell i'm 34 and agree what is good about it. I can't answer that sorry hell i went to university studied like hell to understand why .. with no luck i know exactly how you feel and i am sorry for both of us all i can say and am able to say is i hope things improve for you and that you hold on i'm not religious so i agree there is nothing out there in the ether so we have to do it on our own and create it on our own. i do not know why we are served this life but hey supposedly we are better then the rest we know suffering and are better for it

Yoko, Embalmer of the Financial Services department,

hey. sometimes i feel the same way as you do.and i just keep breathing. and the sun goes down and then it rises again. i'd enjoy meeting i think. for what it's worth

Ash, Servant of Musclebeasts,
Im also feeling like killing myself out of loneliness...i googled 'im so fucking lonely' and found ur post.
Blaine, Security Guard of the Poor,

Funny thing is, i'm in the same sitaution, expect that i have 1 close friend who lives far away, so I dont visit him much, I know what you mean, even now in college I feel alone, and defintitly in highschool i was alone for my last year, when my close friend moved far away as well so I was pratcially alone, there are people in worse situations, try to join clubs. talk to people, try to go social places to meet people, I know how it feels, ive been there and done that, there will be someone who comes me.

anonymous coward,

Fate has never really been kind to me. Some people have.

I've had relationships with girls that all turned out to be shallow and meaningless. I'm from an upper middle class family in the United States, and I'm white. The girl I'm really all about, doesn't like me for reasons she doesn't want to share. :(

I've been robbed a number of times, beat up a couple times, I've been tricked into burning half of my face off, I've been hit by careless drivers, I've been paralyzed, I was brought into this world sick and my immune system has never been very strong. The good news is I'm a bit less gullible today and by improving my diet and behavior I can strengthen my body.

I got into some bad habits in my twenties, and anyone that knows about it continues to use it against me to this day, it will follow me forever, and that's that.

It's been the most challenging thing in my life to change, and stick with it, even though people that know judge me constantly for it, even though in the worst case it's been ten years on and for some of the other minor stuff (recreational drug use) I've put a good amount of time between it and me and showing promise for the future-- it will still follow me, it will always follow me, and that will never change. I have to accept I'll likely never be a senator, I'll probably never work for the government, and chances are my siblings will always rat me out to lovers, a wife, and if I'm lucky, children, down the line. That's what they do, it's fucked up, get over it.

There is no doubt about it, society is fucked up. A lot of people may read this and say I have no right to complain, having been blessed with parents that stayed together, that still care, even though I'm 30 y/o and still working on my undergrad and I still need their support. That does nothing for me, I'm numb to it, it's a way to for them to pity themselves.

To be born white into a hard working family in the US is a boon.

However, it doesn't really work like that. It's a gambit. 99% of my peers look down on me for not making a better run of it, given all the opportunity. They think I'm rich and too nice. Here in the states, it's pretty good, but I'll tell you what, there is only two classes, and I'm not in the "rich" one.

I don't own anything, my bank account is negative, I owe tens of thousands of dollars, I'm in a big ass hole and can't make my own financial obligations. Mommy and daddy are about to cut the cord.

I'm not as sweet as you might imagine, I'm a nice guy, but I've pretty much reached my breaking point. I don't think I'd ever kill myself, but I have certainly thought about killing other people. Not that I would ever follow through, unless I got drafted and ordered to, or had to in order to defend myself.

The 1% that are wealthy (and to be perfectly honest with you, it's more like the 0.1% or 0.01% that are wealthy, and 0.9% pretending to be) I don't fit in with.

I don't fit in with the other 99% who take me for gullible and do their best to take advantage of me every chance they get, to get at all this money I supposedly have, that I don't have.

While the real hustlers are making off with everyone's loot hand over fist, and it's all legal for them.

When I look at the gamut, I don't have it that bad, but it is extremely isolating to not have anyone at all that can relate to you (me) or understand you (me). As in, nobody. Not one person. Take solace in the fact, we're all more similar in that respect, than we are different.

I have two friends that rarely talk to me, and when they do it's the same judgements I get from society in general.

I lost my girlfriend, because... well, I don't know, it's hard to explain, but we were NOT playing nice with each other and I thought it was best we get away from that, for each others benefit.

Here's the bottom line, there are more important things than money and sex. We stress hard work, but the guys at the top are not working hard. Basically everything is rigged. It's a paradox, too bad, soooo fucking sad.

So, what is there to DO ABOUT IT.

My family has been in this country for 300 years working hard, but since we are not willing to be cutthroats and thieves, and there is no such thing as a free lunch, we will remain hard workers. News flash, nobody gives a shit.

That's like being proud of your race, it's retarded. What my family has done for the last 300 years?! That's like saying I achieved white? No. LOL

Nobody gives a shit, oh well.

I imagine you understand all this stuff. Maybe you're jealous of me for having had girlfriends, I'm jealous of this other guy for having the power to construct giant profiteering rackets that only benefit him and his cronies and leave me out of the loop. Somebody else is jealous of somebody else because they have a big ball of heroin. Great.

Put all that aside... seriously just do your best to not think about it, there is almost nothing that you or I can do about it, anyways, and complaining doesn't help.

Don't listen to these jackasses that dehumanize you or suggest you're not good at anything.

You were born with innate abilities, just by the very nature of being human. We are the most amazing creatures. Conscious of our surroundings. Strong. Clever.

I imagine you have two hands and can walk and talk, for example. No other animal on Earth can do those three things. You may not be as strong as an Ox, or be able to fly, but you are a well adapted creature to your environment. Probably our mental susceptibilities are our greatest weakness. We can easily defeat strong by setting traps, for example. We can build machines that fly. But changing the way we think, especially for introverts, can be quite the challenge indeed...

I've always said if I get stonewalled or blackballed from whatever professions after I graduate, and it comes right down to it, I can swing a hammer. So can you.

We've come so far in the last few thousand years, swinging hammers. A lot of life is waiting, people wait while they work. They wait to get off work, they wait for their lunch break, they wait for a raise. They wait for retirement, they wait for their next vacation. They wait wait wait, then they die.

To beat that, look at your or someone else darkest moments and appreciate the things you do have, in the moment. A roof, food, company, even all three are rotten, better than none. When you land that girlfriend, maybe give her a bit of a break for that, take a deep breath before you start judging her, because well... she might be able to dish it out, too.

Are you in a gas chamber about to die? Are you cutting peoples skin off and making lamps? Are you riding other people like animals? Are you nailed up on a cross? Probably not, so thank God or whatever you believe in, for that.

I may not be able to leave my past behind completely, and some assholes may always bring it up, but I can change the future. So can you. There's hope here.

I'll tell you what my problem is. If you've made it this far, you've probably figured it out, too.

All I think about is myself. I can sit here and say I'm better because of how I think, act, look, or what I write. That's more of the same. Me. I'm better because I care. I'm better because I think about other people. There is no altruism in this world, and if there is, it's double bladed.

When you allow yourself to really dig at yourself... criticize yourself, which it sounds like you've been doing a bit of... there can come something out of it, man. It's not a good place to be in and staying there too long can have dire consequences, but if you can pull a criticism out that's legit, take it for what it is, and destroy that part of yourself, you'll be a better man for it. That part of yourself that wants to kill yourself, for example; Squash that.

This world seems at times, a place where people like to segregate themselves, surround themselves with people that think just like them, and while in their echo chamber they constantly reassure themselves, then go out in the world and vomit their dogma on anyone that doesn't agree with them, or pack up and plot against some other group they don't like, usually because of jealousy or because they think they are better for some reason.

It's not exactly like that. All that is, is a defense mechanism for the same shit you and I are going through.

Try to put yourself first, a days hard work or a good grade on an exam, feels great man.

But, at the end of the day, when you're feeling good for what you've done, remember the sacrifices other people make or have made. Remember they may not have been exactly where you or I are at, but they have given something up for what they've got. Sometimes that's what it takes.

With relationships, it's a lot of give and take. A lot of women want to take take take material, and men want to take take take sex. So men end up taking material from each other to trade for sex, and women end up hating each other for being able to give sex to whatever guy has more material. Sad, but true.

Anyways, at least it's pretty simple, go get some material. Get some "swagger" or whatever, and attract a female. Put your peacock plume out and stick your nose up at those other dudes that look at you funny, that's what dudes do, strut around chest puffing.

Alas there are always exceptions to the rule, and the person with the best fitness for you, is probably somewhere in between, as for me.

We live in a time when the old ways of hard hewing men and gossip-while-we-tidy-up women don't exist anymore.

Quite possibly it's time for some thinkers to think of new perspectives and some doers to do some new things. It will happen...


If you don't think something is right, you can do something about it, within reason and without hurting yourself. You can, dude, and so can I.

If you just give up and throw in the towel and take the easy way out, you definitely can't do anything about it.

It sounds like you've much improved and I'm glad to hear it, had I got on the thread earlier, that's about what I would have had to say, though.

In my experience, women don't want you to pay attention to them all the time, or be too lovey. They want you to do work and take care of yourself so you can keep doing work. Romantic is nice, occasionally. But, keep in mind, romantic may consist of you coming home sweaty and dirty and proud of yourself... and that's fine.

Focus on yourself and everything else will fall into place.

If you're in a dangerous situation, there's something you can do to change that. Fix it with behavior or get out of the situation.

The rest will follow.

The Baghavad Gita is the Indian (Hindu?) holy book... translated title "As it is."

It is "as it is," bro.

If you ever want to chat I'm sure we can find a way to get email addys, phone numbers, or whatever out on here somehow.

In the meantime;I'll root for you, you root for me, sound like a deal? :)

Adrian, Manager of the IT department,
If you're still alive...I'll date you.
Peyton, Shadow of the Financial Services department,

Cruel joke are you trying to get someone to blow their brains out?

Dana, Student of Time,

The same is happening to me. Guys do approach me but they always run away without any obvious reason...M good looking, decent , educated, funny and all that a guy would look for in a girl but m still single after so many years. I also feel that someone has put curse on me or maybe its the God's way to torture me :'(

Adrian, Servant of the IT department,

I hear u bro feel the same way I know I'm nice looking but these whores now these days like ugly men. I to know there's a curse on me with women friggin world sucks. I have a good job and every thing going for me. But whenever me and other friends go out girls always approach them not me and I'm much better looking than them. Every Goddamn time so I don't go out anymore. I'm alone also all my kids are dead hate living with this fat ass girl I live with . I want to leave this world to cant take it anymore can't even pick up girls. Tired of jerkin off. I know how u feel cry all the time until I got fed up cryin.

Peyton, Shadow of the Financial Services department,

I'm 26 male and I no longer have the motivation to go on. What is life without love? Although I have never been in love that dosn't mean I don't know what it is I've experienced lust many times and all that involves is getting your rocks off and it means nothing without an emotional connection something I've never had and am in desperate need of. I was bought up in a strict manner where I had to treat all women with absolute reverence and respect and now being a gentlemen has become reflex and I'm not sure but it seems that girls think I'm just trying to get in their pants. It shits me no end that most of the blokes out there feed women complete bullshit just to get them into bed and it works most of the time. I don't want to dis girls but I can't believe their stupid enough to fall for it! And no I can't adopt their techniques because there deceitful and if you break it down enough it's pure evil! Throughout my whole life I've been ridiculed by others even my closest friends at times (nowhere to turn or hide) for being over weight all the hot girls were friends with me and the average to below average chicks hated my guts. Even though I've Been studying muay thai boxing and karate for the last 6 years and am now fit and strong nothing has changed I still fall into the friend catagory or get rejected and if I find a girl I realy care for and and get turned down I can't just turn around and hit on the next chick to cross my path because it rude disrespectful and it would be admitting that what I felt for the other girl was a complete lie and it normally takes a lot to make me hit on a girl because I've aways believed that I wasn't good enough (and mabey even a little fear of rejection (negative reinforcement is the biggest destroyer of lives) but if I ever find myself turning to the dark side (using deceitful tactics) I'll kill myself (this world already has enough fuckwits and it dosn't need another) but not before kill as many self obsessed egotistical motherfuckers as posible at least I'll have the opportunity to die in a meaningful battle!!!

Charlie, Venture Capitalist of the Rich,

I fucking cant take it anymore either. Ive also spent my whole life looking for that special someone but that person never came and I am still lonely as hell. I have been living my pathetic life at home alone for my entire life. Ive always been quiet and shy and hardly had any friends in school and still haven't had a girlfriend. I'm a very good looking guy and I go to the gym at least three times a week. I look healthy on the ouside but that only covers up the feelings of hopelessness and sadness I feel inside. Since I graduated high school I thought I could turn things around in college and be more outgoing but I'm still my quiet self. I recently realized that there's no hope for me and that I don't want to feel this way for the rest of my life. Ive thought about suicide and every day that passes I embrace it just a little bit more.

Dakota, Referee of the Unimaginable Terror,

I'm 21 and my life's shit, my dad has given me so much shit about my grades since I was 14 and I feel like it traumatized me because whenever I try to do work there s a voice in the back of my head that says your shit. I'm not in a relationship and got my heart broken and my grandparents are dead and my parents are always fighting. Things are looking grim

Addison, Druid of the Wildlands,

same is happening with me and worse...guys approach me because i am pretty and intelligent but when i begin to like them they run away...leave me wondering what the hell did I do wrong :( I have reached to the conclusion that i am cursed...I gave up my job to study further abroad and change my life but I'm getting problems in that too...whenever i try to change my life I endup in the same shit...I have taken enough I want to die :'( do u want to talk to me??

Dana, Consultant of Wild Parties,

Lol your worried about killing yourself because you do not have a girlfriend! Wow everyone just want an excuse to kill themselves..... Good luck I really hope You do not kill yourself.

Andy, Real Estate Agent of Darkness,

my life is still worst, my ex lives with me. my mom calls her, her little daughter.

Frankie, Barbarian of the Wildlands,
am in the very same situation. am 49 and been going through it a VERY long time. i feel guilty for living in a world that has no place for me. my family could not care less. i think i'm very close to ending it. AND SOON.
Ash, Engineer of the Satisfied,

Not on your own I can tell you !!

Addison, Squire of the IT department,

Hello I know its been sometime since you wrote how you felt.I just wanted to say that Ive been there we all have ,it will get better. What can be the most comforting and benifical is Gods word the bible.2 Corinthians 1:3,4 talks of how Jehovah God is the God of all comfort threw all tribulations. The key is praying to God for his help. Also proverbs 31: the whole chapter talks of real good qualities to look for in woman. By the bibles best judgement, which is the best. I will keep you in my prayers.

Frankie, CEO of the Wicked,

umm hey! i got here by destiny if you might say...if you haven't killed yourself or whatever, please don't do it. i can be your friend, meanwhile, until you get someone. love is complicated and shitty. don' get depressed. i'm 15. i have never had a boyfriend.a dn sometimes i get sad, but i have learned to deal with it. be patient. try other things meanwhile. many girls are desperate to find a guy as well. don't hurt yourself please. just don't!

Frankie, CEO of the Wicked,

umm hey! i got here by destiny if you might say...if you haven't killed yourself or whatever, please don't do it. i can be your friend, meanwhile, until you get someone. love is complicated and shitty. don' get depressed. i'm 15. i have never had a boyfriend.a dn sometimes i get sad, but i have learned to deal with it. be patient. try other things meanwhile. many girls are desperate to find a guy as well. don't hurt yourself please. just don't!

Andy, Shepherd of the Financial Services department,

well man i understand you very well..but i dont want to kill myself. i am 34,i am not gonna give details about my life but i will tell you that i am honest,modest,romantic..they say i am good looking guy..anyway,i was in paradise wih a girl..great connection,chemistry,passion.LOVE!!!.but guess what..i am in hell again now..she left me..and i am so fucking depressed.... its the fucking society in the whole world that made people to think only money and have fun..nothing more..make sex and thats it.FUCK THESE PEOPLE! WE ARE HUMANS!WE HAVE FEELINGS!WE LIVE FOR LOVE..WE CAN DIE FOR LOVE!!!WE NEED LOVE! i am tired of seeing only stupid people who want sex and nothing more. i am living on my black moments and thoughts..i am living on my own hell..get burned every single fucking minute!.......BUT i have one dream in my live again in my own paradise with the right girl..i still have that hope..i am wishing for it..its not an easy road in this world..but i will live it one day and it will last forever! i am dreaming of this..even if i am sooooo fucking depressed now...every human has the right for it..dont give up people..just always be the feelings..and the right person will open the gates of your heaven..i know that day will come!i know!just keep searching..and always be honest. have faith to your dreams..

Rebecca, Sniper of the Wicked,

I feel the same fucking way except I don't have nuthin going for me I feel I have a curse well atleast I know I m not alone but yet I am I'm young but I'm seriously thinkin of ending my life aswell but fuck it who cares rite I'm just a low life drugdealer anyway

Taylor, Hunter of the Financial Services department,

I feel that way too. It seems like all guys treat me like crap. Its not fair. I give everything and get jerks in return. I have been crying for hours and I don't want to be here hurting anymore.

Peyton, Stewardess of Darkness,

I'm Lonely too.

Please tell me if you're still there ?

Blaine, Summoner of the Homeless,
You think that because you have no one to cuddle with you that gives you a reason to kill yourself. LMFAO!!! I 'cuddle' everynight, the fucker doesnt leave my side, and its even worse when he does. Then he comes back to cry about how bad his life is. The truth is that when you have other people around you youll know more how much a piece of shit you are. You are trying to die out selfishly, I on the other hand will be bestowing the greatest gift I can by dying. I wonder if you are still around to see this? The world is full of lies and the lies take form and become the people you want to cuddle with. Fuck this world and fuck everyone in it.
Ash, Hunter of the Rich,

I am in a similar situation and for the last 6 months, this solution has become more and more appealing.

Adrian, Curator of the IT department,
Yes well I felt like that for a long time and finally realized that I'm not in charge and if that is what life hands me then thats about it. I do go out on my bike every week end with no friends,,none in sight,,,I got tired of feeling like a jerk trying to win everyones approval so I just gave up.... I hit and miss with the ladys and its very frustrating because I've had the best of the crop my whole life. I think after a while you figure out lots of things and it's harder to please me. Nothing is worth killing myself although I've been there and I guess after watching my whole entire family die one by one it's more of a reality to die. So I'll keep my eyes out but not be desperate in any way because I enjoy myself and I think that's the key. Hope this helps.....Randster
Aubrey, Clown of the Wicked,

HA, you think you're lonely. At least you have friends.

Frankie, Travel Agent of Darkness,
That is not true I too am a very outgoing guy, have many friends am very talkative, confiddent, determined, decent looking, have a few jobs good money for my age 21...have material thigns if life does not put a right girl on my path neither does it put a wrong one, sad I would want anyone...eitherway I have friends who get girls and they don't really know how to make a serious conversation, well I can and I can read on the girls expressions that they are in too me...omg that is the most annoying part there are so many gals who like me but when they try to aproah me I can't respond with a flirt, with a intimate attention from my part...many guys tel m to just wait till we are alone and just kiss the girl plain and simple...I don't know it's just not in my nature and I am not gay or somethign of the sort....I just don't have it in me, even though I', not shy and all that....don't know worst thing in the world to have but not be alowed to's like being punisehd by fate "see u can have all of this but it's just that u can't u prick!", something like that, and I can't even get too mad about this I know it's my fault I girl won't atept to kiss me first or make the first move...and I know my mistake being to carying and having to much respect for them, not wanting to distrub or iritate....when actually wemon like to be bullied around, b**ched around and ruffled a little. And I don't understand when I see girls complaining about having such bad luck in their love relationships, come on if u really want a guy like u said u woud open ure heart to ure best guy friend and he would treat u like u say u would want tobe treatedbut the truth is that u girls don't want that...all girls have a domination "fetish"....guess out of their need for social position or something like that I don't intend to elaborate on that part......Well never mind the idea is that it sucks and wemon are mean, guys are ignorant and the ones who wake up are the ones who get the girls and who automaticlly are assholes; starting a relationship as asshoes and n the development turning in to loving husbands don't u think ure dad got ure mom rom eing caring and loving at their first he didn't want love he wanted to fuk her, love came after...simple human impulse; I respect wemon therfore I will never have a special girl, for I cant think of a gal with whom I awant to be as a meat chunck so that's is posible to be lonely all ure life
Frankie, Scout of the Wicked,

Surprisingly that made a lot of sense to me. I'm the same way I can kinda flirt with them but soon as I get close to telling them how I feel I freeze up. Not literally just turn the conversation around because I don't want to force myself on them its like I have some idiotic thing where they have to choose me even though I've given them no clue as to what I'm thinking or what I feel.

Harper, Templar of Justice,

I know it is two years later but hopefully you didn't kill yourself. You don't need a woman to make you happy. Believe me, I've been married for 4 years and the best days were before that happened. You said you have friends so it seems like the lack of a female companion is the main issue. Fuck that I'd kill people to be single again. Travel the world or go sky diving. There are way too many bad ass things to do to worry about women. Sure you can cuddle with them and shit but then they nag you about every detail every fucking day and drain you of your lively hood and money. Take it from someone with experience, make your single years the best years ever, and then ruin it with a serious relationship.

Frankie, Travel Agent of Darkness,
Man as u said u ruined ure life with a wife a while back ago probably in ure 20's but you don't know what's it like to never have a girl with which to spend ure time and see all the peopel be in a reltionship except u; u shut feel like ure in a lonely caves at the edges of the earth...and that's not when u are alone in ure room at night, nor when u ure taking a dumb on the toilet or when u're peeling the pottatos to make ureself something to eat or etc. not that happens even during all thsoe shrot moments when ure friends talk between themselfs or when the music is to loud and ure in the club with friends thigns like that...u can not imageine what it feels liek to have a houle in ure chest every moment of ure life and regret taht u are what u are, and in the same time not regerting it for the other apperently good thigns in ure life, but those are short lived and mostly memories...for in the present u don't even notice them; havign ure chest bash with the agony of lonilness....ccan't imagine what I will think when I'll be older and would want a kid; ahh got to carry on!
Stevie, Musician of the Wildlands,

I feel the same if that's any comfort. sometimes i feel as my heart is about to stop because it's just to much for it. i am 25 (female), every single one of my friends or people around me are in a relationship / married / having children and i'm always the 3rd wheel. i don't get whats wrong with me, seriously, i am good looking (not a model but really i'm o.k by all standards), i'm educated and mostly i get along with people. i'm not a loner or something.. i do believe it's some kind of a curse because there can't be any rational explanation for that. and i tried these dating sites- nothing good came out of that but horny guys who treated me like piece of meat. did you kill yourself btw? if you answer maybe there's hope for me to.

Adrian, Guardian of Evil,

I understand. I hate living my life. Everyday is a constant battle not to want to squeeze a trigger and be out of my pain! I fucking hate my life! Everything I do I suck at. To be Certified in my career I have to pass a test which is 110 questions long and 2 hours to take it in. You have to score a 165 to pass it and I've taken it 6 times and every time I FAIL! But it's just not that, I FAIL AT EVERYTHING I DO! I can't move up in my life if I don't pass this test and I'm stuck! I'm so depressed and so miserable in my life that Iam so ready to check out early in this world. I hate my life I hate everything about me! I wish I was never born! I wish my best friend/ cousin didn't die of Lukemia when he was 17. I wish my dad wasn't almost murdered in my back yard, I wish that every friend I have ever had never called me a "bitch, or slut, or who're or butch/dik" (butch- is because I hunt.) I wish that the friends I have didn't rub it in my face that they are married or engaged or that they have kids and I don't! (I'm not gay either by the way. I have a boy friend of 2 years) he has never proposed and I don't know if it's ever going to happen and by the time I want kids ALL my eggs will be sooo dried up I won't be able to have any. My parents are always telling me advice and always acting like nothing I ever do is good enough! My father from the time I was born pushed me into a college lifestyle and when I graduated college he says, "well when you have a PHd then I'll be impressed!" my life is a battle to wake up and acting like everything is fucking rays of sunshine! Thinking about it right now makes me want to go in the bathroom open the cabinet and swallow a large amount of anything that would be a lethal dose! I just want to go to sleep and NEVER wake up! Like I said I live with my boyfriend and his father. I love my boyfriend but I HATE HIS FATHER! HE ACTS LIKE such a fucking know it all! He is such a slob! He never cleans up after himself and leaves MOUNDS of shit to always clean up after him! He is so filthy and I hate him! He always wonders WHY he can NEVER find a women... GEEE I wonder WHY???!!! No wonder his ex wife HAD to leave him!!!!! I would too but unfortunately I love my boyfriend he has been the reason that I haven't done myself in yet. That and the fact I'm afraid of roasting in hell, but apparently it says that women who are not virgins when they get married go to hell anyway so whats it matter? I just am so tired of living ! I suck at my job, my family, EVERYTHING I touch my whole fucking life and I hate myself!!!! I'm short I'm fat and I'm so fucking ugly that it's a constant battle to be In public... I just want to be free and with my cousin again away from all the hateful rude people of the world. I can't even go to the store or to a restaurant or hell even the gas station wih out cruel people being around!!! I think I would just be better to end my life and be done! I don't see much point in livin anyway when everything I do is one damn disappointment!!!!!! Good luck and Good bye.

Adrian, Guardian of Evil,

To the mother fuckers who say, " kill your self already!!" FUCK YOU!!! You have no fucking clue what cards and how hard life is to deal with!!! I'm glad that it's good enough for you and that your not to the point of wanting to end your self but, until you have walked a mile In my shoes, FUCK YOU!!!!!! I hope you die in a car accident vs these horrible empty Lonley feelings or that your life has been perfect enough for you to be in blissful fucking happiness! Do you think we really want to be in these situations? Hell no! It's the shitty cards that life gives you that you eventually say I've had enough, then you start the process of is it all really worth it, then each day when worse and worse things happen you begin to think that that light at the end of that tunnel starts looking better and better! So until you have lived through hell... FUCK YOU!!!

Dakota, Real Estate Agent of the IT department,

There are millions who are tremendously more worse off than you are. They can have a disability physically, mentally, be homeless, or live in a 3rd world country and not know what their next meal is going to be. There's always someone worse off than you that would kill to have your life, remember that.

Taylor, Servant of the Irredeemably Moist,

JFC...this is incredibly pathetic. Not the fact that you're alone, but the fact that you're willing to kill yourself over it.

I was abused as a child, have no relationship with my parents, my first boyfriend took my virginity via rape, I've had to struggle to take care of myself and go to college while working two dead-end jobs that barely pay the bills to a seedy house in a crime-ridden neighborhood which has caused me to slip academically. I have no friends and no one to talk to. And yet your sole reason for wanting to off yourself is because you don't have a girlfriend? REALLY?

Frankie, Travel Agent of Darkness,
You should be able to understand then what it feels like not to be wanted...or u forgot having other problems now...yes if u would let's say reconcile with your parents; get out of that neighborhood, get a good job + a cousy home somewhere wehre u dreamed of livign all ure life; but just simply not be able to get that somone speical by ure side and waste ure youth away being alone and doing all the daily thigns that u do without having someone to talk about them with , argue with thigns like that, which keep u alive as a human being , then tell me...."do u really think u would not be put into his situation....and do u think that u would not be so sucummbed by ure feelings that u would just whish to do somethign drstic"(in ure case probably not suicide but, u get ti anythign else bla bla bla) think about that and don't be so judgemental, u have problems and the greater they are the more u coup with the little problems but eh too has problems and the stress level is the same; u just coup better with ll ure problems....
Ash, Matriarch of the Poor,

People have their own problems, FUCK OFF.

Ash, Embalmer of Light,
You still there?