Man + Man + Woman = ???

The first time I cheated was when I was engaged. I had a "fling" with a co-worker who later fell in love with me when he knew that all I wanted was a fling. After I got married, I had a child then found another job after my baby was a little older. At my job, I was the youngest employee and naturally grasped the attention of all my older male employees. I loved it. I enjoyed dressing pretty sexy just to see their faces. One in particular got my attention. He was much older than me and so very different, in every aspect; race, religion, and so on. He knew exactly what needed to be said to me to get what he wanted and that I secretly wanted too. Mind you, I love my husband with all of my heart but sometimes I felt like I needed something else. I guess I was tired of the monotony, the same thing over and over. This other man and I went at it for a couple of months. We had amazing sex in hotel rooms, in his car, at work. We even had sex in a bathroom at a movie theater. I loved the thrill and the adrenaline of doing something I wasn't supposed to do. But of course, all things come to an end. I decided to stop doing things with him and he noticed. He didn't oblige, he also had a live-in girlfriend. He's the "I-don't-believe-in-marriage type of guy. I stopped it for good. That was a year ago. My husband and I have had our ups and downs. We've gone through it all, but somehow things have changed between us. I wouldn't dare to ever look at another man now. The way I was before is not me anymore. However, I don't regret it. My past has made me who I am today. I've never told anyone about this, until now.
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Halley, Security Guard of Arts and Crafts,

I wish I could have been one of the guys who helped to make you who you are now. I am married, and would love to have sex with a married woman from work.

Rebecca, Handmaid of the Homeless,

Why did yo do that? This is only your business. People is what they need to be in a precise moment. Is your marriage going better now? OK. What will happen in the future? You build it each day. Did you learn something? Did you enjoyed it? Did you teach your husband "new things"? Who cares? Go on living Mam.

Yoko, Hostess of the Wildlands,

well...I came here because I am about to cheat on my husband and I just dont feel guilty at all. I've been txtng with this older man who I liked for the past 2yrs. I don't love him, but I really wanna be with him. He hit second base and I just can imagine what else he can sexually do for me. Husband and I dont even sleep together and he is so submerged in his job, that never ever txts. I have already told him how I feel but he just keeps saying: he loves me. I know he's working, but if he would be w someone else, I guess I woudn't mind. The problem is my 4yr old daughter: divorce would be just devastated for her...but I really wanna sleep with this man.

Charlie, Scout of the Homeless,
Wow, nice group of responces. I'd understand if you never looked back here again. but msg me if you do. I had a wild romp before getting married. Then I cheated when I felt ignored. You didn't write this just to let it out. It's the internet. this will come back to you. When he finds out your infidelities, will you run away? Will you face the music and make it up to him? Don't run away. You say your changed, but holding on to this memory affects your relationship to him.  If he's your man and you trust him, than come clean and tell him you enjoyed it. Tell him who you really are, and he will accept you. But if he finds out you did this then bragged about it on the net, he will be ashamed and cuckolded. Is that the kind of man you want? Do you want to see him humiliated while you have sex with 6 other men?
Rebecca, Herald of Good,
Stupid whore.
Josh, Ninja of Musclebeasts,
I understand. it happens. all the bitter comments are just that- bitter. If it makes you feel to talk down to this woman, do it- but if I'm not mistaken, you all read this...what were you searching for when you stumbled across this entry? As righteous as you all are, you cannot judge...hey it could be you...or even your husband. #winning#
Ari, Dark Queen of the Lonely,

The bitter comments are clearly people who HAVE been cheated ON. By their replies.... No wonder

Ash, Shaman of Time,
You really are a skank. The fact that you don't even regret cheating on your husband says volumes about your morals. If you're going to cheat on your husband with nasty old men, you should just leave him. Whores like you deserve STDs.
Harper, Supervisor of Light,
You think you've gotten away with this with no ramifications, but you haven't.  One day this will come back to bite you in your sorry cheating ass and you'll regret this.  Then your marriage will fall apart and of course you'll blame your husband and then take him to the cleaners, even though you caused all this yourself.  Bitch.
Shiki, Clerk of Good,
bitter much?  and certainly not very self aware.
Andy, Carpenter of Generosity,

Stfu up you lying cheating cunt