Man + Man + Woman = ???

fuck me...

I wish I were a sex slave. I wish all I had to do was sit around and look hot while a man carressed my body, squeezed it, pumped it. I wish I was always dressed in discustingly tight outfits which left little to the imagination while men used me for thier sexual desires.
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Taylor, Developer of Light,
You're probably young.  I'm not.  I've been married for almost 20 years.  My husband started to fall for someone else.  I found out, and he chose me.  I want sex all the time with him -- and he's an ass for looking elsewhere.  I think about sex all the time too.  I used to be more inhibited.  Now I send pictures of myself, talk dirty (never did that before), and am willing to try anything.  Everything feels good! He can't keep up! I don't want the tight clothes.  I just want to be naked with him touching me everywhere.  Don't want to leave our bed!