Man + Man + Woman = ??? is my confession! I am a very happily married, attractive white lady who just happens to have a strong attraction to handsome, well built black men!! More to the point, I love fucking black men!! I have had several encounters with black men over the past few and love it!  Luckily for me, my husband is very understanding and supportive of my desires for black cock! Presently we are are hoping to find a steady black lover for me who would like to help me explore my interests!  i WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO GET SOME COMMENTS FROM OTHER WHITE WOMEN WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS!
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Peyton, Deviant of Generosity,
....use to sneak in my mom's closet and watch her and her one nite stands, plusa few gang bangs, and my two sisters are being whored out, the one has a pimp, the other a bull master, my still at 50, looks hot...4' 10", 120lbs, red hair, real 42 Ds' ...loves to walk around nude always dresses like a whore or slut no matter where she goes....
Addison, Curator of Time,
How lovely, I was always allowed to watch my mum have sex with her black b/f's after i caught her after coming home early from school one day. She had to let me watch after that or i threatened to tell my dad. She didnt have a lot of choice really but it was great fun seeing her holes being used & abused by those lovely big black cocks!