Man + Man + Woman = ???

Dose time heal? When will my heart heal? I am done crying, feeling sad and depressed. I want time to heal me. Or is it just mind over matter? Do you just have to take one step and another and don't look back?

posted to relationships by Ari, Soldier of the Lonely (5 comments)

Alton, Knight of Light,

Get out there, let someone else help you move on. It is mind over matter. Remember all the reasons it didn't work, pick yourself up and be happy again!

Frankie, Secretary of the Lonely,

Time does heal but they will always be at the back of your mind but leave them right there they dont need any part in the front if theyve made such an impact in your life they obviously did something right but there is also reason you are not with them anymore, but time does heal alot of things

Adrian, Security Guard of the Homeless,

Time helps. What really heals is replacing the thing that made you sad with something else. Ever hear "you can't break a habit, only replace one"? Same thing. I'm not saying go out and fuck someone else, but replace the hole in your heart with something healthy like walking, exercise, reading, music, dance... find a passion and drown yourself in it. Do what I did and snap yourself with a rubber band when you find you mind wandering back. It takes time, but it's worth it, and you'll feel whole again soon.

Dakota, Counselor of Light,

Time does heal. It can take up to 2 years though.

Don't isolate yourself!! It's the most important thing. see people, get active, assertive do stuff for yourself, travel to new places and start new acquaintances there.

Also, erase him from your life as much as possible

Max, Magician of the Rich,

time does help but to completely feel like your old self again and not see him/her everywhere you look you should go to the places where you hung out and just scream or jump around like crazy (bit difficult if its a public place) or even sit there in silence and think about why you deserve happiness.