Man + Man + Woman = ???

I feel like having sex with my sister, she is acting slutty atound me sometimes she unzips her jeans in front of me and sometimes she touches my cock purposely and smiles at me while doing it.I unzipped her jeans one time and she slapped me.I feel like I should rape her.What should I do?

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Nadine, Magician of the Forgotten Lands,

Just keep playing her game. Let her be the dominant one, but once in a while you can make a little move to see if she still pushes you away. Clearly she likes to be in control. Let her be in control, but also let it show that she is turning you on with her game.

Maybe grab your crotch every time she unzips her pants in front of you. Let her see that you get hard.

Maybe one day she will tie you up and suck your cock while she fingers her pussy! Let her keep control.

Or get her passed out drunk and lick that pussy!

Alton, Tour Guide of Arts and Crafts,

I want to fuck my sister-n-law... and her daughter!

Stevie, Warrior of Evil,


Stevie, Warrior of Evil,


Andy, Magician of Space,

I wonder if he ever tapped his sister's pussy? or ass!!

Taylor, Shaman of Space,

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Ash, Superintendent of the Wildlands,

I would get her drunk tie her up to the bed line folder bring all my friends in the f***** I would f*** the s*** out of her I would come inside her ass your pussy your mouth I would video f****** her all the time I put a camera in her room so that I can watch her laying on her bed masturbating all the time and use that as blackmail against her

Ash, Superintendent of the Wildlands,

She's playing the aggressive dominant role with you she really really wants you to f*** her but she doesn't want you to do it your way she wants it her way so and she unzips her pants in front of you and your cock is out and she touches your cock turn around push you down on the bed and put your cock inside her and start f****** her really hard making f****** beg for it make her want it don't let her up keep f****** her reach underneath squeeze your tits whisper in her ear or talk to her and tell her that you're her pussy feels so amazing on your dick and then you're going to f****** c** inside her ass that she better shut up

Ash, Investigator of Generosity,

Sneak in her bed while she s sleeping. Take some scissors and snip the sides of her panties at the waistband. Then slowly slip them out from between her legs.

Have your cock lubed up with hand lotion amd have it hard. Slowly slip it between her ass cheeks and into her pussy. Go very slowly. You will get inside her before she wakes up completely. Reach around and rub her tits softly. By the time she wakes up completely, she will be too turned on to say no. She will push her ass back against you and you will fuck her until she cums!

Good luck!

Max, Superintendent of the Poor,

you're sick in the head mate

Blaine, Chronographer of the Unimaginable Terror,

You call me sick but if my sister twases me by uziping her pants and touching my cockomg while licking her lips and smiling then I am wrong huh.What kind of logic is that?

Peyton, Elementalist of Justice,

I actually think he was directing that at me for describing how to slip inside her while she is sleeping. I've done that sccessfully with my wife.....while fantasizing that I was doing it with my 1st cousin! So I know it can work if you are slow and gentle up until she gets aroused enough that she is onlu thinking about getting to her climax!

But yeah...he probably thinks it's both of us!

Good luck!

Ash, Investigator of Generosity,

Get her really drunk and then she will consent to you fucking her silly!

Fuck her in her ass if you are worried about her getting pregnant.