Man + Man + Woman = ???

My girlfriend asked me one day if i have ever fantasized about being with a guy. After feeling a little scared because i didnt know if this was some kind of test I said no but have wondered how it would be. So the next time we had sex she started playing with my ass and it was nice but didnt play into it. A few days later i walk in the room after getting home from work and she was masturbating to some bisexual porn she told me how much it turned her on so i sat down and watcbed it with her she noticed how hard i was getting. She had me undress and and went down on me she got her finger wet and slid it inside me and things have progressed since that day using a dildo on me and now wants me to be with another man. I am open to try but she wants me to pick up a guy and i have no idea how to go about this.I want do this for her but am scared to death that my guy friends will find out and out me to evryone including my family. Please help me....

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Dana, Matriarch of Light,

I want my wife to have sex with another guy. So I can divorce her, and go live with my cousin. And then I can make sweet love to my cousin every day forever.

Richard, Steward of the Lonely,

How about I get in a 69 with your g/f and you can fuck my ass. That way she can't out you without outing herself for having sex with another guy as well.

Frank, Real Estate Agent of Good,

I would gladly have sex with a married guy, so his wife can watch. We could keep it very discreet.

I want to suck your cock!

Addison, Lady of the Hungry,

You are a lucky man... wish my wife was this open minded and sexy!

Frankie, Ninja of Time,

I would be glad to help you! My wife says hell no, so I need to find an open minded couple like you two and explore with. I want it both ways too. So which ever way you want to start, I am ok with!

Stevie, Elementalist of the Financial Services department,

I would suck your cock, and let you finish in my ass in front of your wife!

Andy, Architect of Justice,

I am 45 and like dildos ,never had real cock but would love to try getting fucked in ass I'm at k. M k. ''''Four, 20. T I me at gee mail dot com.

Frankie, Ninja of Time,

Hell yeah... is it ok if I suck your cock before we get to me fucking your ass?

George, Farmer of the craft table,

I want to suck a guy's cock in front of his wife. My wife won't go for it

Reggie, Steward of the Lonely,

Really want to be in this position. I want to have sex with a guy, either in front of my wife, or the guy's wife... or just me and him going at it!

Dakota, Apprentice of the Forgotten Lands,

Best girlfriend EVER!!!

Stevie, Assassin of the Hungry,

I think it would be hot to have sex with another guy, in front of my wife or his wife. Maybe not always have them there though. I would really get into it if it was just me and a guy exploring each other!

Peyton, Garçon of the Financial Services department,

Damn, that makes my dick hard. I wish my wife would say she was ok with me having sex with a guy. Hand jobs, oral, anal...I want to try it all!

Eileen, Dark Queen of the Satisfied,

wish that was me... been wanting to try a fair while

Stevie, Elementalist of the Financial Services department,

me too...for about the last 6yrs...

Yoko, Stewardess of the Poor,

That is so freaking hot that you have such a sexy, and open minded girlfriend. I am completely jealous.

I wish i knew what you decided to do! My wife is not open to letting me experiment with a guy. I really want to though.

Dakota, Steward of the Lonely,

Currently have not found the guy yet.... Still looking but she has not stopped asking or stopped fucking me. We did do a club in sac. Once where i did oral on a guy and he came in my mouth made her start gushing.

Arthur, Bright King of the Rich,

That is so hot!

Harper, Tour Guide of Light,

If your not comfortable with the idea of being with another guy then tell her you can't do it, but you'll try something else. Have her try other things as well like being with a girl if your okay with that. Don't do anything that doesn't feel right. A good girlfriend would listen and not make you do anything that your not fine with.

Harper, Ship Master of Generosity,

I am ok with the idea of it. Just the part that i have to find the guy for it we have done with a girl already and we both enjoyed that

Yoko, Stewardess of the Poor,

That is sweet that you had a 3some with another girl!

I really wish you would have followed up and said if you ever found the right guy.

Brett, Chronographer of the Poor,

Still looking for someone in Sacramento

Max, Clown of the Poor,

My ::) has recently talked about the same thing. Now we have done some playing with dildos and that has been fun and we have also moved on to some strap on stuff witch I have enjoyed I feel that we could do it a little more often!! But I don't know how I would feel about being with a man. I have a number years ago been with a man and it wasn't really my thing but just about anything my girl friend wants turns me on I am just scared of how she will look at me and will I still feel like a man?

Charlie, Guardian of Arts and Crafts,

A man having sexual relations with another man, is no less of a man.

Giving each other oral sex, and having anal sex with each other is a beautiful thing.

Nothing "un-manly" about it.

Yoko, Stewardess of the Poor,

Real men suck cock, and take it in the ass!

Bobbie, Tour Guide of Musclebeasts,

no she wants to be a sandwich . she wont admit it but its true . You smooch knob in front of her and it'll be in her mind until she breaks up with you , you'll be turned out lol.

Bobbie, Scout of Space,

Hey, I'd smooch a knob in gront of my wife if she asked me to. And if she left me, then I'd have more freedom to smooch knobs and take a knob up my ass!

Peyton, Steward of Evil,

youguys are probably bored of eachother or your outright gay and in either case i dont understand why your together. what im saying is if your not gay stick to your gf and dont risk public humiliation that will affect your life forever. if you are gay you might as well do whatever the fuck you want because you'll be subject to public scrutiny anyway

Alice, Rockstar of Arts and Crafts,

There's a such thing as bisexual, you asshole. Liking anal doesn't make you gay.

Alice, Rockstar of Arts and Crafts,

Replying to the one that calls OP gay. Thank you to everyone who called the ignorant people out. Anal doesn't make you gay.

Dakota, Rockstar of the Lonely,

I'll have you. Wanna fuck?

Addison, Writer of Wild Parties,

What an ignorant reply. Man sexuality isn't fixed. And exploring it shouldn't be based on worrying what other people will think about you. That's why people lead lives of misery, trying to hide who they truly are. Bisexuality is a valid sexual preference just the same as gay or straight and the threat of 'public humiliation' is what controls people. So if this guy and girl get turned on by the thought of sex with another guy, go for it. Explore. Be happy and unsashamed!

Addison, Druid of Time,

@PresumptuousBallSackl - You are a cunt. Simple as that.

@OP - Just mention to guy friends that your girlfriend is into that. Don't mention that you're going to do it or not, just tell them that this is a thing your GF is into. See how they react.

Ash, Guardian of the Wicked,

Can I add if you are reasonably happy with women - Then I suggest you stick with them I am Gay and if I had had the choice I would have been straight.

Addison, Writer of Wild Parties,

I'm gay. Wouldn't have it any other way. Being gay has been the best thing ever and I wouldn't ever want to change it. In fact, if I knew reincarnation was a fact, I'd come back gay again!

Peyton, Real Estate Agent of Evil,

Gays are disgusting. Cocksuckers.