Man + Man + Woman = ???



I have a strong desire to be a cuckold. I believe that women come first. I believe that a woman should be able to do as she wishes and the man should follow. As an average white man I do not feel that I please my wife like I should be. I cannot maintain an erection for a long time, or at least until she is happy and I think that it is only right for her to have multiple partners as she desires to be fully satisfied. Because i cannot please her she has not let me try in a while. I have been wondering if she has been fooling around already because the average trip to the store takes several hours. I just do not think it takes that long to go to the store. WHat do you think?

posted to relationships by Brett, Hunter of the Rich (6 comments)

Ash, Crusader of Justice,

Be a good cuckold and let her force you to swallow your own cum.

Frankie, Gunner of the Irredeemably Moist,

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Ash, Sheriff of Arts and Crafts,

I think you need to be a good cuckold, and eat her pussy when she gets home from a long store trip... and see if she tastes like a man's cum.

If her panties are wet, you know she was satisfied by another man's cock. You should lick her clean.

Charlie, Garçon of Wild Parties,

That would make your wife very happy too.

Then she would allow you back in the bedroom ... to watch her be pleased by other men, for you to clean up after.

Accept your place cuckold!

Harper, Farmer of the Forgotten Lands,

But... after he leaves..... turn the tables.

Throw her down over the arm of the couch, and grudge fuck the shit out of her ass until she screams... for you to cum in her ass!

Then pull out and slap the fuck out of her ass until she has your mark on her ass.

Then repeat the whole process next time she brings her lover over.

Frankie, Warrior of the Lonely,

I say you should go to the store with her next time, even if she says 'She's plenty capable of doing it herself, then see why it takes so long to go to the store. If it's a short trip, I think you got your answer. Also, do spontaneous shit in the bedroom, win her back, foreplay, acting, fantasy. Show your wife you still got it mate.