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i fucked my aunt!


OMG! It happened yesterday. I am staying at my aunt's for two weeks and she's a 28 year old single woman. Very hot and well mannered and it beats the sense out of me what she did yesterday. I was asleep but i awoke when i felt this incredibly good sensation on my cock. I opened my eyes and i saw my aunt sucking my cock which was about to get hard and it did almost immeadiately. I was lost for words! My aunt? She looked up at me and smiled. She kissed my balls and caressed them. IT WAS AMAZING! Then she undressed and lied on top of me and kissed me all over my neck.. I don't have a gf but no girl can compare to my aunt when it comes to lovemaking! I licked her pussy and fondled her huge breasts for like 2 mins. She was already wet down there and inviting.. I entered her without protection and we rode each other for minutes in doggy, reverse cowgirl, and missionary till i finally burst inside her! SHE FELT SO GOOD! She licked my cock clean and we lay together kissing till we both fell asleep in each other's arms. We fucked again this morning before she left for work...

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Rook, Engineer of Evil,

[deleted by user]

Aubrey, Fashion Model of the Wicked,

good 4 you you should be her lover fuck her as much you can

Reggie, Ranger of the Irredeemably Moist,

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Rebecca, Travel Agent of the craft table,

I woke up with my aunt naked next to me when I woke up she got on top and fucked me hard she just asked me to finger her ass and lick her pussy when she has a piss what should I do she wants me to come back tonight

Max, Magician of Justice,

So my aunt (my mom's sister) is 43 and im 16. She is married with one kid. I have always bren very close to her throughout my life. As of a couple months ago i started to become very attracted to her as she has a hot body and great ***. I would do anything to get my hands on her. I have seen her showering once but she did not see me. She always asks me if i have a girlfriend and tells me how good looking i am. She even says she has a crush on me(probably joking). My family and i see her and her family about once or twice a week. She always calls me babe/baby and is very loving towards me. She always tells me how special our relationship is and that she will always be there for me. As of lately i have been telling her how great her body is and how great she looks for her age. I always stare at her ** though she hasnt caught me looking. She wears shirts without bras often and when she bends over i look down her shirt. I help her around the house and have been extra nice. I am going there to sleepover in a couple weeks and she said that me, her and he kid are all going to sleep together. I can go over to her house whenever i want by myself if that helps. Please give me some advice on how i can get her into bed and **** her because im going crazy. I know she is family and its wrong but idc. Please help me guys. Thanks

Stevie, Steward of the Wicked,

So, how did it tturn out?

Rex, Sheriff of the Wicked,

ask her how can i fuck my aunt please

Ari, Hunter of Darkness,

i dont fuck my aunt

one day he sleeping in his room and i go now i seat and tell a video but i don't know that what is this now i asked my aunt he saw the adult movie but do not fuck with me

Peyton, Consultant of Musclebeasts,
so you liked snowballing your own cum with your aunt huh? what a freak !
Addison, Chef of the Wicked,

Ur just a fucked up dude... Anyway, I want to fuck MY aunt now. She's sitting right here. I'm gonna make my move and stick it in her face.

Taylor, Butcher of the Lonely,

Just want you to know this: you fucked your moms/dads sister...

Taylor, Butcher of the Lonely,

Just want you to know this: you fucked your moms/dads sister...

Addison, Illusionist of the Wildlands,

so where u live and when i can fuck ur aunt at her home post a picture of ur naked aunt

Blaine, Hunter of the Wicked,

will ppl stop with the white thing, its so annoying.but dude thats fucked up on so many, glad I'm not in that situation

Andy, Garçon of Darkness,

yes. you people aren't gullible at all.