Man + Man + Woman = ???



I'm in love with my best friend. No, I don't mean I have a crush. I mean I can't stand being away from him. He tells me everything and he makes me feel happier than anyone else can. Here's the problem: He's dating my other best friend. He's liked her forever and he finally asked her out a couple months ago. They'be been the cutest couple ever since. I want to be happy for them, I really do. It's just too damn hard. Every time they kiss I smile and tease them like everyone else even though on the inside my heart feels like it's being squeezed and stomped on. All I can think is "Why can't that be me?" "Why is she so perfect?" "Why can't he love me like I love him?" My mom once told me that if you love someone you're supposed to let them go, but she forgot to mention how hard it would really be.

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Peyton, Archaeologist of the Financial Services department,

I was in love once and when it was over after 5 years I felt like it was wasted time. You should just focus on your future. And the best love is when you aren't looking for it. Let love come to you. Go to school. Have a fling here and there but don't be a total slut. And don't kiss and tell. There's a million other people out there, don't let one person ruin your day.

Peyton, Butcher of Space,

You are but a young girl. Do not let your emotion makes you stray from your original path. Someday your feelings for him will fade and a new person will come and fill your heart with all the love and happiness you yearn for.

Charlie, Wench of the Lonely,
If you guys are meant to be together then you just have to let fate put you together how it's destined.