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My sons Friend


Im a 39 year old divorced woman with 2 kids. My son just graduated High School and my daughter just started High School. No one knows for the last 4 months Ive been sleeping with my sons friend. He turned 18 in January and he got the courage to take his flirting to another level one night. I didnt hesitate when he tried to seduce me. Hes a good looking young man who Im sure has a lot of girls after him. My son has even said he wished he had the same luck with girls as his friend. Im always home alone in the day time since I work from home. My sons friend has been coming over every other day during the day to have sex with me. I enjoy it so much, at times I ask him to come over twice....once in the day time and then later at night. Hes even had sex with me while my son was at home. Im falling for him so quick and I feel like I cant do anything about it. The sex makes me a happy woman, Ive been divorced for 6 years and very lonely at times. He makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel good inside. He talks me into doing things with him that I have never done with even my ex-husband. I think I love him....

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Dana, Historian of the Irredeemably Moist,

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Charlie, Archaeologist of Evil,

I find it disturbing that people would say "think about how your son will feel." They are two consenting adults, if you ask me they should be able to decide who to date independently.
On the other hand, however, I'll also tell you, the mother, to be cautious. He's a young man, and men in this age usually are unstable and might jump from relationship to relationship. So if you're emotionally involved, it's very likely you'll get hurt deeply. Look at Demi Moore. If you're still reading, I sincerely hope you give us an update. Anyhow, hope all is well.

Taylor, Scout of the Satisfied,

Mabey just marry him and start a family

Rebecca, Hero of the Financial Services department,

Oh my dear. You're not in love with him. You're in love with the feeling he gives you. He's reminding you of what its like to be young. You're reaching that point where you have to be really adult. The big 40. And this young man is giving you that shot of youth we all yearn for. You haven't said anything about if you two talk, if you have the same likes or dislikes out of the bed. You also haven't talked about what he thinks. Are you just a MILF to him? Before you round that corner, be sure it's the turn you want to take. It could just lead to a very bad dead end.

Max, Author of the craft table,

youre not a slut, youre not wrong for the way you feel, its romantic the two of you, but its also unreal, i know you love your children dearly but this situation is really going to hurt him and i think youve let it go on too far, sooner or later youre going to have to decide and i hope you make the right choice, whatever that may be. and just remember, teenage boys are similar to the scum of the earth, wth, im only 18 myself, who am i kidding. well anyways i wish you the best, its sweet that you love him, it is, just be careful. (::

Rex, Monk of Good,

I think maybe you just love how he makes you feel, but are you even considering how disturbed your son will be when he finds out??? Do you even care that he might hate you after this???

Peyton, Pope of the Irredeemably Moist,
NO WORRIES SLUT! Cock sky over Son sky!