Man + Man + Woman = ???

My ex (/bestfriend) and I went out for a year. He was also my first.. Well, you know. I broke it off with him basically for insecurities, but then we became friends with benefits. We were just about to go back out, when he slept with another girl that I already told him I absolutely dont like. I eventually forgave him, and he ended up asking me back out, but then he broke up with me the next day, b/c he said he didn't have the same feelings & it was just "spur of the moment". THEN less then a week he asked the girl that he had slept with out(theyre broken up now). I then proceeded to sleep with his bestfriend, not to retaliate but just to stop thinking about him. He then HATED me afterwards. I've forgiven and I've forgotten but I don't think he has. Honestly I just want to forget about the past and not be in a relationship with him again but just have my bestfriend back, but I'm not sure if he feels the same b/c he has to much pride and he's egotistical. So Should I try and talk to him or am I just gonna be wasting my time?

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Dakota, Thief of the Unimaginable Terror,

Pfft he should. It's not like you cheated on each other. You forgave him for committing the same emotional crime he should forgive you.

But I doubt he will. I think you need to accept that things will never go back to the way they were.