Man + Man + Woman = ???

Am a 19 year old girl from Ghana West Africa. My boyfriend is 22. We have been together for over 5 years but we have never had sex. He keeps pressuring me but i keep refusing because am afraid because i heard from my girlfriends at school that losing virginity in girls hurts and i don't want to bleed. My boyfriend wants to have sex but i keep refusing and he now wants to leave me. He says other girls better looking than me agree to have sex and that he wants to leave me because am selfish. I love him but i want him to give me more time atleast till we get married. I don't want to lose him! What do i do?

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Aubrey, Observer of the Lonely,

I think you should wait. I wish I waited that long before I lost my v-card. And NEVER let a man threaten to leave you because of sex. If he really loves you he'll wait for you. First time isn't really that bad though. I should know I'm a girl. And guess who was dumb enough to be on top!? Any way I think you are old enough to make your own decision. Sex is good, and not having sex is good too. So either way you win.