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Your Second Love

Relationships are possibly the scariest things to enter into. The most scary part about them is the part about falling in love. Everyone paints this feeling as magical and nothing is like it but they're sugar coating what can be a rollercoaster. Falling in love for the second time is possibly the most daunting part of my life so far. Despite the time period, there's a sense fo you know what's happened before and you're heart has already been broken once, why would you want to put yourself through that again? Its showing your vulnerability to one person again, and building the trust that you'd completely lost. Its remembering the scars from your previous relationship and always wondering if you're going to make the same mistakes. But despite how scary your second love might be, its the making of who you are to become. The memories will always live on but its who you are now that matters as you realise that you can fall in love again, feel comforted and loved without a fear which you might have noticed at the beginning - which will naturally fade until one day you think about it and its gone. You will feel free and you have the knowledge to trust yourself again which is the most important thing.
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And sometime you just want to be with your first love :(