Man + Man + Woman = ???

I have recently noticed that guys in high school don't like relationships. They only like benefits like kissing making out and maybe further. They don't want a relationship they only want the benefits of it because they're scared of any type of commitment. They don't bother with classy girls who have self respect they only want trashy girls who throw it all out there with absolutely no regret whatsoever. Sorry boys but you need to be a man and stop being so cowardly selfish most girls actually want a relationship and not a fwb friends with benefits so really get a grip !
posted to relationships by Max, Sous Chef of Good (2 comments)

Rebecca, Warrior of Darkness,
Very true they don't want commitment, and I agree with the person above. But to be perfectly honest, those guys don't ever really disappear even after high school. You just have to be very patient and aware!
Josh, Student of the Lonely,
If you're in high school and you notice that, than you truly are different from the average high school girl. You are awesome! I can't tell you the disgusting things I've heard teenage girls do in high school restrooms, movie theatres, etc. Most young girls are sadly...whores. Honestly like I tell my little sister who is a junior this year to hold off on having a boyfriend because they are literally walking hormones and only want one thing...Don't worry about boyfriends, worry about graduating.