Man + Man + Woman = ???

So should I go through with my divorce...he has moved back in promised things would change and it has not... I can't discipline his 14 and 12 year old and his mother and ex wife do no wrong.  When he ask my opinion or I want to talk to him about anything he either does not listen says he did not hear me, does not answer or gets mad when I say something.  Why did he want to move back I if the same shit was going to happen.  Oh, I know because I paypal the bills and he gets to play with all his money.  That's right heroes not play for anything but his child support.  Oh and by the way, wants to quit his job with benefits and open his own business and when I ask how you going to pay child support his reply is we just will... There is no we I can't paying your fucking child support to a freKing ex that you think you need to talk to and does no wrong...go back to the bitch.  Your mother and her get along great and your mother does not like me nor do I care...she never calls my phone and when she does it is only because she is looking for you.  I wish you would just leave because you are not here when you are and take those kids and your mother with you.  I need HELP.
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