Man + Man + Woman = ???

So I was engaged to this guy and I ended it a little while ago. It wasn't working and I couldn't get him to see that he needed to change (I know that sounds bad and I don't think you can change people but when one person does everything in the relationship it just doesn't work either). Anyway, I'd love for us to get back together if we could work things out but he's not interested. Yet, he rocks up at my house and always wants me to have sex with him. Why? Whats the point? Are all guys really just interested in one thing?
posted to relationships by Charlie, Observer of the Financial Services department (3 comments)

Taylor, Historian of Space,
To be quite honest, I seriously believe they are. If not all of them, then too many of them are just interested in that one thing. I would cut off any connection to him as it is obvious that he will not change any time soon and is treating you far less than what you are worth.    Even though it's hard, it is best you gave up on this one. 
Taylor, Priest of the Unimaginable Terror,
Move on. He will realize he missed out big time eventually. 
Aubrey, Architect of Musclebeasts,
Why the hell not just sleep with him? There are other outlets for happiness, such as focusing on things you've always wanted to do. And then, look, you don't need to find someone to screw when you need to take of those random sexual urges, because you'll have that punk ass. See? There's a brightside to everything.