Man + Man + Woman = ???

So there I was, bored out of my mind on Saturday. All my friends were up town and I was sat at home being depressed about being 17 and having no I.D. So I decided to try out this Chatroulette thing as I'd heard it was funny.  After a few Turkish penises, I came across a pretty girl, we spoke a bit then she asked to go on Skype. So I did. 3 weeks after this and we're still talking all the time (she's not a fake, I've spoken to her through webcam, I'm not silly). She's perfect for me, same age, loves my favourite band and has a big appreciation in film and really seems different to all the other girls out there.  But, she lives in a different country. I really, I mean, really like her (I think) but I don't know if I should stop talking to her so I don't get blown away by her as she's fucking amazing! Is it worth wanting to meet her, possibly in the holidays and stuff, or it a fantasy I should stop contemplating? Advice would be great, thankyou!
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Taylor, Barbarian of Time,
hello :) yes it is worth it! but only people in your situation will understand that. I first met my boyfriend 5 years ago on bebo, we've been 'together' a year, although we only met in october. I love him, and although he's 40 miles away and he doesn't drive, it works. we make it work. I don't believe any length of distance should be an issue if it's what you really want. Hope everything goes well! <3 :)