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So I still have these feelings for my best friend. I know it's gonna take some time to really move on, but for now this is such a bummer (I had posted a bit of what's going on awhile back, under the same title, if anyone is interested). Anyway, she and I have been talking alot lately about people thinking we're a couple. It's really confusing me even more. Why do we keep bringing this up, if we're not interested in turning into something more? It really doesn't help that the last time we were together, there was so much banter that I couldn't tell if we were actually flirting. We're both so awkward and oblivious to this kind of stuff, but initiating constant physical contact (tickling, playful shoves, etc.) has to mean something, right? I could just be reading too much into this. Either way, the feelings are still here, but I don't wanna put distance between us cuz she's my only friend, and vice versa. I'm still not going to tell her how I feel, cuz I really don't think she feels the same. These feelings are annoying, that's for damn sure. I guess I'll just have to wait it out and hope I can get back to just seeing her as my best friend. Our friendship means everything to me and I won't chance that by being selfish and telling her how I feel.

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Seow Jie Xian Esther is this fucking bitch who sneaks around eavesdropping and reading other people's mail and messages. You deserve to have your eyes gouged out, you fugly slut.

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We were dating for 2 months. Everything seemed to be going amazing. We were still in the honeymoon phase! He spent a whole month chasing me until I said yes and then took things slow with me. He didn't even try to have sex with me until after the first month. He seemed really respectful and SO into me! He was so sweet and it was just lovey dovey all the time between us...even in front of our friends it was totally fine. He went the extra mile to make me happy and to win me over. It took me a little longer to get the hang of things but as of 2 weeks ago I started reciprocating and being just as amazing to him. (at least he told me I was...every day!) Anyways....Friday everything was normal (text me in the morning, while I was at work and at night...calling my beautiful and talking about he can't wait to see me and so on...) we had a great night and the next morning we went for breakfast, had a nice day of errands and chilled together all day. Come saturday night (when I went to work) and sunday....he hardly wanted anything to do with me. I finally asked him monday what was up with him and he says: "I feel like you are an amazing person but I don't think we communicate the way I'd hoped and I don't feel like I have been able to be myself. I don't think we can continue this relationship any further"

How do you go from being all wrapped around someone one day to dropping them the next? I swear it was like a light switch and so much out of the blue that I am still in disbelief. Everyone who knows us is just as shocked. Now he wont give me an explanation for it other than we "just didn't communicate" the way he wanted and that he felt like he couldn't be himself. What exactly could I have missed?? I never forced him to be any way....I didn't criticize him and he never showed any signs of something being wrong...we never even came close to an argument. I felt things were going amazing and HE is the one who chose to be the way he was....what did I miss and why wont he explain himself?

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Can you even ask someone to just forget you? I know that I'm just a destructive force in her life. She has so much potential to change the hearts of people in our future generations and I know I'll only inhibit her in doing that. She's clung to me ever since we met 5 years ago in high school and hasn't budged since. We even dated for a time, but she wasn't sure how she really felt about me. I've always been there for her ups and downs. And I love her, but I know that she can do better than me. She tells me that when we are both stable in our lives she'll want to be with me, but I know her too well. She can't go long without being intimate with someone and it probably will find its way into her life. Being a guy friend always turns sour, it sucks. I want her to be happy. I'm 3 states away from her and I don't want her to feel like she has to keep he as a back up. I know she hates the idea of it, and it's probably how she feels about me. I've told her many times that I just want her to be happy but it doesn't seem to change her mind about keeping me around. I never really cared to being around people. If I could pick any job it would be one completely away from all people to be frank about it. I'm not afraid to be alone. Would I like a life with her yes, but it just doesn't feel right making her feel this way. Is it alright to ask that of someone even if you know it's right for them?

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You never noticed me. I was never enough for you. Relationship was based on sex and false hope. I regretted you. I never felt comfortable enough to trust you. Our lifestyles never matched. Yes there were good times. But more bad than good. Ex: trust issues, jealousy, lack of dick. Stop preserving the relationship. Causes you more pain than anything else. Felt judged always. You purposely hurt me for selfish reasons Nothing was ever good enough for you You're violent when drunk. EMPTY PROMISES. Is all we were. My heart crumbled because of you. It's not anxiety this is and were real feelings I DO NOT back track She's happy now. Let her be. I've become obsessive and weird. Let her go. Let go of colors. Let go of numbers. Let go of it all. Im okay. Time to let go now. I'm still fighting myself for you and it's hurting me. I want to let go now. I need to let go now. I have to let go now. End this.

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I'm just not good at connecting with people. I have a small little cluster of friends and family I hardly deserve. Any new people that come around, I seem to put them off. I think because I am standoffish, or so people tell me. I heard I am hard to get to know. Some say mysterious. Honestly, I'm just shy. And on the surface, I seem interesting, but if you get to know me, there isn't really much there. I follow unique paths with my life but if you look inside those journeys, there isn't a lot of substance. It's boring. I'm boring. It's my secret that I protect. I also have trust issues. I've been bullied in the past. Ignored and neglected, stabbed in the back. Too much for one person. Too much for a child. Too much for a young adult.

And when I meet someone nice, they see through me. They see there isn't much to me. They see me say the wrong thing. They don't trust me. I don't trust me. I don't trust my mouth.

I am not a mean person. But I am not a good person. I'm boring. I'm nothing. I am unlovable. I am unlikable. I could disappear, and outside my family, nobody would notice or care. And I can't blame them. I push the good ones away. It's my fault. I am so stupid for getting my hopes up. I deserve this.

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My sister is a bitch i have mental problems and when i do things that are not normal my sister exaggerates it and makes it seem like im the bad one and my parents take her side. She starts complaining how she hates the things that i do but she has no idea how i feel, i hate my self and sometimes feel like killing my self. Everything is about her and she never stops to think about me. My little brother does this too and he thinks he is so cool, superior and knows every thing and my parents do nothing all they do take my siblings sides and give me a really hard time. i am 14 and suffer from ADHD, mild depression, anxiety and OCD.I truly do love them all its just often they make my life very misrable.

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Please allow me the privilege of introducing myself, I'm Kevin . Let's see now, anticipation will probably do more to excite and paint your mind a picture of me than any I could send at this time. Brown hair, green eyes, 5ft8in, 165lb, physically fit. I like nature, holding hands, full moons, summertime, fleamarkets, picnics, playing banjo and keyboard, cooking, a good movie. I own a house. There, I think I typed that in one breath. lol Need more? Well alright then. If you're my girl I'll caress your cheek when I walk by just to show I care. I'll listen intently when you need to talk about something important. If you're my girl I'll rub your back and shoulders after a long hard day and bring you breakfast in bed on your birthday. Want me to stop? Didn't think so. My lips are Sooooooooooo Kissable. In the bedroom (or the kitchen?) I'll do my best to make your hips thrust forward with delight just before we make love and hope the feeling never ends....Oh Sweetheart  My friend  My lover. And that's a savory taste of who I am. This is what you desire. This is what you deserve.........................

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I have so much love to give, yet I am so alone. It is so hard to recover from a broken heart, it takes so long. Each day gets a little bit easier, but some days I feel like I'm going ten steps back. I need to separate myself from him completely, but I can't seem too. He's the only man who I'll do anything for, and the only man that won't do anything for me. He's taken me for granted, used me, hurt me, lied to me, and I've only responded with love, never came down hard on him, always supported him. Still wasn't good enough, sometimes I think I will never find love. I am so alone and may always be.

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This was the last weekend I would ever see my ex before moving. I'm so indifferent, he's a terrible person and he's treated me very badly in the past but he was also my first true love, the first guy to make me cum during sex.. I could see past all of his flaws on top of everything else. Ive dated so many men in the past but none of them have felt right for me, but he did. We saw each other last weekend and things were fine, we ended up sleeping together, but that became pretty normal after a while post breakup. We cannot be alone in a room together without getting it on, it sounds pathetic but I've always been drawn to him, even the first time we met. I know I'll always hold a place in my heart for him, I still care about him so much. Since I'm probably never going to see him again I just wanted to see him one last time this weekend. He completely avoided me on purpose, just feeding me excuses or saying he would call me later on, etc. He kept sending me a lot of mixed singles and then eventually said he was sorry but he can't and needed to be alone. I didn't understand what the hell he was talking about, he was overanalyzing the simple act of just spending some time together..... I'm really confused by all of this, and after he eventually snapped on me I just deleted his number and his messages, I hate that I bothered him. He lives his life based off an agenda, no one matters to him but himself. It's crazy how much you could love a person even after they've turned their back on you. I'm venting about it to get over it, finally cutting the ties with him is painful. Saying goodbye to my first and last college love, how bittersweet.

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I moved to Portland because it was a fairy city where people ate organic and cared about the environment. What I found when I got here was that people are even crazier than they were in oklahoma. I started seeing a man, and immediately realized he was bisexual. We were both Poly and even though he had 2 other partners, I was happy! One of her partners was monogamous and we went through 5 months of drama because of it. breaking up, getting back together, and so on. Like an idiot I moved in with him because I had nowhere else to go when my lease was up and it was supposed to be temporary. He finally stopped talking to this other woman and its been just the 2 of us since. twice now since then, I have caught him posting to craigslist casual encounters, and it just about broke us. my trust has been lost and I feel like I am constantly taking care of him. Ive been planning his vday presents for 3 weeks now, its in 3 days and hes just now telling me, not only has he not made any dinner reservations, ordered any presents, he has to go out of town all week for work! and shave his beard!! ugh! So last night (finally getting somewhere) i text him when he was out with his friend saying that our relationship was too stressful on me, and I was leaving him. I fell asleep and when I woke up he wasnt home. I can see through google maps hes at his friends house and ignoring my calls. His friends fiance then picks up and says hes asleep and drunk and doesnt want to talk to me, hes too upset. Im like wtf? "should i go pick him up?" "NO, he doesnt want to see you." first of all folks, we do this dance once a week at least and normally he comes home and cuddles me and restores some faith in our relationship. his friend got him drunk and convinced him to take space from me and not talk to me. I drove over there to talk to him and was greeted with a locked door and his friend pushing me telling me to leave when i stated im here out of love, he was supposed to take me to work in the morning (5 hours later) and work on my car cuz my ball joints about to fall off. It wasnt until they threatened to call the police that he came out and i explained I was just upset and had gone earlier to pick up all his gifts i had hidden at work. Set them up so that when he came home hed find them and be totally surprised. He hit a deer driving my car back in novemeber and had recently changed out my headlight, somehow, not sue if its related my console light when out, so i didnt realize my headlights went on when i pulled up to his friends house and a cop was driving around looking for me because he thought my car was stolen cause i was driving without headlights. his friends fiance waved down the cop, and i had to pull out my oregon plates i just got for the car and prove that the plates were mind, and because my oregon license has my old adress i got written a ticket for both. once he talked to me, and i explained that i loved him and thought hed come home and fight for us and i had all his presents set up for him, he came home with me. he was super sad and crying and i cuddled him

but heres the thing folks. now his friends are saying that hes in a manipulative and abusive relationship( they have no idea hes cheated on me multiple times thus causing my trust issues we are trying to repair and yes things have been getting better)

Am I the emotionally abusive one, or is he? I have a great capacity to forgive and understand. All I ask for is honesty. I didnt go attack him. I went over because he was super sad and drunk. When I got there he wasnt even asleep. EVery fiber of my being is screaming to leave. But when I see him i think this is my everything. HEs everything ive looked for and wanted. I really do love him, but just cant handle my trust being broken like this repeatedly. And I cant for the life of me figure out why all his friends think im this monster.

Am I a Monster?

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So I am in a serious relationship that has lasted 3 years now. We have been living together for 2 years now, we've talked about marriage, kids and our future together. We have our ups and downs but lately there are certain things that are really bothering me. Just wanted to put this out there to see if anyone else has any comments on this. My boyfriend used to be a bit of a player when he was younger, exploring all that's out there type of stage. He has always been very honest with me of his past and when an ex tries to reconnect he is very good at making it clear he is not interested and avoids them. He is always very respectful to me, and his attention has always been on me. Thankfully I've never had the issue where his eyes wander when he is with me, he is not that type of guy. But a lot of his stories always involve his past women encounters. This has become very very irritating to me, I've tried in the past to nicely ask him not to mention his ex's to me. There's atleast one story a day of, "oh man I remember this one girl I was talking to back then, where her parents had a weird thing for carrots...blah blah and she this and it didn't end well blah blah". This is just very annoying to me why do I constantly have to hear stories of all these women from your life? I don't mention the men in my past, even though some events have a huge part in how and who I am now...I still don't bring up stories all the time like he does. My question is how do I even put this subject into a conversation with out him thinking I don't want to listen to him? I don't want him to feel like he cant talk to me about what he is thinking, but why Is he constantly thinking of his past? Is that a normal thing I am not sure. I know I had this problem in the beginning of our relationship I mentioned my exs a lot to make him understand I was not making the same mistakes I made with them. He had a conversation with me expressing how much he hated it so I never did it again. Yet he still continues to do so. Any advice or comments?

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I'm going nuts here. I'm jealous of my boyfriends best friend who's a girl and am not sure what to do. I feel like she get's that vibe from me in which I don't mean to give off but at the same time I can't help it. I hate it. I have drunkenly told him before too and he said there is. Nothing to be "jealous" about. It I don't know. I'm just worried that I'm going to continue feeling like this, she'll end up NOT liking me (who knows if she already doesnt) & my boyfriend will take her side and I'll loose him. I don't know what to do... I don't know how to stop feeling this way. It doesn't help that I'm insecure about myself... currently working on that. But I just don't know.

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Why don't guys/men like "good girls" "ladies" "good women"? The loyal type that rides for you, the one that's focused, a goal chaser, a good hearted human being, one that doesn’t drop her panties at the drop of a text. The girl that sits in the front of the class does her work, minds her own business, doesn’t bother people?why do you have to Get ready for that type of women? Why would you treat her bad? Not stay loyal to someone you supposedly love? I wanted to make this a one line question but why do good women never win?

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Death of My Dream


You know it's kind of odd sometimes. I getting divorced fairly soon. While I don't miss my soon to be ex-wife I do miss the family life. I think it was my biggest dream in life to be married with children. As I aged I think I gave up on that dream. It's really one of THE big dreams in my life.

Much in the way a high school boy wants that top shelf girl and knows deep down inside that he can't have her, I always felt that marriage would never happen for me. Decades ago I gave up and also discovered myself at the same time. I did discover the joy of being alone and relished the freedom that came with it.

When I met my wife to be that changed. It reawakened my deep deep dream of a wife, children, and loving home. It's sometime that was missing from my life as a boy. I mean everyone tried, but sometimes it just doesn't work.

Now with divorce right around the corner, I feel that dream will never come to fruition. I will only get a taste of it. Worse yet I fear not getting to be with children as they grow. I miss just being with them. I fear my ex will remarry and take them far far away. It kills me even now when I can't be around them for a couple of weeks. That alone drives me into depression. Depression has been chronic with me now.

I do not know what I will do now. I hope for the best but much in the way that high school boy will never get that top shelf girl I feel my dream of a life with my children will never be.

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It's just hit me , I've just realised what I have been feeling for the last 5 months ... Grief! , I've been grieving for the loss of my mother even though she is still alive , wow! I'm heartbroken and I've only just realised ! No wonder I was confused to why I'd keep crying, why I feel like dying , why my heart aches . I'm grieving for you but I didn't even realise.... when you break up with someone you go through the same motions but you know why it's pretty much like grief because you feel like you've lost that person forever and it hurts and you try everything to get what you had back because it hurts but things seem to get worse and you don't know why , why are you trying and things get even worse for and that person pushes you away even further and your heart squeezes extra tighter and I did even notice it's actually, maybe not that I'm grieving the loss of my mother but it's the relationship breakdown which equals to the loss of my mother . How sad ... should I tell you I don't know but what I do know is I will feel better now I know why I feel this way ... finally

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I've known her for over 10 years. I've tried to not have these feelings for her but nope. They just keep coming up. It's so frustrating. Our friendship is too important for me to risk telling her. We're both extremely awkward and introverted people; we are each others only real friend, which is why risking our friendship is out of the question. We talk daily, but rarely see each other, due to living hours apart. When we are together it's the best though. She's really is the last person I think of at night, as sappy as that sounds. Hopefully, I'll be able to lock these damn feelings away, cuz right now they really are a bummer. It doesnt help that shes bisexual too. It makes me overanalyze any little touch, joke, etc. that we exchange. I just want to think of her as my best friend again, and not pine after her.

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At 16, I had only been in one serious relationship. When I met my current husband, I was actually still dating my high school sweetheart. I ended things with him for good reasons and stayed single for months. This guy used to come into my work and hit on me all the time, asking me out on dates, telling me how beautiful I was, and just seemed like a great guy. I started going out with him and things moved very quickly. I was 17 at the time and living with my parents still, who definitely fell short in the whole "parenting thing". Just to give you a taste of my parents; My dad is very bipolar but refuses to accept the diagnosis, so he constantly is a new person. I never knew if my dad was going to be pursuing his dreams as a backpacker, stoner, preacher, or truck driver! He went back and forth with these, I never knew where he was and it wasn't at home. My mom began partying and going on trips quiet frequently leaving me home with my two sisters around 11 years old. Then my mom began drinking and taking pills, having affairs. Now I've got a crazy trust issue most people would call "daddy issues" but mines from both parents, I was just a kid who wanted attention from my parents. Now I'm a messes up adult. But going back to my lover. Even at 17 years old, I began staying the night at my boyfriend's house after only a few weeks of dating. One night every once in awhile became constant. I moved in completely and my parents never even noticed I wasn't at the house anymore. I was also molested by a man I trusted as a family friend, after a suicide attempt and going into the hospital, the legal system took over and pressed charges on my attacker even though I didn't want to go thru the pain, I knew it would be a disaster. He spent thousands on a great lawyer and at 17 I was" damned to being a whore who should be an orphan because my parents didn't want me". His lawyers words, not mine. So my boyfriend kinda helped me thru this, he never went to court with me but was a distraction. We moved into an apartment together, got cars with both of our names on it, then got engaged. He was drunk when he proposed, I expected the proposal, seeing as how I had to pick out my ring. Then we began planning a wedding. I done 100% of the work, he literally just had to show up on the day of. Spoiled man? I think so. We bought a house together and got a dog- typical adult things. Now 3 years into our relationship, I have found myself unhappy for reasons I can't grasp. Am I too emotional like he says? Or is he too distant? My husband has never surprised me with anything. No gifts, no grand acts of love, no small kind gestures. He doesn't take me out to eat or anywhere. I have myself alone more than with him. I do all the house work, car maintenance, chores, cooking, grocery shopping, paying the bills, taking trash off, EVERYTHING. He never just randomly hugs or kisses me. Nothing affectionate. Everything feels like such a routine. I could literally make a schedule of our day and it would be spot on. When he'd give me a good bye kiss in the morning and when he'd ask what I'm making for supper. most common questions from him. I just question myself over and over, if we got married because it seemed like the right thing to do and convenient or if it was because we were madly in love. I love my husband, but I don't know if he feels the same. I'm human. I crave affection and attention which i'm being starved of. Random hugs, kisses, being held, being told "I love you" without it sounds like a habitual phrase. Does every married couple feel this way? Am I just wishing for an unreal marriage and love life? Or have I chosen my own fate by marrying someone who has no desire or affection for me?

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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 7 months. I am his first serious relationship and longest (he's had like 3 others before me, but the longest lasted 3 months). He always makes comments about other chicks and how he likes their hair, style, etc. Yet he struggles to compliment his own damn gf. He told me about his friend he went to high school with, who was with a girl I kne . I asked him if he knew that girl and he said "oh her? Yeah... She was pretty fuckin hot". I slipped my hand out of his because I'm fed up with him saying comments like that. I told him "you don't just say sXXX like that to your girlfriend. Keep that sXXX to yourself." Am I wrong to feel bad when he compliments other chicks yet he says he doesn't compliment me because its "hard for him" to express that stuff? He seriously needs to learn boyfriend etiquette and stop being a jerk. Opinions?

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I need help. I have anxiety and last night I had one of my worst attacks so far. I couldn't stop shaking and crying for half an hour. I snapchatted my friend who I always try to help when she is upset. I told her I wanted to cut and she opened it. She didn't say anything. She then sent a snapchat about I don't remember but it had nothing do about what I said. I started to scream "No one cares" over and over and over for what felt like ten minutes. My attack started to get worse than it already was. I told her not to talk to me and then she started to make jokes about what I was saying. She triggered my anxiety attack making it worse and made a joke about the fact that I wanted to cut. Do I have the right to be mad at her? She crossed the line in my opinion.

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Am a 32 year old woman- star worker for my boss for several years but recently things felt a bit distant. In Dec I had an unprofessional outburst with my boss when he was trying to create a project team. Said I can't imagine not working solo with him. he placated me and said it was not his intention to put any distance between us and I can coordinate only with him. Since then, things were have been closer, and he has frequently checked up on me including during the holidays. It's more tender, like a loyalty bond and it feels as if we are swimming in the same waters perfectly in sync. I told a work friend last week who knows my boss well (but who I thought was much closer to me), about the outburst etc. She laughed that the whole episode sounded romantic & she always thought my boss and I were in love with each other from afar for years without having disclosed It to each other. I saw her in my boss’s office in the last few days & feared she is pretty senior and may be closer to him than me. So I called her yday for dinner, and asked if she said anything. She said that she did ask my boss on Fri if he and I were in love without telling each other? It seems he laughed and said "this is a sudden question! my understanding is that you know her. did she say anything about this to you?" when she said no, he relaxed and started speaking about work. To me it seems from this he has no feelings for me? I got upset by it & realise now I do love him. What does he mean by what he says?

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We were but only 14 when we first locked eyes. Surrounded by a sporting even mid match, the whole room just stopped.. All i could take in was you... I knew with every bit of my being that i wanted to spend every breath i had left, with you.

A year later im told that i have to move halfway across the U.S. to live with my mother.

Fast forward almost 7 years. In which time we have both dated and failed always keeping in contact and knowing we had to be together one day.

We were both around 21 years of age when we finally united and were able to be one.. It was surreal, a dream, too good.. The first time we made love after a week of agonizing sexual tension, well, all i can say is that we felt like it was truly our first time ever. It was magical.

What we didnt expect was both of our insecurities and walls we built over the years of being hurt would affect our destined love..

We both sabotaged our relationship and broke the trust.

We parted ways after not even 2 years, 6 months of which we were engaged. SHE WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED ME!! I was so proud to be with her.

Shes so strong as a person, independent, yet craves love and compassion. Smart, but allows herself to be giddy and not take life to serious. Shes motivated in life and knows how to get what she wants out of it. Shes absolutely stunning.. You wouldnt believe me that she was real if i showed you a picture of her.

She is my... It..

Its been alnost 5 years since we have been apart. She has been engaged for over a year and with the guy for close to 2 years i believe.

I havent talked to her but maybe once since they started dating.

Ive thought about her every day since i met her now 12+ years ago.

I literally hurt knowing shes gone.. There are nights i can do nothing by cry the pain of losing her is so intense to this day.

Its been so bad at times i honestly contemplate death as an option..

There are more days than not most of the time where i can push it down. My only way of not going crazy is to go numb.. Its caused issues with all kinds of relationships of trial and even family..

Shes happy with her fiance and all i want for her in life is to be happy... Loved.. Appreciated.. Cared for.. I want it to be me, but am not selfish enough to ruin for her what could be a very happy life.. Nor do i know if i could ever win her heart back.. Her trust back..

So i live with the loss, i live with the pain, life has no color, no taste at all.. I wear it like a 500 pound vest, its like my soul is empty. My chest hollow, missing the force that made me feel so alive, my best friend.. My partner, my other half.. Gone.. I go through life numb seemingly not able to form emotional relationships with anyone anymore.. I just want.. To not hurt anymore, i dont want to feel, i dont want to cry, i dont know what to do..

For i know to who my heart belongs to and i told her to keep it forever.. Little did i know that i could not live without her near..

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So years ago when I was in my last year of high school (going through a really rough time with my home life and enduring a lot of hurt) my sister got fifty Shades of grey the actual book and every time they would think I was studying I would be reading that book, the very first novel that I read from start to finish and I fell in love with reading through that book. As I finished i was so in love with the characters and the story that I went on my phone and read it online there I discovered the other 2 books to the trilogy which I also loved, anyway after reading it and a few years later hearing that it was going to be a movie I was distraught because I felt like I created this world in my mind that was shaped a certain way and the characters looked a certain way in my head I was the girl in the book. With a movie it feels like this book holds a special place in my heart and the characters are unique to me and seeing the trailers with the first movie I couldn't even look at them without having stomach spasms spiked by anxiety even hearing people talk about it made me mad and anxious because even though I know that book was read by millions of people it was still and experience of that was unique and special to me you know? I know I sound crazy as hell but it's the truth. And now seeing the trailers for the 2nd movie makes me so mad. Its sort of like I created this world and characters the way I liked them to look and sound and be and now someone else is changing my world and making it their own you know, even with another movie like if I stay I cannot and will never watch it for the same reason. I will never in my entire life watch a movie based on a book that I've read, I'd rather watch the movie without the book because then I don't have a special connection and bond with the characters that i'll feel like I'm sharing a part of my self for people to see as one thing. Anyway that's just me being crazy but honest.

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What do I do ?


SO HERE IT IS !!! I've been dating this for two months !! I met him on a dating sight he's such a gentleman ! But I didn't think that we would actually work ! But we have but I've been cheating since day 1 but I don't know how to end things with the other guy because i really like him but it will be hard to be with each other due to past reasons :/ , though me and the guy I'm dating have been arguing every other day :( because he's so sensitive and I'm not so he wants to talk about everything he's also moving so fast he's a really good guy I'm just so confused :( !! SOMEONE HELP

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Will i stay or will i go that's all he wants to know. Our bitter words cut like a knife, as if stress didn't cause enough strife. I was hurt and needed mending so i jumped into another relationship thinking it would fix it. all i feel is that he doesn't notice me anymore. his eyse don't glow for me the way they used to. He yells more he seems irritated with everything i do. Are you happy i ask "yes" he says while rolling his eyes. all i want is love he says he does but thoughts filled with anxiety tell me different. we fight long and hard all night till the next morning he's leaving me again, well that's the military life. months go by and there's school and loneliness and i feel nothing but pain of my one and only being gone. I'm sure hes overseas enjoying his life away from me or at least this is how it seems. He spends as if there's no family at home that needs an income as well im certain he has forgotten about me so i prepare myself to move on in life. someone has caught my eye they ignore me at every turn but for some reason that drove me to want them even more. more months go by and that person that caught my eye is now laying in my arms every night and doing everything i wanted at the time, but more months go by and we fall in love , she and i were forbidden fruit but that didn't stop us. we went through our ups and downs just like any relationship but that still didnt stop us. she was mine and i was hers. she was blue and i was red together that made purple which had 7 letters in it. "7" we'd say. it meant i'll always love you. but things have changed now total of 7 months gone by and its time for his return not expecting me to have a whole other life. "choose who makes you happy' they said but it wasnt quite that easy. i loved him but i had grown to love her just as much you might as well be asking me to break my own heart. i went to him then back to her over and over again. this grow old and tiring very soon. so i make a decision make it work with him. he gets curious and begins to ask my why i choose him. to be honest at the time i did it because i knew sme and her would not work out into anything deeper than what we were. during the relationship i noticed little que's that told me we wouldnt make it to forever together no matter how bad i wanted it i noticed that we were just different. if i had chose her i felt like i would for sure break her heart even more than i did the first time when i chose him over her or either my heart would break more and that was a pain i can never feel again, i became afraid of her love so i optioned for the one i had before. it was then time to mend the relationship with my husband. dayy in and day out he worked with me, he listened to me cry out for her in the middle of the night, he watched me undergo construction on my heart so that i could mend from the heartbreak, every moment i knew and was convinced he would leave me once and for all, but he didnt budge. he picked my head back up then he put together the crumbs left of my heart dealt with everything i threw at him even the times after i made my decision that i would miss her and sneak around seeing and talking to her against his request. he did not give up on me. he fought hard for not only our marriage but my sanity. i don't deserve this man i think to myself everyday as i remember what i put him through. i knew for sure my infedilty had ruin our chances of a happy marriage but it brought us back stronger than ever. i look in his eyes and i see this undeserving love he has for me. i know hes not a saint either but i will forever remember the moment he could have given up on me and he didn't. so there for i fight, for us for me and for his sanity and i don't give up on him because he didn't give up on me.

it was easier to give up and move on than it was to stay and fight. but we made it to another year. love was enough.

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so I'm dating this guy at the moment, for the last month and he's amazing, I can't fault him. We are very alike in our ways and thoughts, especially with relationships. We've basically agreed to not be boyfriend and girlfriend, but not in a bad way. It isn't friends with benefits either because we like each other and friends with benefits dont or shouldn't at least. So we've both had a rough time in relationships and the emotions you go through are crazy. I've gotten to the stage where I just want to avoid emotions all together and he's the same. I mean being able to say he is my boyfriend would make it easier for others to understand and I mean he basically is we do everything together. It could be the title and the pressure of the title that scares us. If we aren't a couple we can't break up either. It strange I guess but I'm happy where we are but explaining it to other people is impossible and introducing him is even harder.. "this what is your title?" The struggle is real here.

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Hey guys. So where do I start??? I have. I clue where to start!! All I know is that I am soooo damn torn and confused about many aspects in my life at the moment. I don't want to bore anyone so I'll just jump to my main issue/point of confusion without, hopefully, writing a book.

So I come from this very strict, cultural family that honestly cares too much about what they look like in public/their community. Anyways I met this guy around 5 years ago. At first he was a breath of fresh air and I adored every every every single part of him. Prior to meeting him I had gone through a rough patch in life. The day we started "hanging out" I decided to tell him about this rough patch, my over the top parents and what I was looking for. He agreed saying that he could totally understand and that he wanted us to hang more. One of the main points I made in this conversation with him was that I was 100% against dating someone who smoked weed. I therefore gave him the option to remain friends as that would've been cool with me. He however told me that it wouldn't be a problem and all that. Anyways 2 weeks in a caught him. He initially lied to me but eventually confessed. I caught him a few more times after that and each time I caught him his stores got worse and worse. Anyways I forgave him and we eventually moved into an appartement together. He had graduated from uni and was suppose to be looking for full time work. I on the other hand was still at uni and having to work full time as he had not yet found work. I went home early one afternoon and found him on the Xbox, high as hell - I was was exhausted and stressed. As soon as I questioned him he lied to me and kept saying he wasn't high. He swore on his mum, our unborn children and all that crap. I stopped talking to him and went through our apartment and found the stash of weed in our washing machine. He grabbed it off me said said after that stash he would stop. I begged him to throw it out, begged him!!!! He refused to throw it out. I therefore grabbed a few things and went to our car that was parked in our apartment parking. He was fully aware that I had nowhere to go as I have no close friends and I of course couldn't go to my parents house. So for two days I slept in our car with no text from him asking where I was or whether I was ok. After those two days I returned and he started begging for forgiveness and all that saying he had a problem and wanted help. I work in Mental Health and thought maybe he does need help. I therefore started doing some research and found some stuff for him. He did it again and again and again. Each time he lied a lost a little bit of love and respect for him. I tried talking to my dad about it saying I wanted to break up. The conversation didn't go well. As I mentioned before my parents care too much about what the 'community' would say and so he advised me to stay with him. I had no one fighting with or for me.

Ok so to cut to the chase. He eventually proposed with pressure from my parents and stuff. I thought ok... have a year long engagement and watch him closely. His parents came for a visit as they usually do every year. When we told them about our plan to get married in a years time his mum said that they probably wouldn't be here. We therefore planned a wedding in just under two weeks!!! Again I tried talking to my parents but they AGAIN didn't provide any support. I had no way out, so I felt.

So HERE we are married. I married someone I wasn't in love with.

I tired. Right after our wedding I told myself to start fresh, to leave the last in the past and all that. It didn't work. With each day that went past I realised that we are so so so so different in things that matter - morals, how we went to raise our children and a lot more.

I detached. I decided to do on holiday to see my cousins. While away he lied again about weed. I detached more.

So now we live together as best friends/flat mates. We haven't had sex for over a year and it doesn't even bother me. I feel as though I detached myself so much. How do I end this? Do I end this? My parents will with no doubt in my head disown me. I am currently completing my last year at postgrad level and I don't need any extra stress. I thought that I would finish this year and make the big decision. Am I a bitch? Will I end up alone? Do I just keep going?

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So I'm reading this book that has three some scenes in them, long story short the 2 are in love but invited a 3rd friend to join them and I can't help but feel hurt by the scenes they are really hard for me to read, I have along standing hate for cheating. And I don't know why but these scenes make me feel, dirty, heartbroken, anxious and turned on at the same time it's conflicting and frustrating I mean what do I do????

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How does one make your own thoughts and voice heard in a relationship where your partner is depressed and suffers from anxiety. How do you say something you know could trigger weeks of depression or lifelong anxiety. How do you say "I am not happy!", "I feel emotionally abused", "I feel trapped and muted!" to someone you love. How do you try help someone who gets triggered negatively by any negativity. How do you say "you need help" when they always take things the wrong way. How do you cry out when that person doesn't even trust your opinion, that of her husband but social media comments are something listened to....I have nobody to confide in, nobody to talk to about this at all...I have to keep it all bottled in...I want to scream....I am so alone....I have to always be the strong one, I have to wake up each day, listen about how "I hate this, I hate that", and then still find the strength to make an income, the only income in the house....the same income that has paid for, as best as I can afford, all these things that are hated....I need a friend

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I have been with my bf for 2 years and I told him I do not want to get married or have kids and at first he agreed to these terms but now he suddenly wants these things and had the nerve to say that he thought I would come to my "senses" eventually. I couldn't believe my ears. It's as if 2 years ago I was a child who didn't know what I wanted.

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My girlfriend and i started a relationship and we would have been 3 months together in a couple of days. We’re madly in love but… Her mom is married to a moslim guy and so her mom wants my girl to have a guy that’s moslim. She still has kept it a secret from parents. Now she broke up cause she is scared of the reaction of her mother and that my girl wouldnt be able to do anything She also dont want to have any problems with her mom cause they had a bad connection last year and now it went better. I dont wanna lose her and i want to keep fighting for her, i would never leave her! She still loves me tho but she thinks it is better this way to avoid a confrontation. I want to speak to her parents and let them see how much i love their daughter and that i would never hurt her in any way.. please help Ps: we are both in the same school Both 17 ( i really want to spend my life with her)

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I can't understand after almost 5 years of living together how a person would wanna go back to living separate. I get we're young only 23 but if he's the one who pushed us living together and moving fast how is this fair? All because he wants to go out and have fun with friends? Like I get it but why can't he just let me go then. There's no point in a's best just to end it now no? So I can begin to move I in the wrong though?

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I am not completely brainless bitch! When you never put the phone down unless it is so you can get on the computer when we are together, but when we are apart you wont answer texts calls or emails wtf!!!

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In my personal experience it takes one of two things – either a miracle, or an incredibly long time. So then, what does one do when you finally recover after nearly ten years of agony, loneliness of such a degree that you cannot even put it into words, and then you meet this miracle. She absolutely blows all previous concepts of what the word “love” meant to you away. It is such a strong emotion that you are even willing to discard your standards of what age difference is appropriate. You spend time talking, getting to know her, sometimes even talking straight through the night, even though she is across an ocean on another continent. You open your heart to her, full of trepidation, yet full of wonder and excitement, because you’ve finally found that someone that can make you feel human again after the heart ache of before . . .

And then she tells you she doesn’t feel the same.

What now? It’s taken nearly ten YEARS to reassemble the pieces, to start looking something humanlike again, to build up the courage to start trusting other people again, and now this. What is one supposed to do or think? My heart has been shattered, likely beyond repair; I’ve lost all interest in my usual pursuits and hobbies, not even being able to pay attention when reading anymore; I no longer have the desire to wake up in the mornings, and find it beyond difficult to find sleep, often only passing out after finally reaching the tipping point of emotional and physical exhaustion.

For the first time in my life I seriously considered suicide. Is it worth falling in love with someone if this is the end result? Could I have been so blinded that I never even noticed that she didn’t feel the same way, or is there something more to this? Did she lie to me throughout our conversations? Is she lying to me and herself to hide from her feelings?

I don’t know anymore.

And I don’t know whether I should care or not.

Even with this pain, agony, suffering, misery. Even with all of this anguish I can’t get her out of my thoughts, and I still love her with everything in me. I want to see her, and yet I’m afraid of what will happen if I do.

I’ll give it another few months, or until I end up in the hospital, whichever comes first, and then I’ll have to make the choice: Either force a final confrontation, or leave.

From a young man who trusted, loved and was destroyed by hope.

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How do you guys feel about your significant other being friends with their exes?

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Any news so far new shit coming huh you like it!

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I spent the majority of the day talking to the soon to be BLUE. Started the first day of the year off with a bang. This year there was no blue. It doesn't feel good. So many flash backs of that night. I will really never forget the experience with her. I have feelings for her that I don't think will ever go away. Still hurts like hell when I think about it.

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I'm so tired


People can be so cruel. I don't understand how someone can want to destroy another person so badly that they would go to harming them and attack the people that they love. My boyfriend is such a strong person. He has always been a feuds with his family. They make a point to ruin everything that he's ever worked towards. I feel so bad for him because my family has always been so accepting and loving. I just wish his family could give him some peace and love. This holiday season I tried to reach out to his family only to be harassed for being with him. He hasn't done anything wrong to deserve being hated like this, especially by the family that's supposed to love him. He tells me that he's accepted the fact that they hate me. As hard as he tries to be apart of my family I can tell that he feels out of place, like he doesn't know how to interact with everyone there. I mean he hangs out with everyone and talks but I can tell that he feels distant from family events. I just want him to feel safe with us and I want his family to leave him be. Last week his uncle came across 6 states to try and kill him. If it wasn't for the fact that my boyfriend was a soldier 3 years ago I don't know if he could keep us safe. I guess I'm just scared that if he doesn't confront them things will only get worse. He doesn't deserve being hated like this.

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When are you going actually divorce him and stop threating it.. A few moments b4 2017 your husband and guess what your husband is doing. Right bk listing and oppressing. And yet you continually keep him. Over a Mercedes.. A carnote..

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I'm an adult now and I should not be looking into such fake? relationship. I met this guy online, he lives in another country, we flirt over text and only video chatted once. The thought and reality of him leaving me on read or him one day not replying makes me sad. But I'm tired. I'm tired of always putting in the effort into relationships that doesn't go anywhere. I don't mind long distance, but what I want is the crave of attention from me from my partner or whomever. Which never happens does it? The long nights of wanting attention, long nights of wanting to be loved in my cold bed, and so on. I'm not sure if I call online relationships real anymore. Is it fake? Is this pseudo relationship even healthy? I don't like going out in general so meeting someone at a social event or special place is out of question. I guess I will keep waiting. Waiting for the day to come to be loved by someone so much, so much so that they'll always be texting me first, always be calling me how I'm doing, always making sure I feel loved when I'm feeling unsure.

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He don't care about his life as much as he care about oppressing. And your wonder why so many ppl want to shoot your dead. 10-11-19556- can't wait to see your death

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5 years together.. I loved you unconditionally.. Dealt with your rants, your rudeness. Your bi polar ways.. Your laziness, n childish actions, you never wanted to go out nor celebrate any occasion, I have had it .. So i finally move out to my own place, my own time, no one to aruge with every 10 minutes ...its peacefull.. But NOW you want to be lovey dovey..Coming over all the time, go out, make plans.. Texting every freaking minute, I love you this I love you that.. Now!! That I dont want it.. Now that every time I see those 3 words my intestines twist with "oh god nooo not now"".. I dont feel the same anymore.. I love my freedom.. My kid is happy that Im happy.. Its stress me out...i dont want to be mean but just stop

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Hi. I've been meaning to talk to you for awhile. I recently told you I was thinking about the post you wrote on this website when we were still together. That, among a slew of other things come to mind when I think of the moments in our relationship where I was truly happy. Now, we talk and at first we just couldn't get over each other and we still retained all those feelings that I thought I had left the night I left you in your driveway, the day after where I went to the airport, and the subsequent weeks where we decided enough was enough and that we wouldn't continue our relationship any longer. The transition was honestly one of the more difficult parts of our relationship I had come to believe, but talking with you now seems to be harder still. I know we both used the excuse (as real as it was sometimes) that we were busy, trying to make new friends, trying to fit in, get involved, pass our classes, etc. yet we still managed a friendship even then. I think it's been this holiday season that is suppose to be filled with laughter, joy, contentment, and relaxation that's really taken a toll on both of us. The night you admitted you had cried I wanted to comfort you and reassure you that I was still there for you. I don't think I did a very good job of it and I was worried you'd try something. I couldn't stand the thought of you shutting me out completely, but I felt there was nothing more that I could do. I'm nosy, yes. I probably won't change my ways anytime soon. I'll always be curious and I'll always wonder why you were feeling the way you were. I might stop asking and prying but that doesn't mean I've stopped caring completely. This is the dilemma I struggle with today. We've drifted apart not only in a romantic way (which is what the end goal was anyways so I'm not conpining about that) but also with our friendship. Of course I miss being your rock and the person you could turn to to try and cheer you up or be your support. I still have flashbacks to those times which means I still have the urge to regress to the way things were before. Thinking back gives me fond memories of what once was and looking at what we have currently just seems sad and broken in comparison. I think we both are. Every time we try and have a conversation anymore, it never seems to go anywhere. I don't laugh as often and I usually end up feeling some pang of regret. I clearly recall the night I had to leave and how I was almost strong enough to make it to the car until I was called back into your arms. So the question now stands-- how can two people who once had such strong feelings for each other grow to be complete strangers? Iut goes like this in my mind: there are times when I feel like I'm drowning in a pond of thoughts and memories of you and you're looking down from above watching me struggle. You don't offer to help me; you don't even acknowledge that I'm struggling. I help myself out of the water only to find you staring like the ordeal was something you'd rather not be a part of. We look at each other and realize there's nothing left so see in each other. We turn our back to each other and walk away without a backward glance. l don't long to go back to the way things were when we dated, but to have that companionship back. I want to be one of your best friends again. I want you to be able to talk to me openly and freely about things on your mind, but only the things you want to talk about. I'll try to make a larger effort to stop badgering you about sore subjects and to try and focus on the more positive aspects of each of our lives. I want to be able to complain to you about homework, finals, my suite mates, and to bicker about politics again. I want to know about your little victories and about your endless struggle to find food on campus and at home. I'd like to know what's troubling you if it really is that bad or even if it isn't. I just want a friendship back.

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I've been talking to this guy for about a week now and things have been moving extremely quickly. He has even called me his soulmate and told me he loves me. Well, he went on vacation to another state to see his family for a week. I'm not one of those clingy people who have to to up someone's ass all the time but I do miss him. He told me he wants to text me the whole time he's there so I've been doing that. However, he hardly responds to me and it's driving me nuts. He says call me after you get off work so I can say goodnight but I call him and nothing so I just text it to him thinking he just went to sleep but no he texted me back asking how work was. I told him and I got nothing after that. Wtf! This is so frustrating!!

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I'm sitting in the dark crying. Partially out of frustration and the rest is just a myrtles mass of confused feelings.

Long story short, I have a shit ton of medical problems. I wish I could just blame it all on being fat but I can't. But that is a rant for another day. This fact just needs to be pointed out. I am exhausted rather easily and let me tell you the holiday season has killed me.

I also just naturally require some alone time now and then. This has always been a thing even before my body went all whacko on me.

Anyway, I live with my partner in a tiny apartment. Shit doesn't even have a bedroom door. Though we share a lot of mutual friends, I don't want to go hang out with them every single time they want to get together. I think it's pretty important to do some things separately when you're a couple. Doing everything together has historically driven me insane.

As I said, the holidays have killed me. Between daily doctors visits/ medical tests and visiting family, I was left pretty desperately wanting some alone time. Que the partner making plans with friends. I request to not be involved because I'd really love to just sit alone and be a human potato. After reminding my partner of this many many times they continue to make plans having these people in our apartment. These people have their own houses. I'm literally asking for one evening. That's it. Nothing crazy.

I'm told I can just hide in the bedroom. So I get to just lay in bed and listen to this obnoxious get together while I'm in pain??? I've tried explaining my perspective and nothing. I didn't realize how desperate I was for some privacy until I entered said bedroom (again it's a loft situation so god and everyone will see my ass in bed and label me as rude because I'm just having a shitty time with my body )

I'm silently crying like a little bitch because I feel so...Not listened to. Really that's it. And I'm both angry at myself. Maybe I should stop being a selfish bitch. I'm a grown person. I shouldn't be crying over this. But here I am!

I kinda feel the self hatred thing slipping off into an irrelevant tangent.

Am I being unreasonable? I mean, they literally just want to sit around and play video games. This can be done at anyone else's place. This is the only time I've flat out begged for an alone night. Maybe I just didn't make myself clear enough.

I'm gonna cut this off here because I can see this just turning into a repitive crying loop and I don't want to waste the Internet's collective time.

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Your husband... Oct 11,1956..has more of an obsession and evacuation w oppression and watching me through out the home. Them in restoring your marraige... Accept that you are in an adulertous marriage and do something about it. Bc I never known oppression to sow a dollar into any man home and wonder why you lack a home of your own.. Haha

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I had an unhealthy 7+ years of my life I am trying to recover from. I haven't been single for this long time....but I've been in multiple relationships. Here I am today....finally on my own. It needs to happen. But It's so lonely. I would always get over a relationship simply by getting into another one. The first one didn't last long by the last to were 4 years and 2 years. Now I am left hanging by something that was potentially my next relationship.

I just can't handle it. I know people have outlived the loves our their lives and some get divorced after years long than I've been alive. I know there are way worse situation than what I'm going through....but what went so wrong in my life that I feel I ALWAYS need someone to love me. I always need a relationship.

This is such an empty feeling and I feel very rejected. I need to convince myself that I need to love myself before I can move on from this.

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I messed up.


I can't give into my inner desires. I love her but I can't be with her. I can't leave because she needs me. She's in love with another man, and I don't want to squander that. Tonight I said some things that I regret and I can't take it back. It's not like she's going out with him or anything, but I know how she feels about him. I don't want to ruin that for her. I don't know how we got to flirting, it started with her saying what she liked about me and I said the things I like about her. Awhile ago I was her boyfriend, and I guess in the end I'm not able to suppress my feelings for her and it's killing me. I want her to be happy, I'm not sure I'm enough to make her happy.

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Ive been dating my boyfriend for 4 years. Nothings changed, nothings exciting anymore. He is still a child and irresponsible and blows away his money. While I am saving and focused on my future and want to settle. Im not happy anymore. We met when I was so young. Im not the same person and neither is he. When I look down our path together I dont like what I see. But what If I dont find anyone else. What if there is nobody out there that would love and understand me? I dont think I could handle being alone. But I know I want to work on myself. I feel like my boyfriend is pulling me away from Jesus rather then helping me get closer. What if the man I am looking for is out there waiting...but what if theres nobody waiting. Im just terrified that If I leave, ill end up alone.

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Ive been dating my boyfriend for 4 years. Nothings changed, nothings exciting anymore. He is still a child and irresponsible and blows away his money. While I am saving and focused on my future and want to settle. Im not happy anymore. We met when I was so young. Im not the same person and neither is he. When I look down our path together I dont like what I see. But what If I dont find anyone else. What if there is nobody out there that would love and understand me? I dont think I could handle being alone. But I know I want to work on myself. I feel like my boyfriend is pulling me away from Jesus rather then helping me get closer. What if the man I am looking for is out there waiting...but what if theres nobody waiting. Im just terrified that If I leave, ill end up alone.

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