Man + Man + Woman = ???

I have a good job, a nice car and my own place. I am Intelligent, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, honest, trustworthy and funny.

Despite having all of the qualities that women should be looking for I am finding it hard to find anyone that can have romantic feelings for me. I am successful at finding dates and getting all the way to home base but when it comes to really having a committed relationship I seem to be the guy that women just want to have fun with. I am not the guy they want to settle for.

I just spent about three months courting a woman who loved everything about me. We spent nights together, went on fun trips, cooked together, cuddled, kissed and everything in between. She even bragged to her co workers and friends about how great I am to her. About a week ago she bluntly told me that she knows in her heart that it could never be a long term thing with me even though she is very happy. She just can't feel romantic feelings towards me. She said that she really wanted it to happen but it wasn't and she does not want to waste either of our time.

So what gives? Does anyone here have any insight as to why it might be so difficult?

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What to do


I have been really good friends with this girl for 4 years now. I have always liked her but have been fine with just being her friend. We have a lot of fun together and talk daily, we have kissed but only when we are both really drunk. We recently went on a trip together with a group of people and had a great time. I am really close to her family her mom several times has asked why we don't date. She has never made really moves to push toward any type of relationship at all, and I am afraid to because I don't want to mess anything we have up. A few years back I approached the conversation but at the time I found out she was talking to another guy so she blew it off. Everyone says we would be perfect together but I don't know if I should even approach the conversation. Any advice?

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he is never sorry


I made a lot of mistakes in my relationship..i my bf..he hs stopped sayin sorry fr he feels why shud he say sorry..he hs dne gurl hs dne worst..m tryin to tel him dis is nt d ryt u cnt force sme1 to b sry..lst tim v hd a fyt..i begged him so mch abt a gurl..i pour my heart out that i cnt handle dis d next fyt, he tlks to dat gurl..nd says oh i ws angry, this wat a relation is..u express ur weakness to ur guy nd he bangs it in d vry next fyt u i cnt tel him nythn cz his ans is oh i just spoke..(unlike u who went out wid a guy once)..u knw he says he frgivs smewhr i feel he if sme1 frgivs u, u dnt use it agn n agn to mke u feel guilty abt it..he thnks oh u hv hurt me worst, dis is nothin..i wish i cud tel him, hurtin u dsnt mean m nt hurt..i dnt knw hw long dis relation wud since few mths, he hs bcmr superior nd m inferior..he points out my mistkes at evry incident he gets to..i cnt sit nd discuss even 1 thng widout my past cumin up..hw wil sme1 survive..yest also he told me u say sry frst, i wil say sry fr my his sry nvr came..bfr also, v hd a fyt once..he hd told me i knw my mistakes, i wil mke it up once u r sry..i he nvr..he alwys says u b sry frst..nd his apology nvr cmes..his regret nvr cmes..nd even if he says sry, its mre painful cz its lik..hey m sry bt u hv dne worst..i hv dne nothin..m i into ryt relation..m i makin d same mistke agn..bein wid a wrong i rly want to spend my lyf lik dis..1 day smile nd 6 days cry..whrs d fun..d njoyment..d respect..m smewhr gettin 2nd thghts abt dis relation..i cnt stay sme1 who keeps using my mistakes to hurt me..who alwys wants me to b sry fr evrythn..nd who uses my weakness to hurt me mre..tit for tat shud b wid enemies..nt in luv..smewhr i hv lost respect fr him whch i hd..past few mths, he hs been vry immature nd vry hurtful..i hv hurted too bt i apologize..i mke it up..nd i nvr remove dat topic agn..he dsnt..he wil nail u wid ur mistakes til u fall dwn nd thn he wil say y u fell dwn..get up..m here to help u..

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I miss him alot nd luv him i want is he shud cme to me n say he ws wrong to leav say he luvs me nd wil nvr leav me..m i wrong..m rdy to frget bt he is nt cumin bck..shud i finaly leave..i knw if i try i cn mke dis i want him to cme..he hurted me alot..dnt i deserve sme luv nw..shud i chnge job..or city..or shud i jst stay here nd luk at him evrydy nd wait fr him..wil leavin al dis help me to survive widout i stay widout lukin at him..or talkin to him..i dnt want hurts too mch to stay away frm him..i cnt even imagine doin do i hv a option..wil he evr cme bck..even if he does, on wat wenevr he cmes, he says i wont do dis or dat..wil he luv me agn..nd wat abt d day whr he left me completely..wil i evr frget it..plz help..plz help me frm al dis..i want a normal lyf..whr i smile nd he smiles..y cnt i hv it..hv i done too bad thngs in my lyf..m i a bad it my it my punishmnt..wil i alwys b sufferin frm der no end to dis evr..i wish thngs b gud or i die..i cnt survive dis pain nymre..nly one stoppin me frm dyin is my dad..i cnt do dis to him..i cnt hurt him so bad..wil he undrstnd dat i died cz i ws hurtin too mch..nd wil rd survive if i die..or he wil feel guilty..i dnt evrm hv guts to die..i cn nly hope smethn happens to me..gud or smethn

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So i try to plan d best surprises fr him on our anniversary..v hv a gud dy..nd next dy agn v r bck to agn he hs smethn to complain abt..nd thn he dsnt lik my reaction..oh..hw wud u feel if aftr a huge fyt, u do ur best to mke it mke ur man happy nd it dsnt even long fr 1 dy..he dnt get tim as planned on ur anniversary whch i he hs to complain abt smethn..thn he says i ws sharing..he ws blamin me nt sharing..aftr doin evrythn u cn, if stil sme1 complains, r u gonna react or u..evrytim i tke a step, lyf teaches me a lesson..i ws tryin to b d person i ws..cook fr my man..luv him..mke him feel gud abt no..he jst walkd off..he askd me throw away d food..does he do dat to his matr hw bad der relation is, he sits at hme..he eats wat she cooks..thn y cnt he bloody sit wid me no matr wat..y cnt he shout, abuse nd fyt instead of jst breakin up nd goin away..he dsnt call..dsnt msg..does he do dat to his sleeps in dat house..he dsnt walk off frm dat he walks off frm my house..thn i ate tablets in depression..did he dnt cme back..wat if smethn hd happened to dsnt i rly want to b wid sch a person..its his fault this tim nd i wont b goin to him..he nd his wife cn stay lyf is nyway ruined..i dnt knw y ws i even tryin to luv sme1 so mch..hvnt i learn nythn yet in lyf..learn to live alne instead of learnin to live wid sme1

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The guy ultimately had white on black intentions. So killing a white woman seems directly counterproductive to that agenda But what does it matter ? It doesn’t matter to heather anymore does it ? Yes I’m putting out a candle tonight an all American Girl has died for her beliefs A West Goshen, Pennsylvania man shot his GOP neighbor twice in the head and killed him Fox News never said a word Just think I’m the worst criminal because I'm a police officer and I enjoy watching kiddy porn when I get off work

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Isn’t it weird how people imagine up the perfect person that they would love to be their soulmate yet, there is no such thing as a nonperfect soulmate. Two longing souls searching for one another, the dream of being the first and only; to only realize that the person you end up with has had other people’s lips on theirs. The blatant thought of knowing some stranger’s lips were on your partners. Where they had their hands on them, and the actions the other person took while being entangled with them. How the thought of not having a virgin of relationships as your intended soulmate just had someone else’s lips on theirs. How their naked torso’s and chests were exposed to one another, and how she may have been on top of him doing the things you do naturally with him now. How he probably ran his hands through her hair as they kissed. How his hands explored the outer shell of her soul; and how he kissed someone that wasn’t you. Stuck with the thought that is now killing you, because he is now yours and you only want him to have you and nobody else. But…the road is two ways. He sits and thinks the same about you. The girl he claims to be everything he would want in a girl, in his dream of a perfect relationship. He thinks about the same things you just thought of yet, you have more exposed. How he listens about the guys of your past, how he pictures you with them. The picture of having his soulmate on top of another guy, how he sees how they destroyed you and caused you pain. He pictures boy number one pulling you into him and giving him the same smile that you share with him. He sees him look at you, and how you shyly look back at him. How he leans in and kisses you and how his hands move from your lower back to your butt. How the kisses intensify and more than just chest and bare torso’s being exposed. It leaves him there thinking about the many boys that were intimate with you and how they threw you aside. More than just a kiss, and how vulnerable they left you. And here you are, worrying and thinking about what he did with her, a kiss and bare torso’s and chests, where you stand bare and entered by many men. It’s weird how the way life works of finding your soulmate. -An Exert from a book I will never write.x.BD

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Am I wrong?


I'm new to this so pls don't judge me..I've been with my boyfriend for some time now, and everything is great. But when it comes down to how I feel about something's, I feel like he doesn't care. Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in this relationship because he pushes me away at times. When we first got together I wasn't allowed to date, so I had to hide everything and some what fight to be with him. But on the other had, he didn't have to do much fighting or much hiding since he's the oldest and well his parents gave him freedom to do what he wanted I guess. I just feel like I'm alone sometimes and I just wanted to know if I'm wrong for feeling that way???

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So my wife has just informed me that we are going to be splitting up... no infidelity no other issues other than she wants to be on her own and live her life. I want her to have that. But it hurts so bad.... I am happy in this marriage and willing to do whatever it takes but she wants out... and apparently that's what's going to happen. I'll let her have whatever she needs but I still want to fight for us. Am I an idiot for this? Am I just a fucking coward? Do I have a chance? Or do I just accept things as they are and move on. I hate this with every inch of my soul. And I've never felt so alone in my life.

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i know v hv fought alot in last few mths..nd aftr evry fyt v r stil togethr..d hurt remains smewhr bt d luv is so strong dat it covers dis tim thngs seem vry diffrnt. lik v hv finaly lost dis battle..i gues world is ryt..wat wud u get fallin fr a married guy aftr al..yes it wrks wid my luck, normal thngs hardly wrk..hw cn i xpect a miracle..evrytim v fyt, next dy m normal..he tkes tims nd thn he is also dis tim m d one takin so mch watevr mistkes i hv dne, i hv apologized..nd watevr made him happy i hv tried..he cudnt do it alwys cz he hs othr responsibilities he cnt leav..whch i fytin wid me fr anothr i dnt undrstnd..meetin her to celebrate frndshp dy bt nt meetin me aftr i came frm my leaves, no i dnt undrstnd..m alrdy havin trouble to manage dis relation wid his wife in picture, y m i xpected to tolerate 1 mre gurl..yes i hv mre guys in my lyf..yes i hv made nvr hv i fought wid u fr anothr matr hw gud or bad dat guy is..i hv alwys xplained him bt at d end told him dat i wil do wat mkes u happy..y dnt he say dat..y ws he fytin so mch fr dat gurl..did i fyt fr my frnds..m alwys rdy to leav ny person in my lyf he hs issues he keeps fytin fr his ppl..m i wrong if m too hurt dis tim..y shud i frgiv u wen u r nt even sry..y shud i plan my lyf wid u if u r fytin wid me fr anothr matr wat m doin whlr dy, her namr keeps flashin on my mind..i cnt get dat fyt out of my head..i nvr had a prb movin on frm fr mr u wer alwys mre m nt able to move on dis tim..i luv u..i wanna b wid u..i wanna hold m upset too fr dat 1 al i cn move m nt sure i cn move on frm dis..u say i left ppl bcz dey wer bad. yes i m also rdy to leav ppl who r gud if u hv prb wid thm..did u do dat fr me..u left our frnds grp too..u hd so mch issues wid ur frnds, did u evr leav der u do it wid matr i try to trust u, smethn happens dat shws ur family nd frnds wud b ur close ones alwys..i wil alwys b an outsider..yes i luv me lik u also hate me quickly wen v fyt..i undrstnd u cnt leav ur wife ryt nw bt wat ws d reason fr nt leavin ur frnd..its been a yr nw..hw many ppl did i leav fr us..nd hw many did u leav fr us..u hd to leav 1 person nd u cudnt do it..y ws dat person so me..u choose her over me dat til i dnt feel u wil choose me alwys no matr wat, i dnt wanna plan my lyf wid u..i dnt wanna say sry to u or try to fix dis tim m broken nd i cnt fix u til m fixed..i cn b wrong evrytim, bt dis is smethn m 100% ryt at..i knw i cn move on frm dis hurt too cz i luv u dat i want u to b sry fr it..dis tim, i wont move on till u realizr ur mistke..u keep fytin fr ur ppl nd one day i wil b gone..i wud prefer to sufer alne thn to keep losin u to othr ppl evrytim..

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For about a year now I've felt nothing but pain, agony, and irritation. I look back at old pictures and I am reminded of how happy I use to be before I met you. Why is it that I find it so hard to leave? I've tried once before but some how you manage your way back into my life. I sometimes wish I never even met you but at the same time you are my best friend. I have never felt so much sadness and anxiety as I do now. I hated what you did to me last year and although we worked it, I still get very sad and angry over the situation. I feel like I couldn't leave only because you would still be apart of my life because of our mutual friends. I feel now my hate has become stronger for you than my love. After two years, I am just drained of my energy and to sad now because of you. I wish you felt what I did because maybe you would understand instead of trying to justify your stupid actions. I hate you so much.

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I miss my friends and I hate him. I feel grateful that I can finally say "hate" when for so long it was mad, sorry for, or miss. I find that I get upset with myself that I cannot push through the feelings father so I have to remind myself that we are human. I am one of many I think who are uncomfortable expressing feelings. As a reference, I am an educated woman with no history of abusive relationships prior to this.

I started putting both feet down and stating that he was not welcome in my life 8 months ago. We dated for just over a year prior to that, and I spent most of it trying to protect myself or avoid drama by walking on egg shells. I made excuses like how I didn't want to burden anyone else or I was too busy to move out, but really a part of me naively wanted to believe that I was not so foolish to let someone so evil into my life. I wanted to believe that the ideal person I met was real and the nice (fake) part of the person would dominate the cruel part. It only became more and more clear that he sought me, and others, out at part of his entertainment. I made excuses for him...for how he was raised or how military protocols contribute to severe mental illness, but ultimately we all have choices. We may not be able to control how we feel but, with exception to certain illnesses, we can certainly choose our resulting words and actions. Fighting left no scars for him or stalled him in anyway. He could always laugh while myself and everything around me was falling down. I experienced preparing to die for the first time after I met him, and then again countless times. This changed who I am, in a way that my friends, family, and peers have noticed but do not understand. I feel sick when men are physically close to me now and I am quiet, but it does not feel by choice. From birth through before meeting him nothing could keep me quiet. I just do not know what to say anymore, ever.

I am grateful to be on this end where I can finally say "hate" and that he does not deserve my time and not feel guilty about it. I hate him. I have never felt comfortable saying that about anyone but I hate him for taking part of me. Part of me that could have been with my family, friends, and loved ones. Part of me that used to enjoy work and now I struggle to get out of bed. It is really such a shame that I endured so much pain and lost so much of my life and my health just because I did not feel comfortable being mean. Or that I even considered standing up for myself as being mean for that matter. Whether that is influenced by societal norms or personality, is another story. I am naturally an incredibly driven and outspoken person but to him I was just another a challenge. A challenge that I still feel like he won; however, I am hopeful that I will continue to love others and surround myself with respectful individuals while he continues to live a life where no one truly knows who he is, isolated and scared. I place empowering visuals everywhere I can see them. I started opening up to a couple of friends which has helped some. I try not to be in the home alone much but for whatever reason I have found myself exhausted since the relationship ended. Mentally and physically in a hole that I am able to climb out of and see the light more and more each week. I am slowly remembering the things I once found beautiful.

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It's hard to write this without giving the whole background. I'm married to an alcoholic, bulimic, OCD person. He's not constantly drinking, throwing up, or cleaning. He also wasn't born into a place of love or brought up in a loving home. He's a good provider for our little family. He's affectionate and loyal. He's a dedicated and sweet father. And he's only ever mean to me when he drinks.

I say all of this to myself in a poor attempt to convince myself that the way he treats me is acceptable. He doesn't beat me, but he can be cruel. He treats me the way I imagine his mother treated him growing up. He's hurtful, never accepts responsibility for wrong doing, and is tough. When I tell him he's hurt my feelings or I start crying, he tells me I'm being too sensitive. Everything is my fault. And maybe it is. If the floor needs to be vacuumed, it's my fault that it's dirty. If the dog has an accident, it's my fault that he had to clean it up. Just like any situation, it wasn't always this way. It's not like I woke up one day and told myself to fall in love with the most problematic person I could find. On an almost constant daily basis, I find myself wishing it was just me and my girls (my dog and my baby). I've heard that being newly marrried and having a baby can be tough. But this constant feeling of feeling like I'm drowning and never good enough for him can't be normal. It just can't be.

I don't recognize myself anymore. At night, I'm constantly crying, wishing for a different life for myself and my girls.

And although I feel stuck, I truly do love him. But I can at least try to make an attempt to take care of myself. Recently, I started going back to the gym. Working out was something I loved to do before we met. Sometimes he makes me feel guilty for it, but has never stopped me.

I don't know where this is going, but I just needed to say it. To someone. To anyone, really.

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Dear you...


Dear someone- I have so many questions i want to ask you but i just don't know how and because i know for a fact that my voice would break and tears would stream down my face if i were to ask you in person. So here i am, finding myself writing this letter. These days you just seem to be ignoring me like i'm your worst enemy. How? that would be my first question. How was it so easy for you to just go? to just leave me and not even look back. Why? Why would you leave, or why would you leave like that? no explanation, no real goodbye, nothing Was it even real? what we had, i mean. was it? because i have been dreaming so much about you lately that it seems like i can't tell what's real and what's not anymore. Lovely, oh lovely. i wish you didn't shatter my heart. i wish you didn't make all these promises just to break them. i wish that you could have been honest with me from the beginning. honest about your intention and feelings fro me. the last time we were standing in front of each other, looking into your deep brown eyes that had a hint of green it made my knees go weak and my heart beat faster than i have felt. how could one feel so much and that other just not at all? i guess i'll never know because being the person i am. i tend to give people all of me. always. with you it was no different. i gave you every ounce of me, made you my favorite person in this shitty world and all i did was hope that i was your favorite too. But this is my farewell, my love. I hope that part of you never forgets me, no matter how important i was to you. i hope that no matter where life takes you, it takes you some place happy. Just because you did the wrong things to me, does not mean you deserve the wrong things done to you. You deserve to be happy, and i am sure of that. Love always, Me

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Call me to b.s. That's cool. Don't expect me to respond if the only time you contact me is for money or a babysitter. Been there done that for to long. And ppl wonder why I'm a recluse.

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I am married to someone with anxiety, depression and several phobias. Over the 7 years we have known each other it has become increasingly worse to the point where she does not leave the room on some days. I work to support us both, I get up whenever she needs something. I hold my tongue when she does something wrong because I dont want to upset her, yet she does not hesitate to correct me at any opportunity. She does not hesitate to throw a middle finger when I tell her something isn't being done right. We havent had sex in over a month. I feel more and more like a carer and less like a husband. I am drowning under all the weight.... I dont have friends I can talk to about these things, I am alone surrounded by people who say they care but who are sympathetic to her while I stand in the background with a fake smile on my face pretending to be strong.

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It's been 36 days since we broke up and 9 days since we last contacted each other

I wanted to fight for you, but seeing you move on so fast and the break up not effecting you was too hard for me. My thoughts

I miss you I wish we could give the relationship another chance Why haven't you contacted me Don't you miss me Did 4 years mean nothing to you Is this really it Is this how we end things How did things turn out this way I love you I miss you Why don't you love me I miss you I hate not being able to talk to you I hate not being able to see you How are strangers again I feel like I lost part of me How do I give you up Why cant I move on I love you I love you I love you Why is this so hard Are we really never going to talk again I wanted to say good bye in person I hate that our last conversation was through text saying that nothing is set in stone and we can say good bye another then but we haven't talked since Why haven't text me Don't you miss me Don't you miss us I love you I really love you I don't know what to do now How do I start moving on How did you move on so fast Why cant talk to each other I miss you Did you ever really care about me I love you and I wish I had said it more

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I have freinds but not the best friend kind, I have never been intimate or anywhere close to a girl and I am attracted to them so I think I need a change in my life in terms of relationships

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Love should have an on and off switch. Wish it is that easy. Niligawan ka tapos pag mahal mo na biglang aatras. Di kaya ng commitment. Cute! Alam ko naman na alanganin ang situation natin pero sana di ka na nagparamdam kung di ka naman handa na may maramdaman din ako. Ginagago mo ba ako?? Ang hirap kaya. Para ako yung nanliligaw ngayon. Hirap pala pag mas mahal mo na. I believe that we choose people who can hurt us because we allowed ourselves to love those people. We can never be sure of anything pero ngayon sigurado ako sa iyo e. Bakit ikaw hindi?? Ikaw nanligaw di ba?? I-off mo na lang etong nararamdaman ko. Please lang i-off mo na. Paano mo nagagawang matulog ng ganito tayo.

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Let me start of by saying I am a Baptist/Christian young adult. I am dating this wonderful, sweet, caring, genuine guy that really loves me for who I am. I love him like crazy too and it's been amazing. However, I do not drink and he does. Bare with me...I was raised in church and I believe that whatever God says to be true. He says in the Bible that one should not consume alcohol and become drunk off of it. I have never tried alcohol nor do I want to. But my boyfriend always jokes around asking if he can buy me a drink for my 21st birthday, or if he says a woman holding alcohol he says "wife goals". It's really discouraging because it makes me think that I am not fully good enough if I don't drink. I don't know how to bring it up to him, but it's really getting to me. I just hope I can find the words to tell him so it doesn't affect our relationship. Also, I believe that I should marry a man that believes like I do, someone I can worship God with. He doesn't actively go to church, but he's gone with me once and said he'd want to go again. We both know that we could see us marrying each other in the future, but I'm scared that if we have completely different beliefs, it could cause problems further down the road. I just needed to get this off my chest with no one knowing who I am. The only thing I can do is pray about it and hope we can work things out.

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We were the best of friends for 2 years and then we dated for 2 years.... after having a 4 years relationship with me is it possible for you not to having any feeling for me?

I know that our relationship stayed on the surface, but I was scared to get hurt by you again, it seems like I'm always the one getting hurt. I let this fear consume my love for you and I focused on my needs and insecurities never really thinking you had any.

That was the downfall of our relationship, we focused on the walls we built not realizing we needed to work on breaking them instead.

Now we've separated and although I want to be there for you, I think it's time we say good bye. It's not that I'm giving up on you and I wish more than anything to have a second chance to love you properly but I fear I'm turning into a toxic person. I think it's best I give you space and focus on myself again. One day I hope we can meet again and when we do I hope that I've grow strong enough that I can sincerely smile and say that I don't regret having loved you.

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Is it weird?


Am i the only one who masturbates to the thought of my exs sometimes. Ive had really great sex in my past and sometimes the memories get me so wet i have no choice but to play with myself and right when im about to cum i scream their name. Sometimes its just one ex i think about but sometimes its more than one of them. Is that weird?

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I know we moved on and I have really good days where i just think about you and i just simply enjoy the memories i made with you, But then sometimes i have moments where those simple memories become painful and i start to miss you more than usual. Ive tried to move on, ive tried ignoring you, ive given it time and space i dealt with my heart break i even handled you saying there was no longer any meaning to the colors and number. And i mean absolutely no direspect to our relationships but you filled a void for me when you were present. Although deciding to go our seperate ways left an even bigger one that i have no clue how to close or to fill. Maybe you filled yours or maybe you never had one idk i just found myself thinking of you.

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Recently my long distance girlfriend broke up with me for accusing her of talking to some other guy and using Whatsapp to communicate with him. It all started cause I had access to our family plan account online. So I went on there and checked her calls. I did cause I had a feeling. Sure enough there was a incoming call at 10:30pm that lasted 96 minutes. I found this very odd and instantly got infuriated! I called the number the next day and a guy answered. I just hung up. I didn't want to bring it up to her cause then she would know that I was online snooping. she gave me access cause she said she had nothing to hide. Mind you that was a like 2 years ago. I gave in and asked her, of course she was mad. Not cause I was snooping, but because I was questioning her on being loyal. She claimed it was some guy she was helping out with his Taxes cause that's what she does. But for a client to call you on your personal cell phone at that time of night and almost talk for 2 hours smells like BS to me. Especially cause this guy is the brother in law of another client of hers that she had recently met as well and became friends with. In the short time of meeting these people she went to a birthday party of her new friends daughter and the guy was there obviously. And the following weekend went to some outdoor activity for a kid event. And of course dude was there but has no small children. My ex said that he went, but didn't go in the same car as them. And that her and her friend and the kids were mostly hanging out together while the dude and his brother looked at other stuff. I'm not buying it. She swears up and down that it nothing like that. And that she only talked to him that once. Long story short. I saved his number in my contacts and can see when he's on WA. One early AM she came on at 4:05am and he came on at 4:09am. Coincidence? She say yes. What do you think? Please give me your input.

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Funny how the world can be dissaving. Looking up at the world, with my little body wrapped in precious love and protection that can never be found anywhere else, only in my parent’s hearts. Being little was awesome, I was born with the world at my feet before I could even stand. Goals as big as the expectations my family held. My only ambition was to shine for them, so they shone with pride. It’s not that my ambition has changed either. They are my life. In my bad days, it really did go to show that I live for them. See suicide isn’t ending the pain only passing it on to the people you love and the people who truly do love you. But what is love? See just from almost 21 years of life, I could list many ‘feelings’ associated with love, but is it love? The love I have for people is different. There is my love for my family, there is the love I have for my friends or shall I say who have ME as a friend, there’s the ex’s that just turned out to be lust and at the time very strong lust, love for yourself, there’s the love for my baby who never got the chance to live and then theres him. Soul destroying, selfish, heart-breaking idiot who not only makes you break but who becomes your ambition, your life, and the love for yourself, well the love for myself… went straight out of the window. Suffering from depression is something I can never begin to explain, some days its severe, some days I feel invincible. Mum always told me “the happiest girl is always the prettiest”, I was always that happy girl. Never stopped smiling, even now. Dad always told me “There’s not a star out of your reach” but the only star I want to reach is my baby in the sky. The pain, from that one ‘love’ and the forever eternal effects from the ‘situation-ship’ that came with him, I carry; under every smile, laugh, blink and tear, it will be there. See people do you over, that’s people for you. They don’t realise their actions and choices hurt. Sometimes even their words just for the fact that they are too easily spoken. He never provided me with happiness, only the words that are easy to fall for. How naïve. I could say it was “perfectly unfinished” but trust me its finished and nothing perfect about it. I could say “nothing lasts forever” but I know that the love my mother and father share will carry on until the world stops spinning. Generations of us will forever be marked by their true beauty and love. That’s what I want and it is what I’ll get. “time is a great healer” says parents. we will see over time with these blogs/ documents how time heals me. Right now I am so happy, yet so sad. But my family are the wind beneath my wings. Writter: S-lw

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Please someone give me some tips on getting over a 3+ year relationship. I can't help keep talking to my text or responding to him after he texts me after a few days of us trying not to talk. We know we are not going to work for many reasons too long to discuss. Yet, we cannot let go. I have tried to find new friends, hobbies, stay busy with life, journal but the second he messages me - i cannot refuse him. or I cave and message him . and we often hook up- have some laughs - do fun things as if we were still dating.... I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

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okay, so I was having this heavy debate with my boyfriend of 3 years about having a career after marriage (being a woman) and he said basically that whoever makes more money in the relationship (usually men because that just how society operates) gets to have their dream “work the job” while the other person has to just “compromise” and “sacrifice” their dreams for their partner so both of you and your kids can live a “good life” - good life meaning nice cars and money -

so just because a man always makes more - because that is how the world is- the woman is expected to make the sacrifice

he also said I would have to give up my career for the kids cause I'm a woman -and that there is no possibility of man and women sharing duties equally - one person HAS TO work more - to be able to get by. Also, the guy already has duties outside the house like owing the lawn/ fixing things around the house etc. so he shouldn't be expected to do kitchen work.

I kind of get that but how come the woman has to be the on to give up her career OR HIS other option was you work + take care of household - and mind you, this is a gigantic joined family household. How in the hell would I manage two full time jobs pretty much. Physically and mentally exhausting. I know some indian mothers do it (like his) but I know I couldn't nor do I want that pressure and responsibility.

he also said that he would work so much so that his wife would not have to work. that is great- but what if she wanted to work for her satisfaction, passion (like me). i don’t want to be mooching of someone and have things handed down to me - I never have, my whole life and never would want to rely on a man like that. I want to earn it - i want to put effort everyday - i want my life to have MEANING AND PURPOSE - and that doesnt mean staying at home and cooking and waiting for you to return from work and give me money -

He then argued i would get tired of working myself in whatever job after 4-5 years Eventually - the hype is over - but I believe i will be passionate about my career forever like some people work for YEARS. Besides, I am going to university for a reason.

He also said we would need to be saving money so our kids and grandkids could have it good. fair enough, But i don't think like that. what are you saving for? LIVE your damn life right now . REWARD yourself - go on vacation, have fun, help others, give your kids a good life - (especially cause I never have been able to do things because of money problems my whole life) and if I'm going to work so hard to have a good career- of coarse i will spend some money that I MYSELF EARN. that being said, spend with limits and save for your children's education and what not - but grandkids? I am not thinking about other generations at this point - WHO KNOWS what the world will be like then -

i have different values because I have been raised in a low-income household my whole life - and always had to (continue to) work for whatever I want in my life -my family had some tragic experiences in loosing money by bad business partners and hence, also why I want to be independent- have my own dreams, money and spend it by helping my family, rewarding myself and giving my children opportunities. BUT I'm not going to slave away and spend my life cooking and raising kids and wait for my husband to return from work to give me money and have sex. He would work full time and I would have a part-time job and full time work at home (cooking for his huge joined family; i don't even like indian food....) anyways, that besides the point.


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Long back when i was in 12grade accidently I came across a scribling on one of the benches. It said "A girl has a hole and boy has a pole, when the pole goes into the hole every problem is solved." At that age I wouldnt understand it completely but now after marriage I can make out what they meant. This is what indian men think mostly.(my hus too). He thinks that only family life means sex and money management there is no need to love or understand the other person. Moreover if there is a fight just do sex it will solve evrything. But for me sex should be a reaction which arises from love or in other words when u love that person so much that u understand even the unsaid words from that person. Ubecome attached and one in soul should be first become one soul then the body follows. When I have sex with my hus I miss that love factor so I become aware of the fact that I am having sex with a man who does nt love me and suddenly my mind starts playing the bad memories I have related to him and at the end this days i start crying and when asked pretent to hurt physically by his enterance whereas actually i am hurt deep inside.

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I still love him


I had my heart broken 3 times in my life, I'm 27 years old. Each time was because of you. The first time was just over 2 years ago, after us sleeping together for 6 months and hanging out like we were a couple, thinking that we were together. I found out you slept with the girl you went on a one week road trip with. You apologized and said you didn't mean to hurt me.

The second time was just a 3 months ago, when after a year and a half of "officially" dating I asked if you saw a future with us and you said you didn't think so. But we stayed together cause you wanted to see if things could change.

The last time I had my heart broken was 22 days ago, when you broke up with me. You said you didn't feel a deeper connection and didn't want to string me along any longer.

After all this and knowing everything I still love you. I wish I could have been the right person for you. I didn't realize you were struggling as well. I only focused on my heart break and I'm sorry I couldn't reach you. You weren't wrong in breaking my heart, I just wished you had warned me.

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My boyfriend of two years and I broke up 3 weeks ago. I was a wreck the first two weeks, crying almost everyday. Over the last 3 days Ive become aware of a couple things that have changed my point of view and now I am confused. This is a man that I imagined having my future children and spending the rest of my life with. I truly love this man.

He broke up with my because he didn't feel a deeper connection and wasn't sure there was a future with us. Which now I understand is true. Nothing was bad with the relationship but we never talked about deeper and more important things- our regrets and aspirations, our fears and achievements.

Two days ago, my aunt let it slip while on a walk with me that my older sister is actually my half sister. That my father wasn't her biological dad, pretty shocking to find out when you're 26 years old. My dad loves her as much and exactly the same as he does the other 4 of us. What I'm trying to say is that I realized that I wanted a man to love me like my father loves my sister and mom. An unconditional love.

Yesterday I went out to brunch with his sister, who had previously wanted to go out before the break happened. When we talked I found out a couple things about him that I didn't know. He had been talking to his ex before he broke up with the girl he had been dating with at the time and that he had also started talking to me before he broke up with his ex. I thought this was weird but later on I also found out that he had gotten his first girl mfriend (not the other two I just mention) pregnant but they did not keep the baby. I couldn't believe we hadn't talked about this before....I realize now that it's because I never gave him a chance too. He still doesn't know that I know all this. I realized now that maybe I wasn't the girl for him.

He had hurt me before and because I was so scared to get hurt again I focused on building my own walls and never even thought about breaking down his. I had loved him so superficially. I thought that as long as there was attraction and we were having fun that was enough. Now Ive realized that he may not be the guy for me but also that I'm may not be the right girl for him.

Now I don't know what to do, I love him and want to be the right girl for him but I fear it might be too late. I was so naive in our relationship, and I feel like I have a lot to work on, that the person that I am now is not someone he needs but I can't seem to let him go. I know we're broken up... but we still talk. I don't what to do, please help

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I've had something to look forward to for the last 4 weeks. I met a beautiful, well spoken, honest man with great mannerisms. He truly did take my breath away, I continue to have trouble believing this is reality. I think I am dreaming or living in a different realm. I had no intention of meeting anyone or getting serious so soon. I'm still young, categorized as a young adult. Youthful in appearance yet with an old soul. I am actually getting serious with this man. He whom is 2x my age, in his prime time of his life. This guy speaks to me like no other, our spirits are instantly connected. Before I knew it, I thought him long term.. Marriage material, he brought it up before I had it in mind. I am still in college under my parents' roof, trying to hold the family together (1st generation). Most people are married at his age, so I didn't think of it too much. I originally was against marrying early before 24, ideally planned to hop the bandwagon around 30.. Then I see myself with this man, he is older which I've always been attracted to. I worry I will have to marry him early and young, thus leaving my family. No one will care for my parents, my siblings are too invested in themselves to realize they grow old too. I just found out he has 2 strikes, suffering from depression, struggling through financial issues due to lack of job, easily drowsy (I think insomnia), with a drug addiction .. Meth to help him fall asleep. He mention ever since he met me, he's been trying to wane off of it. Which means a lot of respect to me, I can imagine that is difficult. On top of all that, his father is kicking him out of the house in 2-3 weeks. Whenever I am with him, he is obviously tired and having trouble staying awake. He's trying to quit smoking, he reaches when it is a bad day or during stressful events to relax him. He told me all of this 2 days ago, randomly calling me to tell me he's on his way. He insisted I deserve the truth because he's been holding back. There's a lack of support system in his life, his mother passed, brother is married up north, Dad is sick of his decisions, his other family have given up on him. He lacks many friends, recently he had reunited with a few of his buddies. That night we talked about everything, I couldn't stop crying. When he had called, I went outside to find him a parking spot. I had already known this was bad, I had assumed he found out he was a father or his ex girl wanted him, he met a gorgeous female that was his age, and lastly wanted to end it all. I had mentally prepared myself within the 9 minutes I had. I cried and sobbed my heart out for 20 minutes down my street with the neighbors watching. Then we headed back go his place for a cigarette and I cried more. He met my mother 4 days ago. My father and him briefly met that night I had swollen eyes from salty tears. That was awkward but it happened. So there's that, I want to help him but I am unsure what to do. He is a grown man, I give him that. That night he was brave enough to let me upon the truth, he did that not to beg for help, but to give me the option of letting us go. Before all this he kept he needs to pick himself up and grow as a man for me. I had an idea he didn't have a stable job and had some issue floating around. I thought about drug use but ever so slightly. My heart heart the most when he told me he's continuously tried to commit suicide.. December 2016, he didn't put on his seatbelt to attempt of taking his life by backing out of the driveway.. His dad saved him by taking the keys. Out of that all. It hurts to know that I wouldn't have met this man. Not sense this amazing energy, for numerous reasons with the odds working in our favor but from intentional death.. I still cry His father and him don't get along, my heart goes for him. He made silly decisions during his young adult years. It's not that he's just another guy, but sees me as an actual being. He notices the small things I do, paying attention to detail. He's real and doesn't put up a facade. He mentioned he had seen me as his potential wife. The following 2 days, my oh so intuitive like myself Mother dreamt that I would leave her and start a new life with him. That hurt me because at that point I already had strong feelings for him. He's always so kind and does not pressure me to do anything. This man has a massive load of patience and understanding. Already he's telling his friends about me, which is an honor but I am only worried because I don't have anyone to tell with. I don't have friends, I became independent and as my peers worry about social hangouts. I just don't bother because I am not phased. I have a couple close friends but none I would share with. My older sister has yet to meet him, I am scared. He wants to see my mother and tell her all. His belief is it is better to say it now, the truth is going to spill anyways so. I am terrified my parents will not approve after hearing he is unemployed, real age, past history of felony/convicted, lack of financial stability. I know we both need time to sort this through. I told him we will take our time. There is no rush, I am still here. What I like about him is he is always guiding me and giving me wisdom. When ever I think about us I cry.. I don't want to let him go. It is rare to meet a soul that you can spiritually vibrate with. We share the same views about society and social control. I want him to be better and best condition of health is my concern. He is so caring, offering to come to my house to fix my fire alarm battery and helping me with minor house issues. Very sweet of him, it breaks me knowing that such a kind hearted man is going through this. He is applying for jobs but I can imagine it is difficult to find a job with a record. I lost it when he explained that I am the one he sees a future with, love of my life, mother of my kids, friend in need.. I broke it, I kept it in me so long. I recall sobbing in tears, that I wanted to get married, have little mixed babies, grow old together. The moment that replays is "you can't be with a loser like me. I am no good for you. You don't deserve to be with someone that can't provide for you. If I can't afford a ring for you, let alone a place for us -- for you to run around with your textbooks, you deserve what life has to offer for you". I remember he was paranoid I had other guys waiting for me, that it won't work for him .. I remember I was heartbroken because I was confused. I spent the whole day cleaning the house and dusting the front yard for his expected arrival. I denied dinner that night bc I was busy still cleaning and other tasks waiting for me. I was hurt thinking it was over (only a 1 week in us).. He's a SAG Union member so that's where he was getting his income from before.. I knew that face belong behind a camera.. I feel guilty to have him have no place to sleep besides in the bed of his truck. He's always taught me to not cry and be happy about the good things in life. When it is good enjoy it, because when sad parts hit you will relate it to that time when life was once good. I still am in pain not knowing what to do how to help or what to think. I want to get him on insurance. He needs back and ankle surgery that is long overdue 18 years.. I want him to be healthy and strong. As much as for me and for future family but for himself as well. Even if he does not marry me, then I think his future partner deserves man that will be in her life for a long time.

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. please donate to the pine ridge Indian reservation Re-Member is a nonprofit organization which works with the Oglala Lakota Nation on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota please send all your donations to help the lakota and send the donation directly to Re-Member

P.O. Box 5054 Pine Ridge, SD 57770 US

(605) 867-2282 [filtered hyperlink] Many of the children who come to us come from very needy families, who fight daily against the great poverty in the reserves

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I dont i.l evr undrstnd wat luv means..evry person hs der own meanins nd rules fr it..u do dis, u luv me..u dnt do dis, u dnt luv me..y is d luv v giv nvr enuf..d person i trusted most, thght he is d mst sensible person i hv evr met..most undrstndin..tdy fails to undrstnd even 1 smal statemnt of mine..m nt sayin m gud at it..i do mistakes too..i hurt him i knw whr to stop..he dsnt..his hatred nvr ends..even if he luvs me, he wants to hurt me badly..wat does it even mean..guys i dnt umdrstnd..hw cn dey want to hurt d person dey claim to matr hw badly m treated, m hurt nd i jst b in my own i dnt try to hurt d othr person jst cz he hurt me..if ppl keep hurtin each othr wenevr dey r hurt, dey wud nvr hv tim fr njoymnt..y is it dat evrytim guy cmes in my lyf nd claims to luv me alwys ends up hurtin me..he keep lashin on me nd he expects i pamper him..i cnt do it aftr a m atlst m talkim sensibly..nicely..respectfuly..pamperin wil cme ltr..hw cn sme1 keep sayin bad thngs to u nd also complain dat u r nt pamperin thm..rly..u keep thorns in my path nd u expect roses in urs..u shud b happy atlst m nt keepin nythn..m lettin u walk d way it is..wat happens to d maturity guys show wen dey want us..its lik u dnt wanna fall fr dey wud mke u believe dat happy lyf exist..thn u strt fallin fr thm..nd wen u r deep dwn in luv wid thm, dey jst lash out on u..dey suddenly hv al attitude, power to hurt u..nd dey use dat power amazingly on u..its ur loss at d if u stay u r hurt, if u dnt, u r hurt u wanna mke it wrk..u hv planned ur lyf wid thm..u wanna live dat lyf.. m i ryt dat i shud nvr luv a person or m wrong dat bad thngs shud nt affect gud thngs..he cmes, hurts u..u tke ur tim nd try to recover..wen u get sme hpe nd try to luv him, he agn hurts u..its lik he nvr wants u to get up..he keeps pushin u nd pushin he also expects u cme wid a lot of luv..luv nvr ends..its alwys depression tkes a place in ur heart nd luv is unable to cme out..wen wil a guy undrstnd dat luv is makin d othr person happy..if u cnt do dat, atlst dnt mke it mre miserable..

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I rly dnt knw hw dis messed up so i said ws i wantd sme freedom, i ws feelin u tuk it to completely anothr level..u use to tel me it hurts wen i say m gonna leav u in anger..i undrstud it nd started controllin my words in since i stop sayin, u hv strtd usin it on me..yes u nvr say directly lik ur words mean d same..yes u hv wife, a kid, parents..yes i sacrifice thm fr does it mean evrytim v fyt u gna scare me by sayin i wont spend wid u nw, i wud giv thm tim..lst tim also wen u wer upset, u said m cancellin al dis is hw u treat me..evrytim i upset u, u gna tke evrythn bck..jst to punish i do it wen m upset or lik u tellin me i hv given u al dis, behave d way i want or suffer widout thm..u tel me u want me to realize ur value..wen hvnt i..i knw ur value..dats y i fyt so mch fr our relation..hw cn u say u wont spend tim me, to mke me realize dat i miss u..did u frget most of our fyts happen cz i luv u so mch nd no tim is enuf wid u..i mean m completely broken nd tired dat wat i askd nd wat u gav..i askd i wanna go out once a while..u said u nt gna spend weekdys or weeknd wid me..this means leavin fr me..wat kind of relation v cn hv if u dnt spend tim wid me..i hd told u dat u hv chngd..u r treatin me too u did d same agn..yes i got i dnt deserve sch a bad behaviour..i respected u..u dnt..i told u 1 issue..smal one..u tuk it to another if u wer jst waitin to hurt feels lik evrytim i say smethn, u scare me by sayin m nt gna giv u tim..eventualy i giv up nd cme to u..i nvr expected this frm u..i nvr say m goin bck to my hme or my husband..i nvr say aftr ofc i wont cme..i nvr say i wont b available on u say dis agn n agn..issue i said ws nvr abt u givin me tim or luv..i hv both frm u..issue ws once a month i wanna go out wid my frnds..dats it..u said so hurts badly..i wanna b wid u badly bt i dnt knw i ws too mch hurt nd insulted..ur wife got mre imp..ur family got mre imp..i got shouted fr interferin in der tim..finaly u treated me d woman i am..second woman..who dsnt deserve ny respect cz she is illegal nd wil alwys b illegal..a slut..a whore..m blank..i wanna cme bck to u aftr al m tryin to stop i cnt b treated lik a gurl u cn nytim throw away..lyf hs got me till here..wil c whr it tke me ahead..i hope u realise ur mistke nd aftr al dis..i still luv u madly..

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I have fallen for this man whom I used to loathe. He's married and has a family. He used to be my boss and was such a pain in the butt to work for and with. Towards the last few months of his employment there, I finally began to get to know him and now we're friends. He was always flirty with me, although I took it sometimes as him being a jerk. After he found a new job and left, he invited me to his church. He said he had been wanting to invite me for a while and was glad he finally did. I've been every Sunday for like 4 weeks now. His family stays upstairs in the daycare area while he attends the main service and I usually go with a mutual friend or my mother, but he's told me I can come by myself before, meaning just the two of us sitting together. I recently posted a status saying "I deserve better. Agreed, friends?" and he commented with a gif of Melissa McCarthy making a heart with her hands. Today, we were talking with a mutual (guy) friend at church and he was standing with one leg on the floor and the other leg on the chair, drawing attention to his crotch. He was also standing really close to me and staring deep into my eyes and being flirty. Even when he'd get distracted by other people coming up to talk to him, he'd come back and be staring right at me whether I was talking or not. What do I do? I love this church and I am his guest, technically, so I can't not say hello when I am there. I'm 26, he's 37.

By the way, he's apparently always had more female friends than male friends, if that means anything. Somehow, his wife is okay with this lol. Also, when I had officially met his wife at church, it took him a few minutes of her being around before he'd finally acknowledge her and introduce us, but she called while we were talking today and he took the call.

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MC cuts are easy to make , and people are gullible enough to fall for it. I picked up this Milf on Premier blvd , took her over to The Hampton Inn I told her her Husband owed money lots of money . Unless she met me, I'd take her Teen daughter and let The club pass her around until he paid me. Well she willingly gave me the ride of my life . Then Emptied her bank account and returned with the cash.

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When i first got married i thought i was prepared. I thought i knew all that i needed to know before i made that decision, granted we were already having alot of problems i said yes anyway. In my mind i thought that if i was willing to say yes to this person it meant i was willing to do what it takes to forgive him and leave our pre-marriage dating in the past. After we got married both parties found it hard to stay faithful. After 3 years of being married, alot of days i spend alone time thinking about what it would be like to be single again and then i begin to think that whats the point of leaving life sucks anyways why would you want spend it alone? Ive spent my whole teenage years dating sarcastic assholes because for some twisted reason thats my type. Everytime i thought they would be different, and though i would grow to love them more than my words could describe they would all hurt my feelings constantly and tell me to get over it. See im one of those people who build a "wall" because my feelings get hurt too easily but when im in love im no longer in control of those walls beacuse i love you until you force me to stop. Some days i feel as if my feelings have been hurt so much i dont want them anymore, however that does bad things to a relationship. About a hour ago my husband screamed for me to shut up and stop saying dumb stuff. (i was just trying to say that i was tired and wanted to run our errands as soon as i got off instead of us going in getting lazy and then getting up to go do it just to get home right at bed time or after. And that i hate fighting when i just get home. Its tiring, all i wanna do is have a good night ). Of coarse it made me cry. So heres the point some days my marriage depresses me more than everything outside of it. Sadly ive felt like this for 2 of the 3 years. Marriages are draining. But every now and again the sarcastic asshole i married says something nice which is his way of apologizing and things are good again. I dont want a divorce but it sucks to feel like this and not know how to change it for the better.

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This blog is my first ever and inspired by a recent endeavour to get the woman I thought I wanted......

I have had the pleasure of experiencing multiple romantic relationships in life which inevitably ended. Most of the endings were due to my dissatisfaction and loss of interest in these women. I just didn't see or feel what I wanted to in them all....

Recently I tried a bit too hard to conjure up something with a cyber friend of years who I only had the pleasure of meeting a few months back, I loved the idea of her and what she stood for and I believed that with enough persistence, efforts and dedication, I, like any other can get what I truly desire.

I wanted to be perfect for, I wanted to be the nicest, most caring and understanding guy out there and my behaviour started to change because of it. In the end of the day all I was doing was trying to be someone I was not, I was trying to be too nice too often....

So here is the thing about being nice.......Nice is something that someone is only to keep social peace, but in reality and in relationships, if you with someone who is simply nice, it will no doubt be a short lived relationship. Nice is boring to be honest and at times plane down annoying, its what we need to be to random people we see in passing, the bank teller who did our deposit, the shop assistant at the service station...I think you get the picture. In a relationship that you want to be meaningful, being nice will not sustain it all.

You good guys out there that I wondering why you could never get or keep the girl you want, let me tell you why this may not apply to all of you because some men can be both real and nice at the same time and ladies, if you have that then you have a keeper. The majority of us however feel that nice is the way we should be and we act as though we are. We act nice because we are scared...we are scared to show her the people we really are and the numerous flaws we have, our tendency to get angry and upset, the natural aggressiveness that makes us men, the rawness that we possess. When you hide what you truly are from someone you should realize immediately that she isn't the one. As much as we would love to think that all the good things in life comes from hard work, this isn't the case in love. It needs to be easy, it needs to be real, there needs to be mutual attraction, mutual understanding. By no means am I suggesting that you will find a flawless love, but by being real, you will be understood they way you should and everything else will fall into place.

Being nice doesn't get people attracted to you romantically, they only learn to tolerate you and even that not for too long.

I myself am a good and caring person, but i'm also very raw, aggressive and primal in nature, stubborn as hell and intense in all I do. Yes, I wasn't happy with the many woman I had in my past, but I was myself with them and that somehow allowed me to keep them until things were ended on my own terms. I've recently also felt the need to apologize to women in my past just in case I hurt them on my journey to find the one but now that I realize I was real with them, I no longer feel the need.

Please fellow men, don't misunderstand me and mistreat your woman, just don't try to be simply "Nice", it just isn't enough, be real, be you and you will can have every thing you want.

So now I shall continue on my journey, but as I used to, I will do what I have always done in past that ensured I had active relationships but I will be patient in knowing that through the many encounters I felt were not meaningful, she will eventually cross my path, she will appreciate the real me and we shall live happily till the end of time, fighting, screaming, arguing, loving and living.

Never let the actions of an individual put you down, depress you and stop you from moving forward. We live in a world with more than 7 billion people, you're wasting time being sad over an individual when the numbers are in your favour. Use every experience as a lesson, take what is positive out of it, gain knowledge, apply it, move on, live, do whatever it takes to make you feel happy again and stay that way!!!!!

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So they didnt work out for you. There was a time i wouldve used ahat you said to me as a way to get your attention back and now well, now i dont care for your attention at all. I took my biggest risk on you. I risked everything for you when you were with me. You turned me down multiple times! Then you fucked up ran out of chances with me and all of a sudden you wanted me. And at first it hurt to let you go and i mean crying in the bathtub listening to breakup songs kind of hurt, and at that time i thought today was impossible. The day were i live happily without you without wondering who i shouldve chose. I miss your soul SO much i wont lie. But i am okay with out you. 11 months later.

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Hello, I'm just trying to find friends and send msgs to each other. More like a secret online friend no pervs please. F22 If interested send me and email: [filtered hyperlink]

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Evrytim i saw u, i thght u r my ryt decision..Evrytim i hated luv nd relationshp, u made me believe 1 experience shud nt affect ur whle lyf..i fell fr u, did eveythn u wantd..v wantd..nd here m tdy..agn alne..hurt..i gues i ws ryt, luv nly hurts..guys alwys feel dey r ryt nd m guy cn alwys b busy on i cnt go 1 dy guy cn lie to me nd i cn frgiv i cnt lie nd he cnt frgiv me..i left evrythn fr my guy nd he alwys gav me reasons y he cnt do aftr al dis, m d one u hv al u hd..m d one alne here..evrytim u wer busy, evrytim u said no, i undrstud..i nvr said i wont cme cz u hv i made one plan nd it is sch a big issue..u tel me u dnt trust me, i might delete msgs..did i tel u dat i dnt trust u even wen u lied abt so many thngs..if u dnt trust me, y shud i trust u dat u gna cme to me 1 dy nd nt jst keep me hanging alwys..u cnt expect u wil keep hurtin me nd i wil b standin der..yes i hurt i frgiv u..i giv u as many chances u want..i alwys giv u fresh strt..i nvr judge u on ur u alwys judge me on my past..its alwys carry fwd..u went 5 days trip nd lied so mch..stil i dnt tel dat hw wud i knw, u mst hv dne smethn mre..i believed ur confession..did u believe my said i might b hiding mre..u hv a prb i dnt show u my phne..did u shw me urs..i belived ur u trust screenshots mre thn ur partner..yes i hv dne mistkes..yes i may b i knw 1 thng..i hv played fair, u me v both wer u not..nd m rly thnkful dat d little bit hope nd luv i hd in me, u hv crushed it..i wont ever thnk abt havin a happg luv life i luv u too mch to b happy widout u also hurt me too mch to b wid u..i so wish lyf i hv no mre strength left..

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You regret everyday you made me happy. You regret that time you said you would rather be with me than your friends. You regret the sacrifices you made for me. I don't regret the ones I made for you. I sacrificed my relationships with people I love. I've given up my time as well. I've given up little things you'll never see. But I love you and I don't regret a moment I made you smile or made you feel safe. I'm sorry you regret my smile.

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I've been with you for 5 years. We moved out together in order to start a new life away from the scrutiny of my mother who hated our age difference. During that time we were each others world. You would put off talking online with your friends saying, "I would much rather be with you." You proposed to me after 3 years saying I was the love of your life. And then a few months ago we decided to move back to the state where our families are. You went ahead to pave the way. And I stayed behind to close off our affairs and then rush to join you. Two months later you come and kiss me lovingly and you say you love me. The next day after a night together you say that you are unsure of our life together. You say I dragged you away from your friends and that I pua hed you to propose. You say you need to think about if you are truely happy with me. And on that note your gone. I am alone again to feel like I'm floating in limbo. Your ambiguous flight hurt me. And now all I can think is what happened? What did I do wrong? Am I weak to wait for a reaponse from someone I have loved so deeply? Is it rihht to stay with someone who places blame on me for all the things he misses? Am I the source of all hos regrets? I wish you knew the pain I feel when you look at me coldly. And say that I tore you from a world you loved and you weren't ready. The pain, the embarrassment, the lonliness I feel. I have to one to talk to because if I went ro rhose I trust and love they would be dorever angry with you and if all this passes I dont want that animosity. I wish you knew the torment of loving you.

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