Man + Man + Woman = ???

There r days when i cry alot, laugh alot..nd there are days wen i feel nothin..hw cn i nt feel happiness, no sadness, jst nothing..I love you alot but I am tired of so many things that I am unable to express my luv..i unable to xplain or justify..Is dis relationship rly gud fr us if all v do is fyt or cry evrydy..Wats d point of 1 day smile when d next 5 days, we have to my tears also dnt bother u it seems..nw ur shouting dsnt bother me..i get hurt, i cry, i feel bad and next day its agn a gud morning..A person like me who remembers each and evry thing, now i dont even remeber d next day dat wat ws i angry abt or wat ws i happy abt..its lik no memory at al..m nt ignoring the topic but I dnt have to talk cz i dnt remember what ws i suppose to say or discuss..its lik my brain erasing things and saying plz jst b normal..m in no condition for your debates and fyts..Is it wrong or ryt, i dnt its my feelings and I dnt hv a control on thm..i luvd u wid evrythn i had and have, u hurt me wid fear of losing me..i rly dnt knw how to handle dis situation..d most imp thing fr me fr any relationshp is honesty..I am damn honest even if m relation is at stake, nt cz i dnt care, cz i luv too mch to hide or lie..i dnt accept reasons fr hiding yaar..i jst cnt move on..m trying evry single i cnt frgiv fr being dishonest to me..m so lost and failed dat aftr luvin sme1 so mch, u still get this..wats d biggest failure of ur lyf..d person u luv so mch and share evry part of ur lyf, dsnt share his lyf bck cz he feels u dnt handle it well..i feel so lonely smetims as if i dnt fit nywhr..i dnt fit wid my parents, my husband ws a jerk, my job is nt dat grt, my bf thinks m nt worth sharing, my roomates sucks and frnds i hv lost long whr exactly i fit..dnt knw..m sch a misfit in dis wrld it seems..der r so my filters nw..dis relation dsnt seem pure..dsnt seem wat it matr wat i do or u do, smethn is missin..i hv lost..i hv given up m jst a lonely gurl trying to fit in smewhr..

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'm honestly not sure how it happened. He's been my boss since June. I think he was my first crush there, despite him being married and having a family. We're both smarta**es and he has really sexy blue eyes, so I think that's what started it. The longer I knew him, though, the more I began to loathe him. At work, he comes off as very arrogant, lacking compassion, and can be pretty much a douchebag. When he's off the clock, he's actually pretty nice. He said he's really a nice guy, he just was raised to take work seriously...perhaps TOO seriously. There have been many times he's made me want to cuss him out and quit. Things have been strange between us lately, though. Back around Christmas, I gave all of my managers gift bags of candy and he jokingly asked if I poisoned his. If work was slow and some of us got off early and had stuck around to eat, he always ended up sitting next to me. He knows he hasn't always been my favorite person and it seemed like he really enjoyed bothering me. About a month ago, work ceased for a bit for a building makeover, but we still had training at another building. During that time, I guess we've gotten closer. He constantly teases me and pokes fun at me; I was kind of slumped down in a chair that had a hole in the top part and he jokingly pulled my hoodie's hood through the hole and put it over my face and walked away lol; I don't have a vehicle right now and during lunch breaks, he offered to take me to get lunch, but I always declined; he offered me a piece of gum and joked that he didn't poison it, purposely referring back to the Christmas joke; we're FB friends now and he "likes" a lot of my posts; he commented under one post saying how much he appreciates my positivity and encouragement and that it's a "blessing" and that I should "keep it up". All this recent positive attention has caused me to be obsessed with him. Not to mention, I am very sexually attracted to him, but would never act on it. What do I do? How do I go back to loathing him? Also, I had a dream that started off sexual, but then he was my boyfriend and I told him I loved him. Why did I dream that? I am 26, he's 37 and I am by no means unattractive, by the way.

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im attractive red head lady looking for love and adventure were do I start?

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im attractive irish red head 55 looking for love and adventure were do I start to look???????????????????????

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I am 55 divorced over 20 yrs I chose to stay single to raise my children without hassle as my ex was violent , im children have all now flown the nest and have family of there own and there dad is the best sliced thing from bread lol feel ive wasted years ,im attractive red head irish lady but don't have a clue about dating ,im so out of touch

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I am 55 divorced over 20 yrs I shoes to saty single to raise my children without hassle as my ex was violent , im children have all now flown the nest and there dad is the best sliced thing from bed lol feel ive wasted years ,im attractive re head irish lady but don't have a clue about dating ,im so out of touch

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Im so in love with my boyfriend of nearly a year but, recently it seems that he's not that interested in spending time with me anymore. Could it be something im lacking or is he just not interested anymore?

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It's Killing Me


Damn, I still miss my children so much. I've been separated for almost 18 months now and much hasn't changed. I was doing better for awhile but now not so much. You see before I met her I was content and quite happy living along. I had not only adjusted to it but started to really thrive. I've never really had the tools at my disposal to do well in American society. It has quite a bit to do with my childhood and some I honestly believe is genetic though.

I finally found my home in the world and that was through travel and adventure sports. All the things that made me an oddball and on the fringes of society in the States made me insanely strong in this lifestyle. For so long I had lived in the States growing up isolated. There was no place for someone like me; home, work, school, or even friends. I harbored this dream. A dream where I live a normal life. A life filled with a loving wife, children, and maybe even a dog. But I had actually found real happiness with my adventure seeking circle of friends. I actually fit in.

When I met my wife to be I felt that little glimmer of hope come alive again. I could be a real person and have a real life, a normal life. I was so proud and happy when we got married. I know I also played a part in the ruin of that relationship. There's always two involved in that. But the fact that I did everything from beg to scream for a marriage counselor for years before leaving tips the favor on my side I'd think.

I miss my children so badly. I doubt I will heal as everyone hopes I will. See after having someone in my heart there it's left a hole. My penis hadn't worked in over 18 months before I left her. After I left, within a week it was standing at attention every morning I woke up. I did have a girlfriend for a short while after leaving her. That was enough to give me some hope.

I really NEED to have some sort of connection now. But I can't. I need to divorce first and that can't happen for a bit still due to financial matters. I need to divorce so I can go back out and find a woman that actually loves me. I finally figured out my wife's view and a man is really just more a tool than anything. There's no true intimacy, trust, or even really friendship. It seems more pragmatic. It's a fucking job.

That lack of attention to a small matter has escalated now. You know it starts like a small ringing in your ear. Everyone has that every now and again. But what if it just keeps going? In the end it's all you hear and all the time. It's killing me.

At this point I won't lie. I've considered suicide. I still do. I think of how I should exit and what can I get done for my children before I go. I do not like the world at large either. It's pretty disgusting the way I've seen most all people treat each other. I do know I need to somehow protect my children from this world. I can't do that if I'm dead.

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Well I'm 17 just turned actually. I started dating my boyfriend last year around august ish, and he's a year above me. We know the age difference would be a problem one day but we still bonded and fell in love with each other. Any who, he went off to university or college some would call it and I'm still finishing my last year in high school. He's only 4 hours away so we were both thinking oh that's not too bad you know it's a easy trip down. I told him your going to realise that when you go to college there's more in the world than you've experienced and I know that you'll be inquisitive and want to experience more, but I only ask one thing that if activities you do at uni will affect me or us can you please atleast let me know so that I can prepare for it or accept it. Yeah course he said. Sweet, we were both happy 6 months in and going strong, always talked on the phone for hours all that lovey dovey type of cliche stuff. I loved it. Until I found out that he was being unloyal. I was bummed, I was hurt everything normal that a teenager would experience if they went through that, I was ya know telling myself this would pass bla bla bla. Any who we talked we worked through it and everything was on the right track again, not good but we were working towards good, but there was still that doubt that hung over me. It was a bitch I always doubted myself the most. Why would he do that when he had me? It's gotta be me. But we still tried to work through it. But then one day he said that it was better if we were just friends, he needed to figure out his life before he could be with me. Yeah I understood that, again it broke my heart but what got me through was that little hope that when he did we could be together again. How gullible I am. I know believe that after being friends with him for just over 2 weeks that he just wants to be friends with benefits with me. He doesn't want to commit to us because that ties him down. I finally realise that now. And I'm okay with it well that's what I thought, until he told me recently when I was hosting a party that if I got with anyone it'll end us for good, scared is what I felt, vulnerable so I didn't. He said he didn't want me to hook up with anyone else he still loved me. But he wanted to just be friends and find himself. I'm stupid and dumb because here I still am holding on to the hope that one day he will figure himself out and will be together again. But I know deep down he just wants me to be here when he needs me, sexually, mentally and emotionally.

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Where do I begin? I have been working there for almost a year. He was one of the first guys there that I had a tiny crush on. Yes I knew he was married and had a family, but sometimes you can't help who you crush on. I have no desire to be with him. I'd never date him. I truly have no idea how his wife even does it. After knowing him months, I started to seriously dislike him. He's quite arrogant and lacks compassion, at least on the clock. When he's off the clock, he's a totally different person. A couple of months ago, he told me he's actually a nice guy, that he was just raised to take work very seriously. So seriously that he's caused a handful of people to walk out and quit. I've always been sexually attracted to him. I can't seem to understand why, but I am. The area that we work in is very close quarters, so we accidentally touch a lot. Plus, he tends to be naturally touchy-feely. That kind of doesn't help. We have times where we flirt and times where I literally want to punch him in the throat. Everybody who works during the same shift as us, knows I'm not his biggest fan or they have every reason to suspect that. Even recently, a couple of people we work with joked that I hate him. The last month, things have been kind of great between us. We've joked around a lot more. I don't have a vehicle currently and he's offered a couple of times to take me to get lunch on our lunch break, but I declined. I am not sure how to be in a car with him. I can control myself, although I feel it'd be awkward and uncomfortable for me. Back during Christmas, I gave all of my managers gift bags filled with candy. He jokingly had asked if I had poisoned his. A few days ago, he offered me a piece of gum and joked that he didn't poison it. I referred back to the joke from Christmas and he said that's why he made the joke, because of the one from Christmas. We're Facebook friends now and he's been "liking" a bunch of my posts. He even commented on one yesterday and told me how much he appreciates my positivity and encouragement, that it's a blessing and told me to "keep it up". I recently had a dream of him where it started off sexual, but then he became my boyfriend and I kissed him and told him I loved him. I'm not sure why I had a dream of that. I really don't think of dating him. Every time I think of him, I am thinking of sex with him, all kinds of sex lol. But it's weird because every time I get a notification that he has liked a post of mine or commented, I get butterflies and I blush. Even a few days ago, when he noticed I was there, he said good morning and asked how my weekend was and he never did that before and it made me have butterflies. Is this just sexual feelings or what am I feeling here? I am 26, he's 37.

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Recently my fiancé left me. For a week. He decided that he needed space because he wasn't happy, and needed to "figure things out". He came back, but still seems unhappy to me. Short replies, and I just get a general vibe of depression. I'm not sure if the relationship is good for him, and in turn, me. My question is, if a person doesn't have the right mindset, and feels as if they are going to be unhappy no matter what, can they be happy? Do you CHOOSE to be happy or is it something that can be changed?

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I still think about you everyday sometimes i still dont want to accept us being apart but it was the best thing for us individualy im happy your happy but i still remember when i thought id be the person youd be happy with.. I wasnt.

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I feel like I have lost all trust, if not most in the one I was supposed to trust the most. The one I love I feel is manipulating me into doing the things they want and not what I want. From stealing and lying to the possibility of cheating. I feel alone and worn down, not knowing what is to come. What to fear, what to say, what to think or what to feel. I am alone in this universe is the only thing that I can relate to, feeling trapped within my mind and not knowing how to escape and think of the happier things. It all only leads to the worst. Is it worth it, am I supposed to keep going on or am I to end something that started off so beautiful only to lie in defeat. I am what I am, I love because I want to, I love them because they understood. Now I feel trapped almost, not knowing what is going on due to distance and miscommunication. I ask, but no response. I try, but no effort. I'm only left with my thoughts and desperation for a connection that it drives me crazy. Am I? Is it worth it? In the long run, maybe, for now I can't say. Time will go on and I will continue to think and do what I do, not because I want to, but because I feel I have to. Its where my mind goes, I have no control. Maybe I am crazy, maybe I am alone. I quote: "I feel this great, great pressure, coming down on me. It's constantly coming down on me. It's crushing me."

Thank you for your time

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I don't really see this as giving advice, but more like in need of advice. First thing's first, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months. Things were really great in the beginning. He was seriously everything I had been looking for in a guy, but I knew he had a rough past. He had actually been in a gang before, and was also known as a "fuckboy". He had told me that people would judge him for his past, and actually ended up changing schools because of it. I don't know the whole story about his gang past or what had happened, but I know there are things that he definitely isn't proud of. But anyways, that's just kind of a background. Things were great for about 2 months, but then I started getting a feeling that maybe he was cheating behind my back. I knew his password to his instagram because he had told me, so I logged into it and found some pretty flirty messages to someone he had actually hooked up with before. He had also told her that he wanted to hang out with her and that, "relationships don't work out at their age anyways" .. Mind you, she had a boyfriend at the time he hooked up with her and at the time he sent these messages to her to potentially hookup with her again. Anyways, I brought this up to him calmly, wanting answers. He came up with the genius excuse that it was indeed one of his friends who got on his instagram to message her. Of course I knew this was bullshit because he couldn't even tell me which friend did it, and then later made up a whole different story that these messages were sent a long time ago, even though instagram shows you the date you send the messages, and it was during the time that we were together, which was not long ago. He eventually became super upset and got mad at me for even getting on his social media in the first place, although towards the beginning of the relationship, he told me that I could see anything I wanted if I had any concerns. Interesting, right?? So that was his first lie of many, so I just brushed it off. One day, I saw from over his shoulder that he was texting his ex. Again, I politely brought it up and asked for an explanation. He just simply said that she sent him a text apologizing for what she had done (even though I'm at least 95% sure that he was the one who fucked up in that relationship because I even messaged her myself to get the details as to why they broke up, and she told me he came home with a hickey on his neck that she did not give him). Well, he told me that his reply was, "doesn't matter. I'm happy now". Then I got on his phone one day and saw screenshots of that conversation (same day, same time I was looking over his shoulder) and these messages were from him saying things like, "I am so happy to see your name pop up on my screen again. Can we talk as friends and catch up?".. Now, it wasn't that I was mad at him for even texting his ex; I was mad at the fact that he lied to me to my face. One more little story before we broke up: My brother had just gotten married and I went with him and his wife out of state to a place that they wanted to potentially move to. I thought it'd be nice just to get away from home for about 6 days. Well, my last day in Washington, and he texts me saying something along the lines of, "I've lied about many things and I feel guilty. I don't deserve you.". Mind you, I had played the fool and pretended to believe all of his lies when he did lie to me, because I knew he would soon have this stacked up guilt and eventually break. So, he was in a really down mood that last day.. I thought it was really weird that he had brought this up literally out of nowhere, and told him that if he doubted anything, to just break up with me and get it over with. (He said he didn't want to leave me) Well, when I came back, my boyfriend spent the night, and the next morning I just had this gut feeling that something had happened while I was away. I got on his Snapchat and found a conversation between him and some girl with him saying things like, "You're cute", "I wanted to kiss you, but I didn't because I don't want you to catch feelings. I swear my heart is gone", "I wanted to cuddle with you", and even 'jokes' about him wanting her to join while he's showering. I came to find out that he had taken this girl and her friend to a place to eat with a group of his friends the same night that he brought up the whole lying situation and him feeling guilty about it. He was even on facebook messaging his friend bragging about the fact that he was with two girls. (yup. He might as well have just slapped me in the face, because that would've hurt less) He left for work right before I got on snapchat and found that whole situation out. I sent him screenshots of the conversation and told him that I couldn't do it anymore, that I couldn't stand the cheating and lies. He didn't want me to leave because he said he was "addicted" to me. I questioned the love he had for me because I clearly didn't see it. His things were at my house, so he told me he'd come by after work to pick up his stuff. I packed his things up and around 9 hours later, he showed up and saw that I packed his things up. He got pissed and proceeded to try and make me feel guilty by saying "Well, I guess you really want me to leave", and of course I said yes.. Before he went into his work, he even texted me telling me to delete all the photos of us, so I did. Well right after he saw that i packed up his things, he said, "did you delete the pictures of us?" .. I said I did, and he got pissed and said, "well, that was a test to see if you actually cared or not, and I guess you don't". (See how he tried to turn things on me to try and make ME feel guilty for what he had done in the first place?) He left and then told me he was going to drive off of the road and kill himself if I really wanted to leave, manipulating me, trying to make me feel responsible for what happens to his life. Of course I took this very seriously as I would any suicidal situation, and told him I was going to contact his mom and tell her about this. He told me I could tell anyone because it wouldn't matter cause he'd be gone. I am still with him to this day cause we had eventually worked everything out and he told me he'd change and start treating me like I'm the only girl in his world. I have hope that this will be true, but I need some advice. Should I really stay with him in hopes that he will improve himself, or should I just leave this relationship in the past? Any help is greatly appreciated. (SORRY FOR THE LONG STORY)

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I am a Miscreant


That's me. That's after more than five decades of life on this earth. I've always hesitated in deeper relationships with people and now as I look around I'm even more horrified. I know that everyone tries their best. We all do. But I swear that this life has just beaten me. I'm dropping out of modern life more and more too.

I have a disgust for Western Civilization as I've lived farther and farther away from the USA. No I'm not a freaky psycho killer jihadist either. Sadly I do see their point when they call Westerners "soulless". I've seen the destruction it rains down on foreign soil at least in the form of social and economic impact.

Still I'm the odd man out. I'm the one that can't live that way. If there is life out there past our atmosphere, why would they come here other than to conquer? I don't think we as a species would be worth having as a friend.

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I love my wife of over 10 years. Intimately there weren't any issues until we decided to have children together (we raised our oldest, hers by another for 8 yrs together). Since she was pregnant with our 4 yr old (we also have a 28 Mo old). Sex of any kind, but especially oral has become very conditional for her. I'm a man, therefore it takes alot to get me out of the mood. Not so for my wife. Now I get to jump through hoops just to sleep with the only person I want to.

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I don't get sex becuase I did my" husband chores" but if I don't ask for sex and do something extra maybe if I'm lucky (I'm starting to wonder just how lucky) she will initiate sex. If things aren't perfect or I wasnt a good boy, No sex. she had a bad day.i had a bad day, no sex her choice ( gotta be chipper to dipper).

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You know how we live in the world of roleplay? Well, a year ago I attended a Model united nations' conference where you have to roleplay to become delegates representing different countries in different committees. I have read many articles and heard how many fell in love at the MUN they attended together. Mostly delegates fall in love as they are of same age and in their best behaviour and best clothes. Similarly, I once attended an MUN and instead of falling in love with another delegate of my age, I kind of fell in love with my chairperson. He took my breath away as soon as he walked into the room and so I know it was not because how he was in his best behaviour, rather, it was kind of a sudden attraction. I felt my stomach twist and my insides clench. I remained calm but this is what happened; I think he fell for me too. Everyone said so and I believe them. He even texted me afterwards and we had a heart to heart everyday 24/7 for some days till the problem came. Problem? Well.. He moved to the other side of the world for college. I am still a senior in highschool. We kind of stopped talking as "life is too fast paced there to make time for anyone who doesn't live there". I even wrote a poetic article for him. Before leaving, he promised we were going to stay in touch forever and ever. The last we talked he told me when he was going to return for semester break but the last we talked was likw five months ago but I am still not over him. I think about him everyday. I relive those moments and fall in love everyday. I don't know how to get over the fact that nothing was there and nothing can ever happen. God help me!

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Looking back I now have the clarity to see how foolish I had been for that whole year! He was really good at it though he knew exactly how to keep me on the line. He would call me fat but then the next day I would get a text about how amazing I was and how much he loved me. He told me I was too much for any man to handle, putting the thought in my head that I had to stay with him. It took me a year to see what was happening, yes a year!! There was one specific moment I remember realizing how unhealthy my relationship was, we were about five minutes from his house we were long distance so the car ride had been long and I really needed to use the restroom. I asked him if we could please stop at his house before we went to our destination but it was too inconvenient for him to do so he told me no I sat there trying not to get emotional as I just realized my boyfriend can't even be kind enough to let me pee.... That was one of the main things that broke me. There wasn't a huge event or a screaming match it was the casual insults it was him yelling instead of teaching it was the mind games of I love you I hate you. His friends were not very nice either which was fuel to that fire telling him I was too much work and that he was too good for me. Moral of the story is if you are in a toxic relationship and you know it then get out because I still have times I think about the names he called me and I feel worthless! Don't give anyone that power over you!

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Congratulations you have destroyed another human being. You gave up, didn't even want to try, but then couldn't say that you didn't love me. But did you really because people who love each other don't give up on the other. Especially for the reasons that you gave. You are a selfish human being, selfish because you weren't think aboutiques us like you said, you were only thinking about you. How your life is hard, not how my life is hard, not how our lives are hard. Three years. That just a number. Three years that I gave you, three years that I loved you, three years that I supported you, three years that I comforted you, three years where I put up with all the bullshit you brought, three years and on because we planned our lives together. Literally just a few nights ago talking about our future together. Two days later saying your life is too complicated without having to worry about our relationship. Two days and a year having to take time out of your schedule to come see me was too hard. 1 minute. That's all it took to break me inside. Suddenly I wasn't worth trying anymore, all those future plans no longer exist. You completely blindsided me. You had just told me hours before you loved me. Then you do the opposite and break me. You blame it all on distance, you know what I blame it on your selfishness. Your selfishness to end it when you did. Your selfishness for taking and not giving. Your selfishness of keeping silent instead of talking. Your selfishness in stealing moments that I could have spent with someone who actually cares. Your selfishness for making me love you. I want to hate you, I really really do, but I know that I can't. But I also know you are going to move on faster than me and kill me inside even more. So just so future tips for you, don't tell them you love them unless you are going to stay. Don't make them deal with your mother and her negative soul crushing self unless you plan to stay. Don't let them love you just so you can crush them. Most of all you need to get out of that house. This isn't for me this is for you. If you don't get out now you never will and they will control you for the rest of your life. Say no. Don't be their slave, your their child and there is nothing wrong with helping but you are allowed to say no. Get away from the negative toxic environment that you live in constantly. Most of all I hope that you succeed in your career. I hope you find happiness and peace. Most of all I hope you find someone who lived you as much as i did. Goodbye.

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I needed to talk to someone and cant speak to my family or friends or fiancé for that matter but do you ever feel alone?

I'm getting married in September, everything is more or less arranged apart from the honeymoon. This is where the trouble starts!

Me and my fiancé have paid for everything, sometimes its been a struggle but we got through it. We both work, she works full time and I have my own business which I only do one night. As its getting closer to the big day the word honeymoon keeps coming up, she is so apprehensive about booking it or talking about it and I thought I could understand as there was money that still needed to be paid, but now that its all been paid and I mention about honeymoons her response is lets not talk about it or we cant talk about it.

The thing is with my business I can do an extra night and we would have the money in a matter of weeks, am I just overthinking things??

I know for women they have dreamt about there wedding day all there lives, but all I have thought about is seeing how beautiful she looks on the day and also getting away for a few weeks to relax.

Am I thinking wrong, and if I am please tell me because I'm so confused.

(W from the Emerald Isle)

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My boss is a major jerk 85% of the time, at least at work. When we're off the clock, we get along just fine. I enjoy talking to him when he's not on the clock. But when he's in boss mode, he's the worst and nobody can stand him. We've had people walk out and quit, because of him. I've almost walked out myself, because of him. The weird thing is, I am very sexually attracted to him. He's older, I am 26 and he's almost 37. I don't think I am emotionally or mentally attracted to him, but I have started finding myself obsessed with him. Most people know I don't care much for him. Every time I am pissed off at work or because of work, people are like "what did _____ do now?" One day, him and another guy I dislike were off of work. I told one of my managers (who is the sweetest girl ever and doesn't have any enemies) that both of my least favorite people weren't there that day and she asked "who's the second one?" because even SHE was aware of who the first was lol!!! He's been out of the country this week for a church mission trip and last night, I had a dream about him. It was a sex dream originally, but then he was my boyfriend and I told him I loved him. What the heck does this mean? I had a crush on him a while back and my friend said she figured I did because he was the one I "hated" the most.

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I just really need to say this without her or her friends seeing this. I love her, so very much. If I could make my life the happiest it could be it would be right beside her raising the family she always wanted, and pursuing our dreams as a team. It won't happen but I guy can dream can't he. I honestly couldn't tell you how she feels about me. I know that she cares but I don't know how much. She doesn't share her days with me like she did when we were together and she's keeping distant from me. It feels strange, she normally is so adiment about telling me about her day and always about her new boyfriends. But a few days ago she told me she broke up with a guy she was with for 3 months. If felt horrible because she encourages flirting between us. You can't do that while you're dating. I brought that up with her and it upset her. She thinks of me like a brother now so I guess that makes it ok, but what about how her now ex felt about it or about how I felt. Even if I don't have a chance I still don't like the idea of it. Anyhow that's not why I'm here. I'm at a point where I need to focus on myself and I can't seem to do that with the idea of her being sad. She was really hurt by it and I can't focus on getting my own shit together. I want to tell her she will be alright but I don't think that will help her. She wants a foundation that no one our age can provide for her. She's lost in this princess world I just can't seem to pull her out of. I mean she's smart and working as a teacher but that was because she really is a genius of our time. If she would just find a older guy with decent values I think she would be happy but her parents wouldn't allow that. I don't know. I just needed to put my thoughts together where people i dont know can respond if they feel so inclined.

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So this is what we have become. Two strangers who barely speak. You're over me I'm still recovering from you but in the end seven was just a number that someday meaning today would have no meaning. Blue will never exist in my world again. She made a great impact but it's all over now. Chapter seven has fully ended.

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I crave something I never had I don't think I deserve it I crave to be looked at by men and I crave to be kissed I crave hands to roam my body I crave innocence and simplicity I crave to be loved like none other I just want to be wanted I crave a smile, a blush, a simple touch But I've yet to gain that privilege I know I am not good enough, but cant you give me a chance ? Like I said, I crave to be something...anything at all.

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Hello everyone, I think I have been on this site about a hundred times, just reading other peoples stories. Seeing if I can help, looking to see whether I can apply any advise given to my own life, or just to read out of pleasure. But now, this is the first time I have something to ask. Something to tell, so that it will just be put out there for anyone to listen to me. How do you know if you are in-love? All my life I have never believed in it. I just though that it was all in your head, and that cheating, and divorce, or not being attracted to each other was the constant thing in relationships. But now that I'm in one. A relationship that I'm completely happy in, what do I think now? Am I in-love? Am I going crazy? Or is this actually what it is? Happiness and caring wrapped up so tight that I can barely think or do anything.

How do you know if you are in-love or not?

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I've been seeing this guy for about 9 months now. Most of which have been long distance which has its up and downs. About four months ago, we broke up. It was hands down the most emotional thing thus far in the relationship. We were both very emotional and crying. He was the one who ended it. He wanted to know if we would stay in touch after the break up. I told him, maybe, just not anytime soon. I needed time and space to get over him. Then about a month after that, we spoke again. I asked him how he was doing.. and just like that, we picked up where we left off in a way. To this day, he hasnt gave me a reason as to why he decided to continue our relationship after he decided to end it. But in so many words, he said he was reflecting a bunch while we were apart, so maybe the helped. Now, we talk almost everyday or every other day. We just work well together. We dont get to see eachother in person that often anymore unfortunately but we send gifts, facetime, message, ect. It's for sure hard living extremely far apart (13 hr time difference too). There are so many factors working against the relationship but despite the odds, we both remain together. I can honestly say hes one of my best friends. I love spending time with him and talking to him. I honestly cannot see myself with anyone else. I'm even at the point where I care about him so much that I would even be willing to go our separate ways- if thats what made him happy.

With all that being said, of course, both of us have our flaws and difference but despite those things I deeply care for him. After much thought, I think that deep care is love. Ive never been in love with someone before so im not really sure how it feels but I think this is it. At this point Ive been feeling this way for a few months now but I'm deeply nervous to tell him. What if he doesnt feel the same way? what if he react poorly? Should I wait for him to say it first? Then my next obstacle is how to tell him? ..We wont be seeing eachother in person anytime soon but we do facetime/ skype quite often. So perhaps thats the best method? Or should I wait until I see him in person next? Or should I do it over a message? Im so lost here so any guidance at all will be deeply appreciated. thanks!

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So this is going to be really sappy and and winey, but I have to get it out. I get upset When my boyfriend goes out to parties or social events without me. Not because I want to party or anything. It's because I'm jealous other people get to be with him when I don't. I know that's selfish, but bare with me. I have very bad anxiety, trust issues, and am emotionally damaged to the max. I have this irrational fear that he will find someone that he connects with more than me. Which I know it will happen. It always does... And I won't be mad when it does. I know I'm not good enough for him. I can't do most of the things he does or wants to. I would love to, but I have a daughter that I have to care for. I know he's not ready for the responsibility of a child. He may say he is, but he's not. Even his mom so kindly threw that at me. And I can't blame him. He's freshly 21 and getting ready to graduate from college. He's in his prime years. It's not fair of me to hold him to that. I'm not sure how long it's going to take for him to realize that he wants someone better. But I'm going to cherish every moment I have with him..

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Dear Male Friend,

There is something that I have been wanting to tell you for a long time. I have fought the good fight and lost this battle. I have been left with no choice but it’s either now or never. A little voice in my head has been telling me that if I never let you know, then I will never know. Its better to know now so that this can get resolved and I can be free. The thing is that I can’t balance my feelings or explain them appropriately. I am just going to have to try. I have embarrassed myself on an odd number of occasions and I am about to do that again. I have been afraid to tell you just in case these feelings are not reciprocated. For me it becomes another tale of unrequited love. When I examine these feelings I don’t really know whether I am ready to be in a relationship or I am ready to work towards acquiring a relationship. I do accept that if I got into something and if it ended there could be heart break. I know that I want to be in something whereby I give it my best shot, by being the best person I can be to make someone happy. I don’t know the process that two individuals go through from day one to the day of making it official that they are in a relationship. I am very inexperienced when it comes to this area. Some say you can have a special friend whereby you both know that you like each other and work towards being in a relationship. Some say that the guy makes the move.

I would just like to spend more time with you, do stuff together whilst getting to know each other better. When I try to be practical about this situation, I can only think about the reasons why you don’t feel the same way. I think its my age and my skin colour that deter you from ever seeing me differently. I could be wrong. I know that I make one mistake in life which is thinking that love is colour blind. The problem there is, from my perspective that is how I see the world. I don’t need to look at the colour of your skin to feel something for you. I see people whom they truly are. What I really wanted to tell you was that I think you are a great guy and I totally fancy you. I have enjoyed every time I have spent with you even tough its just a little. I feel that I want you to be in a relationship because for me that is my ticket out. I would have to stop fancying you and it means that you cannot ever spend time with me because all the time in the world will be reserved. I just wanted to get over you. To conclude this letter, I just want to say that if you don’t feel the same way, I am cool with it. I have a feeling that you will give a petty excuse like you always do. Please just say yes or no.


Female Friend

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no more love i have to give i cannot bear the pain that comes with it i try and i try and still you make me cry but you have messed up for the last time so i cannot give you another chance my heartbeat for love has flatlined you can no longer be apart of my life i gave you more than 1000 chances but it wasn't enough you needed 1001 my hearts broken it does not work im going out of business i dont want anymore kisses i just want my heart to repair im hurt for the last time.... now i must go and dry my own eyes

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"By the time I recite this to you you will be way passed moving on and already well into a stage where I am nothing but a passing face in the crowd. You might even be at the point where you need to think a bit before you remember the small bit of history between us. You'll probably laugh and think why is she even bringing this up? Non the less I feel the need to tell you what has been on my mind for the past few months...

I need you to know that even if what happened between us didn't mean much to you, it meant a lot to me. And even if you say I didn't hurt you that much (or even at all), I know for a fact I did. It may not matter anymore or even ever have mattered to you at all, but it does to me. I treated you terribly... you are one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. I can't think of a single time I wasn't smiling when I was around you. You make people happy, you made me happy. You still do.

The point of this isn't for it to be some pathetic "take me back please" attempt or an attempt at boosting your ego or even an attempt at sympathy, but rather a way for me to let you know that I was an idiot. And that I KNOW I was an idiot. And I seriously can't stress that enough. I need you to know that I realized I made a mistake... and I need you to know I am sorry. Sorry if I ever made you feel at all that you weren't worth it or (even worse) that you didn't deserve me. If anything I never deserved you. This literally sounds like the soppiest, cringyest shit ever and it's driving me insane just typing this because I HATE talking about feelings, but it seriously needs to be said.

I was falling in love with you and I mistook it for "just a phase". I had this idea that I would know when I was falling in love... like there would be some kind of sign. I call bullshit. I only realized once I'd made the mistake of cutting it off. And, once again, this isn't me proclaiming my love for you and begging you to give me another chance. No, this is my way of showing you that I did care and that I feel like the biggest dumbass on the planet. I regret my decision almost every day.

Eventually we will both have moved on and non of this will matter anymore, but for right now it does matter (to me at least). Thinking about you absolutely kills me and the amount of tears I have cried over you is utterly ridiculous. And all the while I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to be upset about this. Because, truth be told, I shouldn't. It's all my fault and I need to deal with the consequences.

More likely than not you're probably reading this and thinking it's way dramatic and unnecessary and even humorous. But I don't care. That doesn't matter. What matters is that I was an asshole. And if you feel that what we had wasn't serious at all then hey, easiest "I forgive you" ever am I right? But if it was serious, and if it did matter... then I am unbelievably sorry. Doesn't matter whether I was the love of your life or merely just some girl you liked spending time with, I am sorry. Even though a worded apology can never actually fully make up for mistakes that we make, it's the least one can do. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I honestly and with all my heart wish you all the happiness in the world. You deserve that and more.

There's a shit load more to say but honestly it is 01:36 in the morning and I am dead tired. Hopefully you get the just of it. I don't expect a response... only an open mind and an open heart. I love you and, for the 100th time, I am sorry."

Haven't had the guts to send this yet. Should I? I need help :(

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I love my boyfriend but I can't be with him anymore, I have gone through so much just to be with him, we both live in the same area yet I only get to see him 4 times a month, I just want someone that's actually there, if i'm feeling down he'd be able to come and make me feel better. His parent's were the reason we couldn't see eachother much but now that they've accepted us, the extra 1-2 holidays we used to have together every other month he told me he can't see me on them, for no reason. I'm tired of being with someone and feeling so lonely

How do I move on from him ? I do love him so much but I am not going through the pain he puts me through and letting him decide everything, I know he's wrong for me so I need to get over him, I just don't know where to start

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I'm so incredibly tired of being taken advantage of. Everything I do for you is out of love, and it's just being taken for granted. You sit here and say that it isn't, but then turn around and treat me like a worthless piece of shit. I bend over backwards for you. I'd attempt to walk on water for you. Why am I never good enough? I have no control of what other people do, or tell me. Just like you have no control of what other people tell you. I don't understand why I'm always the one to get hurt. Why I mean nothing to you? It's exhausting. Completely exhausting. And I can't even tell you any of this to your face because somehow it will all just fall back on me. The fact that we're broken up will get thrown in my face even though we haven't acted like we're broken up since we have broken up... I mean, I really don't know what the fuck to do anymore. I'm slowly starting to give up, and I'm not sure if that's your plan. To push me away until I finally give up on you...but it's hurting me. All of it. And if that's what you're trying to do... it's working.

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You think I'm nicer to strangers than to people in my life. I'm sorry but I work in customer service. Maybe I am thin skinned to friends and family - but I take more than enough abuse from customers who SWEAR that $10 an hour means I SHOULD take it. I don't have any of that particular kind of patience left from people in my real life.

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How do you MEN think a woman can keep things interesting and fresh? what makes you excited to see your girl? What is necessary to keep you interested and in love with a woman?

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What's it mean when you contact an older female friend and she gets back to you 2 days later?

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He still makes my knees weak. I cannot be myself around him anymore because I was never enough in the end. He's trying to be nice to me, but I can't look at him without feeling that rush. I can't let go of my first love. I found out he's friends with this slut girl who I hate. It bothers me she talks to him. I want him to look at me the same way for just a moment. It will never end, he'll be gone forever after May. I wish I could have done something right.

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He notices me. He stops my busy mind just to remind me I'm loved.sacrifices made just for me. He just wants to see me happy he says so he does everything he can to ensure it. I'm oh so grateful but he doesn't know it. Mistakes of our past haunts our memories as we fight to make new ones. But love is enough. Love made us fight for what we had. His word is bond but insecure at times I loose my mind I'm still fighting for myself still recovering from mistakes made by my ex's. He sees my demons but they don't scare him away. It's deeper than looks he tells me when I ask if he finds me attractive still. This man really loves me I think to myself. I've given you so many reasons to dislike me but you don't budge. You're love for me is enough.

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Ah okay, this is my first time doing this, so bear with me.

So, im a 19 year old woman, in college and i have recently discovered I have quite a thing for my teacher. Im not sure how old he is (late 20's - mid 30's I'm guessing, maybe a bit older) but there is NO RING ON IT! I repeat: like a single lady, NO RING! So I'm doing really well in his class (psychology) with a 98% average, which is honestly a tad bit unusual for me. A couple of times I've stayed after class to chat with him about the subject, he makes jokes, I, shyly, attempt to make jokes. The convo flow is great.

Now Im fairly socially awkward, and Idk what to do. Should I ask him out for a drink? Should I add him on Facebook? should I wait until the end of the semester to do any of those things?

Also, I kind of just want an excuse to chat with him more, because I genuinely enjoy talking to him, but I can think of one. Im doing really well so I can't stay after class to discuss my grades. And I honestly don't know what subject I could bring up in a fairly eloquent, and interesting way.

Anyway, just looking for some advice from my comrades of the interwebs, so thanks in advance! >.<

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Bestiality is the way to go. Animals don't talk back.

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Men and women are not compatible. We are better off without each other. Unlike "love", prostitution is honest.

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So I still have these feelings for my best friend. I know it's gonna take some time to really move on, but for now this is such a bummer (I had posted a bit of what's going on awhile back, under the same title, if anyone is interested). Anyway, she and I have been talking alot lately about people thinking we're a couple. It's really confusing me even more. Why do we keep bringing this up, if we're not interested in turning into something more? It really doesn't help that the last time we were together, there was so much banter that I couldn't tell if we were actually flirting. We're both so awkward and oblivious to this kind of stuff, but initiating constant physical contact (tickling, playful shoves, etc.) has to mean something, right? I could just be reading too much into this. Either way, the feelings are still here, but I don't wanna put distance between us cuz she's my only friend, and vice versa. I'm still not going to tell her how I feel, cuz I really don't think she feels the same. These feelings are annoying, that's for damn sure. I guess I'll just have to wait it out and hope I can get back to just seeing her as my best friend. Our friendship means everything to me and I won't chance that by being selfish and telling her how I feel.

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We were dating for 2 months. Everything seemed to be going amazing. We were still in the honeymoon phase! He spent a whole month chasing me until I said yes and then took things slow with me. He didn't even try to have sex with me until after the first month. He seemed really respectful and SO into me! He was so sweet and it was just lovey dovey all the time between us...even in front of our friends it was totally fine. He went the extra mile to make me happy and to win me over. It took me a little longer to get the hang of things but as of 2 weeks ago I started reciprocating and being just as amazing to him. (at least he told me I was...every day!) Anyways....Friday everything was normal (text me in the morning, while I was at work and at night...calling my beautiful and talking about he can't wait to see me and so on...) we had a great night and the next morning we went for breakfast, had a nice day of errands and chilled together all day. Come saturday night (when I went to work) and sunday....he hardly wanted anything to do with me. I finally asked him monday what was up with him and he says: "I feel like you are an amazing person but I don't think we communicate the way I'd hoped and I don't feel like I have been able to be myself. I don't think we can continue this relationship any further"

How do you go from being all wrapped around someone one day to dropping them the next? I swear it was like a light switch and so much out of the blue that I am still in disbelief. Everyone who knows us is just as shocked. Now he wont give me an explanation for it other than we "just didn't communicate" the way he wanted and that he felt like he couldn't be himself. What exactly could I have missed?? I never forced him to be any way....I didn't criticize him and he never showed any signs of something being wrong...we never even came close to an argument. I felt things were going amazing and HE is the one who chose to be the way he was....what did I miss and why wont he explain himself?

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Can you even ask someone to just forget you? I know that I'm just a destructive force in her life. She has so much potential to change the hearts of people in our future generations and I know I'll only inhibit her in doing that. She's clung to me ever since we met 5 years ago in high school and hasn't budged since. We even dated for a time, but she wasn't sure how she really felt about me. I've always been there for her ups and downs. And I love her, but I know that she can do better than me. She tells me that when we are both stable in our lives she'll want to be with me, but I know her too well. She can't go long without being intimate with someone and it probably will find its way into her life. Being a guy friend always turns sour, it sucks. I want her to be happy. I'm 3 states away from her and I don't want her to feel like she has to keep he as a back up. I know she hates the idea of it, and it's probably how she feels about me. I've told her many times that I just want her to be happy but it doesn't seem to change her mind about keeping me around. I never really cared to being around people. If I could pick any job it would be one completely away from all people to be frank about it. I'm not afraid to be alone. Would I like a life with her yes, but it just doesn't feel right making her feel this way. Is it alright to ask that of someone even if you know it's right for them?

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You never noticed me. I was never enough for you. Relationship was based on sex and false hope. I regretted you. I never felt comfortable enough to trust you. Our lifestyles never matched. Yes there were good times. But more bad than good. Ex: trust issues, jealousy, lack of dick. Stop preserving the relationship. Causes you more pain than anything else. Felt judged always. You purposely hurt me for selfish reasons Nothing was ever good enough for you You're violent when drunk. EMPTY PROMISES. Is all we were. My heart crumbled because of you. It's not anxiety this is and were real feelings I DO NOT back track She's happy now. Let her be. I've become obsessive and weird. Let her go. Let go of colors. Let go of numbers. Let go of it all. Im okay. Time to let go now. I'm still fighting myself for you and it's hurting me. I want to let go now. I need to let go now. I have to let go now. End this.

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I'm just not good at connecting with people. I have a small little cluster of friends and family I hardly deserve. Any new people that come around, I seem to put them off. I think because I am standoffish, or so people tell me. I heard I am hard to get to know. Some say mysterious. Honestly, I'm just shy. And on the surface, I seem interesting, but if you get to know me, there isn't really much there. I follow unique paths with my life but if you look inside those journeys, there isn't a lot of substance. It's boring. I'm boring. It's my secret that I protect. I also have trust issues. I've been bullied in the past. Ignored and neglected, stabbed in the back. Too much for one person. Too much for a child. Too much for a young adult.

And when I meet someone nice, they see through me. They see there isn't much to me. They see me say the wrong thing. They don't trust me. I don't trust me. I don't trust my mouth.

I am not a mean person. But I am not a good person. I'm boring. I'm nothing. I am unlovable. I am unlikable. I could disappear, and outside my family, nobody would notice or care. And I can't blame them. I push the good ones away. It's my fault. I am so stupid for getting my hopes up. I deserve this.

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My sister is a bitch i have mental problems and when i do things that are not normal my sister exaggerates it and makes it seem like im the bad one and my parents take her side. She starts complaining how she hates the things that i do but she has no idea how i feel, i hate my self and sometimes feel like killing my self. Everything is about her and she never stops to think about me. My little brother does this too and he thinks he is so cool, superior and knows every thing and my parents do nothing all they do take my siblings sides and give me a really hard time. i am 14 and suffer from ADHD, mild depression, anxiety and OCD.I truly do love them all its just often they make my life very misrable.

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Please allow me the privilege of introducing myself, I'm Kevin . Let's see now, anticipation will probably do more to excite and paint your mind a picture of me than any I could send at this time. Brown hair, green eyes, 5ft8in, 165lb, physically fit. I like nature, holding hands, full moons, summertime, fleamarkets, picnics, playing banjo and keyboard, cooking, a good movie. I own a house. There, I think I typed that in one breath. lol Need more? Well alright then. If you're my girl I'll caress your cheek when I walk by just to show I care. I'll listen intently when you need to talk about something important. If you're my girl I'll rub your back and shoulders after a long hard day and bring you breakfast in bed on your birthday. Want me to stop? Didn't think so. My lips are Sooooooooooo Kissable. In the bedroom (or the kitchen?) I'll do my best to make your hips thrust forward with delight just before we make love and hope the feeling never ends....Oh Sweetheart  My friend  My lover. And that's a savory taste of who I am. This is what you desire. This is what you deserve.........................

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I have so much love to give, yet I am so alone. It is so hard to recover from a broken heart, it takes so long. Each day gets a little bit easier, but some days I feel like I'm going ten steps back. I need to separate myself from him completely, but I can't seem too. He's the only man who I'll do anything for, and the only man that won't do anything for me. He's taken me for granted, used me, hurt me, lied to me, and I've only responded with love, never came down hard on him, always supported him. Still wasn't good enough, sometimes I think I will never find love. I am so alone and may always be.

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This was the last weekend I would ever see my ex before moving. I'm so indifferent, he's a terrible person and he's treated me very badly in the past but he was also my first true love, the first guy to make me cum during sex.. I could see past all of his flaws on top of everything else. Ive dated so many men in the past but none of them have felt right for me, but he did. We saw each other last weekend and things were fine, we ended up sleeping together, but that became pretty normal after a while post breakup. We cannot be alone in a room together without getting it on, it sounds pathetic but I've always been drawn to him, even the first time we met. I know I'll always hold a place in my heart for him, I still care about him so much. Since I'm probably never going to see him again I just wanted to see him one last time this weekend. He completely avoided me on purpose, just feeding me excuses or saying he would call me later on, etc. He kept sending me a lot of mixed singles and then eventually said he was sorry but he can't and needed to be alone. I didn't understand what the hell he was talking about, he was overanalyzing the simple act of just spending some time together..... I'm really confused by all of this, and after he eventually snapped on me I just deleted his number and his messages, I hate that I bothered him. He lives his life based off an agenda, no one matters to him but himself. It's crazy how much you could love a person even after they've turned their back on you. I'm venting about it to get over it, finally cutting the ties with him is painful. Saying goodbye to my first and last college love, how bittersweet.

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