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In my childhood, my mom used to punish me like this. She,d put liquid soap, or detergent or shampoo, in my mouth, and then'd put a piece of tape to close my mouth. And I had to keep it in my mouth for 2-3 hrs. The taste would stick in my mouth for days. I hated it. Anybody else been punished like that?

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He took his ball and went home because he thought the other kids might laugh at him

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. would like everyone to send their donations to An independent registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, USA. We improve the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services. Re-Member

P.O. Box 5054 Pine Ridge, SD 57770 US

(605) 867-2282 [filtered hyperlink] [filtered hyperlink] Sie können den not leidenden Kindern der Lakota-Sioux helfen Re-Member

P.O. Box 5054 Pine Ridge, SD 57770 US

(605) 867-2282 [filtered hyperlink]

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If you want to learn more about the Lakota Indians and their culture. please send your donations to Tipi Raisers Share Your Story Donate Tipi Raisers Logo South Dakota > Pine Ridge please do not donate to St. Josefs Indian Relief Society please send your donations to [filtered hyperlink]

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High Ridge Brands, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is focused on providing high-quality personal care products at compelling value. Today, High Ridge Brands has a portfolio of trusted, iconic brands serving skin cleansing, hair care, and oral care markets primarily across North America and Europe. Its brand portfolio includes Alberto VO5®, Binaca®, Coast®, Dr. Fresh®, Firefly®, LA Looks®, Rave®, REACH®, Salon Grafix®, Thicker Fuller Hair®, White Rain®, Zero Frizz®, Zest®, as well as several licenses such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Star Wars and Transformers. With offices in Stamford, CT, Buena Park, CA, Slough, UK and Shenzhen, China, High Ridge Brands has a global presence. The company operates an asset-light business model, outsourcing most of its manufacturing needs, and currently has approximately 160 employees worldwide.

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High Ridge Brands, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is focused on providing high-quality personal care products at compelling value. Today, High Ridge Brands has a portfolio of trusted, iconic brands serving skin cleansing, hair care, and oral care markets primarily across North America and Europe. Its brand portfolio includes Alberto VO5®, Binaca®, Coast®, Dr. Fresh®, Firefly®, LA Looks®, Rave®, REACH®, Salon Grafix®, Thicker Fuller Hair®, White Rain®, Zero Frizz®, Zest®, as well as several licenses such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Star Wars and Transformers. With offices in Stamford, CT, Buena Park, CA, Slough, UK and Shenzhen, China, High Ridge Brands has a global presence. The company operates an asset-light business model, outsourcing most of its manufacturing needs, and currently has approximately 160 employees worldwide.

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Entertainment & Consumer Marketing Leader with expertise and record-setting results in:

  • Entertainment & Youth Marketing including year-round buzz building, next generation media plans & community driven Pop Culture launches, helping grow Call of Duty into the leading Entertainment franchise of its generation, and 4 consecutive largest entertainment launches in history, $2BB, and 20%+ growth.
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  • Media expertise driving worldwide Strategy, buying, partner selection, and flighting across full sprectrum of new & traditional media with $30-40MM+ budget launches.
  • General Management expertise including managing billion dollar P&Ls, international oversight, and project management.
  • Product Development roadmaps including collaborating with developers, producers, and consumers to drive 5+ year product Franchise plans, & concepts for new products.
  • Partnership & Licensing expertise including direct relationships & driving eight-figure partnersips with Licensing, Corporate Alliance, & technology partners like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Jeep, Monster, Sprint, and others.
  • Digital Leadership - Managed go-to-market, media, and social media plans for largest Digital launches in the industry - generating more than $250MM, 10MM downloadable content purchases, and 12MM active social community conversions.

Passion for entertainment, games, electronics, music, action sports, and 21st century marketing building a conversation with consumers.

Specialties: Consumer Marketing & Product Strategy, New Product Development & Launch, Entertainment & Youth Marketing, Project Management, Licensing & Partnerships, Media Planning & Social, International Marketing, General Manageme

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Dr. Fresh dental division specializes in providing affordable quality products for use by both consumers and dental professionals. Dr. Fresh brands include Dr. Fresh Dailies, Dr. Fresh Travel Kits, Firefly, Binaca, TEK, Aim and licensed products such as Marvel Heroes, Peanuts and Barbie. Dr. Fresh is also affiliated with Crest, Colgate and others.We license Pepsodent,Close-UP and AIM brands in USA and Canada.

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Seasoned executive with 20+ years experience in the consumer products industry. Successfully built and led several high performance teams, developed strategies and recommendations for clients, implemented a multitude of analytics and technology supporting sales, marketing, and research as well as provided strategic direction to executive management. Unique talent of consulting organizations to elevate their capabilities and market value-added intellectual capital to their customers. Aptitude for and proven record of collaborating across various functional lines and agendas to achieve superior results. Leverage and apply consumer & shopper insights to key strategic pillars; rapidly build and strengthen client relationships; capable of quickly solving problems and keeping relationships on track; unique ability to view issues through client’s perspective.

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Dr. Fresh, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., is a multinational company with distribution in over 35 countries worldwide with major offices in London, UK and Shenzhen, China. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company offers consumers over 250 quality and affordable personal care products. Innovation in new product development has been the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success.

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I put my daughter to bed tonight at around 7:30 PM. She's just over a year old and has developed a habit over the past two weeks or so of fussiness just before bed and naps. She's had a bit of a cold the last couple of days, which I'm sure is part of why she's so hard to put down at the end of the day, but there's a level of boundary testing that is going on. As a parent, hearing your baby screaming in the next room is like a knife through the heart, but you know she has to learn to put herself to sleep so you sit and grit your teeth, watching the clock and praying she just goes down. After about 20 minutes or so, I go in to reassure her that we're just in the next room and project a calming energy with my voice and sways while doing a quick diaper check and general situation assessment to ensure nothing is actually wrong. After that it's back in the crib and back to my spot on the couch to grit my teeth to the sounds of her screams after she watches me leave the room.

At about 8:20 I'm in the room again, it's now been about an hour of crying with no hint of sleep. With the light in her room still off, I activate her turtle nightlight, take her out of her crib, and lie down with her on the floor. The turtle is like a stuffed animal, but with blue and green lights that can be projected from its shell. The shell has little cutouts of stars and a moon, and when illuminated, the room is filled with stars in calming blue and green.

By this light, I begin to read "Goodnight Owl" and she is quietly sitting next to me, reaching out to turn each page as her congested nose makes little noises with every breath. I try to wipe her nose after reading the last page, but of course she doesn't want to cooperate and gets up, moving about her room. I sigh. This is not playtime.

I begin to dread the fact that I came in the room and took her out of the crib. Perhaps I've reset the cycle of her trying to get to sleep, but I watch quietly as she waddles over to her turtle nightlight. She picks it up, and the stars around the room begin to whirl with her movements. She looks up in amazement, smiling as she twirls in the darkness, illuminated by the soft greens and blues. I smile with a tear in my eye, suddenly overcome by her innocence and inquisitive nature despite having been screaming at the top of her lungs not five minutes before. She falls, but braces herself using her backside in a well-practiced motion. She smiles at me. I smile back and am filled with a million emotions I can't quite explain or put into words.

It's intense love and happiness seeing this healthy baby girl being so dazzled by everything around her, but a sadness knowing I'll have to leave the room again and she'll go back to screaming out for me. It's a longing for the past innocence of my own, but a satisfaction that I am there to guide her through a world that is new and amazing to her. It's pride, it's fulfillment, it's wonder, it's nostalgia, and hope all rolled into one with a few others to boot.

I smile, grab her bottle, and put my two hands out to her. She reaches for me to pick her up. I do, and offer her the bottle. She takes it, and begins to drink. I lie her down on the bed, rustle her hair, and tell her that daddy loves her. I leave the room and brace myself for the screams. I am met only with silence.

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when you start to lose your innocence to turn into something so full of curiosity, the kind of curiosity that leads you to crave independence and drink and smoke and have sex and be okay with loudly voicing your political opinion, are you supposed to acknowledge it? and if you do, should you ignore it or prevent it? ive grown up reading required novels in school about preserving innocence and its significance, but i was never really sure why it was so important? so what people have sex? so what people drink and smoke? it was never really a big deal to me. but now im starting to understand, and maybe ive just been exposed to barely a glimpse of it, but it terrifies me. and it's suddenly hard to do everything. i see people in the street and i stereotype, although i don't mean to. i see children playing around and i hope they grow up to be successful people and never have to come across monsters who would so easily strip them of their innocence and leave them with nothing to fight back with except small screams. such little screams. helpless screams. i look at the people of america and notice a divide. a huge divide. and i am silenced. i dont know what to say, what to do, or how im expected to act. I look at myself in the mirror, reluctantly, and i frail figure. when did looking into the mirror to check if anything was out of place turn into looking into the mirror to check if i fit the beauty standards influenced by the modern society that i live in and adolescent fire? i see my parents, and i feel pity. and regret. and suddenly i want to stop writing. because i have been overcome with an overwhelming influx of feelings. self-hatred. longing. disgust. being privileged. so damn privileged. i am dishonest and unappreciative and not innocent. and i dont feel like writing anymore. sorry. i thought i had something to say, but i guess i didnt. im just scared.

-i think the worst parts of my life are when i reminisce.

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When I was 17, I was raped byou my first boyfriend. He stole my virginity. I am now 24 and sometimes I see a rape scene on TV and it sends me into meltdown. I become a complete quivering mess of tears and panic. I hope that one day I can control this.

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I am a male crossdresser (kind of...) and recently I've been wearing my women's silver shiny metallic crop top straight outta H&M. It is so comfy and relaxing in guy mode because I'm not afraid to do it especially during the hottest weather of the season and it gets me obsessed with this fetish.

Yeah. Can't wait to wear it when I go for a walk someday. (Legal?)

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So, ever since I was younger I had these huge dreams of being either a successful business woman or a news broadcaster. I've kept those dreams my entire life until recently. I'm getting older now, about to graduate college, and things have been no less than hectic as of February 17, 2017 for Americans. There has not been one dull day in the media since Donald Trump took office. Now, I expected a backlash once he was sworn in, but I never predicted things to be this bad. I knew a lot of people did not like Donald Trump and the ideals he stood for. I also knew a lot of people that did support him. I've always felt that Donald Trump does not have an ability to project his intentions in a respectable way. I also believe that the media is biased and controlled by rich powerful people. The media is working as a business. The media attracts audiences with misleading propaganda that is scripted and controlled by producers who are in mutually beneficial relationships with political elites. Like I mentioned earlier... I'm 21 years old and I have a question that I think a lot of people my age have. Is society getting worst? Or is it just the fact that I'm old enough to understand what's going on in the world? What will historians write in textbooks for future generations to read about what is happening to America in 2017?

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A week ago my girlfriend found out she has a tumor in her brain. The doctor said that it had grown too large for them to cut it out. She's starting chemotherapy tomorrow and she's scared to death. I don't know what to do. How am I supposed to help her when I'm breaking down myself on the inside. She's my only light in this world that's screwed me time and time again. I've always been there helping her achieve greatness and now it's coming to an end. I can't rationalize this. It just feels like a bad dream that I can't wake up from. I feel useless just sitting here by her bedside every night, not knowing if I she's going to slip away in her sleep or will it make her suffer for years. I want her to live, but the odds aren't in our favor. I just can't see a life after this. I'm going to be all alone again, I don't want to be alone again. I don't want her to leave. I need help. I don't know how anyone could. I'm going to be all alone again. I think it's all going to end.

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I recently found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. My fiance and both of our families are extremely excited. I, however, am not. I hate the fact that I'm pregnant and constantly wish for a miscarriage or fantasize about how I could get an abortion with no one ever finding out. I'm already getting gifts and my MIL squeals with excitement, but all of these things just annoy me. On top of that, my body is going through the cliche pregnant lady changes and I have morning sickness (which I don't understand why they call it morning sickness because I'm sick the entire day). I am depressed, miserable, and not looking forward to my breasts leaking milk for the next year. I don't want the full time responsibility of raising a child either. When I walk through the baby section in a store, I don't become elated with joy at seeing the tiny outfits. I prefer not to hold people's babies and frankly it's rare I find one cute. They annoy me with their crying in restaurants and when someone brings one into a movie theater, I feel a strong need to ask the mother what the fuck was she thinking. I feel like my life is now over--all of these little fantasies I had about going back for a Masters or JD will now be put to bed, living in Barcelona will never happen. And on top of that, I can't go on my fucking ski vacation! I want to run away, live by myself, and never see any of you people ever again.
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i miss my dad


i miss my dad, he was a prick. A womanising fuck up, but the most carasmatic, generous, kind man. He was a victim of his own personality. As my grandfather said, i loved your dad he just couldn't pass a pub door without going in. I loved him so much my heart aches,

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Hey guys and gals?? Any good shows on netflix worth watching other than the famous ones on there already??

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I am a woman who wants to. feel a nice hard cock in me now

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Have you ever thought about what makes someone who they are? All of their experiences have become a little part of them. Their environment can shape the way their character grows. Today in society, I am seeing a certain nature of how people are defining themselves. People are letting others define them. They let their clothes, money, and peers tell them who they are going to be. Everyone wants to be accepted and liked. The only person that should be defining you is you. Others shouldn't be determining if you are happy or not. Happiness will come from you. If you want happiness then find it. Be content with yourself. Learn to love yourself the way that you are and not the way that you want to be. Don't be afraid of whats out there. Go out and do it and you will bloom as a person. Live as yourself.

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This is 100% true. I swear on my mother. I was in class was a hot summer day...when I came back from school I saw a note at the door where my mum wrote " go on the terrace and become a murga ('s a stress position she used to give me as a punishment for not doing homework or failing in was nothing new as we used to get it in school) and dare not to get up until I say so. So I went to the terrace and became a murga and I remained like that the whole day. Same thing happened next day and the day after and this kept happening for more than a week. Then one day I was just going to get into the position I saw 6 men entering the house. They were the guy who sold vegetables, the milkman, the postman, the newspaper guy and two other men. But I feared my mum so I simply continued my punishment. After remaining in that painful position for about an hour I felt really curious so I went downstairs and headed towards my mum's room....I heard her moaning in pain...but at the same time it sounded as if she was enjoying it. I was shocked to see this... she was only wearing a purple coloured bra and I could see she had tattooed on her breasts the word "whore" in capitals. and all those people had their pants down. My beloved mom was getting fucked really hard by those men. My mum was getting an airtight skier...there was a penis in each of her holes.. her mouth, her asshole, and her beautiful pink vagina. Plus there was a penis in each of her hands...she was having a good time....she screamed at me..."you motherfucker I had told you to become a murga" and apologized " please sir I apologize for the wrong deeds of my son he is one son of a bitch....please punish me master i'm your slave" and started continuing what she was doing.... the guy whose penis was in my mum's mouth asked to go out in the sun become a murga again. so I closed the door and went out and started looking through the continued for another hour...four of them ejaculated and thick white semen that came out of their penises covered my mum's pretty face...some of it even got into her eyes... her expressions made clear she was enjoying it as hell...she was one horny bitch...she had tied a ponytail and soon all her hair and her face was covered in semen on to continue my punishment.. they then filled her mouth with semen...she was about to throw up...they yelled....drink it you dirty whore ...she then swallowed it. She then got on all fours, like a very obedient slave, and thanked them..."master I thank you all from the core of my heart for all the mercy you showed me and I am greatfull to you for gining your precious life saving delicious nector to this thirsty little slutbunny...they then slapped her hard with a whip on her fair buttocks for not thanking them properly, inserted a buck in her ass(as her fee) and left....seeing them coming I quikly ran to the roof and got into murga position....after that day my mum would get gangbangs everyday, and I would get murga punishment.

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I can't believe what you did, and now you are going pay...... Welcome to Hell, Lucifer is a friend of mine....... And all I want is justice

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Your two children from a past relationship are nearly grown. You've said you don't want more children; I've never planned on having any myself. For two months I've struggled to find the right time and words to tell you that you're going to be a father again.You've always been brave and fearless, I wish I could be more like you; and tell you my secret.

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well you better call 911.Hundreds of people in St. Paul, Minn., wanting to protest I'm going to make it rain fire on their asses . Made a flame thrower pretty good one. thanks too Flamethrower Rob on you tube .

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You Are Two-Faced


My entire life people have told me what to do and who I am. Everyone in school, from about second grade, would ask and say I was gay without knowing the first thing about me; even though their thinking was purely based on the way I acted and their opinion. From this, throughout my entire school career, until the end of high school, I never even had the chance at a first impression. Their thoughts were oh he's gay because that's what everyone else says about him. But to add on, almost 4 years after graduating, one of my siblings who is a year older, was scrolling through their old facebook posts with me. One of the posts, that was from middle school, was a friend of theirs asking why does your brother(me) always hang out with girls. To which my brother replied because he's gay. The fact that one of my own family members was telling people I was gay all along really just goes to show I never had a shot of a good first impression with anyone. Even when I started working at the same resturaunt as my sibling one of the co-workers said oh I thought you are gay. I never really put the pieces together until I saw the facebook post. So whenever I met a good friend of theirs I already knew they thought I'm gay. You know, I can stand a complete stranger judging me but when a sibling of mine has been telling people I'm gay for god knows how long that really sets me off. What really irks me the most is I never even got the chance to figure out my sexuality on my own. I have always know I am attracted to men but think about all the first dates and relationships I have missed out on because of this stigma surrounding my sexual orientation. Also, to put a cherry on top, after all of this, finding out that my sibling is bisexual and has know they are all of those years. It took me 19 years for this clarification in my life that my sibling has always been ashamed and most of all insecure about their own sexuality. Meanwhile, from when I was a little boy learning about how I was attracted to men; I have always lovingly and openly accepted myself without labeling who I am for being the way I was born. So, if you've finished this far I just want you to know that you should think twice before judging someone or labeling them without knowing the first thing about them. This has haunted me my whole life and continues to do so just because people say I'm "gay". I still don't know if I like girls or not. I believe I do, maybe all of this has tricked my mind not to like women. I could die never have had being with a lady, but I would die knowing my conscience is clean, unlike all those other people who judged me before getting to know me. Just wanted to put out there that this is the first time I have ever truly been able to vent this; what has been festering up within me for almost a decade.

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There are times when I call on my is one of those times. I think my number one angel is my yiaya, although my uncle, godfather, great grandmother, cousin, and my dogs are all part of my team. So I am calling on my team because I need some comfort. I also just need some help. I know I seem to catastrophize things in my head and make it just far worse for myself than it ever has to be. And I'm hoping this is just one of those times. I have a feeling something is going on, and it's not anything good. In fact a lot of the pieces of the puzzle make it seem that way, but I am not certain. I just hope I am wrong. I hope it's just a mistake. Or just something small thats easy to rectify. But I'm all shaken up because I know I have chicken little syndrome. It's like not knowing is far worse than knowing. Because not knowing means I assume the worst. So not only am I asking for the comfort of my team this evening, I am asking for them to make everything be ok. Sometimes I wonder if I deserve bad things to I'm not a good enough person or something. But then I realize that that's not even close to true. I'm not perfect, I have my faults. But who's asking me to be perfect. The most important thing in life is kindness. That is what I've learned and that is what I've decided is the most important thing anybody can ever be. And that is what I always try to be. I've realized that I'm kinder than most. So no, I don't deserve for bad things to happen to me. In fact I deserve good things. But we don't always get what we deserve and life is just really difficult sometimes. So I'm hoping and praying to my angels team that today is just another one of those situations where I make a mountain out of a mole hill and torture myself for nothing. And I think for the most part it is. It's actually my head that gets me all worked up- it's my head that seems to spin round and round coming up with all sorts of terrible scenarios. That's the logical part of me. The part of me that goes looking for answers. And I end up learning a lot when that happens...about whatever it is I am researching or learning about- medical conditions, business stuff, etc. But then there are times when I get a feeling that goes deeper than what is in my head. I like to consider that my heart. And it's hard to decipher which is right- my head or my heart. Because many times when my head decides that logically something is one way, it ends up being the other. And I realize that my heart was in fact right all along. And in this situation, my head is freaking me out. But my heart is telling me things will be fine. Unfortunately it's like a tug-a-war. So i'm asking my team of angels for help. Please help me through the night and into tomorrow, whenever we discover what is going on. Please give me strength and clarity to handle it if it is bad news. Why does being out of control have to hurt so much? Is there a way you can help it hurt less? I am so grateful for everything I have. I am grateful you have given me Jason and my dogs. I'm going to hold on to them all through the rest of the night. And I know all of you will be holding on to us. Thank you for loving me so much while you were here on this earth. And thank you for still loving me after you left it. I always look for the signs you send me and I see them as signs of hope and reasons to keep hanging in there.

PS. Thank you for the sign you just sent me. Before this I was crying because I was so worried. Now I'm crying out of gratitude and love. There is one thing I will promise all of you- I will continue to stay on the good side. I will continue to rescue stray dogs on the side of the road, feed starving horses that aren't mine, stand up for people who are being bullied, cook for people, and do whatever else I can to be of service to others. Please keep guiding me and helping me through these hard times, and I will continue to spread the love.

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I screamed at her over the phone, yelling that I hated her. I could tell in the tone of her voice that I'd hurt her, like I always do. Now as I sit in my room, having avoided her all day, I'm the one that feels hurt. She's my mother after all, the woman that carried me for 9 months and since has only loved and cared for me, yet I can't stand her for some reason? Everything she says and does makes me want to pull my hair out, I thought it was just a teen phase, but I'm 21 and the resentment has only strengthened. I would love to have a mother daughter bond that is so deep that we have a beautiful understanding of each other, but that isn't the case. Did I really have to scream I hated her? How did it benefit either of us or the situation? I feel in those moments of my anger all I can do is hurt her with the words that scar her the most. Words that burned my mouth almost immediately after saying them, yet I continued to tear her down and say that I hope her trip is shitty and not to speak to me for the remaining of it. And that's how I left it. I love her but at the same time, I don't know how to love her. I can hardly say the words to her. And I don't know why. Yet I am able to spew the words I hate you over and over no problem. Sometimes I scare myself.

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This is embarrassing but I need some women here to help me figure out a way to use tampons. I am very fat at about 360 pounds. I'm 5'2". I had to quit wearing tampons years ago because of weight gain from medications I was on. I'm slowly losing weight but am tired of pads. I want to go back to wearing tampons but I'm not sure I can do it. I just can't reach well enough to insert one fully. Are there like some devices to help with this? Please don't make rude comments or "advice" that I need to lose weight. Or that I am a fat pig, etc. I'm human, just like you are, and I have emotions, too. Please be respectful. Thank you.

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Read this blog, it's deep interesting and posts every day, more of diary of an anonymous teenager.

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So my mom(38) has a new boyfriend. They're having sex all the time. What bothers me is I can hear all the dirty talk they say during sex. Like, "yeah, fuck me in my ass baby. Choke me daddy. Swallow you whore. Who's my slutbunny." Etc,. The other night I was passing by her room, he winked at me before going in. What do I do? It's so irritating

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I'm going to have a mental breakdown. I hate uni I hate my life. I used to be so happy working in retail it was so easy. Now I'm at uni I have so much pressure and so much emotional torment. I can't handle it. Why did I go to uni? I never wanted to do this. Why? I can't even see myself doing this stupid degree when I finish. I want to die. I cry myself to sleep. I'm always in a terrible mood. I'm addicted to pain killers for euphoria. I'm emotionally unstable. How can I help poeple when I can't even help myself?

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What is it to be an adult? I mean, other than fighting about whether or not Trump is a good president, bitching about taxes, insurance and all the other things that are as certain as death.

I'm young, 28 years old. 2 kids- both planned. Married (to their dad), we've been together since I was {almost} 22. I've always been an old soul. I'm a pretty boring human being, other than the occasional blue, purple, green hair and lots of tattoos.

I spend my days going to work, or home with my kids. I have extreme guilt if I do anything and don't have them with me. I have a huge irrational fear of them needing me and me not being there. (Even if it's for something as meaningless as getting them a drink for the 836283 time in a day).

My husband and I have no relationship, not even really a marriage. We work and are home with the kids, working around the house. We don't sit next to each other, barely speak, have nothing in common other than the children. It wasn't always that way. It was romantic, passionate, sickeningly cute, amazing pure bliss. It's NONE of those things anymore. In no way shape or form have any intentions of seeking another person out for those things. I'm far to beat down and broken to feel that is even possible. I'm sad and depressed about how things are. His mother is an evil woman who would love for me to just be out of his life (which at this point in time seems to be the logical thing to do). There isn't anything other than children to keep us together, and I think that is the worst thing you could do. My parents did it for me, and I wish they didn't. I think it's stupid.

Being married, with some one and feeling completely alone emotionally, physically and mentally is one of the worst feelings anyone can have. I crave companionship, love. Being hugged, touched. It makes me so sad.

Being totally burnt out. Feeling like a horrible person for living in your great big beautiful house, two beautiful healthy children with your brand new cars... And you're totally ungrateful. Therefore causing you even more hate and discontent on yourself. It's a constant uphill battle. It never stops. Your brain never stop working overtime and trying to figure out an answer to all of this.

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It's been a long week of work for my fiancé and myself. After giving our son a bath and cleaning up for the night I sit down to relax for a bit. I wanted to scroll through Facebook and not think for a minute. As soon as I sit down my fiancé wants me to engage a conversation about the car show he is watching which I have zero interest in. I tried to pay attention but I wanted to check my phone for a minute and I def didn't care about the history of the car he was watching. I told him that I didn't want to watch the show and instead of leaving it at that he got super upset with me. He shamed me for not wanting to have a damn conversation about the show I didn't care about. He then got up and slammed the bedroom door and called me a fucking bitch. He then said I comminicate like a caveman. This is coming from a guy who dislikes almost every show I want to watch. Also coming from someone who shames me for watching the shows I like. What more do I owe him I don't understand why it's even an issue. Instead of being rude to me just ask if we can watch something else. I don't understand why he got so upset it makes no sense. How can he keep calling me hurtful names and mess with my head when he is more of a bitch than I am. I always stay empathetic me caring how can he think I'm those things he says to me. Regardless I am to the point where no matter what name he calls I can't take it to heart. I know who I am and he cannot control me. If I don't want to then I don't have to. Same goes for him. He acts out like a child and never considers his anger and actions. What really irritates me is he does it in front of our boy. It's bullshit he needs to change or I will fly once I gain my wings.

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Is that the majority of woman have Borderline Personality Disorder they provoke men to get off on their masochistic tendencies

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Depression is living your life for you. Depression is going through your day to day routines, spending time with friends and family, going to work but never knowing if you will be interested in what's happening around you. If you will be happy because you have no reason not to be, or if you will struggle to simply get out of bed in the morning. Depression is coming home from work, having an extremely pleasant day, and walking into your house crying. It's not being able to answer your sister when she texts you because it's too much to move. It's not being able to face your roommate because you know she will know something is wrong but you don't know how to explain that there isn't actually anything wrong at all. It's constantly reminding yourself that no matter how hard things get, no matter how much it hurts to breath, taking your own life is not the answer. It's constantly putting everyone else's needs first because they would be hurt if you weren't. Because some days, the only way out is the end. Because some days you can't find a reason to keep going, but you do. Some days you just lie in bed, you can't get up, you can't shower, you can't do anything but lie there and think about how there is no reason for you to be where you are but somehow you always find yourself back here in the same spot, holding the same pillow, with the same darkness surrounding you.

Depression is wanting someone to talk to, but not knowing what to say. So instead you say nothing. Instead you lay in bed. Instead you think of the easiest ways to stop breathing because it hurts so god damned much to breath. But tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow could be a better day, maybe tomorrow it won't hurt to breath. Maybe I can just wait for tomorrow. But maybe I am always waiting for tomorrow. Maybe it's exhausting, waiting for tomorrow to come.

Depression is eating you alive, swallowing you in a pit of despair. Pulling you down into a black hole where you live in your worst self. But depression doesn't stay forever. And when you surface, your first breath of fresh air, that first taste of happiness is why you waited. And it is so good to be who you are without being pulled down by a shadow cast by nothingness. That you forget this too won't last.

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I've spent the last year's of my childhood and my first years as an adult trying to be someone that you needed, wanted even. I loved you and I though you loved me too, but distance destroyed your attraction to me. I understood and let it be until you wanted to be together again. You filled my head with dreams of a future, then a month later torched them down with 3 days of silence and having my best friend tell me you wanted to break up. Even still I forgave you and told you I'd always be there for you. You left for half a year without a Second thought and came running to me to help you get through being raped by your newest boyfriend. I did everything I could, I even took time off to come see you. You told me you loved me and didn't want anyone else just like you had years before. Against my better judgment I loved you again knowing how it would end. I left for home, and then you left us a week later. Now a couple month later and you want to try again, you want to hurt me again. I've always been a strong man, but I don't know if I can take you hurting me again. You told me you loved me and now weeks gone by and you haven't said anything to me or your friends. I'm not letting you hurt me again. I'm tired of being patient and taking the beatings you give to my heart. I don't want love if it's like this, constantly breaking me down. I just want to die eight now and it's all because I love you. I need to say goodbye to you but I don't know how to without hurting myself further. Maybe I should just leave, it's not like your talking to me anyway. Maybe I'll disappear so you can't find me, so that you just be stuck searching for someone else to leach on for your comfort. I was born into this world without love and I'm not afraid to walk out of it the same way.

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I've been through a lot of shit from a young age that a kid should never go through, I'm now 16 in high school and I'm struggling to cope with school work, family, my mind, teachers, friends etc. It's fucking hard, I feel like I'm living a double life I act a certain way at school or confident and happy but when I'm home I feel isolated and alone with a house full of people. I really don't understand my feelings, I don't know how to express it and I don't know how to talk about it. My mum is so invested in my brothers and sisters lives that she barely even asks me if I'm alright, my 2 sisters are drop outs and didn't pass year 9 and took the wrong turn in life which resulted in some pretty devastating out comes like being in a car accident, addicted to smoking, being pregnant at a young age, running away several times and ending up jail, 1 of my older brother didn't make it past 10 he started to get involved with gangs, fighting and drugs he was then diagnosed with schizophrenia, mind you this sibling was the favourite so my parents had high hopes for him because he was good at sports like football and running and he was smart he got tons of academic awards but he just fell in the wrong crowd he had a physical fight with my dad cause he made my little brother cry, my oldest brother completed year 12 he had set the standards high for the rest of us to meet but most of them failed to meet the standard. This brings me to my little brother who now is the favorite sibling and is literally having all the attention that i never got when i was his age, he has been sheltered from things that I should of have been sheltered at his age but wasn't and i had to grow up real quick. Then there's me 16 years old contemplating whether to drop out of senior high school just like my other 3 siblings or to complete it like older brother and graduate senior high school. Honestly I'm doing this for my mum and dad they really want me to graduate and get a good job etc you know all those expectations your parents want you to achieve in life but then they don't wanna help me in the journey to graduate they never ask how's school, do you need help with anything?, is everything alright? No one thing about me (I really don't expect my dad to help me because he barely can speak English and he has a lot of cultural values and expectations and its hard to talk to him) my mum is always helping my other siblings with their problems, who are now adults and unemployed with babies. School adds a lot of fucking pressure and anxiety, I'm falling behind and its hard to learn when you got a lot of shit in your head, I'm always having interviews with teachers who are asking if everything is gong alright or if I need any help with anything which i always answer with one of the most known lies known to man which is “I'm fine” but really I'm dying inside sometimes i just wanna tell them everything but i just don't know how to, like the words don't come out and I feel like I can't trust them with shit I know so I don't bother I mean if my own parents don't bother with my life why should a teacher care about me I mean its not even a part of their job to care about me so i just don't involve them with my problems. You know shits getting real when you can even talk to your friends about it cause if I say too much they will problem think about me in negative way I know a lot of people I'm not one of those shy kids who does not like to socialise with people and shit so everybody automatically assumes I'm living the good life because I laugh of the time, I smile all the time and I make conversation with people all the time but really it's a mask that I wear at school so know one knows the real me. Whenever I get money i usually save it because were always struggling with bills and food etc there's even times when there was no electricity for a week most of my sibling went to their friends house and slept but not me I stayed home with my parents and younger brother cause I didn't want to leave them alone in the complete darkness, so back to why I save my money whenever I get it, it's because I know there gonna be a time when we don't have any and were hungry so I give my money to my mum who says she will pay back but never does but almost overtime she pays my siblings back with money. For the past few months my dads been unemployed but has recently landed a job that pays good money which is very helpful honestly I wish a had stronger relationship with but sadly I don't his favourite sibling was my sister, I remember one time him and my mum had a huge fight and separated for quite lengthy time and out of the siblings who could of took it was me (my little brother wasn't born yet) I remember sleeping in the car cause he went to go met this girl who I didn't know we went to the petrol station to get some gas, I was pretty damn hungry and he wouldn't buy me anything to eat so I stole cough lollies (that's how desperately hungry I was, that I was willingly to eat cough lollies) from the petrol station and ate it, so were finally at the destination where my dad met this girl but at that age I didn't know what was happening, me bring young I thought it was mum so I was really happy and tied to get out of the car but it wasn't my mum and still tried to get out but my dad wouldn't let me and forced me to stay in the car in dark by myself while he went to talk to her, at that age I was scared and absolutely terrified, they were talking for hours that I fell asleep but then woke up when he came in the car (at the time I didn't know anything but the girl he was talking to he had an affair with and was the whole point why my mum and dad had a fight) so we went to go life at my cousins house for a while, and trust me it was the worst time of my life i never liked them cause they try to break my mum and dad up cause they didn't like my mum but I was acting like I didn't know anything about it so I acted “normal”(lying came pretty natural to me at a young age) so eventually everything was sorted out and they got back together, I remember coming back home to find my siblings having the time of the life they all had new toys, clothes, eating McDonalds and shit while I came back wearing my cousins big ass clothes and hungry af, I was thinking to myself why didn't my mum get anything for me or why didn't she try to come back for me so I sat down and I felt like me and my brothers and sister relationship was gone, I felt like I didn't even who they were for a second (to this day me and my siblings so don't have a good typical brother and sister relationship, expect for my older brother who's always trying to help me and support with my things in my life but his having his own things to deal with so usually don't get him involved). I really do think about committing suicide but then I realise that ain't gonna do shit for me because I haven't even fully experienced life to see the positive in the world instead of the negative which I'm constantly seeing, so sometimes I think about what if I disappeared would anyone miss me?. In away I think i have mental health problem but i really don't want to admit it because quite frankly I think I don't by there're many signs that I'm depressed and have anxiety, i really don't wanna end up like my brother, i wanna live a good life, get a job in the entertainment industry or something like that or at least just a real good job, one I get enough money i wanna move out of my parents house and start a new life and find someone that I can settle with and forget about my past but for right now I'm only 16 so I need to chill about my future and live in the present that will lead me to my dream future. If anyone has advice feel free to comment some it would be really helpful in my decisions I make.

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You might read this title and think I'm a disgusting piece of shit . But first you'll need to know why I desire him.. Ive been going out with this guy for a while. The first time I slept at his house, we stayed up having sex all night, around three in the morning I had to use the bathroom to brush my hair and put it up, when he opened his bedroom door, his brother was just getting home, his brother saw him all marked up and saw me, that was then first time I'd seen his brother, for the rest of the night, all I taught about was him, but I couldn't do anything , It's just a feeling I get every time I'm at his house and I see him. Once I went to go visit my boyfriend and he wasn't home, but his brother was and his stepdad, I was waiting for him in his bedroom and his brother came in. We started talking, and we kissed, he apologized I didn't say anything, he hasn't spoken to me since then. I don't know what to do.. Should I go for it? How should I approach him?

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I am such a happy person but life has really been dragging me down. I cry almost every other night and I look to people for some slight sense of light to give me motivation and everyone keeps shutting me down. I don't think I'm depressed, I just think my life keeps hitting me with events that tear me down and I don't know how much longer I can take it. I keep telling mysef that someday it'll get better and I just have to wait it out and someday I'll be happy but I've been waiting to be happy for years and my heart is honestly giving out. I'll go through days where I'm very sad and then I'll get back up and have happy moments and pretend everything is okay. But then I get back to this spot where I question my happiness and my purpose. I don't want to be sad anymore.

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I seriously think suicide is a really weak thing to do, I mean if you "hate living " 😂 so much because of how people treat you , you should just stand up for yourself , why would you even let anyone talk down to you so much that you'll want to end your own life? Stop posting so much about how you wanna kill yourself and just ducking do it already, and if you can't then just stfu and enjoy life already you stupid emos 😙

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what it would be like to be dead and not have to deal with crap, I got out of an abusive relationship 9 months ago but im still fucked up and i was so sure i was gonna kill myself there. like i wouldnt say im suicidal at all now but i was very much back then if i had just overdosed or cut my wrists open like maybe i wouldnt be stuck with the residual effects today like i love being near people who love me again but jeez its really really exhausting sometimes. just living is exhausting now im constantly afraid.

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13 reasons why


I have watched the show twice now and am unsure if it is beneficial or harmful to teens (or others) lives. it shows an important lesson(s) but could it also be taken the wrong way putting others in a depressive state as well. the show was great and teaches an important lesson on how important it is to treat others better and to try and understand others to prevent this from happening. Aren't these lessons ones we should already know?

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Вы заметили, в то время как Нигеры утверждают, что больше белых людей получают больше преимуществ, чем они, это они жалуются на это? Испытывать снадобья, такая же вещь, они не хотят к испытанию снадобья, в то же самое время, они купят вашу мочу для $ 50.00 для кварты jar для того чтобы помочь им пройти то испытание. Они такие же одни жалуясь что momma может ' T покупают петли фруктов для ребенка lol. У Walmart есть коробки зерновых 2 за 5,00 $, и они предпочли бы купить piss.

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Hhad j dish didn't have to be a good time to time . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I am

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So I’m confused & lost. I feel like my past is replaying itself in my head. My mind is so powerful I wish I could shut it off. I want to be happy and complete without having doubt, worry and regret. I’ve never had regret for anything in my life until I had my daughter..I regret my past. I’ve been with the same man since I was 15. How does he have a 9 year old and a 6 year old if I’m 25 as of right now. Why would I allow myself to get betrayed like that? Why would I put up with cheating and lies? I know I’m worth more, but I fell in love with the wrong person at the wrong time. He ruined me inside, but I still smile and continue to be strong on the outside. I’ve always been strong, but he was my weakness. My first love that destroyed my entire life. That made me live every day with a bunch of regret in my head and disappointment! I looked so stupid begging him before, waiting for him, calling him and wanting him. After the 3rd abortion I should have known I was going to be fucked in the head for life. I’m scarred forever and no one can ever take that away from me. I want answers! Why did you cheat on me with multiple women? Why didn’t you ever let me keep my babies? Why did you make me look so stupid in front of family/friends? Why did you let everyone disrespect me? Why did you look for me, when I was done with you? Why didn’t you let me be happy with someone else? Why now and not then? I’m damaged! I hate you! I hate your kids, but I don’t show it at all..because it’s not their fault. I hate your family for always bashing me! I hate your baby mama that used me like you use me. I hate what you made me go through. I hate that I stood. I hate that I LOVED you so much I was by your side through you traveling, jail time and no having a job. I should have let you failed. Was I the side girl the entire time since you were getting someone else pregnant since I was young? You ruined my 18th birthday by your babymama calling me to tell me she is pregnant too, but I wasn’t going to raise my kid knowing their sibling was months apart. You asked for a favor..if I could be the one to get an abortion and I did. Then we got in a very big physical/emotional for my 21st. Why do you continue to do this on my important days of my life that I won’t forget. You’ve called me every name in the book, when I haven’t been 1 to you. You have never seen me angry..and you continue to say I have a bad attitude. Ask my ex how mad I can get and how much patience I don’t have. But with you Ohh man do I have patience and don’t show no emotion and it pisses you off that I shut down. But you made me this way..I shut down completely and think, think, think and think. I grow to hate you even more! Now we have a baby of our own. The biggest mistake I made in my life. Now you threaten to take me to court to get 50/50 if I leave knowing that I’m obsessed with my baby cuz that’s all I ever wanted and I got to plan her and keep her. You say you’ll make my life miserable and if I cheat on you that you would kill me. I didn’t kill you, and you can’t kill me cuz you killed my heart multiple times that it wouldn’t hurt. It would hurt you! I wish I could do everything you did to me to see who is standing strong in the end because your WEAK! You told me if I had someone else’s kid you wouldn’t be with me, but I’m with you. I wish I had a game plan where you couldn’t take me to court, where we don’t have to split all of our materialistic things we built together. I wish you would let me walk away free with my baby and you would never look for me or her again..if that was possible I would love that. I think if it was just us 3 I wouldn’t hold so much hate for you, but that will never happen you cheated and they are walking. I live in the past because your kids are breathing, your baby mama is calling and your family reminds me every chance they get. Just let me walk away, let me live in peace and happiness. Don’t look for me. Don’t you think I deserve that and you owe me that?

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The amount of hypocrisy all around me really pisses me off. First of all I am a guy who thinks everyone is equal and not meant to be judged without proper communication. What I feel is lack of real communication is what is the core problem about what I am gonna say. So here it is, there is this tv series that shows a group of working friends of which some have love interests and some others don't. The problem arises when one character whom I feel is like me personality wise is being judged too often when no real proof is present. The guy is a little flirty, but he is emotional and wouldn't purposefully hurt any girl just for fun. But time and time again he is made to prove himself in his own group of best friends where they dominate him, supress him and now in a scene where I just saw that one of his best friends(girl from his group) prevents him from pursuing his love interest which is another girl from the group. I mean that is just because the girl preventing him thinks that he is just being flirty with their common friend over there when they have shown that they have been together (this so called group of friends) for a few years...Its like no one understands this guy and he is forced to pass tests where he shouldn't even be performing them in the first place. In all of this ofcourse I empathized with this character because of similiar things I felt in my life and not taking this too seriously but just felt like writing this. Everyone feels that a flirt is not human or he dodoesn't have a heart or whatever. My point is if something is being portrayed like this on entertainment channels then its really a wrong message that they are displaying. That is what I feel. Indiscriminate. Live Free. Don't Judge Too Fast. Don't let yourself feel down on basis of how others treat you.

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sticks it to people who have pre-existing conditions. Further proof that Republicans don't give a shit about people in need. They would rather we dry up and blow away. If I end up homeless because of medical bills, I will go out with a bang. I will place a sign saying, "This is on you, Trump." in front of my state capital and immolate myself in front of it. That should draw some attention to the issue. Talking about it does nothing. The electors didn't do their job, which is to keep idiots, narcissists, and lunatics out of the White House. So maybe burning human flesh will bring some attention to the fact that someone who worked hard for 30 years and had to quit for a disability deserves better. May everyone who made this health care bill possible rot in hell. Thank you for time and attention. Carry on. Oh, and look for me in the news. Ever smelled burning human flesh? I will stink up the whole area.

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know why we fought the civil war. There needs to be a test on American history for all future presidents. Idiot.

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Папа однажды позвонил дьяволу по телефону, Девушка в центре слушала все, что они хотели сказать. , , , Дьявол сказал: «Привет!» Папе, и Папа сказал: «Как ты? Я бегаю здесь, на земле, черт возьми, поэтому скажи мне, что делать ». "Что я могу сделать"? Дьявол сказал: «Мой дорогой старый Попиш Пал, Если я что-то могу сделать, чтобы помочь вам, я непременно буду. Папа сказал: «Теперь послушай, и я попытаюсь сказать, То, как я бегаю здесь на земле, - это ад. Я планировал это в течение многих лет, и я начал убивать Все, кто отказываются поклониться, подчиняясь моей воле. Моя армия прошла через Испанию, стреляя в женщин и детей вниз Мы разорвали все их Библии и убили всех протестантов, которых мы нашли. Мои обманы пробирались через их города, убивая как старых, так и молодых, И тех, кто избежал меча, были вывезены и повесили. Я отправился в США с помощью чашки с ядом, Ку-клукс проклял их, остановил нас и не стал принимать пищу. Мой К. К. - это дьяволы. Почему, вы должны видеть, как они сражаются; Они прокрадываются по земле и убивают сотни за ночь. Я знал, что вы скажете, примерно год назад, Когда Ку-клукс-клан предупредил меня пойти медленнее. Говорят, мистер Поуп, мы не хотим вас задеть, Поэтому не забудьте сказать, что К. К. не беспокоит наши школы. , , , Вот почему я назвал тебя сатаной, потому что я хочу получить от тебя совет, Я знаю, что ты скажешь мне, что я должен делать. «Мой дорогой старик-папа, мало что можно сказать, Потому что Ку-клукс сделает для тебя жарче, чем я, для тебя в аду. Я был черным старым дьяволом, но не наполовину таким же скупым, как ты. И в ту минуту, когда ты приедешь, я отдам тебе свою работу. Я буду готов к твоему приходу, и я буду держать огонь все ярким, И я приготовлю твою комнату, когда Клан начнет сражаться. Для мальчиков в белом вы поймете, мне больше нечего рассказывать; Повесьте трубку, возьмите свою шляпу и встретите меня здесь, в аду ».

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