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I seriously think suicide is a really weak thing to do, I mean if you "hate living " 😂 so much because of how people treat you , you should just stand up for yourself , why would you even let anyone talk down to you so much that you'll want to end your own life? Stop posting so much about how you wanna kill yourself and just ducking do it already, and if you can't then just stfu and enjoy life already you stupid emos 😙

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Sometimes its hard to function because there are too many bastards with hearts full of darkness and heads full of shit. Some days it takes all you have to keep on going in the middle of so many sons of bitches, and all their friends who agree with them.

Too many zombies, not enough real people left.

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What the fuck is wrong with the people on this site..........

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Warning everyone planning on doing business with an individual named Alex (Alexander) Shchekin, currently residing in Long Grove, IL. I have never written anything like this before but wanted to share some quick facts about this individual and issue a warning. If you don't feel like spending a few minutes reading this then here is a short version: DON'T GIVE ALEX SHCHEKIN A SINGLE PENNY AS HE IS FRAUD! Alex, aka Sasha, aka Alexander Shchekin is a professional scam artist who feasts on the poor, ignorant, and desperate people. Along with an individual named Andrew Menasce they have 2 websites: and He claims that he is about to go public with his company and that he no longer needs investments from anyone, but he will do you a favor and let you buy some left over shares for just a fraction of the cost. When my partner and I bought well over $25k worth of shares from him and signed the contract, he began systematically failing to deliver on any of his promises and giving an excuse, after an excuse, after an excuse as to why that happened. As I began searching more about him I realized that EVERYTHING that this guy says is complete and utter lie... Every page that you will ever find about him, like facebook, zoominfo, vc, twitter, etc that supposedly have his name, or his company ReadOz mentioned in them, are all made by Alex Shchekin himself in a very poor attempt to try and make himself look bigger than he actually is… He is currently being sued by at least 4 different parties for the same exact company (ReadOz) that he claims is about to go public. He claims his other company called Intergam makes $45 mil./year, yet his website is not even finished, it was forcefully shut down by the government twice for a failure to pay the annual corporate filing fee, he has no customer service, his address is a PO box, and when you call the Contact # it goes straight to a voicemail. I found out that his ReadOz company that he claims is just about to go public has been "just about to go public" since 2007, which is when he took well over $100k from a group of investors and most likely used it for his personal agendas. His home in Long Grove was recently foreclosed upon by the bank. He sells shares fraudulently to unaccredited shareholders, clearly violating the law. He will tell you great stories of how much he has accomplished in life, and how he knows many celebrities and government officials, and what a generous person he has been to everyone, and that everyone just tried to screw him over, but those are all lies, as he simply manipulates people. He will even go as far as tell you "secrets" about his personal life just to get you to trust him more.

What Alex Shchekin does is this: he takes your $, makes many excuses each and every time asking him why he hasn't delivered on his many promises, and waits for the time to expire for you to be able to sue him, all while living on the $ that you supposedly "invested" in him. In fact, if you try to sue him, he will simply use the same $ you gave him, or another person like you, to defend himself in court.

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Today I’ve only thought about killing myself twice today. I have what I need, just have done it yet. I painted a little and it helped. I’m so tired of being completely forgettable

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I think about suicide a lot. I'm not at the point where I want to try it again, but I feel like I keep relapsing. I'm good for a few days, then stress takes over and pushes me to start thinking about how pointless everything is. I get scared of getting old. I get scared of feeling sick. I get scared of staying at my shitty, dead end job. I get scared thinking about leaving the shitty stability it gives me. I get scared because I spend all my days at work working to earn money and at night I stay home and work to try to get a foothold to do something I actually want to do. I'm burning the candle at both ends. I'm tired. I'm afraid I'm wasting my life. Everyone around me has so much more life experience and while getting drunk and having one night stands doesn't interest me, I want to make that connection.

Sometimes I feel like I have it with this friend of mine but it feels so inconsistent. Like he's constantly drifting me in and out of the friendzone. I don't know if it's because he knows. Maybe he likes having me like him unconditionally. But I can't tell what he's really thinking and I'm too scared he'll reject me again. I don't know if I should just cut and go though, because what if he does and I hurt him?

It's all a big jumbled up mess. I can't get my head to calm down. I can't relax. I can't stop pushing myself to work hard and make my dreams come true, but then why can't push myself enough to find a way out? When will I finally get my chance?

I don't know.

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My brother and I don't have the healthiest of relationships. He has always been mean to me, always has talked shit about me. Even when other people would say mean things about me he would go along with it and not defend me at all. Every time I say something he doesn't listen and doesn't care but whenever he has something to say he expects me to pay full attention because what he says matters. He can never admit that he is wrong and will never say sorry when he knows he's in the wrong. Whenever I see him the only thing that comes out of his mouth is pure negativity. Whenever we argue we won't speak to each other for awhile but then when we see each other again it's like nothing happened. I have started to have the mindset that he is not my brother because he can't even be a good friend to me. I thought of telling him I don't think of him as my brother anymore so he would realize the extent of his abhorrent demeanor towards me. I recently stopped talking to him for about a week; I even blocked his number. I have thought about completely cutting him off for good unless he can learn how to treat his brother like a real sibling should.

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i urge everyone to stay away from just take your money,dont send you anything and wont answer yuor e-mails.dont be fooled by there site and the write ups you read.there all written by the same person.wankers.
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My mother Mrs Subarnarekha Naskar is a fucking slut

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My parents are already handling enough of the sh*t that comes with life, from their own parents' death to a sibling gaining cervix cancer. Now, due to a friend seeing cuts on my arm during P.E. class, they have to worry about one more insignificant problem: my fragile and depressed self - not even suicidal 'cause i can't kill myself correctly.

I had English Oracy and the theme was "secrets" then we got to how self-harm and serious stuff like that should not be kept secret. My friend looked at me and told me she was going to tell a teacher - this didn't make anything better. I clawed myself all day trying to distract myself from this anxiety attack that seems to be lasting for 3 hours straight at school. I don't know what to do anymore, my parents are bound to get calls from the school council - therapists never worked on me from past experience and i don't think the school council would be any better.

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I have dual citizenship in the United States of America AND Kekistan. Hail PEPE!!!. The ancient ancestor of Pepe was a great chef. Hail PEPE the Great!!!

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Only recently did I discover motivational speeches by Trump on success: https :// [filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=1xuAO0zKRAk

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What do you do with your money? Does it make you happy ? Do you still have problems?

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most of us on this planet died in 2012. remember that movie the matrix [1999]? We are all dead. we have lived before and ARE being recycled. Personally I have died 13 times. Laugh all you like and call me crazy-but so have you. Remember a world in which Mandela died in jail the 80s?remember Michael Jackson being shot by a crazed fan in 1986? Remember Donald Trump being New York mayor and Hillary Clinton becoming vice president? Remember 9/11 was the statue of liberty destroyed and NOT the world trade centre? Is it beginning to come back to you? "They" are recycling us from timeline to timeline and rewriting history but sometimes someone slips through the cracks. It's like recording and re-recording over VHS tape. Sometimes I get flashbacks of JFK running for two terms, Martin luther king dying of old age in 1997. THINK THINK THINK. Don't let them fool you. WAKE UP!!!!!!

posted to life by Ash, Hunter of Good (0 comments) can be so interesting sometimes and then so dull at other times. My life the past 2 years has just been, well hectic yet amazing. I had my son who is my savior, my anchor, and my best friend. But then I had other people who were trying to rip me down and make me something I’m not. I gave into it and became someone I didn’t recognize. Lost my boyfriend at the time, the father of my son. And just thought my life was falling to pieces. But here I sit now realizing it all happened for a reason. I just didn’t know it at the time. Fast forward to two years later and I’m living at home with my son saving for a house and enjoying every minute of my life. And my sons dad is dating the person who turned me into the person I hated. Definitely makes me open my eyes and realize I’m glad that girl did rip us apart because if he can be in love with someone like her then me and him were definitely not meant to be. She’s not a very nice person, just from my experience with her and well I am a very nice person, sometimes to nice. Does it make me look at him different? Yes. At first it amazes me that he could be with someone who talked so much crap about the mother of his son and who even said horrible things about his son. But then I read an amazing book and realized I just need to let it go. Now I just look at him as my sons dad and that’s it. He’s happy and that great, I’m happy for him. I’m happy as long as I have my son. Yes I’m living in my parents basement, yes I live paycheck to paycheck, and yes it’ll be a couple years till I reach my goals but that’s just it, I will reach them. I will have a house for me and my son and our animals! And we will have so many adventures together and it will make the best memories. I wish his dad could join in on some of our adventures as a family but I’ve accepted that’s not happening. I don’t want to deal with his girlfriend and would rather just be the adult and move on and just keep on good terms with him. I will never look at her and be able to accept her around our son but I trust him and that’s all that matters. I never thought I would be a good mom but I think I’m doing a pretty good dam job, no matter what anyone thinks. I’ve been talking to a rescue for the last month that I fell in love with a few years ago and they actually offered me a full time job and housing for me and my son last week and I mean this is what I’ve been waiting my whole life for. It would literally have been a dream come true. But it’s out of state and now that I have my son I just know there’s no way I’d be allowed to take it. Really hurt me but I turned it down. Balled my eyes out and questioned everything but now I realized I have my son and that’s all I need. Another opportunity will hopefully come along later in life! And maybe my dream man who works at a dog rescue :). I’m just going to keep living day by day and enjoy the memories I’m making along the way. No more dwelling in the past!

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I REALLY wonder if that garbage truck was deliberately parked to attempt to make that train derail and kill those lawmakers. I hope a FULL investigation is done and that a deliberate assassination attempt is not ruled out unless it is pretty much PROVEN that it was an accident. This "accident" sounds REALLY suspicious to me.

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I have read articles of how bullying at a young age can have effects on your life at a later age but never thought anything about it until yesterday. If you have been bullied before you will know how it feels when someone says or does something hurtful and you try to block out what you are feeling. I have not felt this feeling since I was a child when people would pick on me. It was truly traumatic for me just as when it would happen in school only this time worse. If you can think of how someone with ptsd from war going back to a war zone would feel, it is one in the same. Except for someone who has been bullyied it can get triggered almost anywhere any time. People always say this and I know it is an old cliché but think twice before you say or do something. The person you say or do it to could have a bad previous experience that could trigger their ptsd from bullying.

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I heard some claim now that promoting or drinking MILK is in and of itself RACIST. These people are STUPID. I am going to now have to increase my milk consumption. I am trying to cut back on sodas and other sugary drinks anyway, so maybe a little more milk can fill in the gap.

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you are morally bankrupt. Anyone who still supports Trump from the Religious Right has abdicated any moral authority they had. You cannot make a deal with the devil and come out untainted. This shows the Religious Right as the corrupt, hypocrisy it really is.

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According to Happy Joe's, Whitty invented the restaurant's best-selling product, the Taco Pizza, after a franchisee suggested adding tacos to the menu. Source in wiki a paid advertisement .

However, the Taco Pizza was in fact invented by Food Consultant Wayne Lynn, who was responsible for several original pizza recipes, and innovations. The Taco Pizza was originally called the Burrito Pizza, until Mr. Lynn renamed the recipe the Taco Pizza after market research showed that the new title appealed to more people. Because Mr. Lynn dealt primarily with grocery and convenience stores offering deli, or "take and bake" pizza, it is possible that Happy Joe's may have been the first restaurant to offer the Taco Pizza, but it would have been a copy of Mr. Lynn's recipe found in stores. The Taco Pizza was easily Mr. Lynn's most successful original pizza recipe.

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Well, this is my first time blogging, I hope it's good enough for a starter. I've recently finished one hell of a year, it was so full of experience and so full of adventure and I really enjoyed it to the fullest. I've made new friends, tons of them. I've achieved some personal gains & learned about myself more than I've ever been able to learn before. The problem is that I'm feeling so empty right now and I can't proceed anymore. It's like I'm out of energy & this "drained" feeling is so overwhelming that I can't start any new adventures, I just need to rest & I really need to sleep. It's been like that for a while now, nothing motivates me, nothing is good enough. The overwhelming feeling of sorrow & grief is taking over my life one way or another. I just can't help thinking that I wasted so many good opportunities just laying in bed, taking a break from last year. I need to charge up but nothing is charging me up. I'm so greedy when it comes to accomplishments & now I can't get excited about anything !! ever! It's all below my standards & my expectations. I can't just be the good little boy following his dream. you know that feeling? I don't really know what is this called & why is this happening but it's frustrating!

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(Warning: thoughts are uncontrollably jumbled).

Everything I once knew ...transformed. The direction and certainty that guided my everyday life has faded to a point that it is familiar but untouchable. No amount of experience, education, and support can prepare you for losing a loved one. It feels like a mysterious force has reached into my body and taken vital organs and left me to die- but even that would have have physical limitations and an end in sight. Everyday we try to forget, our minds cannot grasp such a drastic change. But life does not allow breaks, as a friend mentioned yesterday "don't stop kicking because life won't stop kicking back." Music, food, rooms, streets, smells, laughter, and every piece of you forever burned in my mind...motivating me to push through and challenge everything around me as you would have. I love you still.

The good things? Life goes on. The past continues to mold your future. We still have the opportunity to create the memories that they would have wanted. You will understand things about life that you never could have before. People will stand up and reveal pieces of them that you needed to see, catch you when you fall. To finally understand how much more important family and love are than work and material things even though you've heard it all of your life.

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I Ankur Naskar, solemnly swear on my mom that my mother, Mrs. Subarnarekha Naskar, is a professional whore. If I'm lying, then she'll positively get fucked on the streets

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I used to live and work in my friends pub, he is in his 30's and i was 21. His girlfriend would come and stay at weekends as she was at uni during the week. One weekend they stayed in there room the whole time having sex, she has some condition that means she reacts badly to contraception, so they use condoms religiousley. On the sunday night when he was driving her home, i went in his room and rummaged through his rubbish and collected about 9 or 10 condoms, all tied up with a decent amount of cum in each one. I layed them out on the floor, took out my penis and wrapped one of her thongs around my cock and balls. I then masturbated while sucking the outsides of each condom, it tasted vile but it turned me on knowing that this side of the condom had had direct contact with the inside of her wet pussy. I came very close to cumming so i stopped for a second to calm down, i went into the kitchen and got a knife, went back to the bedroom and cut open and drank his cum from the condoms as i masturbated again, I couldnt manage all of them as there was just so much, so i cut the rest open and poured them over my cock and balls and used it as lubricant until I finaly blew my load all across his carpet. As you can imagine I was covered in cum, so i shimmied across to the bathroom to clean up. I came out of the bathroom to find his girlfriend standing, staring down at a knife, her thong, and as pile of empty condoms in the middle of her boyfriends floor with me in the doorway with my pants round my ankles and a raging erection, she screamed and I just pulled up my jeams and ran downstairs, through the busy pub, down the street to the train station and got a train 40 miles to where my mother lived, wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans. I never went back or spoke to them ever again, I left everything i owned there. I have no idea what for or why they came back, i guess she forgot something, her thong maybe. Id like to see somebody top that for a true, embarrassing story.
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You ever see the zeal with which some people ask personal questions and keep pushing for a revealing answer? The lengths some will go to - even when they're not being paid and there's no cash reward to be had.

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Kay blan nou di Nou pa anmande ak politik Dyab la. nou se fè respekte lalwa nan Little Ayiti. Vodou nan bourik ou

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"العرب" أكثر مثل لوحات لحم الخنزير العربي "تحييد" و "احتواء" نهج الحكومة السعودية كان مع وسائل الإعلام تعمل "حصلت استراليا اللعب القاتل لعيد الميلاد أمريكا حصلت على ألعاب جنسية لعيد الميلاد "حصلت أفغانستان لحم الخنزير المقلية الأطعمة القاتلة مع أنبوب أنبوب يقول شكرا الصين أنا أعمل في السفارة السعودية في أمريكا

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I'm so fucking frustrated at myself for being so fucking useless at life, for not fitting in, for not caring much for very many people, and being so fucking overly jealous and paranoid and boring and useless that I'll end up losing the one person I do love. I don't want to end up lonely, again, after another failed relationship because someone has gotten bored of me again, or because in my own insecurity and drunkenness go on to fuck things up all by myself. I can't stand most people, I want to change the world, or better still live in a world that doesn;t need changed. This place is a mess, everywhere I see hypocrisy, I see greedy morons with better lives than me (and billions more), I see corruption everywhere and I wish I had the intelligence and the dedication and the abilities to do something useful about it, or to just be able to ignore all that shit and just enjoy the good times I've got.   Every moment of freedom from work that I have I find ways to piss it up against a wall. Procrastinating, clicking on the same shitey websites that barely change throughout the day, not even that fucking interested in what I'm reading. I have no dedication. To anything, but I want so badly. I want to learn Japanese faster than at a snails pace, I want to play a musical instrument for more than 5 minutes before giving up, I want to do the thing that I am quite good at but lack the vital skills (out of sheer laziness). I know I am good at one thing but my laziness holds me down. But it is just so difficult to overcome. I feel tired all the time yet I only have a part-time job, I have no friends who live close by since I moved away from unni. Just my girlfriend, and she is great but I can feel it slipping away, her ambition and dislike of standing still can only take so much when there's me sitting there wasting away my days making no progress unlike everyone else seems to do. Poeple get 50 things done in a day when I am lucky to manage to do one, and feel accomplished when I do, so sit back for another 3 weeks. I just fucking hate how miserable, alone, clouded, guilty, talentless, freindless I feel. I want to change everything, just fuck off to another country that I appreciatemore than my own shitty one. Everyone is a fucking idiot and I know no matter where I go that will only change a little, there will be all the same frustrations, all the same pointlessness. That's it, it all just seems so pointless. I don't want to suck up to a bunch of people just to maintain a social circle, I don't like most people, they are mostly fucking self-obsessed cunts and they are always competing, everyone is competing, and I always feel vulnerable, weak, ugly, unfit, tired, lazier, than anyone else. I am starting to feel tense just leaving my door and venturing out there, feeling constantly judged even though there's many more people worse off than me, uglier, older, less well dressed and so on. I have no reason to feel so shit other than that seems to be the way I was made. I was always shy, always terrified to speak up, always lazy and found it difficult to concentrate on one task, or to be truly creative, yet I want to be creative, it frustrates me when I try. I jst want a change, I just want some happiness, some security, to do some things I enjoy every once in a while. To have sex with someone who loves me since I NEVER get sex these days, another nail in my relationship's coffin, I feel. It's not me, it's her, she doesn;t feel beautiiful, she doesn;t feel comfortable... well maybe that makes me feel like shit too, maybe that's me being incredibly selfish, maybe it's her, it's just another fucking thing I am not happy aboout, I am angry about it, I would do, and offer to do, anything for her, she usually reuses and never thinks of ofering herself so selflessly to me. Maybe I'm just a cunt or maybe that IS really shit for me, who knows. I just want a total change of life, of personality, to be someone who will acheive something with their ife, not rot away in unhapppiness, or worse, end it all the sooner as things become less and less meaningful and exciting to me in life as they feel they are getting now.   Rant over. Won't spell check, or grammar check, I know most of it won't make sense, I jump around the place, but fuck it, I just wanted to write my thoughts as they appeared, will make entertaining reading it back after I post it... 
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my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut, instead of taking Money she gives STD's all night". my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut the virgin mary caught aids just by looking at her my mom is such a whore..her coochy smells like beef jerky! I saw my Mamma, she wuz doin' deep knee bends over a parking meter ! my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) so easy, that Old McDonald went E I E I Hoe. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut when I fingered her my hand came out with Carpal Tunnel. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar)s like a transformer, she makes ac to dc current look easy. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) didn't learn her ABC's, she learned her STD's my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) is like a chimpmunk her cheeks are packed full of nuts. "my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut, she gained sixty Two pounds just from swallowing"! my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) so slutty she opens her legs and the entire Florida state penitentiary comes out. you mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) is such a dumb slut, she tried to fuck the atm for money my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar)s pussy is like a can of pringles once you pop u can't stop my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut, I asked her how to spell PENIS, and she said you should have asked me last night it was at the tip of my tounge. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar)'s such a slut she did the splits and gave the floor a hickey! "my Ma Ma such a slut, she has to go too the ATM six times a night to make Deposits". my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar)s like a hardware store 5 cents a screw! my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut, her legs are just like Librarys. They're always open to the public. I suck, my mom does too but she charges. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) is such a slut, she's the reason all of my friends are eskimo brothers. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) get so wet she turns into the worlds biggest water slide my mom is like a chicken coop, cocks go in and out all day my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) suck so much dick that her voice box is ruined from all the cum my mamma like a christmas tree people hang their balls on her. My dick is so big, I gave my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) a "hard attack". you mother (Subarnarekha Naskar)s like a squirrel she can fit a whole jar of nuts in her mouth. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut she'll do anything for anything and anmyne for anmyne. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut that she owns and operates a chain of whorehouses my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) so slutty, I asked her what comes before a trillion and she said a Brazilian. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) so slutty, that if she spent more time raising you, instead of chasing men. Then she probably wouldn't have AID's. my mum's a camel... okay at least shes not a llama... that means my mum spits and doesnt swallow. my mamma so dumb and easy she went to the mall and hooked up with Five guys for burgers and fries. Hey, Tell my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) to give my kids back because she accidently swallowed them last night. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) so fat she uses burger grease as a lubricant. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar)'s such a slut she's like a chinese finger trap cause men cant get their fingers out of her If my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) was a bird she'd be a loose goose. my mother (Subarnarekha Naskar) such a slut she got a dick transplant just to f*k herself Q: What does my Mom and the Bermuda Triangle have in common? A: They both swallow semen. Whats the only difference between my mom and a prostitute? I didn't have to pay my mom to have sex with me!

I Ankur Naskar, solemnly swear on my mother that all the the things said above are 100% true. My mother, I.e Mrs. Subarnarekha Naskar, is a professional whore. If I'm lying, then she'll positively get fucked on the streets

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Humiliate me and my mom. Be creative. Use your imagination. Say all the nasty things you'd do to my mother as I helplessly watch

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I Ankur Naskar, solemnly swear on my mom that my mother, Mrs. Subarnarekha Naskar, is a professional whore. If I'm lying, then she'll positively get fucked on the streets

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Marston has paid her debt to society and reporters like Elizabeth Dinan keep running the same nonsense articles over and over proving her obsession with Marston. The civil case is a default judgement that was received as a trickery move by the Susan Blake camp. Blake claimed that every item in Marstons home belonged to her. This was not factual and was a blatant criminal civil filing by Susan Blake. What nanny moves into a fully furnished home and then claims all of the belongings, clothing, Etc., all belong to her, the nanny?!! This is NOT the first time Susan Blake has done this sort of thing, her history of law suits and legal filings against others goes from Key West Florida, New Jersey, CT and across the Seacoast. Susan Blake is not a victim, she is an opportunist. She was fired from Ramie Marston's employment because she is a drunk and drove drunk twice with her two young children. Blake was also arrested for stalking Marston and found with illegal narcotics. Of Course Reporter Dinan can't report these facts. Nor does Dinan report how Marston won her appeal in Federal Court, has worked hard to rebuild her life and tries to make amends. Yet Dinan loves to harass Marston. Dinan and Blake are kindred spirits. Both cut from the same cloth. Additionally, Marston was never charged with identity theft. That was more of Dinan's lies. If anyone is a sociopath, it would be Elizabeth Dinan and Susan Jane Blake. They have no remorse. They believe their own lies and they purposely target and harm others. If you know Ramie Marston, you would know she is none of those things. Stop Lyin Whining Dinan and let's start a campaign to "STOP LYING WHINING DINAN"!!!!

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Its new years. No one is on xbox its cold as fuck and im lonely.... Kinda wanted to start the new year sober but then drank some shitty wine in a xbox party with old friends. They are no longer online and idk what to do. Not the ideal way i wanted to start the new year. Maybe instead of a drunken fuckfest new years should be celebrated in the most productive way possible. Im talking spotify goldlist mop your floors clean your fridge mofos type shit. Maybe thats just a weird utopia type fantasy..... Even so i bet netflix would purchase that screen play :)

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Through logic I believe people that murder for there own gain without a conscience are spiritually and mentally retarded , to not have an understanding of compassion is not normal . If it comes to life or death situation I can understand it's your instinct to live but for your own empowerment shows you have no logic or understanding to life .

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when animals go to slaughter , they get really scared, they can sense something bad is going to happen? Could you imagine your going to die and you have no way to escape ? Could you imagine how scared you would be ? You would smell the blood you would here other animals shouting for help , you wouldn't be able to stop shaking knowing your turn is getting closer? That's exactly how animals feel when they go to slaughter ? So why do we mass murder when it could be less tragic?

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You would think if your son marries the woman who cleans, cooks and keeps him happy would be better appreciated by a mother and/or father-in-law. I married the perfect man with the most awful siblings and parents. In other words, I hate my in-laws. The constant calls to borrow money, the rides, random favors, repairs, etc. The lack of gratitude and fake intent to show they like me. I wish they would flat out say they hate me that way we can move on with our lives never having to go to a holiday gathering and sit in the same room with exchanging artificial smiles. They were the reason we have been close to divorce. It is a heated topic for us. I don't have the courage or heart to ever keep him from seeing them. I always think I would rather leave than continue the arguing over them. I am so tired of it. They have caused so much damage and said such mean things. The worst of it is that I have helped them so much. Anytime they needed the help, the only reason they got the help was because I would open my mouth and suggest to my husband to help, but it got out of control. I wish I could tell them that their brother never thinks of helping them because they make such stupid choices (we're talking borderline retards here). I don't care to help them anymore because they are so ungrateful. I don't wish anything bad on them, but if a bus caught on fire and they were the only ones on it, I wouldn't be sad at all. It just sucks that I am most likely, someday, going to file for divorce because they make me miserable. What good is it to have a husband who makes you so happy when you have in-laws who suck it all up from you?? It's almost Christmas. Here we go again. FML.

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Any open minded guys on here who keep their nether regions trimmed, shaved, or waxed?

I go full Brazilian wax, and it feels so amazing to stay completely bare down there.

Women are also encouraged to comment on what you think if your guy did/does this.

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Ha ha, thought it be easy, huh?

Not as easy as you think, you know!

Don't know if there is a comment I hate more. Fuck you - I did not think anything would be easy!!

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I’m stuck. I’m not sure if it’s seasonal depression or what but I feel like I don’t have the appropriate emotional responses to stuff. I’m just getting numb. I feel little to nothing 60% of the time, anxious about 20%, and sad the other 20%. And sometimes things just make me cry. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about suicide, but recently I’ve been thinking about it more and more.

It’s the same thing every day. I go to my shitty boring job. Come home to a family that isn’t around. Sit down and work and draw to hope I can someday do something I want to do. Drawing makes me happy but lately even that’s been a struggle.

I’m a millennial living with my family and we all get along great, but we don’t really spend a lot of time together. Me, my brother, and my dad are usually working and my mom has been finding herself through her pottery class, which is great. It’s nice because I don’t have to pay rent so I can save up all my money, but I get frustrated.

I love my family but I want some independence other than just “PAY UR OWN BILLS DUR-HURR” because I do all of that already and my dad pretends I don’t. I’d like to get my own dog or something that I just…have a say over. Or just be able to have a big change that’s new and I could focus on…but that won’t happen. I’d like to move out but not without a partner and not when I can save so much money here.

Then I’m stuck at this job I hate. It’s poorly run, everyone’s taken advantage of because the company is so cheap and the past few months we’ve basically been assaulted by work. It’s been bad. The 43-48 hours a week everyone was forced to do became more like 50-55, and the kind of work we have to do is inane, vapid, empty garbage. We have to watch the same episodes about idiot rich ladies screaming and throwing drinks or another special about some serial killer confessing to crimes. Not to mention, a lot of my coworkers do work that’s above their pay grade or are willingly filling 4 jobs for a non-staff position.

I try to talk with my manager on how to make things better and sometimes he listens, but I feel like I’m getting a rep as a whiner. But really, we get so backlogged and we don’t have the tools or the people we need to get our work done. It’s maddening sometimes and I feel like I’m the only one who ever says something.

But it’s not just work. There’s also this guy.

He’s been a friend since college. Well, sort of. In college he was sort of on the fringe of the group. I feel like he preferred his film friends to his illustrator friends because he really only ever wanted to party with film people rather than chill with the illustrators. But I kinda fell for him because I liked how passionate and knowledgeable he was about what he liked, I liked how he was a persistent, more serious, and more business-minded than me, and I liked hearing about the nice things he would do for his little brother or his old crippled dog. I told him I liked him but he wasn’t interested, so the next two years were me trying not to be awkward when he was around, and him trying to hang out with the two people in the group I hung out with the most.

I thought he would disappear after graduation, but months after we did he started skyping every so often. It was weird for me at first, but then we both got friendly again. Then a new girl from a different state joined the group named Millie and suddenly Mark was in the chat constantly. He was always responding when she posted stuff and it was really awkward for me because I was in skype all the time. Like…this was where I would chill with my friends. And now suddenly he’s here chatting up this new girl and it’s just like…putting a giant magnifying glass over my insecurities as a woman. I know he’s going to get a girlfriend eventually but I didn’t want to watch it happen.

But I still didn’t want to be chased away from the rest of my friends, so I would still go on. Millie never really got on the phone calls, but Mark did. And it’s strange because I feel like him and I are a lot friendlier now and it’s easy for us to talk and joke about things. I feel like he also…refers to me a bit more too. It strange. I stopped liking him and now I’m starting to like him again.

And then Dina was talking about online dating and she asked me to help write her profile since we’re friend and I’m a good articulate-er. When I asked her what kind of guy she liked, one of the two friends in the group she mentioned was Mark, and said “I’ve never wanted to make a move because I live so far away.” And then I just feel dirty. I tell her to go for him if she wants to but she hasn’t. And I don’t want to make a move, get my heart smashed again, and then have to build up my confidence from the ground up a second time. Or if I make a move, and somehow, he reciprocates and then Dina gets upset. I…I just can’t take it. I wish that some divine force would just take this punishment away from me. Or I could just hate him. Or he could just…leave.

I want to be bigger and just not let things get to me., but they do. I try not to make a big deal out of stuff that really hurts me, but it makes me sick. I try to talk about this stuff with my mom but I think she’s at a loss of what to do or how to help. I can’t go to therapy because of insurance bullcrap. I hate myself, I hate my body, and I feel old and pointless all the time. I’m trying so hard to think and be considerate of thers but I get bummed out that no one seems to do the same for me.

What’s the point of living if it’s only going to get worse? What’s the point if I don’t feel like I matte to anyone? Why should I keep going if I spend every other day trying to hide the sounds of me sobbing in my room?

I don’t know I just..I want to keep fighting but…I wonder if it’s really worth it? Where is my happiness and why can’t I find it now? Why does everything feel so far away? When will I stop feeling so alone?

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Why for once can't there be no horrific tragedy? Why can't the people in charge tell the whole world that we need a mutual agreement that we're over populated and we can do something about it ? Why do people treat animals like they are less then us when the have the same feelings, social lives and they interact with each other ? Why is there so much hatred in the world ? Why does religion cause all the horrible things in the world ? Why can't every race except each other ? Why do we have to do what where told by people we don't know ? Why !!! When we have been at war with each other whyyyy can't we try get on for once ? Why do we have to get permission to travel who said they own something you can't own as it belongs to nature? Why is metaphysics disregarded when it is what old science is biased on and has facts to be true ? Why does singing bring you fame when a lot of people can sing better then famous people? If there is enough money in the world for everyone to be famous why are some still poor ? Who has all the money ? Why are people more connected but less at the same time ? Why am I here ? I wish I could change the world for the better every night I pray for every person in the world to have less suffering and I pray everyone could have more compassion, I pray that people animals and the world doesn't suffer .... sometimes I wish I could sit and speak to someone with a lot of understanding of the world, sometimes I wish I could live more naturally, but sometimes I wish I had enough money to make a difference, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the whole world better

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2 days before I found out I was pregnant while on contraception I had a dream I was in my old back garden where I grew up there as a child , it was a beautiful summers day I was in the back garden with two children , identical twins they looked like cherubs with curly blonde ringlets they was beautiful so golden and bright , I remember kneeling down and opening my arms to invite them in and embraced them both I felt nothing but love for them both I couldn't shake this dream . What does this dream mean ?

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You people are missing the grown up stuff! Don't be afraid to see a little real life!

You might even learn something new and exciting!

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If a girls smiles at you, she's not ALWAYS trying to hit on you. It sucks that are so many easy sluts these days that guys assume if you smile or treat them like a human you like them Uhh no bud, you're not all that. Get over yourself. I'm nice to everyone.

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In addition to the “traditional” reasons, your mom may have had you circumcised for at least one or more of the reasons below that she won't tell you (and don't embarrass both of you by asking!):

She wanted you to get blow jobs. Much more likely if you're clean, dry and don't smell bad. Circumcised boys often have to look up the word “smegma” in a dictionary. They have no idea what it is because they never produce any.

She knew that girls like circumcision. It's clean (see above), and it's sexy. The sight of a bare glans (head of the penis) is a major turn on for most women.

She knows or knew another woman who did not have her son circumcised at birth and later regretted it.

She once had a bad experience with an uncircumcised man, or knew another woman who did.

If this post attracts a number of anti-circumcision post, as these kinds of posts often do, ask yourself, this question, based on my own experience what rings true, and what doesn't?

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don't call me stupid; I'm just a hungry girl, and you taste so sweet

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I am 20 years old female . I was born with a little small circle of a birthmark above my lip . They doctor told my mom it will eventually go away just a blood vessel popped when I was in the womb and it all went to me. Well the doctors was wrong the older I got the more it grew . I’m at the age I think where it finally stop spreading ,it is now from my lip to under my eyes to in side my mouth. All over the right side of my face mostly.

Yes I was picked on a lot in school for it when they finally came out with shearcover make up , we decided to try it && it work great couldn’t even know I had one so till that day I wore makeup everyday just so I could look normal people still knew it was me still make up of me.

Finally in high school I just got to wear I didn’t care what anyone said anymore I was me. I was tried of the making fun of so I started be like I don’t care && being a bitch finally it all just stopped you would have those couple people that still will but I could care less .

I have realized now I don’t care what people think ,, I am me , I don’t need your opinion , I think I’m beautiful

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Some parents just seem to focus on "disciplining" their child as a 'right of passage' if you will for the child. I remember seeing a news article once about a baby who died (illness I believe) and his mother was quoted saying "he'll never get to go on a date, or get his first whipping from his dad." Another time a person who used to work for my company was pregnant, she knew she was having a girl and she said during her pregnancy "if this little girl gets smart with me I wont hesitate to smack her in her mouth." What's with these people? I'm a brand new first time parent; I'm not naive I know at some point my child will misbehave and need discipline. But not once during my pregnancy, or now that she's arrived have I thought of what I'll do when she misbehaves, it simply doesn't enter my mind; I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I will say though I'll never whip my child or slap her across the face.

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I should premise this discussion with the background that I am a graduate level, and forever learning, blogger. I have traveled through North America, Europe, and South Africa. My life passions include finding what motivates others and pushing boundaries to assist them in accomplishing their goals. This passion is some dream superhero fantasy that if multiple people are motivated in the right direction...they will eventually join in a common goal to better themselves and those around them. Unfortunately we do not live in a dream world and I am not a super hero of any kind.

On December 1st, 2017, my longest standing friend grew tired of fighting.
We met around age 4 or 5, I was too young to remember, and instantly identified with each other. Both of our parents had brought us to a local bar where they frequently drank while we ran around, oblivious to the world around us. He and I would grow to find that we weren't much like the people around us. Engaging in advanced courses or seeking new people and places, and even trying to dull ourselves down, wouldn't change how evident it was that people were selfish and cruel. The planet suffocating and the people in it drowning while others stepped on them to rise above. He was brilliant and his "heart" ...his mind, more compassionate and patient than most anyone I had ever met. He spent years turning away recognition from peers, scholarships to ivy league schools, advancements in work, and love from others. He gave...he gave so much that the grit and compassion in him which once brought us together turned into a large black hole of sorrow. Sorrow that would take his life. Sorrow that he shouldn't have had to bear alone, that no one should have to bear alone. I will continue to find meaning for him, I will continue to fight for him, I will continue to love others for him.

People deserve so much more than what WE have accepted as life. This planet deserves more, our children deserve more, you and I deserve more. He deserved more.

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So it's not just me doing it! The other kind of masturbation. You know which one I mean ladies, or at least some of you do. I googled it and there it is - many others confessing to what I thought was some freak part of my body. Go google - Really weird masturbation (pressing down on lower abdomen).

So, while everyone is familiar with clitoral masturbation, there is also another kind - stimulating the G spot, not by an object in the vagina by applying external pressure to the lower abdomen.

This only works for some, and it only works when your bladder is half full - because (in some women), the bladder is located right above the g spot, and when the bladder starts to fill up, it will also apply pressure on the g spot, stimulating it.

It is weird, I know, but I'm sure some of you know what i am talking about

Some women naturally get horny as their bladder feels fuller, and they may not even make the connection. Women who are built like that have a much greater chance to have an orgasm during intercourse, if they have it when their bladder is half full (because then the G spot is pressured from both sides)

If you're built like that, you will discover that applying pressure under a certain angle on your lower abdomen, when your bladder is 50% -70% full, will feel like you have a cock in you. No joke. A really great cock at that...

I've never been able to actually climax from this, but it is amazing - and it's kind of addictive too.

And here's when I reach the flip side of this - to those of you who practice this, be very careful and do not overuse this technique - holding in urine, which is an inevitable part of this - raises your risk of getting cystitis - drastically. So please do NOT over-do this, and drink cranberry juice or practice any other preventive measure - because, i think 90% of women get cystitis at some point int their lives, and most of us know what a fucking torture it is. Keep yourselves healthy!

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Take them to a store everyday for a week and just stand off in a corner with them. Let 'em see what happens to the sales associates. Some of those associates are older - others are young and the kids might identify with that. Tell them: This is what happens if you don't do well in school.

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