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Lately FireFox and Mozilla have been implicated in funding Antifa. I now use other browsers only, but not FireFox. FireFox is off my list. I have uninstalled it from my computer. I felt a spiritual burden taken off me after I took it off my computer a few months ago after I found this stuff out. I am so so so disappointed. The modern FireFox browser is the modern evolution of the original Netscape, which I loved to use during its heyday. I loved using FireFox in its early days being so much better than the IE of the day. But now with other browsers being of great quality, it is so easy to discard FireFox and Mozilla. I heard Mozilla people say they wanted out of their deal with Microsoft sometime after a deal was cut, but they are the hypocrites. Microsoft is like a hot air balloon, and Mozilla is some ballast that needs to be cut so they can soar higher.

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Okay so recently i meet with my sister who lives in another state and was just talking. She then brings up a old friend from the past, nothing romantic on my end but i knew this kid when i was like 13. Back then he had this huge crush on me and even admitted he fell in love with me. But hey we were just kids at this age. Anyways , She comes to tell me like a year ago he asked about me and how i was doing , also if i was still in a relationship. Mind you at that time me and my sister weren't on good terms, so we weren't talking So she tells him i'm doing fine and all. But when she told me about this i ended up looking him on social media and seen he is actually doing pretty good with making his music and actually really cute ! Since then i cant stop thinking about re-connecting with him , you know to see how he is doing . But i know that my boyfriend who i have been in a relationship with for about 3 years in a half would have a issue with that . Side note: my boyfriend isn't the type to like me having any " guy friends" .Anyways, for the last couple of days my old friends has appeared in my dreams and you know we did " stuff " . But now i kinda feel guilty for even thinking of him that way while being in a relationship. And deep down i just feel like i just wanna know what it would feel like to be with someone else. And honestly guys its not that i am in a bad relationship like things are good between me and my boyfriend but i just don't know what to feel / think ? need some feedback !

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Against a woolen sweater that was blue, that's all that I remember of you; Before you learned to walk, I learned to run; I guess the ants really go marching one by one; When a train rolls in, the doors open, I get in... Last night I had a pleasant nightmare. There's an ocean formed outside my bedroom door, on the sleepless nights I listen to it roar; there's a road too long to walk, too steep to climb,
at the end of it, is what you left behind; and when that train rolls in, the doors open, don't get in... Last night I had a pleasant nightmare

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'Would you talk to a good looking person or an ugly one?' Why does it matter? You can talk to anyone, I don't get this kind of logic of people having to look decent enough to be talked to, whAt a whole load of bull.

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So, I've always lived with my mom until 3 yrs back, when I came to a different city to attend college. 2 days ago was my birthday. I recieved a package from my mom. It was a hard drive. When I looked into it, it was full of videoes and pics of my mom having sex with men.lots of men. Some from our neighborhood. My school teachers, my principal, my classmates. She did all kinds of stuff you see in porn. From gangbangs to bukkakes. Everything. I don't know how to respond. Why would she send me those. Is she some whore

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My answer is in most circumstances, NO. However one circumstance where I am willing to kill others is to defend this nation. IF Antifa is stupid enough to try an armed revolt I am willing to shoot at them. I have prayed that Antifa's efforts on Nov 4 translates into just protests and even a little rioting that can easily be dealt with by riot police. For the safety of their own lives I pray they do not attempt an armed revolt. I don't want to ever have to fire a weapon at another human being, but I will do so to defend this nation, whether the enemies are foreign or DOMESTIC. I hope I am making myself perfectly clear.

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That moment when you realise that all along, you were just present in this time or all this time for being happy for others and being of help for their happiness but never yours. It's quite tragic but at the same time, a nice feeling to know you're contributing to others happiness. It must be life's other way of saying "ha bih this is what u get for living" lmao. Man it's hard, like I don't know why I'm crying rn cuts of joy or sadness that I'll never find the right type of happiness for myself. O welll ~

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VIle and putrid. Putrid and vile. What is the purpose of man? He destroys and pretends that he wishes to help. He is an ooze, black and forgotten, vile and putrid, that crawls and bubbles, covering every animal, plant, rock, and stone on this Earth. That this creature is capable of any love except for himself is a lie; a lie that proves his dishonesty and misbegotten nature and furthermore that he is a hypocrite. Why then would a God care? Mankind has drunk the liquor of the gods. He has aspired to attain knowledge and in so doing, stumbled into numbness that quells his knowledge of the truth. Perhaps God is intoxicated. So fed up with man, that like a drunken mother he drinks himself into a stupor. After all, man was made in God's image. Does this spineless and weak slime absolved of form, contain any semblance to God? or is God just as corrupt and evil?

Hold! Cast not thy thoughts in shadow. Angels and Ministers of Grace DEFEND US! Man has to but ask himself one question. Does my continued existence bring happiness to others and improve the world at large? People are the only thing that make life worth living. To be the last man alive, is the greatest tragedy of all. To have the company of someone else's face, watch them smile, watch them cry, watch them breath, that is truly what makes life worth living. We are nothing without each other, even if the world is filled with putrid and vile ooze. Thank yourself that you are not nothing.

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I'm not going to, but as I look at this small hand sized piece of steel and polymer, the overwhelming feeling to place a small casing, with some smokeless powder, and a copper 115 grain piece of metal, to then pull back the slide and hear the metal click into place and turn it on myself and end it is way too real. The drone of everyday life, and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness is oppressive. I know I won't kill myself today, I know that for a fact because I can still keep in mind all of the people who love me who I would be leaving behind. I couldn't do that to them. I can bare it at least for the dark moments those thoughts enter my mind for the time being. However I am afraid that one day, I won't be able to hold back the darkness that somehow lives in my mind. I have a fantastic life and people I love and a job that I enjoy and a comfortable place to live and everything I could possibly want. For whatever reason that I can't explain there is this dark, angry, sad, lonely, scared piece of me in the back of my mind that is so afraid of life, and getting hurt that it seems to think that blowing a 9mm hole in my head is a better option than trying to live. Every time I am able to talk him down, but like I said I am afraid that one day I won't be able to. I know this piece of me is trying to protect me, but I want to be able to live my life, and that just comes with ups and downs, and getting hurt, and feeling sad, and being heartbroken from time to time, I know this, the stronger part of me knows this, but that smaller part won't go away. Ive tried counseling, I have done it for more than 10 years, I've talked about this part of me to my parents and they have been understanding and supportive, and I take care of myself, I get enough sleep, and I eat regularly and do everything I can to take care of myself. I cannot seem to make this part of me leave me alone. I want it to. I need it to. I cannot keep this part of me. It's keeping me from healthy relationships.

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From what I hear Antifa may be planning mass actions on Nov 4th that involve mass protests more than an armed revolt. I have heard reports that elements of Antifa may be planning more violent actions including revolts. It has been uncovered they are working on acquiring AK-47s. I don't think patriots, police, or National Guard should be hasty to use excessive force against protests, and they should use non-lethal force on rioters. I do think any rioting or protests that block people from doing normal business should lead to arrests. However I think patriots should practice their shooting the rest of this month, and have guns at the ready, or know where to get guns and ammo fast. If it is necessary to fight Antifa militias from overthrowing the government, we should be ready to do that. I am fuzzy as to their plans and if that will be necessary at the moment, but if it becomes necessary, we should be prepared to do it.

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Warning everyone planning on doing business with an individual named Alex (Alexander) Shchekin, currently residing in Long Grove, IL. I have never written anything like this before but wanted to share some quick facts about this individual and issue a warning. If you don't feel like spending a few minutes reading this then here is a short version: DON'T GIVE ALEX SHCHEKIN A SINGLE PENNY AS HE IS FRAUD! Alex, aka Sasha, aka Alexander Shchekin is a professional scam artist who feasts on the poor, ignorant, and desperate people. Along with an individual named Andrew Menasce they have 2 websites: and He claims that he is about to go public with his company and that he no longer needs investments from anyone, but he will do you a favor and let you buy some left over shares for just a fraction of the cost. When my partner and I bought well over $25k worth of shares from him and signed the contract, he began systematically failing to deliver on any of his promises and giving an excuse, after an excuse, after an excuse as to why that happened. As I began searching more about him I realized that EVERYTHING that this guy says is complete and utter lie... Every page that you will ever find about him, like facebook, zoominfo, vc, twitter, etc that supposedly have his name, or his company ReadOz mentioned in them, are all made by Alex Shchekin himself in a very poor attempt to try and make himself look bigger than he actually is… He is currently being sued by at least 4 different parties for the same exact company (ReadOz) that he claims is about to go public. He claims his other company called Intergam makes $45 mil./year, yet his website is not even finished, it was forcefully shut down by the government twice for a failure to pay the annual corporate filing fee, he has no customer service, his address is a PO box, and when you call the Contact # it goes straight to a voicemail. I found out that his ReadOz company that he claims is just about to go public has been "just about to go public" since 2007, which is when he took well over $100k from a group of investors and most likely used it for his personal agendas. His home in Long Grove is currently getting repossessed by the bank. He sells shares fraudulently to unaccredited shareholders, clearly violating the law. He will tell you great stories of how much he has accomplished in life, and how he knows many celebrities and government officials, and what a generous person he has been to everyone, and that everyone just tried to screw him over, but those are all lies, as he simply manipulates people. He will even go as far as tell you "secrets" about his personal life just to get you to trust him more.

What Alex Shchekin does is this: he takes your $, makes many excuses each and every time asking him why he hasn't delivered on his many promises, and waits for the time to expire for you to be able to sue him, all while living on the $ that you supposedly "invested" in him. In fact, if you try to sue him, he will simply use the same $ you gave him, or another person like you, to defend himself in court.

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At least its a step up from feeling suicidal, I guess. I just want to run away from this life. From a job that means nothing to me. From a wife who I'm not sure if I love any more. From a life that just feels so small. All I can think about is disappearing - taking a bag of gear and some money, and just walking away. But once I get tired of walking, what then?

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If Antifa starts an armed revolt in large numbers the police by themselves may not have the numbers to stop them. If the police are not enough, or they are ordered to stand down, then I would advocate for the National Guard to help out, and if necessary, armed patriots as a backup, and even just to defend themselves. Defending yourself against an armed Antifa revolt is a good way to thin their numbers at least. If the police are overwhelmed it would be good for them call for help from the National Guard rather than risk being wiped out or just being overrun by Antifa members. I had long thought I would fight Neo-Nazis with guns IF they revolted in large numbers or took over our country. They just don't have enough numbers to be a serious threat in that sense in spite of their desires. Concerning Antifa, even if they don't have enough to take control of the US, they are a bigger threat. If they only peacefully protest or even only riot and it is contained, I will personally just support efforts to contain them. If they break out in a mass armed revolt, and come near where I am at, then they are in seriously trouble from me personally, and that means me handling firearms if necessary.

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Anonymous fights for freedom, Antifa fights to subjugate people in a communist dictatorship. Anonymous fights for national sovereignty and against a the New World Order, Antifa wants to abolish nation states in favor of world government. Anonymous favors peaceful protests, Antifa uses violence. The ideals of Anonymous and Antifa are polar opposites. Any Antifa members claiming to be part of Anonymous are fake Anonymous and are not welcome as long as they hold to the ideals of Antifa. Anonymous opposes real racism, real Nazism, and REAL fascism. Antifa opposes the fake versions of these. Antifa may have a lot of members, but Anonymous is legion. If Antifa is stupid enough to try an armed revolt many members of Anonymous will protest imminent danger with more aggressive forms of protest (that is at the point of a gun or knife). Antifa is a fake revolution unto slavery if they succeed. Anonymous represents the true revolution to protect our freedoms. People who stand up for the ideals of freedom are Anonymous. By that definition Donald Trump is Anonymous.

https : //[filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=IV-nrp3WsN8

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To Antifa, ALL Americans that believe that the US should be a sovereign nation, a believe in a free market economy, and even using free speech to say things they don't agree with, is Nazism and Racism. When they say they are anti-racist and anti-Nazi their being against (rightly) White Supremacist Nazi groups is just a SMALL part of what they are talking about, they are talking about all normal Americans. I saw a video where they were chanting "no more USA" at a protest. I would advovate that all Antifa members that commit crimes with rioting be thrown in jail, and GOD help them if they attempt an armed revolt, GOD HELP them, because if they attempt an armed revolt many of them will pass from this life into the next VERY fast as people defending the US can fire gun, and even truly fully automatic guns too. I am not sure they would deploy the gatling minigun in cities because of collateral damage, but if they caught revolutionary armies in open areas then they might use those kinds of guns. The gatling minigun has a wicked fast rate of fire with accuracy. If Antifa WANTED to be godly they would be protesting the globalist Illumanati powers that want to take away our nation. What they fail to realize is that electing Donald Trump is the spearhead of the TRUE REVOLUTION against the globalists and a major victory in the revolution that I AM PROUD to be a part of. I don't need to cover myself with a hood or hat and mask.

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I heard that Antifa may be planning an armed revolt late Oct to early November. I heard that they plan to first attack police stations to neutralize local police. If that actually succeeds, and they don't get themselves shot or arrested in the attempt, then they will still have to get through the National Guard, armed Patriot groups, and regular citizens with guns and conceal carry, and in an extreme emergency the US Army with Posse Comitatus temporarily suspended. My advice is to make the protests in early Nov peaceful, and even with no rioting. I know with Antifa that is asking a lot. If an armed revolt is attempted then more Antifa blood will be unnecessarily spilled. Trump is not going anywhere. Antifa wants a full blown Bolshevik revolution it seems. Funny how Putin seems to be a greater American Patriot than many Americans. My advice to Antifa is they will save many of their own lives by not going through with any plans for an armed revolt.

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Best place to rape hospital parking lot get a van and a gun easy pickings

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My biracial 30 year old son married a 34 year old Italian-American woman two years ago. My son was always a fun, kind, and loving guy until he married her. Everyone has noticed the change and we are surprised he married someone like her. Anyway I went along with their marriage even though I thought she was controlling, passive-aggressive and narcissistic. They married and two years later they had a baby girl, my 1st grandchild. My Irish- American husband & I are divorced after married for 25 years. We are friends and we're exited to become grandparents. Unfortunately my D-I-L ruined our excitement because she is so controlling. My son says nothing but blames me for his wife's rudeness. A t the wedding his wife did not speak or thank any of my family & friends that are Black. Her family lacks proper etiquette around certain things. The baby is one and my mother has not met her great grandchild yet or spoken to my son's wife. She is not shy but she isn't interested in including my family, the Black people in their lives. I am the only one that lives a drive able distance from them so I would visit every other month. It was strained because she would make excuses for me not to hold the baby. She did this for my ex too. All their vacations are with her family. All holidays are with her family. I have pleaded with them to travel and see other family members but they make up an excuse. My son seems to be a robot and does everything even though they both work full time. He cooks, walks the dog, shops, deals with the baby and is a personal trainer & coach after his 9-5 job. I am afraid he is under so much stress because all she does is bark orders! On the baby's 1st birthday party, we were 90 minutes late due to snow showers & traffid. We apologized but we still got coldNess from my D-I-L and every time we picked up the baby, she took her with lies of changing her diaper or feeding her. It was hurtful to be treated so meanly even when I apologized again. After the party we all went back to their house and we were giving the baby a bath without the wife's interference. When my 26 year old daughter took baby to changing table to lotion her & dress her, my D-I-L came in and wanted to take over. How shameful when my daughter had to fly there and was leaving the next day. How shameful that she could spent some time with her niece. My daughter pleaded and was told No. I asked nicely for my daughter and my D-I-L called me a fucking bitch! Out of nowhere. We were shocked but I was angry! I am a 64 year old Black woman and I have never encountered such rudeness! I asked her WTF are you talking to? She lied and said I was fucking crazy! My son runs upstairs and tells me to get my fucking shit and get the fuck out of his house! My daughter & I are shocked and thinking my son was drugged since he never spoke like this. We told him what his wife said and that she stated it. He didn't care. He tried to push & pull me down the stairs. It was a crazy situation that I have never been in. Eventually my son called the cops and we were forced to go to a hotel at 10 pm that night. On the way out he yelled that I would never see my granddaughter again! They blocked me on facebook. They won't take my calls or text messages or e-mails. He did respond to the first few messages and they were full ed with hate. My family is shocked since I was a good Mom .This whole incident sent me to intensive outpatient therapy for 3 months They did not call on my birthday or Mother's Day. It is so hurtful especially because his wife was rude and I am punished. Why? I don't know. My family feels they want nothing to do with the Black folks but they also are rude to my ex husband who is White. Now after so much therapy I am not crying but I want an apology from both of them. I don't want anything to do with them my son seems to have lost his mind. He is a football coach and I plan to go to a couple of his games. He told me he would walk away from me but I just want to watch the game. I will not speak to his wife ever again. What loving wife would stand by or encourage her husband to treat his mother so harshly? Any advice would be helpful.

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I wonder what is right thing to do ? Fiight for your rights or your values with impervious person like zombies or to run away with the fact that no one is going to understand .

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I am in way over my head in debt, I don't even know how or why i got into this mess. all i know is that it feels like I am drowning in it..and I have no solution for it. I read online that debt stems from an underlying issue, i.e depression, self esteem. e.g..when i am sad i spend to feel better, at the time i am borrowing i feel like i am sorting that sadness out but in actually sense i am not fixing anything..its the same thing with alcohol, i drink hoping it numbs how i feel but it doesn't really cause its like after that i find myself in a worse place. Each time i come up with a way to settle my debt, I start okay but at some point something goes wrong and my interest rates go up and i simply cant pay off the debt. Again a friend of mine was meant to lend me some money at a very low rate so i could sort out these debts that give me stress. but that has not happened. and now again my mind goes into trying to get more debt to pay off the debt. Is there no easy way surely?. what i think is needed.. 1. clearly i don't have financial discipline, i need someone to be accountable to for my spending..idk, i wish there was a switch i could use to sort this out 2. I need someone to be accountable to for my drinking 3. I need to figure out something i can do that i will enjoy doing and won't need to drink or spend money aimlessly..

what these two habits are doing to me; 1. all this drinking is obviously unhealthy for me, my teeth are messed up, i am practically obese and don't feel good about how i look so that is also doing a number on my self esteem. I may end up losing a guy i love 2. The debt - i can't even sleep in peace, i am always tossing and turning..wondering what i will do or how i will pay it off. This causes me to feel very anxious..i wake up with what i think are anxiety attacks and this just messes up my whole day. how will i cope if this continues? I realise i have a big problem. 4. I get sad a lot, and i wonder if there is just something wrong with me 5. I fear i will one day do something drastic just so all this can go away.. 6. What do I do before i get to such a point... Am I the only who feels this way? I know people say, it all starts from you..etc, but it's hard and there doesn't seem to be a guide. So..where do i go from here? I wish i could enroll myself at some kind of camp where i work for my keep and im not given any money.. i need to break this cycle badly, I am so tired of living like this. I am too old for this, what am i going to teach my future kids. What do I do?

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The only reason I haven't killed myself is because I don't want my kids to who are young to not get the chance to have a dad. Most days I'm an amazing dad, but that is all I can do. No person or thing perks my interest anymore. I'm going to end it all in an "accident" in 6 months to make sure my life insurance premiums will be at their peak, and that all of the money for them is set. I realized over time I am to unstable to be thier dad, and that they deserve a shot at a great life. Feel awful, but have accepted it and cherish the time I see them a lot. I know they are gonna do amazing things and me being gone ensures that sadly.

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I try. I try so hard to be the best person I can be. I am a full time college student who lives at home with my mother, stepfather, and little brother. Alongside being a full time college student, I work part time, have many friends, and a boyfriend. I thought college was supposed to be fun. What happened to all the stories we heard or read about? You know the ones where everyone goes out drinking and partying even on weeknights? Where is that at? Why is it that I feel that nothing I do is right? I am literally making myself sick with just how stressed I am. I see what my mom was talking about now. How stressful everything is. I am failing a class, that is supposed to be one of the easy classes. My boyfriend just doesn't understand, my parents don't understand, no one understands. It seems that the ones who would understand aren't even really my friends anymore. I feel as if I don't belong. I don't belong in college, I don't belong at work, I don't belong in my friendships, relationship, and family. I just don't belong. I literally cannot do it anymore. I am getting to the point to ending everything, not life, just school and work and my relationship. So please just answer my question: What happens now?

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i just wanted to try and see how this 'anonymous' posting went. Yea life's crap, it's unfair and contains fake hope and dreams. Idek what I'm saying, I just needed something to let some of my nonsense out. Everyone's prob thought this once in their life but it still makes me wonder how much of a difference would it make if I wasn't here? Prob not a lot, but it still makes you wonder right?

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I've lived a long life. Fought in a war, tried to be the best possible person I could be for the ones I cared about. It was never enough though. You can't repair the damage you cause no matter how hard you try you are what your weakest moment was. I ask forgiveness from those I've hurt and those who were affected by my choices. They were only meant to give others a better shot at life at a life worth living. I spent years training my body and heart to endure any obstacle, but I didn't think it would be too much for you to handle my friend. I never meant to show you how cold I could be, but I guess monsters all eventually reveal themselves with time. I just hope I've plucked our enough of them so that others can live happier that those of our past. Isn't it the cruelest thing to know that you can't ever change, no matter how much good you do. I pray no one else has to walk my path, and chooses to love instead of hate.

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maybe if I am famous they won't look down on me

maybe If I obeyed I would know what to be

some-times I sit at home thinking I can't tell what I think

some people sit at home drinking I just lay down and sink

O God, why do you hate me? can I just die today?

they all have perfect families eating at Chicken-Filet

just maybe if I am famous They'll look at me nice someday

but really they will still hate me I'm a per-ver-ted thing

honestly I don't really want I don't really want to change

but sometimes sometimes I feel sometimes I feel such shame

can I? can I really want to? can I turn sin away?

can it be? an old man with a family? and can I love myself one day?

all I can do is pray - for God's mercy all I can do is pray

can I really want to can I really want to change? can I really want to can I really want to change?

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My best friend is a selfish person. It's almost that time of year again October, which in tell brings fun activities and days such as Halloween. Three years ago my friend and I had nothing to do on Halloween so we searched for ideas and end up finding this Halloween activity that is costly but we had both always wanted to do. At the time I wasn't working and had absolutely no money for it but she begged me to go, so what did I do? I put together all the money I could scrap together over a couple of days in order to pay for it. Well now that time has come where we planned on going to the event again, but this time she doesn't have the funds to pay for it, and she pretty much shuts down the convo about it or says she cant right now. How is that fair for me? When I didn't have the funds she begged me still and I did everything I could to go but when the shoe is on the other foot she says nope, she cant do it. She always does this, makes her life and problems so much more important than mine, and this is in all life situations with her. I would go with someone else but she's my only best friend ugh. I love our friendship but her constantly making herself the most important one and never taking into consideration my feelings doesn't feel good. I need to find more friends to balance out our relationship, so I'm less dependent on her, thus not getting hurt as much because I have other people to do those things with. Now the hard part is finding those people lol.

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My life isn't going as planned right now and I feel like everything is completely falling apart for me. Parents are always arguing, we have to move out, we have no money for a house at the moment, I'm gaining what I feel is stress weight and my mind as been all over the place. I've been considering going to counseling to see if that makes me feel better or at least makes me feel like myself but I don't want people to think I'm mentally unstable or something. Honestly, the only place I feel like myself and safe is when I'm with my boyfriend, he literally feels like home to me. He makes everything so perfect again and I just wanna feel like that at all times since everything else is so unstable. When we're together he talks about our future and all that and ion so comfortable that I think that having a baby would make everything okay because it would be my own and no one can take it away just like you can easily take away a home, money, being able to say you're comfortable. I know I'm too young to do that and I have a life plan but I really feel like it's what I want. Don't get me wrong sometimes I'm just like "no I don't need a baby I'm young what the fuck was I thinking?". I don't know what the point of this was but can someone please leave some advice for me? Please?

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Am I Wrong?


I take my 9 yr old brother to the bus everyday except one day when I had work really early. But in this scenario I was going to work at 11 am while my ma is going at 9 am so I shot her a text saying hey take him to the bus? She says no. See I'm pretty upset cause he's her son but I'm always taking care of him and shit. I mean she just got a new job Wi the morning shift and I'm like cool but then her schedule was matched up to mine so he'd be home alone... She tells me to make them change my hours so I did even though I loved my hours.

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Honestly my life is not the best I wish I knew a way out and way I wouldn't hurt anyone a life that joy was number one were love is endless and money wasn't important where I could breath and feel relaxed pain is not physical but mentally life is hard but why

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I used to have the best of friends and now I have no one to confide in. I'm young and I'm sure life will bring many lows, but realizing you've lost relationships you once before held so dearly are gone, can't be anything but one of life's most depressing heartaches.

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This is embarrassing but I need some women here to help me figure out a way to use tampons. I am very fat at about 360 pounds. I'm 5'2". I had to quit wearing tampons years ago because of weight gain from medications I was on. I'm slowly losing weight but am tired of pads. I want to go back to wearing tampons but I'm not sure I can do it. I just can't reach well enough to insert one fully. Are there like some devices to help with this? Please don't make rude comments or "advice" that I need to lose weight. Or that I am a fat pig, etc. I'm human, just like you are, and I have emotions, too. Please be respectful. Thank you.

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cancer and surgery were a vacation compared to dealing with store customers

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I just woke up and I'm crying. Today. Is. A. Not. So. Good. Day.

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Last night I got wine wasted with some work friends and well..let's just say when a bunch of girls drink wine together we tend to get extremely emotional. Being hangover on wine is not fun at all. My hangover only goes away whenever I get lots of rest or puke my guts out. Lucky for me, It was rest. I finally got up a little past noon to feed my dog, fish, and myself. I was really excited to eat my leftover kale caesar salad and a piece of jalapeno brisket pizza. I probably drank a gallon of water afterwards but hey, gotta stay hydrated right? I finally got out the house and decided to study for my exam next week. I decided to go to my favorite coffee shop across town. With my windows rolled down and crisp breezes through my hair I felt relaxed. The most relaxed I've been in awhile. I took my time cruising to my destination and thought about myself and how much I have changed. I've learned to let go of the past no matter what it is and not regret any of it. I wouldn't do anything differently. The past me would think the new me is faking it but I can honestly say I am content. I truly enjoy the simple things in life. I don't overthink things and mentally I feel that everything has a place and will run it's course. The trick is to stay calm. Even though I might sound like a fortune cookie, I feel that every word is exactly how I feel about life at this moment. Enjoy life.

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I got sober and clean 12 and a half years ago. About five years ago, I started drinking and, in the last six months, I have one-three bottles of wine a day. I am upset and sad. I am in the middle of detoxing and it is very uncomfortable. I feel heartbroken at what my life has become. There is a tremendous amount that I have to live for. I need help and have resolved to write when I want to drink. There is not much worse...I want to crawl in a whole and die. As I write all of this, I am reminded of how much better it makes me feel to write.

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When getting older, one thinks about how their life should be. Being successful in their career, a well adjusted and tight knit family, maybe friends that would be there for them in their times of need. Whatever it is, it is what we thought life would be like. But then something called reality steps in. And when reality steps in, the vision is usually completely different from the actual. That successful career actual is a mediocre one, where you can be replaced at the whim of others far less skilled then you. The well adjusted and tight knit family turns out to have so many issues and are so distant that it would take days to reach one another. And the friends, well let's just say that most of them are fair weather. More like acquaintances. And when the going gets tough, they find fair weather elsewhere. Life as it should be differs completely from what it actually is. Some might call this a life lesson. Something to learn from and pass on in the form of wisdom. But the real thing here is that it's life. And as we get dealt our hands, they are just that, our hands. You can't count on anyone other then yourself to play that hand. Sometimes you get 4 aces and the world is just as you thought it would be. And sometimes you have 5 different cards of 4 different suits that don't make anything other then a losing situation. Just a thought tonight.

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I used to be apart of the bloggers and I blogged weekly nearly daily and I must say I loved it. Sharing my life and experiences, asking questions and hearing peoples point of view! I want that again a little community. I'm not one for expressing my emotions out loud so it really really helped and the fact that there is no judgment! Is this website like that? Is it just a simple ranting website I can go crazy on laughs nervously

Anyone share their thoughts or even more blogging sites? Thank yoou

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In spite of your arguments, your threats of divorce. The constant bickering. Bc of Willie Love of oppressing, watching me. Willie waits to we hrs I'm the morning while he's up. Not sleeping, tormented, to oppress and watch over me sleeping. So who do you think Willie is prioritizing you being his wife Gayle Harris.Or oppressing me. You be the judge. Constant and continually doing that very thing. That end your marriage in strife. Watching these girls oddly. Open your eyes to who you're married to. An adulter, who don't care about your marriage as much as he cares about watching me sleep..

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Willie actions says it all. Willie T. Harris. Oct 11. 1956. Lays next to his wife but yet have this odd obsession with oppressing, watching me. Sleep, walk thru out my home, conversation, text, brush your teeth. What won't willie oppress. They argue. Gayle threatens divorce. But we know it's a lie. Bc she yet keep him in her mother home. Going thru the same cycle again. 28 Av 164 st opa locka

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I am so weak. I hate the life I have come to know. I had great ambitions. I had great talent. I feel like it is over now. Not a day goes by that I don't feel like the world would be better off without me. I am too weak to pull the trigger though. I am lost. I am a nobody. I have done horrible things in my short lifetime. I wish it could all be over. I have so much guilt. My drunkeness has caused so much harm. I hate myself. I have low self esteem. I think I am ugly. One day I will end it.

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Does anyone ever just feel that if they leave where they are now something so much better awaits, like an escape or adventure? Like an adventure from a book or something. I just don't think I can separate fiction and real life anymore.

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I saw a YouTube video of these women protesting on the street. They said that Trump said that ALL Mexicans were rapists because he talked about illegals that committed some rapes. Trump was OBVIOUSLY NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL MEXICANS. One stupid woman also said that ALL WHITE MALES were evil JUST BECAUSE they were white males. This woman has been brainwashed.

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I am not attracted to large women. I can celebrate all their good qualities, but a larger size does not turn me on.

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I recently attempted suicide, THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE ATTEMPT. I chose to do so by overdosing on Ibuprofen, 60,000 miligrams to be specific. I was discovered 7 or 8 hours afer the dose and rushed to the hospital where they ran a plethora of tests. In all the time I spent there they never once treated for the overdose, they sat me in a bed and watched as my body metabolized ALL of the ibuprofen. The next day they ran more tests and my blood work and all tests came back clean. The doctors told me th my body suffered no damage from the drug. I have read up on ibuprofen and I would be very curious to know how my body managed to metabolize ALL of that without any effect. I was naseous for a while and that was all. Any insight?

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So I've been battling with the thought of myself and our pesky neighbor depression. That one neighbor who is super aggressive or annoying. That one neighbor always lurking in the bushes or watching you through the blinds. Thatbone neigbor that always states you down with those judge eyes. The one neighbor you have to hide your personal life from. That neighbor who imposes themselves on you at the most inconvenient times. THAT NEIGHBOR THAT BARELY LETS YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE !!!

Aren't we all tired of this neighbor ? GEEZ!!!!


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well you better call 911.Hundreds of people in St. Paul, Minn., wanting to protest I'm going to make it rain fire on their asses . Made a flame thrower pretty good one. thanks too Flamethrower Rob on you tube .

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When the balance is shifted, and you're forced to lose. Like the sun and the moon, I will circle you until you bloom; I will crush, I will maul, I will burn until I get to you.

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Overtook some standstill cars in London this morning - opposite lane was moving slow and had an empty cycle lane of buffer, and I had plenty of time to move back in behind cars - black cab driver mock-swirved to pretend to hit me. Very amusing.

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I suppose I have too much time on my hands but I often just sit and think about really overwhelming things. It's good in a way because I'm getting to know myself but it's also kind of dangerous because I could drive myself crazy. A common thought is that I don't really serve any purpose on Earth. I feel I belong somewhere else. I'm just getting by here. It's not really fulfilling, satisfying. I feel like there's another world out there. Somewhere I'd feel more at home, somewhere I'd serve more purpose. I've tried explaining this feeling to my closest friends but nobody has felt the same and think it's really strange. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
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I have felt lost all my life, I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing. All for what purpose? I have many feelings and thoughts that I can never tell.. mainly because I don't have anyone. I say that, knowing it is likely to be a result of me subconsciously not want too. I try but nothing comes out, I ignore and get on with life. I don't expect anyone to read this or reply, I think this is just one way of telling someone.. I'm lost.

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