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I fucking hate my sister. That ignorant, self-absorved bitch thinks she always get her fucking way. We were fine a coupld of days ago, until an argument a few days later made us angry at each other again. That "argument" started when I was having a conversation with my mom. This conversation led me into being furious with my mom. When my sister asked me to use my computer, i said "OKAY!" in a, supposedly, rude tone. I mean, if I was angry with my mom, I cant control my feelings if she asked me the next second. That resulted in my mom and sister bashing me and constantly reminding me that i have "attitude".  Today, it was fine. We started talking, but it was small, yet very awkward. She asked me if she could use my laptop and I rolled my eyes, doing the same as she had done to me a couple of days back. I know it was not the best thing to do since you shouldnt "fight fire with fire" but im human, i cant control the way i feel.  So, i was in my moms room and she kept yelling at me to turn my laptop on. Annoyed, i yelled, "BE QUIET, IM COMING". As i walked to my room, i saw an eye roll. I mean, a couple of days ago, when I rolled my eyes at her, she went CRAZY. So, I did the same, but very minimally. I asked her why she rolled her eyes and she said "WHATEVER.. HURRY UP." I do so much for this bitch, and she cant even aknowledge the fact that someones doing something nice for her even when shes so ignorant. I quickly turned around, back into my moms room, and told my mom what a bitch she was being. She came right behind me yelling at my mom claiming i was "rude" and "selfish". I admit that giving my sister a taste of her own medicine was immature, but i was angry at the moment. I wanted her to know what it feels like to be treated like shit all the time. (She has done much worse to me in the past, some which is unforgivable, but i still forgave her) So, my sister yells at the top of her lungs saying, "SHES SUCH A FUCKING BITCH" and right then, she pushes me soo hard, i land straight on my moms treadmill. (ps. my ass still hurts, LOL) My mom went to yell at her and she just stormed out of the room. I fucking hate how she thinks shes always right. How can someone be soo ignorant. She takes everything of mine, and i dont mind, but the one time i touch her shit, she goes fucking balistic (sp?) I hate her. I know im saying this now, and later will forget about the past, but for now, shes an evil, psychopathic bitch. the end. *****please dont comment stating that its my fault or that im immature/pathetic/stupid for fighting back - tell me someting i dont know LOL***** 
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Blaine, Lady of the craft table,

I wasn't gonna call you immature! My stuck up sis is the same way!

Blaine, Lady of the craft table,

My fucking sister is a little snot. Like, I'll ask her a question or something, and she screams "BE QUIET!!!!" And then she starts singing (terribly), hypocrite. She steals my stuff, too. Like, yesterday my phone was on the kitchen table so I could charge it, and now it is't. And then I SAW HER PLAYING ON IT! And I confronted her and she was all like "But it wasn't me! Blah blah blah blah blah!" Also, she's my parents favorite, so its always my fault. If she blew up the fucking neighborhood block it would be my fault for not telling her not to. Sorry.

Rook, Fashion Model of the Homeless,

Would her having her own laptop help? Sometimes not having to share solves the problem.

I live in my mom's house. Everytime she complains about the way I use one of her belongings - I buy my own. Shuts the complaints down.

Max, Crusader of the Wildlands,

Based on the title I was hoping to read about some hot young sisters fucking!

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Addison, Master of Musclebeasts,

Nice! I just got a Straight Talk card code for FREE! :D [filtered hyperlink]

Addison, Master of Musclebeasts,

Nice! I just got a Straight Talk card code for FREE! :D [filtered hyperlink]

Rex, Apprentice of the Forgotten Lands,

I feel the same way. My sister is so fucking annoying and rude. She will literally not even fucking joking, do something in front of the entire family and then deny it like it never happened, AND MY PARENTS LET HER GET AWAY WITH IT. Im really mad right now because she is so rude and never does anything, always leaves a mess, never puts her dishes away, leaves food OPEN to get stale because she is to fucking lazy to put it away and my parent never do anything about it. She will literally lie about something than call you a liar for calling her a liar. None of my siblings enjoy being around her because she is so fucking rude to everyone. Overtime we do something as a family she always ruins it and makes everyone mad. What's more is that she thinks she is so fucking amazing and that everyone should love her. Yeah, she might have pretty good looks but she has a shitty personality and is definitely not the brightest bulb. Yet she thinks that she is so much better than everyone and my dad favors her because me and my other 2 sisters aren't as social as her so he lets her get away with everything and she takes full advantage of that. For example: Just earlier today my stupid ass sister made a mess and my dad kind of just said to no one in particular to clean it up and my sister (who made the mess) started to yell at me because I didn't clean up her mess and then my dad yelled at me because I was being "lazy" and didn't clean it up YET IT WASNT MY FUCKING MESS. Me and my other sisters always have to clean up after her and she just sits around getting whatever she wants. Whats worse is that she calls my other sisters sluts and whores (like WTF) if anyone is a fucking whore, its her. If any of her friends found out what she was really like, that she wouldn't have any because she is such a fucking asshole.

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pump weights and be ruthless like this: [filtered hyperlink]

Elaine, Counselor of the IT department,

SOmetimes, the best way to be good sisters is if you don't have to share anything. When both of you have your own computers, and you don't have to ask each other for anything maybe things will get better.

But the truth is - when someone decides they need to see you as wrong - there's really nothing you can do about it.

Ari, Venture Capitalist of the Hungry,

i am sister is fucking anoying sometimes when i use the computer when i started the computer she told to turn off bitch i was starting to use the computer

Ari, Venture Capitalist of the Hungry,

my sister

Kadnyce, Gunner of Arts and Crafts,

I totally agree. I'm the oldest of four sisters and I've been branded as the "mean one," when anyone who knows me will tell you I'm totally not. I put one toe out of line and my mom immediately forgets all the times I've been kind and sweet, and yells at me about how horrible I am, and why can't I be more like my sisters. This characterization of me as the "villain" in our family by my mom gives my sisters validation to tell their friends, and just about everyone else about how terrible I am (when they are all actually frikkin' brats who are much worse) without getting in trouble with my mom. I can't wait to see what happens when they get into the real world and realize that you can't solve every problem from behind mommy's back.

P.S. It's not like they're super young, they're just still treated like cute little babies because in comparison to me(by looks) they are.

Rex, Apprentice of the Forgotten Lands,

Same for me

Samantha, Paladin of Generosity,

mhmm. my sister thinks she can ALWAYS have her way. she constantly thinks that shes my goddamn MOTHER! she always tinks the she can tell me about my self and my attitude. like bitch no! FUCK YOU! I want my mom to catch her being a bitch to me. bc she ALWAYS gets the fuck away with shit! my parents are always like your older your older. BITCH I KNOW THAT! SHES YOUNGER! and!? your point being!? I really want to punch my sister in her fucking face. shes in 3rd. im in 7th!!! and when we come home from school alone fore 3 1/2 hrs. THAT BITCH THINKS SHE OWNS THE PLACE AND TAKES OVER! God. I really want her to get caught and get slapped right in her ugly ass face. as if its not already ugly enough... shes devious as it is. she the fucking devils daughter. like I swear shes GOT to be related to the devil SOME HOW! dead serious.!!! But yeah. she does so much fucking more SHIT to me. but it will take 4 months to type everything that shes done to me. oh yeah, and sh tells on me FOR EVERY FUCKING LITTLE THING THAT I DO WEATHER IT CONCERNS HER OR NOT. SHE DOESNT GIVE A FUCK IF ITS NONE OF HER BUISNESS!!!!!! its all about that ugly 8 year old mother fucker. AND SHES FAKE AS HELL TOO!!! AROUND MY MOM AND DAD, SHE AFUCKING PRINCESS NOTHING WRONG!! BUT WHEN NOBODY ELSE IS AROUND AND ITS JUST ME AND HER, HURRICANE TARYN COMIN THE FUCK THROUGH!!!!!!!!!! FUCK HER! BYE FUCKING BITCH. JUST BYE.

Andy, Carpenter of the Lonely,

my sister's the same as well. She thinks she's the queen of the house and bosses everyone around. One day, I bought some biscuits from my vacation and I decided not to share with her, when she asked for it, I simply said I was going to give it to someone else. Then, I was eating it while watching TV, my dad called and said if I wanted to follow him out for dinner, I said ok and rushed to change forgetting about the packet that was laying there. During dinner, I received a call from my sister, she was screaming her head off and swearing at me for not sharing the biscuits and I just cut the call. When I got home from dinner, I went to my room and I saw my stuff was messed up, just because of a stupid packet of biscuits. For revenge, I threw her Iphone charger into running water and spat into it and threw it several times on the ground (couldn't get my hands on anything else)

Harper, Writer of Good,
Please Seek Jesus for peace and it will be given to you.. and Pray for them once you recieve peace from Jesus He LOVE YOU All  (This is the advice God would want YOU to have today I will be praying for you and your family) Many Blessing... 
Adrian, Travel Agent of Justice,
hahaha, okay this isn't funny, but my little sister is the same way. bugs the shit out of me. at least you don't share a room with your sister. mine is 4 years younger and is a freaking slob... i constantly have to kick her crap back over to her side of the room and our bathroom is always a complete mess because she's sloppy and leaves her stuff all over the place. it drives me INSANE. and usually i don't ever get mad at people, like it's pretty hard for me to stay mad at anyone for more than like 5 minutes. my little sister is the only one who can really piss me off, and she does it pretty much every single day. and yeah, she takes my clothes all the time and i won't get them back for like 3 months, but when i borrow something of hers for one day and put it back, she flips out on me. she's self-centered and thinks that the world revolves around her, and my parents pretty much always let her get her way because they've reached a point where they just don't want to her her shit anymore whenever she doesn't get her way... she's SO lazy too... im always the one to clean our bathroom, always the one who takes out our trash, vaccums, and does laundry. whenever i tell her it's her turn to do it, it just doesn't get done. it's soo annoying. so yeah... you're definitely not the only one. some people are just like that i guess
Ari, Musician of the Wildlands,
your sister = my sister
Brett, Deviant of Light,
Ah yes, siblings. Well, you're im- no wait. You're pa- hmm. You're st- oh! Okay, for something you don't know: Let's pretend I had a brother that I was not particularly fond of. We would fight any time we saw each other, even about entirely pointless things. Actually, probably about entirely pointless things most of the time. Today, we look back at that together and laugh about how stupid and immature we were. Let's further pretend that we are now a functional family where everyone cares about and respects each other. Oh wait, that part is egregiously unrealistic. For the record, I don't think this is your fault - or at least, not all of it is your fault. * "ballistic", like in "ball"
Charlie, Summoner of Arts and Crafts,
I feel for you. You need to google narcissistic sounds to me like your mother may have already decided your sister is the "golden child" and you are the "scapegoat". When they gang up on you it is called triangulation. They are the ones who are don't deserve the abuse. You are a good person, don't let those bitches tear down your self esteem. - from someone who has been there .