Would you be here if you had one?

What the fuck is wrong with the people on this site..........

posted to life by Bishop, Carpenter of the Unimaginable Terror (8 comments)

Alice, Maiden of the Hungry,

What's wrong is I am a man who wants to have sex with a guy. I want to give him oral pleasure, by taking his penis in my mouth. I eant to feel him get hard as I suck up amd down his shaft. I want to bring him to climax and feel his hot jizz shoot onto my chest...

.....but I am married, and the wife is not okay with that. THAT is what is wrong here.

Nia, Archaeologist of the IT department,

please eat my cunt wrap, its been sitting on the counter for 2 days now and you havent even touched it. It was supposed to be a surprise but u ruined it...smh Never getting you a bday gift EVER again!

Alice, Maiden of the Hungry,

How do you make a cunt wrap?

Frankie, Historian of the craft table,

Nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with a 1st cousin. Especially when you are in love.

Estelle, Bright Queen of the Hungry,

Everything wrong

Bobbie, Rockstar of the Wicked,

Do you want the short or the long list? Care to elaborate a little on what has you in such a tizzy?

Jerry, Bard of the Rich,

It's just some of the things that I read, it's absolutely ridiculous, and has me fearing for the future of humanity

Bobbie, Host of the Idealistic,

Nah, humanity seems to be what it's always been. Brutal, selfish with dashes of the opposite.