Would you be here if you had one?

I have read articles of how bullying at a young age can have effects on your life at a later age but never thought anything about it until yesterday. If you have been bullied before you will know how it feels when someone says or does something hurtful and you try to block out what you are feeling. I have not felt this feeling since I was a child when people would pick on me. It was truly traumatic for me just as when it would happen in school only this time worse. If you can think of how someone with ptsd from war going back to a war zone would feel, it is one in the same. Except for someone who has been bullyied it can get triggered almost anywhere any time. People always say this and I know it is an old cliché but think twice before you say or do something. The person you say or do it to could have a bad previous experience that could trigger their ptsd from bullying.

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Adrian, Janitor of the Wildlands,

Sounds like you need therapy. That's no way to live and there is a way out. As in therapy or support groups, I mean.