Would you be here if you had one?

Humiliate me and my mom. Be creative. Use your imagination. Say all the nasty things you'd do to my mother as I helplessly watch

posted to life by Max, Secretary of the Financial Services department (5 comments)

Rook, Farmer of Imagination,

Question is... does your mum want it? Or are you just being a piece of shit here and taking revenge because of something that happened in reality?

Dakota, Travel Agent of the Irredeemably Moist,

She will wear a strap-on dildo and bend you over doggy-style, a d penetrate your ass, while I stand in front of you, so you can suck my dick.

Or I can lay under you, and you and I will suck each other's cocks while she pegs your ass.

Richard, Observer of Wild Parties,

Or I will 69 with your Mom, with her on top, and you can fuck her from behind. And I will also lick your balls, and clean your cock after you cum inside of her.

Richard, Observer of Wild Parties,

Or how about I fuck your tight boy ass, while I eat your Mom's pussy?

Richard, Observer of Wild Parties,

How young and hot is your Mom? And how young are you?

I'd like to suck a young cock, while my cock is in your Mom.