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I heard some claim now that promoting or drinking MILK is in and of itself RACIST. These people are STUPID. I am going to now have to increase my milk consumption. I am trying to cut back on sodas and other sugary drinks anyway, so maybe a little more milk can fill in the gap.

posted to life by Frankie, Knight of the Homeless (5 comments)

Addison, Sheriff of the Financial Services department,

Either cite sources or quit spreading bullshit. I can make stuff up too.

Brett, CTO of the Financial Services department,

Milk isn't racist. What rubbish from idiots

Dakota, Devourer of the Wicked,

Well these SJW's are so stupid. I can't believe how brain dead they are...actually I like that strawberry milk you can get in some stores.

Addison, Sheriff of the Financial Services department,

At least SJW, know enough to know that many African cities are modern. Not shitholes like you ignorant Nazis think.

Frankie, Knight of the Homeless,

I am NOT a Nazi for liking milk or thinking people are STUPID for thinking milk is racist. No most African cities are not shitholes. Actually I heard it was fake news that Trump said that. I am sure he meant only certain "troubled" countries and not the entire continent. There are some brutal dictatorships in Africa.