Would you be here if you had one?

Its new years. No one is on xbox its cold as fuck and im lonely.... Kinda wanted to start the new year sober but then drank some shitty wine in a xbox party with old friends. They are no longer online and idk what to do. Not the ideal way i wanted to start the new year. Maybe instead of a drunken fuckfest new years should be celebrated in the most productive way possible. Im talking spotify goldlist mop your floors clean your fridge mofos type shit. Maybe thats just a weird utopia type fantasy..... Even so i bet netflix would purchase that screen play :)

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Dakota, Chronographer of Arts and Crafts,

too easy...HUH..idk after ya get your heart ripped out enough times it gets alot easier tho..idk after awhile ya live the life ya have not necessarily the one ya wanted...i do not feel bad for enjoying the life i have now but i am use to not unpacking...lmao who knows what the future holds....i will never be anything less then in awe of my journey....i grow in my faith ... a new year and the future beffore me....