Would you be here if you had one?

What do you do with your money? Does it make you happy ? Do you still have problems?

posted to life by Bobbie, Peasant of Justice (20 comments)

Bowie, Warrior of the Lonely,

I'm curious about those born with a silver spoon, with education paid for, and a career set out for them, with a business to inherit. With a much higher baseline, and higher expectations for life, are you easily disappointed?

Peyton, Herald of Good,

Hey, OP, just think of your question asked in this way... what CAN you do, if you are poor, does poverty make you happy? Everybody has problems, but paying bills ain't one of them.

Bobbie, Peasant of Justice,

Ermmmm you can't really flip that around obviously being poor wouldn't make you happy although poor people give to those less fortunate, even if they have nothing themselves ✌️ ... I know I have more then most and I'm thankful I have a warm house and my children are healthy... I was just curious and if I don't query my curiosity, how will I know ?

Adrian, Keeper of the Wildlands,

I tend to believe it's time to shit or get off your pot . Antifa has become a laughing stock to the Rich. DC Police might take you a little more serious if you throw Petrol bombs , or burn down a few businesses . Like Home Depot ? Or some places that sell building supplies.

Dana, Farmer of Light,

Huh? what does any of this have to do with Antifa??

Peyton, Herald of Good,

Seriously, the losers who say it's miserable to be rich... that's how you comfort yourself as to why you are still poor

Andy, Elementalist of the craft table,

You must be so filthy rich and happy that you spent the holidays on this post calling poor people losers. Once I graduate the University, my aspirations are to become rich and pompous like you good Sir or Madam. So that I could insult inferior individuals to comfort myself about my own worth in life. I can't wait!! Look at me! I'm going to have a high paying job. Look at me! I'm going to have a lot of money! Bleh....what an ugly thing to be....

Bobbie, Peasant of Justice,

Woahhh , no you have completely taken this out of context It was just a question, how can I know without questioning?

Andy, Elementalist of the craft table,

Comment was directed at Peyton, Herald of Good, 6 days ago "Seriously, the losers who say it's miserable to be rich... that's how you comfort yourself as to why you are still poor." I thought this person sounded like a bratty jackass, Bobbie.

Dana, Farmer of Light,

no actually - it is not a "loser" way of thinking or acting to realize that the rich can be miserable.

It is wise because most of us work long and hard to achieve that dream. It is a VERY bitter irony to achieve that goal only to find that you simply were not prepared for the version of problems that come WITH having money.

The so called 'loser' you referred to is doing the right thing. Considering what it's like on the other side in case he/she ever gets there.

Bowie, Warrior of the Lonely,

We realise that the rich CAN be miserable. But it's a "loser" way of thinking that to be rich is to be miserable, that to be rich = miserable. I think the author of the comment was mocking that jealousy, and not mocking those with less.

Dana, Farmer of Light,

How nice for that poster that you feel kinship with him or her.

I stand by what I posted. Always try to break the commonly accepted rule of thought.

Believe that the rich are miserable - and you'll have less unrealistic expectations if you join those ranks.

Ignore those who call you a loser because they decide you're "merely jealous".

Dana, Thief of Space,

...In case some jokers actually feel like they can tell me how I should be giving away my newfound wealth to charity and so on...

1) get your own money, and spend it however you wish

2) I do contribute a lot, but after a while you realise like, hey, I care about the planet and... it's you versus 7 billion polluters. Or it's you along with. And unless there's a significant change of lifestyle, even if I was a trillionaire or quadrillionaire, that all my money wouldn't make that much of a difference.

Bobbie, Peasant of Justice,

I guess your right, I wish I could change the world but money can't buy a magic wand to wave away all the bad things in life .. thankyou for your input

Dana, Thief of Space,

Became unexpectedly rich thanks to bitcoin, and in the island state where I live, there's no tax on capital gain so it was pure profit.

I bought a bigger place for my family, would have bought cars if we actually have driving licenses but we don't and weren't actually interested in learning with cabbing and trains so convenient (when they weren't breaking down) while parking and maintenance are not.

We know it was a stroke of tremendous luck and carefully invested in ETFs and diversified accordingly. With monthly dividend payouts, and regular passive income, it was more or less guaranteed that we wouldn't have to work for the rest of our lives. Of course we expressed our gratitude in generous donations to causes we believe in, like conservation efforts and feeding the hungry... although these are lump sum rather than regulars because there was some fear that... what if we spent it all like some idiots with their gold toilet bowls?

And the thing was that... after splurging on clothes and dining for a few months... we didn't know what else to do with our time or money. My parents aren't that keen on spending the whole of 2018 on vacation to travel hot spots and wanted to stay in the city maybe going for classes and learning something new and I was reluctant to go alone. Friends have work, and I didn't intend to sponsor them the entire time we were to be away.

Maybe I missed my boss and colleagues and workplace in general. I know some people hate their jobs but mine was actually quite a good one. There was no backstabbing that I know of, no politics, no drama... okay, my work is shift based and operational and so very independent. Of course, I could start a business of my own, but it wasn't money that was the issue, it was having an idea, and I wasn't inspired.

Am I happy? I'll say I'm comfortable. In fact, there is a certain level of security that comes with money. People worry about their retirements and failing health as they age, but it is not a concern that I or my family face. Other than that... So I went back to the daily grind. I wear a fluffy black jacket, jeans, boots... I take the train and the bus. I carry a China-branded sling bag and use a cheap leather wallet. Nothing has changed, actually.

Bobbie, Peasant of Justice,

Awahhh wow thankyou, that was very insightful. I think I would be the same I guess you can't save the whole world by if you can make a difference to your own world and everyone in it , it would make you happy making all the people you care about happy .. yeah I think I would still have to have some kind of work as it would be boring having nothing to get up for everyday but I would use it to make memories because at the end of it all , experiences and memories are all you can take with you .

Addison, Hero of the Unimaginable Terror,

It is nice to have extra money, but to make money be what life is about, to make it your god, is to be miserable. If we seek God first then we are filled from the inside out, and God works with us to be provided for.

Addison, Gunner of the Satisfied,

I'm not rich, but I know someone who is. They spend their money on materialistic things. Vacations, gambling, strippers, clothes, cars, etc. No, they're not happy. They look happy on the outside to people at a distance. They have a lot of problems. Infidelity, drugs, etc. I don't have a lot of money, but I watch how miserable they are with money and I can't imagine living that life. I'd rather be poor and have health, than be rich and slowly kill myself.