Would you be here if you had one?

Some parents just seem to focus on "disciplining" their child as a 'right of passage' if you will for the child. I remember seeing a news article once about a baby who died (illness I believe) and his mother was quoted saying "he'll never get to go on a date, or get his first whipping from his dad." Another time a person who used to work for my company was pregnant, she knew she was having a girl and she said during her pregnancy "if this little girl gets smart with me I wont hesitate to smack her in her mouth." What's with these people? I'm a brand new first time parent; I'm not naive I know at some point my child will misbehave and need discipline. But not once during my pregnancy, or now that she's arrived have I thought of what I'll do when she misbehaves, it simply doesn't enter my mind; I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I will say though I'll never whip my child or slap her across the face.

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Dana, Guardian of the Poor,

Might be the way they grew up themselves. Then when they see disrespectful kids or entitled grown ups that seems to reinforce their beliefs or their parents' beliefs.

Bobbie, Monk of Wild Parties,

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Dana, Guardian of the Poor,

no, you're not confused about whether your sexual comments are related to a post about parenting methods.

You're just another one of those who dump all this sexual content on others whether they've started a sexual conversation themselves or not.